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  2. Credits: LuCri and Erick
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  4. The chapter begins where the previous one was, a tense environment where Hamin is about to receive the gift of another boy.
  5. Hamin immediately clarifies that he does not like it and proceeds to reject it, telling him not to take it since “I do not like Pepero” (the poky sweet chocolate stick, it is also a gift of tradition of pepero day).
  6. The rejected boy seems to understand by saying oh okay, yes, and he retreats with a somewhat violent pink shoulder against Junwoo.
  7. Junwoo, annoyed, thinks why he does that, and whether he should sit still or act.
  8. but then Hamin takes him by the hand and asks him if that worries him. Teasing a little and with a quality smile tells him not to worry.
  9. The scene goes to Junwoo's friend's classroom where they apparently argue about something since junu's friend says about dating "What the hell are you talking about, you bastard? If you're good at dating."
  10. Junu explains that it is not quite like that
  11. The pink-haired girl agrees with the stone friend.
  12. To which Junu wonders about the situation he is seeing (the hairy girl stroking Junwoo's stone friend's head) The stone friend tells him that the girl who touches her head and the girl introduces herself as Ah-young.
  13. Junu only distances himself saying that he was confused seeing how it is possible that his friend does not become the rock.
  14. and tells him that he should be more pleasant with others
  15. to which the fat man continues to answer aggressively for the girl who still caresses his head. The fat stone only asks the girl to stop touching her head.
  16. The scene passes to Junwoo and Hamin as they leave school
  17. Hamin says something to Junwoo that he had to do the evaluation of his peers. Junwo tells him that it's okay.
  18. Then Junu says something to him (Junu thinks how much he disliked what happened in the morning with the guy who wanted to give Junu something for the holiday)
  19. Hamin is confused saying "Today? What's wrong?" . Junu does not care and asks if where they would go next and Hamin tells them to go to PC BANG, at this point hamin is eager for Junu to give him the gift of the peper day and asks him in his mind if when will give...
  20. The scene passes them through various places while Hamin keeps wondering and waiting for Junu to give him the gift.
  21. Just then when they were getting ready for Hamin, he gets up the courage and asks Junu that if he will give her something for the peperday while she takes out her gift, Junu is very surprised, but tells him that he hates peper day, so Hamin is sad. she says "stupid", she clarifies to Junu that it is the only exception and she is remembered saying to the boy that she rejected that she hates peper day.
  22. Junu is excited to hear "exception", then gives her his gift.
  23. Surprisingly Hamin receives a large gift while Junu has a smaller gift. . Hamin apologizes about the small gift but Junu doesn't care about that.
  24. Then the scene happens to hamin going home totally excited and realizes that he also receives a letter so he is encouraged to read the letter Junu wrote to him. Hamin arrives home and realizes that he dropped the letter and is terrified by the situation.
  25. The next day Hamin is super nervous because she doesn't know what the letter said.
  26. Junu asks hamin that if he read the letter and hamin gets nervous he says "Of course I read it all"
  27. Then Junu says he is happy because he wrote on two A4 letter size sheets and Hamin is shocked by that surprise. Junu continues saying that it was so difficult to do it but he is still happy. Hamin is dying of nerves. Junu asks her if she could also write it. This takes Hamin even more by surprise since he does not know that he would have to write one in response.
  28. Hamin is empowered as she does not know what to do and is very nervous thinking "what the hell did she write to me in the letter?". Junu keeps questioning and talking about it and agrees to everything Junu says without really knowing something that also surprises Junu.
  29. So junu says to play that game, hamin is a bit surprised and sees junu blushing taking out a "poky" stick (a very popular chocolate stick in South Korea that couples usually eat from both ends)
  30. Then Hamin blushing is ready for that (She thinks Junu will eat the stick from the other end and in the end her lips will come together) then all nervous closes her eyes and begins to eat it, but such a kiss never comes and she realizes that Junu doesn't it's on the other side since Junu says "Hamin, you didn't read the letter, right"
  31. Hamin is totally scared, but Junu clarifies that there was nothing written in the letter. Hamin stays with WTF and it makes him very angry, that's why
  32. He slaps Junu while saying, “Are you kidding me, idiot?
  33. Junu is totally scared in a corner and sad to disappoint Hamin
  34. Although he tells her that it was a little hard for him to do all that and gather the courage to do it, although in the end he could not. (be on the other side of the pocky)
  35. Hamin sighs and calls him with a "Hey, look at me"
  36. Then Junu turns his head and Hamin kisses him on the cheek on the spot.
  37. Junu short circuits by surprise and closes the scene.
  38. Then the scene passes to someone picking up the letter that Hamin dropped.
  41. - NOTE-
  42. Pepero Day: South Korea's second Valentine's Day. Did you know that November 11 is a very special date in South Korea as it is like Valentine's Day being celebrated again? This day is called Pepero Day or Pepero Day and it is quite an event in the South Korean country. ;)
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  47. Hi everyone!
  48. I have been asked a lot about the advanced chapters of Random Chatting. I bought them on Naver webtoon, unfortunately I prefer not to give away the pack (or the zelda) for my own safety, Erick and I do the sums for hobby.
  49. However, if you support me to follow the translation and make sums and also spend the coins to buy the raw of the new chapter in Naver webtoon (which helps me a lot to save the time to translate and do the sum), I would be very grateful, you have a decision or not, you guys would donate me only $3 in Ko-fi, the link is this: https://ko-fi.com/lucriave, that would be a great help.
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  54. https://www.ko-fi.com/post/Summary-of-The-girl-from-Random-Chatting-M4M81P78H
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