Show Business

Nov 22nd, 2018 (edited)
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  1. Bank to the left. Beat wings. Feel how the high-speed pinpoint turn threatens to rip feathers apart. Look at the VIP stand. Steal a glance at the behinds of other Wonderbolts in skintight flight suits flying in formation with her.
  2. ...Nice. She managed to stifle an urge to bite her lip.
  3. The drilled and practiced routine was like second nature to Rainbow Dash. She broke formation with an upwards swoop just in time. Her eyes swept across the stands as she did the rehearsed vertical corckscrew. The one that used to make her head spin, until Spitfire taught her how to focus her mind just right.
  4. Her eyes happened upon a light blue unicorn with a huge, pointy hat and a cape. Trixie. What was she doing watching the wonderbolts? Didn't she have her own show to host?
  5. Oop! Dash nearly missed the start of her next number. She fanned out her wings and came to a sudden standstill mid-air. Fwap. Fwap. She felt the audience's eyes gather on her as she beat her wings. The stop made them think she'd screwed up.
  6. But she hadn't. With one more beat of her wings, she brought herself around so her snout faced the ground below. Fwap. Fwap. She fell like a rock. Faster than a rock. A rock with a pair of Equestria's best wings strapped to it. The rush of air deafened her and whipped her mane on her back. Faster. Gravity assisted her. Even faster. The air felt like a solid wall in front of her as ground approached rapidly. She had to go faster. She squeezed her eyes shut and pushed everything she had into her wings.
  7. The wall of air shattered. She punched her way through it. And just in time, too. She had to do a hairpin turn to not plow into the ground. Pure joy bubbled in her stomach as she shot through the circular wave of rainbow she'd left behind.
  8. Aw yeah. She did it again. Every single pair of eyes in the stands was fixed on her.
  10. “Hey Dash.” Soarin strode into the locker room with the front zipper of his flight suit open, and a towel thrown around his neck. “There's some unicorn outside with a letter for you. Says it's from one of the Princesses.”
  11. “Why would Twilight send Rarity to bring a letter? She could have just mailed it.” Rainbow Dash, being far faster than anypony else – as usual – had already showered and now stuffed her suit into her bag.
  12. “If it was Rarity, I would've said so, Crash.” He drew out the last word, and reached out to tap Dash on the snout as he passed by. “No, it's some blue unicorn with a silly hat and a cape.”
  13. “Trixie? What- oh, I saw her in the stands. I wonder what she's up to. Thanks, Soarin.” Dash waved her hoof at the stallion as she trotted out of the room. She also stole a glance at his behind as he dug something from his locker.
  14. Nice.
  16. “The Great and Magnanimous Trixie agreed to bring you this letter when she stopped by to see Starlight on her way here.” A letter, coated in the glow of Trixie's magic, floated to Rainbow Dash. “She also admits that you do have a decent show. Almost as good as hers.”
  17. Dash snatched the letter from the air and ripped it open. “Oh, yeah? Almost as good as your half-baked fake magic showcases? Hmph.” She blew some air out of her nose and swatted at Trixie with a hoof.
  18. “Are you insulting Trixie's magic? It is not...”
  19. The rest of the second-rate stage magician's words were lost to Dash as she ripped open the envelope and pored over the letter within. Twilight and Rarity... Map... Mission... Equestrian outskirts... Won't be back before the end of month.
  20. “What? This means Rarity will miss our spa appointment! I've been looking forward to it all week.” She fluttered off the ground and crossed her front hooves over her chest.
  21. “The Great and Knowledgeable Trixie was not aware that the rumors of your pamper spa days were true.”
  22. “Wha-” A sudden flush of heat rose to Dash's cheeks. “I-it's not what you think! I'm just tired after a long week of show flying and need my sports massage!”
  23. “I see through your lies. Perhaps you can convince me to not spread this by getting me a hotel room for tonight.” The unicorn stuck her snout up in the air.
  24. “Don't you have your wagon to sleep in?” Dash arched a brow as she set herself down on the ground again.
  25. “My wagon is lovely and very cozy, but I like sleeping in a real bed every now and then.”
  26. “Right. So you'd rather sleep in a hotel but are too poor for a room. How'd you get tickets to the show, by the way?” Rainbow made a beckoning motion with her hoof before trotting off. “Come. I'll let you sleep in my room. I got a spare bed in there.”
  27. “Trixie got in by showing she had a letter from a princess to you.” The unicorn trotted behind Dash with spring in her step and a wide smile on her face. She pumped her hoof in the air when she though the pegasus wouldn't see it.
  28. Dash had hoped she'd get to tear the flight suit off Fleetfoot or Soarin, but maybe Trixie would provide some entertainment in their stead.
  30. “So. Dash. What are you doing in this town and how long are you going to stay here?” Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. The springs of the spare bed in Rainbow Dash's hotel room groaned as Trixied bobbed up and down on it.
  31. “I'm here with the Wonderbolts for the show. Duh. We'll do it one last time tomorrow and then we're all going home.” Though there was little reason for Dash to go home, now that there wasn't anything there for her. Maybe Applejack and Fluttershy were up to something exciting? “Or maybe I'll go to the Academy and drill some newbies.” Then again, Applejack was busy with harvest season and Fluttershy wasn't exactly known for being exciting.
  32. “Perhaps you could stay for another day and watch Trixie's Great and Magnificent show.” The unicorn lied on her bed with all four hooves spread eagle, and squirmed a slight bit to rub her back on the silky soft sheets. “Perhaps you could even have a role as an assistant.”
  33. Dash held her mouth for the moment. She yanked open a closet and threw her flight suit on top of its door to dry. There wasn't enough time to get it washed for tomorrow, not when Trixie had hung on her tail all day, so all she could do was to let it air overnight and hope it wouldn't stink too bad.
  34. “The rising star of the Wonderbolts, assistant in a second-rate fake magic show. Hah. Maybe you should ask Twilight to show you real magic.”
  35. “Hey! Trixie will inform you that Starlight is teaching her magic. I have made plenty of progress with her.” She heaved her head off the pillow and glared at Rainbow Dash.
  36. “Oh yeah? I'll show you some real magic, Rainbow Dash style.” The pegasus chucked her bag into the closet and met Trixie's eyes. Then she lowered her gaze a slight bit, to the spot above her dock.
  37. “T-t-the Great and Powerful Trixie is...!” Her tail swung onto her belly, covering the spot. “...is willing to engage in a magic duel! Starlight has tutored me in this kind of magic, too!” Trixie's tail fell back onto the bed. Her thighs shivered ever so slightly as a deep red spread to her cheeks. A faint red spread to her lips down there, too.
  38. ...Nice.
  40. Trixie planted both of her rear hooves on Rainbow Dash's chest to keep her away just as the pegasus was about to lean in for a whiff of Trixie's scent straight from the source. “Trixie would like to inform you that she is used to the very best. Do not expect any praise for your second-rate performance.”
  41. “Hey! Don't judge me before you've seen what I can do!” Dash tapped one of the hooves on her chest. “I've got plenty of praise for my 'performances' and nopony's ever called 'em 'second-rate' after I'm done.”
  42. “Hmph! Do your worst, then!” Trixie spread her rear hooves as wide as she could.
  43. Dash slipped her head between Trixie's hooves. Her lips curled into a sly smile. She leaned in and nudged the unicorn's navel with her snout. Soft. Both the coat and skin were exquisitely soft as Dash circled the navel with both the tip of her muzzle and tongue. Trixie shivered with excitement as she moved lower.
  44. It was uncharacteristic to her, but the pegasus knew when to go slow.
  45. She settled on long, slow strokes on the unicorn's inner thighs. First with her snout. So she could feel the silken coat on both her tongue and muzzle. Then with her hoof. To let Trixie feel Dash's soft underhoof on her. Then the other thigh.
  46. The unicorn trembled. Snif snif...? Yep. An earthy scent. Rainbow didn't have to look to know there was a thin trail of fluid oozing out of Trixie. It was not the time for that, though. There were three things to do. Two of which she could do at once.
  47. Said things were a bit of a mystery. Some mares loved having them played with, others hated it. Dash was more than willing to risk it as she prodded the soft mounds between Trixie's rear hooves with the tip of her tongue.
  48. “T-T-Trixie is not used to having those played with!”
  49. “Oh?” Rainbow looked up to see the unicorn had gone as red as a tomato and was clutching a pillow between her front hooves. “Would you like me to stop? Is that what you want?”
  50. “Trixie does- does not think that is necessary.” She inched the pillow up so it covered most of her face.
  51. Dash let a smirk take over her face before she returned her attention, and tongue, to what mattered. Trixie's were almost as small as Dash's own, but not quite as supple. The pegasus ran her tongue from between the mounds to the top of one, circling the very tip for a while before clamping her lips around it and sucking it for a second. Trixie drew a sharp breath as her body conveyed some hints of her moving her upper body. Dash repeated the procedure with the other teat. Run up the hill. Circle the top. Clamp, suck. Another sharp breath. Another repeat. And another. She kept going until she felt Trixie's thighs squeeze her head.
  53. “Do you feel like you can handle the main course? I'm not going to go slow, you know.”
  54. “Hah... Trixie is... is not impressed! She can do better than this!” If not for the panting, flushed face and copious amounts of fluid dribbling out of her, she could've been believable. Dash arched a brow at her.
  55. “We'll see about that!” Rainbow pulled back to take a look at her feast. Dripping. Flushed. Pulsing. Her tongue peeked out from between her lips and ran all the way from left to right. Then she dug in.
  56. Dash began by nibbling on the dock. Just prodded it with her teeth, careful to not go too hard. She was close enough to feel the heat radiating from Trixie's slit, and felt some strands of her mane get damp with its wetness. She moved upwards to trace the outline of the unicorn's lips with her tongue. A shiver was her reward. She ran her hoof up the outside of one lip, and her tongue up the outside of the other. Twitch. Again, but with the sides reversed. Trixie's lips were even hotter than Dash's tongue.
  57. “Mmm.”
  58. The moan encouraged her to speed up. Lick. Swap sides. Lick. Swap sides. Lick. The unicorn's breathing became ragged and heavy. It was time for a change.
  59. Rainbow Dash assaulted Trixie's clit from above by pressing her hoof over the spot where it hid. She'd coax it out of its hiding place. To do that, she gave the spot a light rub and shifted her attention to the slit below it. She plopped her tongue on the rim of Trixie's ponut and licked. Long, continuous lick all the way up her slit. The unicorn's fluid mixed with Dash's saliva and made everything as slick as could be. She tasted of earth, blueberry, and honey.
  60. “Nnh. You are – hah! – not bad.”
  61. Dash's response was another lick. This time, with her tongue tracing the inside of Trixie's lips. She dipped inside the slit for even more honey, and licked. Pulse. And licked again.
  62. “Haah!”
  63. A steady trickle of nectar flowed out of her. Both of them. Dash felt a droplet dribbling down her own thigh. But she'd get her due later. She had to lick. And press on the spot where the clit hid.
  65. Just as Dash's tongue was getting numb from it, Trixie's thighs squeezed around her head.
  66. “Hah! Nnh!” Pulse. Wink. Dash ran her tongue up the hot, slick slit one more time. Wink. This time, she intercepted Trixie's bud before it could hide.
  67. “AH!”
  68. The thighs around her head clamped down as she sucked on the flower. Sucked, and licked, and pressed.
  69. “NNN!”
  70. Suck. Lap. A hoof landed on top of Dash's head. Suck. Lap. It didn't push her away.
  71. “MMH!”
  72. Suck. Lap. No, it pushed her down. Suck. Lap. The thighs around her head shook and shivered. Suck. Lap. Then it was Trixie's whole body.
  73. “AAH!”
  74. Dash kept licking and sucking and lapping and pressing. The moans kept getting louder. Trixie's thighs clamped down so hard it hurt. The unicorn's entire body jerked and spasmed.
  76. “Mmh. The Great and Satisfied Trixie was mistaken. That was one of the best shows she has ever experienced.” Trixie lied on the bed with her eyes closed and all of her muscles entirely limp. “Now let me show you why my show is even better.” She patted the spot on the bed next to her.
  77. “I hoped you would say that.” Dash could barely stand herself. The pressure under her tail was nigh unbearable and thick rivulets of fluid flowed down her thighs. She hopped on the bed, rolled onto her back and let Trixie take over.
  79. Light kisses pecked at her cutie marks. Trixie worked her way inwards, circling Dash's hidden fruit with a spiral of smooches. Mark, thigh, other thigh, other mark.
  80. “T-ha!” Dash gasped for breath when she felt a pair of lips on her dock. Smooch. Then she got licked. From her dock to the rim of her ponut. It sent a shiver down her spine. Squelch. And made her wink. She could scarcely hold still. She wanted it. She needed it. Squelch. She couldn't take it.
  81. Yet all she got was a tongue circling her slit. Just the very tip pressed lightly on her edge.
  82. “Hnn...” Squelch. Even that was enough to blank out a part of her brain. But it wasn't enough to send her over. Squelch. More. She had to have more. Squelch. Trixie prodded her. And licked her lips. Squelch. It sent jolts of blankness and euphoria straight into her brain. But it wasn't enough. Squelch. Her thighs shook.
  83. “Nnnn! Hnnn! Aaa!” Squelch. Trixie pounced. Her wonderful, warm, soft, squirming, and oh so stimulating tongue planted itself on Dash's sensitiveness.
  84. “G-haaa!” Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Trixie's tongue. It covered Dash without missing the tiniest spot. Wave after wave of pure pleasure flooded her. She could think of nothing but how good, how fulfilling it felt.
  85. “Ah! Hah! Hah!” She shook. She pulsed. She spurted. She had no idea how long it went on for. How long she basked in the bliss from her nethers that drowned out everything else. All she knew was that at one point she was pushed over. Her mind blanked out.
  87. “Haah. Let's- Let's call it a tie.” Dash lifted her head off the pillow and looked over her stomach at Trixie.
  88. “I accept the proposed draw. I also suggest that we should do this more often.” The unicorn's muzzle was totally drenched.
  89. “I'll consider it if you're around when I've got nopony else, but only out of respect for your skill.” It was Trixie's turn to let a smirk take over her face.
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