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  1. It was a beautiful day out, and Anne was glad because today was the day of her pool party. She’d been planning it for weeks, and trying to convince her parents for an even longer time. They had finally trusted her enough to let her have it while they were away. She had invited her friends (and Rebecca) to it. She hoped it would prove to be a thing they could do more often. After all, she did love the water. That’s why she had a Squirtle. Shelldon, as she called him, was her only Pokemon, but she really didn’t feel like she needed another, Shelldon was pretty much her best friend.
  3. Anne went into her bathroom to change into her new bikini. The bottom was a light blue, but the top had a brown Squirtle shell style. Shelldon wandered in after her. She noticed him and said “Hey Shelldon, like my new bikini?” He gave a nod and a “squirtle”, and Anne said “Glad you like it, maybe I’ll wear it more often.” She then unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down. Noticing Shelldon was still there, she said “Hey Shelldon, would you mind not looking?” Shelldon nodded, and began to walk the other way. He turned around for a moment, and noticed she was not looking at him as she took off her top. He hadn’t really seen his trainer naked before, the most skin he saw was when she was in a bikini. But as he saw her take her bra off, he saw her breasts for the first time. Pert little nipples with a small areola, on a B cup sized breast. Then as she took her panties off he saw her shaven mound and her cute butt, although given some of her choices in bikini he’d seen her ass a few times. He saw her cute, somewhat curvy figure and her cute hips as she waked towards him wait what?
  5. She stopped in front of him and asked him “I thought I told you not to watch?” Shelldon just stared mouth agape as he stared directly at her pussy. It looked so tight and inviting to him. Anne reached down to pick him up, saying “You’re probably just curious, aren’t you?” He only snapped out of his stupor when she hugged him close to her chest. It took every once of his power not to grope her breasts as she held him close. Unfortunately, he felt his penis start to come out of it’s sheath, tensing up to try to stop it. Anne felt this tensing as him being uncomfortable (granted, that was true, but in a slightly different meaning of the word), and put him down. The two parted ways somewhat awkwardly, as Anne went to finish putting on her swimsuit and Shelldon went to “calm down”.
  7. Some time later, Shelldon peeked out of the house, looking at the girls who had gathered about the pool. He saw a number of Anne’s friends. Jessie, a brown girl with short, brown curly hair, and Nicole, who had straight red shoulder length hair, were talking by the side of the pool. “I can’t believe you’re wearing that orange dental floss as a swimsuit” Nicole asked Jessie. Jessie just mumbled “I can’t believe you decided that the white swimsuit was the best option. Not that I’m complaining mind you.” Shelldon was enthralled by Jess’s ass for a moment before continuing to look around. He noticed Sarah, a short haired strawberry blonde in a pink one piece, playing in the pool with Tiffany, who had wavy shoulder length hair in a ponytail. He could see Tiff’s huge breasts sway a bit in her Genger purple athletic swimsuit. He saw Rebecca laying in a beach chair with her headphones on, trying to get a tan. He never cared much for her. He didn’t think anyone did really. But at the moment he was trying his best not to get horny again.
  9. Anne walked over to him, saying “There you are Shelldon. I’ve been waiting for you. Look” she said as she struck a pose, giggling “I’m a Squirtle too!” Shelldon’s state worsened, until he heard what she said next “Come on Shelldon, let’s get in the pool!” Finally, a distraction to take his mind off it all.
  11. The pair dive in, and swim about for a little while. She gives him a playful splash, he gives her a playful Water Gun. He shows off his underwater prowess by swimming across the pool underwater. Anne says to him “You’re pretty good, but let’s see how good I can do.” as she goes under and begins her try. Shelldon flips himself to his back relaxing, thinking how relieved he is he’s not thinking about the girls anymore. As he opened his eyes, he realized he has a much bigger problem. His dick was out for the world to see. He quickly flipped back over, hoping no one else saw, and swam to a shallow corner to try to help himself.
  13. As Anne came back, she noticed Shelldon was in the corner. She walked over, saying “Hey Shelldon, what’s the matter?” The question was quickly answered when she looked down and saw turtle dick. Shelldon freaked out, trying to get further into the corner to hide his shame. Anne just got closer and wrapped her arms around him while she sat down, saying “I’m sorry Shelldon, I didn’t realize I was doing this to you.” as she gave his dick a stroke. “It doesn’t really help being around all these cute girls, does it?” she said as she lifted him up a little so part of his dick was out of the water. She continued her stroking, making a splashing sound as she did, and as she did a stream of precum came from the tip. He made a moan in pleasure as she said “A lot is coming out isn’t it?” She saw that a the precum had already spread across the surface. “Maybe I should do something about that” She then turned Shelldon around, propped him up in the corner, and put the tip of his dick in her mouth. She hadn’t really done this before, but she was going to try her best to make it work. She didn’t quite expect there to be a stream of precum, but then again she didn’t expect to be sucking turtle dick, so what did she know? She began to bob her head on it, trying to get it a bit farther in each time. Shelldon was panting, grabbing at her head, trying to help her down. She finally took it down her throat for a bit, but came back up for air. She said to him “I really hope no one sees us.” That’s when she hears from behind her “We already have!”
  15. She turned around, looking at Tiff, Sarah hiding behind her. Tiff then said “What did we tell you to stop?” Anne then looked towards Nicole, who had this look on her face like she was watching a train wreck, and Jessie, who had one hand down the front of her sling bikini fingering herself, and one hand on one of her D cup breasts. Jessie yelled to her “Yeah, keep going. Go all the way!” Anne looked at Shelldon, and asked him “Want to go all the way?” He couldn’t hold off his orgasm any longer, as he came all over her face. “I’ll take that as a yes.” She lifted him up, taking him out of the pool, dick still dripping, and set him on one of the beach chairs. She slipped out of her bikini bottoms, and rolled up her top. She said to him “Well, since I’m a Squirtle too, want to be my mate?” Shelldon nodded, and Anne lied down on the beach chair. He walked over to her, and positioned his dick at her pussy. Anne said “I’m a virgin, so be gentle, OK?” She then heard Jess say “If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that line...” Shelldon and Anne looked to see the four girls around them, Rebecca still not noticing. Tiff interrupted her, saying “Let the two lovebirds have their moment here.”
  17. Shelldon finally feeling ready slowly began to push himself into her. She was as tight and inviting as he expected her to be. As he pushed in, he felt a wall, her hymen. He pulled back again, then pushed in with all his might, breaking her hymen and hilting her. Anne had a look of pain on her face, but she was expecting it, and she knew it would pass. Shelldon began to thrust again, and Anne could feel his squirts of precum lubricating her passage. She pulled him in tighter with her legs, forcing their two bodies together. Shelldon tries to reach up at her breasts, but can’t. Anne notices, and brings herself up, arms wrapping around him in a slightly uncomfortable hug. To the passerby, it would look like she were just hugging him, with him between her legs. Shelldon begins massaging her breasts by her nipples, causing her to moan out. She lets out a yelp as he begins licking at one of her nipples. All these sensations combined bring her closer to orgasm. Jessie then says “Alright, place your bets as to what she says when she cums!” As Anne’s orgasm approached, she shouts to Shelldon “I love you!” All Jessie says is “Dammit!”. As Anne cums, she constricts around Shelldon, triggering his orgasm as well. Anne feels a flood of cum inside her, warm and strangely watery. This actually continues for a few minutes, as a lot flows out of her in the meantime a surprising amount stays in. Shelldon finally pulls out, a few last streams covering her belly. She says to Shelldon, “Was I a good Squirtle to mate with?” He nods to her, and she pulls him closer for a slightly awkward kiss on the mouth.
  19. Their little moment there was interrupted with Jessie screaming as she reached her orgasm. She was laying on the ground, tits free of the bikini and flopping around, bottom of the sling pulled to the side, three fingers in her pussy. The girls just stared at her, and she said “What? Why should Anne have all the fun?” The girls just mumbled “yeah” or “alright” under their breath. Anne asked Shelldon, “Hey, want to help Jessie out there Shelldon?” Shelldon nodded, and hopped off the chair. He looked at her pussy, wet, with her pubic hair trimmed in a flame shape. Jess asked him, “Hey there, big boy. Want to help put out my fire?” Everyone collectively groaned. Jessie flipped over, getting on her hands and knees. She said to him, “Don’t think I didn’t notice you staring at my ass earlier.” Shelldon started to get hard again, her ass looked so soft and inviting.
  21. Shelldon walked closer, trying to get up. Nicole gave him a lift up, and he grabbed on to Jessie’s ass, moving his dick closer to her pussy. As he rubbed up against her entrance Jessie began to moan. His dick began to be lubricated not only by Jessie’s juices, but by his own precum. He moved his dick up a bit, now sliding between her ass cheeks. As he did so, Jess began to moan and buck her hips a bit. Shelldon struggled to hold on, trying to find a way to get a hold. As his dick slid between her ass, he felt her asshole, and he got a rather interesting idea, at least in his mind.
  23. Jessie screamed as she felt Shelldon’s dick enter her ass. “Damn, I wasn’t expecting that.” Tiffany just said, “You were making such a big deal about your ass and you didn’t expect anal?” Shelldon continued to to thrust away, slowly pouring his precum into her. Jess just continued to moan, trying to play with her tits even though they were probably half of what was keeping her up. She then moved her hand down to her pussy again, stroking at it, trying to get off in any way possible. Selldon noticed this, and pulled his dick out of her with a wet pop, only to force it into her pussy. He began to increase his thrusting speed, and Jess screamed again. He continues, getting close to his own orgasm, and trying to get Jess off as well. Jess began to rub her clit, trying to reach climax herself. Shelldon finally reached his climax, jetting his cum into her. Jessie climaxed from feeling so much cum flooding into her. After a short time, he pulled out, sending a few last streams off onto her ass and back, a stream of cum coming out of her pussy.
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