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  1. [21:46:14] Krizzy the charmer: hi
  2. [21:53:35] ArisingLight: Hi
  3. [21:53:42] • Krizzy the charmer hug
  4. [21:54:16] • ArisingLight hugs
  5. [21:54:30] • Krizzy the charmer nuzzle nuzzle
  6. [21:59:53] • ArisingLight nuzzles back
  7. [22:01:24] • Krizzy the charmer kisses cheek
  8. [22:02:09] • ArisingLight kisses your cheek
  9. [22:02:14] • Krizzy the charmer blushes
  10. [22:02:16] Krizzy the charmer: >///<
  11. [22:02:25] ArisingLight: Cute
  12. [22:02:35] • Krizzy the charmer comes closer to you
  13. [22:02:48] ArisingLight: You acted like you miss me
  14. [22:04:00] Krizzy the charmer: in my mind the smart thing to do was talk to you but just it just turned out not to
  15. [22:04:15] Krizzy the charmer: i'm not making excuses for my actions tho
  16. [22:04:23] Krizzy the charmer: but just know i still care for you
  17. [22:04:32] Krizzy the charmer: and
  18. [22:04:44] Krizzy the charmer: i'll just
  19. [22:04:59] Krizzy the charmer: try harder to keep are relationship as brother and sister a thing
  20. [22:06:11] ArisingLight: It's ok. You don't have to. I really thought I annoyed you
  21. [22:07:19] Krizzy the charmer: not that you annoyed me i just didn't want to deal with the fact you're always sad and all the problems u have is accuring and well me being the only person u trust the most aside of iz put a lot on me and pushed me away
  22. [22:08:30] ArisingLight: No.. I know. But you weren't the only...
  23. [22:08:48] Krizzy the charmer: oh yeah
  24. [22:08:53] Krizzy the charmer: and that other guy
  25. [22:09:14] Krizzy the charmer: well
  26. [22:09:18] ArisingLight: No... A few. Nvm
  27. [22:09:24] ArisingLight: I'm ok
  28. [22:09:34] Krizzy the charmer: oh really a few?
  29. [22:09:37] Krizzy the charmer: well see
  30. [22:09:58] Krizzy the charmer: when i talked to you i was just i always felt i was the only one so it used to upset me more knowing that
  31. [22:10:21] Krizzy the charmer: i mean that's kind of stupid on my part but i like i'd be upset either way
  32. [22:10:31] Krizzy the charmer: i just want u to be okay you know
  33. [22:10:51] ArisingLight: Um... Uh
  34. [22:12:42] ArisingLight: Wasn't really... I wasn't going to pm you except your birthday
  35. [22:14:05] ArisingLight: Then give you a gift and then expect nothing from you
  36. [22:15:04] Krizzy the charmer: i'm sorry it had to be that way fro you
  37. [22:15:25] ArisingLight: So... You don't have to do anything for me
  38. [22:15:33] Krizzy the charmer: okay
  39. [22:15:37] Krizzy the charmer: i'll keep that in mind
  40. [22:15:45] ArisingLight: Ok...
  41. [22:15:47] Krizzy the charmer: ofc tho
  42. [22:15:50] Krizzy the charmer: i mean
  43. [22:16:04] Krizzy the charmer: throughout our entire relationship i only did things because i did always
  44. [22:16:08] Krizzy the charmer: "want" to do them
  45. [22:16:17] Krizzy the charmer: that's just being an introvert u know what i mean
  46. [22:16:38] ArisingLight: Ok
  47. [22:17:06] ArisingLight: I'll just be quiet right now...
  48. [22:17:15] Krizzy the charmer: why so?
  49. [22:18:58] ArisingLight: Upset... Not a biggie. I'll calm down
  50. [22:19:47] Krizzy the charmer: did i make u upset?
  51. [22:22:37] ArisingLight: Yes.. You didn't even reply on discord. You made me worried. And don't say you're here for me when almost 2 weeks passed
  52. [22:24:14] Krizzy the charmer: i'm sorry
  53. [22:24:39] ArisingLight: Just sorry isn't gonna cut it
  54. [22:24:52] Krizzy the charmer: what do u want me to do
  55. [22:25:09] ArisingLight: You say sorry and then keep doing it
  56. [22:26:18] ArisingLight: I'll shut up and calm down. You don't have to do anything for me
  57. [22:30:25] ArisingLight: Just fyi, I'd rather you tell me you need space even if it's 2 weeks. It's better than me thinking I was horrible and you got tired of me or something happen to you
  58. [22:35:06] ArisingLight: When I say it's ok, it's probably not. I just try to be ok. You can pm first if you want, I won't. It was stupid of me anyways. Ok, now I'll shut up
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