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  1. mdawkins_> Cindy do you know what the deal is with the forking of mklivecd to mylivecd?
  2. <clarjon1> hey mdawkins_
  3. <mdawkins_> hey clarjon1
  4. <mdawkins_> how are you?
  5. <clarjon1> not bad
  6. <clarjon1> i had a big salad :3
  7. <mdawkins_> ooh that's sounds good
  8. <mdawkins_> i'm hungary
  9. <CSolis> um, Matt?
  10. <CSolis> you are asking me?
  11. <CSolis> since Untie stole mklivecd, I guess we can't use it now, eh?
  12. <clarjon1> it was a greek salad :3
  13. <mdawkins_> Cindy kinda, Idk what your status is anymore as i haven't spoke to many of you in a long time
  14. <mdawkins_> Cindy that's not true
  15. <CSolis> my status?
  16. <CSolis> seems like the Unity guys thought mklivecd belonged to them
  17. <CSolis> so now we don't use it
  18. <mdawkins_> there's a call to collaborate on the tool and even move it to a public site
  19. <mdawkins_> that's not true again
  20. <CSolis> well, if that's true, then please email Tex, don't ask me
  21. <CSolis> since you already know what's going on, why ask me?
  22. <mdawkins_> is there anyway you can get him to get in touch with us?
  23. <CSolis> email texstar at gmail dot com
  24. <CSolis> I doubt it seriously
  25. <mdawkins_> why?
  26. <CSolis> tell ya what I'll do
  27. <CSolis> I'll email him this conversation
  28. <CSolis> stick your email addy in here
  29. <CSolis> and he can do what he wants with it
  30. <mdawkins_> please b/c this is not to be in competition nor we do this inspite of pclos etc
  31. <mdawkins_> many of us would like to see the two sides work together not apart
  32. <mdawkins_> b/c we know you guys are reusing our work, why not push back or contribute
  33. <CSolis> I doubt that will happen
  34. <CSolis> you guys STOLE MKLIVECD and called yours
  35. <Sproggy> http://unity-linux.org/livecd-now-developed-by-team-unity-linux/
  36. <CSolis> it belonged to PCLOS long before you guys came around
  37. <Sproggy> ^^^^ read that
  38. <mdawkins_> you can't still GPL'd work
  39. <mdawkins_> and it wasn't pclos' to start with
  40. <mdawkins_> name the last maintainers of it
  41. <CSolis> it was developed by pclos developers before you even knew what linux was, Matt
  42. * DutchWolfie (~DutchWolf@82-169-50-236.ip.telfort.nl) has joined #pclinuxos-naughty
  43. <mdawkins_> i think it PH
  44. <CSolis> go read PCLINUXOS history
  45. <mdawkins_> he came with us
  46. <CSolis> PH?
  47. <CSolis> PH?
  48. <CSolis> don't think so
  49. <mdawkins_> Cindy it's GPL'd
  50. <CSolis> it was some guy from South Africa iirc
  51. <mdawkins_> how do you still it? we even public offer it up on the svn
  52. <mdawkins_> i said the last maintainer
  53. <CSolis> PCLOS has purged itself of ALL UNITY RPMS
  54. <CSolis> lol
  55. <mdawkins_> or i should say maintainers, b/c when we started modifying Tex and ETJR hadn't done anything to it in over a year
  56. <CSolis> excuse me, Matt
  57. <CSolis> but to leave a distro in the shape you did was equivalent to MURDER
  58. <CSolis> then say that the tool chain was so old it was criminal was excessive since you guys had nearly a year to FIX IT ALL
  59. <CSolis> but since you didn't, THE COMMUNITY you treated like shit, DID IT
  60. <mdawkins_> huh?
  61. <Sproggy> lol
  62. <mdawkins_> i wasn't part of the dev team if you remember right
  63. <CSolis> huh?
  64. <mdawkins_> i was a contributor
  65. <CSolis> why do you continue to hang around here?
  66. <mdawkins_> and i had prepared things serveral times to be implemented here
  67. <CSolis> think we should hang around Unity channels?
  68. <mdawkins_> sure
  69. <CSolis> see what ya'll are doing?
  70. <mdawkins_> why not
  71. <CSolis> maybe this is why I stopped using IRC
  72. <mdawkins_> it might be productive to reuse what's being used
  73. <mdawkins_> idk know why we are at fault when someone else locked the doors
  74. <Sproggy> doors??
  75. <clarjon1> lol
  76. <mdawkins_> Sproggy: who has/had control of the distro?
  77. <Sproggy> oh .... you mean where you was not allowed to add anymore packages that broke the core of PCLOS
  78. <Sproggy> Matt Tex holds those keys firmly in his grasp
  79. <mdawkins_> exactly
  80. <Sproggy> why are you here
  81. <mdawkins_> why do we go thru this everytime
  82. <Sproggy> because .... you dont stay away?
  83. <mdawkins_> i'd still like to see collaboration, i think it's a waste to see cherry picking and not giving back or parallel work being done
  84. <Sproggy> Matt ... Unity is it's own entity ....
  85. <mdawkins_> Sproggy: is it right to only take and not give back with the FOSS philosophy?
  86. <Sproggy> as your team state you dont want any part of PCLOS
  87. <mdawkins_> Sproggy: where did you pull that from?
  88. <clarjon1> Attitudes speak volumes, mdawkins_
  89. <mdawkins_> we've been the only to clear try to invite the other side
  90. <clarjon1> ...
  91. <clarjon1> hang on
  92. <clarjon1> you started with pclos
  93. <clarjon1> went your own way
  94. <clarjon1> and are inviting pclos
  95. <clarjon1> the root you came from
  96. <Sproggy> lol
  97. <clarjon1> to do what you want to do
  98. <mdawkins_> who left the project in shambles and took off?
  99. <Sproggy> you are trying to poach developers/packagers/testers from PCLOS because your Unity is not great
  100. <clarjon1> Am I reading this right?
  101. <mdawkins_> put the blame squarely where it needs to be
  102. <mdawkins_> poach what from pclos
  103. <CSolis> I really think what Paul wrote the other day on the Untie Dev ML is hilarious
  104. <Sproggy> oh thats right
  105. <CSolis> he's had the Untie svn server running on PCLOS since the git go, why?  Because it 'just works'
  106. <mdawkins_> i see our work being used by pclos, especially a project we tried to invite ppl to participate in b/c we not pclos uses it and pclos poached it
  107. <Sproggy> Opportunity for Unity Linux to take PCLOS Users
  108. <CSolis> where as when the 'boys' left pclos to do Untie, it was a mess
  109. <CSolis> now Tex and the new devs have got it running tip top again
  110. <CSolis> way to go Tex and new guys
  111. <mdawkins_> good for Tex
  112. <Sproggy> Tex rocks
  113. <CSolis> Tex is the RPM King
  114. <mdawkins_> ok
  115. <CSolis> and he knows how to do a DISTRO
  116. <CSolis> and he knows how to work with others
  117. <CSolis> he knows what it takes
  118. <clarjon1> he sure does
  119. <clarjon1> not much can keep him from this
  120. <CSolis> oh, I'm an op
  121. <mdawkins_> here we go
  122. <CSolis> wonder if I can ban still?
  123. <Sproggy> Matt you and the others left PCLOS in a broken state ... hoping to kill it and take it's user base .... what you didnt expect was for Tex to re-appear ... and for the User base to hear his call .... and thanks to Cindy ... taking control of everything else .... that broken PCLOS licked it's wounds and has now healed .... and going forwards it's 1000 times stranger
  124. <CSolis> now Untie is looking to steal more users when we release the next ISO
  125. <CSolis> first reinstall in over 3 years will not kill our users
  126. <CSolis> better than that 'BIG UPDATE' that killed a lot of them last year
  127. <CSolis> you guys did everything you could to kill PCLinuxOS, but it didn't work
  128. <Sproggy> lol the 2009.1 bug update
  129. <Sproggy> sorry i meant BIG
  130. <Sproggy> lol
  131. <clarjon1> hehehe
  132. <clarjon1> i remember that
  133. <clarjon1> xD
  134. <clarjon1> oddly enough
  135. <clarjon1> it didn't effect me
  136. <clarjon1> >.>
  137. <clarjon1> oh right, i was playing with 64bit linuxes then, sorry
  138. <clarjon1> :P
  139. <Sproggy> i actually removed 2009.1 went back to 2007
  140. <clarjon1> nvm me rfor now
  141. <clarjon1> xD
  142. <Sproggy> learnt to do some stuff myself and was happy in starting to contribute after the unity guys finally left
  143. <mdawkins_> Sproggy that is a great thing
  144. <mdawkins_> i think some of you are miss informed
  145. <CSolis> yes, a lot of potential contributors were being snuffed out by the 'gang'
  146. <CSolis> and a lot of others treated like crap
  147. <mdawkins_> Cindy you can't blame me for that?
  148. <CSolis> oh, and let's not forget the forum PM trick trying to steal more people
  149. <mdawkins_> and there are two sides to the story
  150. <CSolis> how very underhanded can you get?
  151. <mdawkins_> steal ppl?
  152. <CSolis> we never came over to unity and did that
  153. <CSolis> our philosophy was 'Good Bye, So Long, Good Riddance'
  154. <Sproggy> once 2010 is here .... i will ensure as quick as humanly possible to have both an XFCE and E17 version available ....
  155. <CSolis> yet you continue to stick around here?
  156. <clarjon1> shouldn't take long
  157. <Sproggy> nope lol
  158. * Weric (~Eric@adsl-072-148-097-123.sip.cae.bellsouth.net) has joined #pclinuxos-naughty
  159. <CSolis> you must have another IRC nick, since you are not showing as being in a Untie channel
  160. <mdawkins_> is pclos anti-FOSS?
  161. <clarjon1> ...
  162. <clarjon1> sheesh
  163. <mdawkins_> huh
  164. <CSolis> what's your point Matt?
  165. <clarjon1> we do not like the people who hurt us
  166. <Sproggy> and Unity are yet to have even one working desktop environment
  167. <mdawkins_> why the self made contention
  168. <clarjon1> and we get accused of being anti-open source?
  169. <Sproggy> oh thats right
  170. <Sproggy> it's just a core
  171. <CSolis> how about doing your own development instead of riding off the backs of ours?
  172. <Sproggy> i keep forgetting
  173. <mdawkins_> you blame me for things that you were just as guilty as causing Cindy
  174. <mdawkins_> Cindy we don't use pclos for developing
  175. <Sproggy> lol
  176. <Sproggy> wanna bet?
  177. <CSolis> yes, it's a core.. what about all those distros that were 'following' ya'll to glory?
  178. <mdawkins_> just pauls old box
  179. <mdawkins_> it's coming
  180. <clarjon1> 2012?
  181. <mdawkins_> or they are coming, i've seen 5 so far
  182. <CSolis> so is my grandpa
  183. <clarjon1> won't they need a desktop first?
  184. <Weric> or as soon as pclos10 arrives?\
  185. <CSolis> OH, well we have Phoenix, Gnome, Zen, Xfce, E17 already
  186. <mdawkins_> clarjon1: we aave tons of DEs
  187. <CSolis> and KDE 4 done right
  188. <mdawkins_> this is all personal
  189. <mdawkins_> no logic
  190. <CSolis> poisonal?
  191. <CSolis> I think no
  192. <mdawkins_> i didn't come here to argue your pent up anger
  193. <CSolis> but it baffles the imagination why the hell you are still hanging around here
  194. <Sproggy> Here I thought I was maybe the only one still using PCLOS. [?] I am
  195. <Sproggy> downloading it now ad will test the pieces out of it.
  196. <Sproggy> Doug
  197. <CSolis> I took a two month absence from IRC, and within 10 minutes of being back, you ask me.... what's the spinoff of MKLIVECD
  198. <Sproggy> lol
  199. <mdawkins_> i barely got on here yesterday
  200. <Sproggy> go tell Doug to use Unity
  201. <CSolis> well, here it is.  We aint developing what you are gonna use and claim is yours
  202. <mdawkins_> CSolis: once again we don't use pclos
  203. <clarjon1> Sproggy: I'm using PCLOS :3
  204. <CSolis> Oh, can I have one, clarjon1 ??
  205. <Sproggy> Matt
  206. <Sproggy> http://groups.google.com/group/ul-developers/browse_thread/thread/6a19b9c49a91723a
  207. <Sproggy> ^^^ read that
  208. <clarjon1> hm? lol
  209. <mdawkins_> that's paul and doug
  210. <Sproggy> are they not your developers?
  211. <mdawkins_> Doug i think was the mag guy no?
  212. <mdawkins_> paul doesn't do much more than admin anymore and run the devel server, which yes we all started back on pclos
  213. <mdawkins_> it just has never gotten replaced
  214. <Sproggy> lol
  215. <mdawkins_> and why should it
  216. <clarjon1> because it just works!
  217. <mdawkins_> pclos is linux and works
  218. <Sproggy> would you not replace it with your own?
  219. * clarjon1 smirks
  220. <mdawkins_> Sproggy: the build servers are on UL
  221. <mdawkins_> and work damn good
  222. <CSolis> http://groups.google.com/group/ul-developers/browse_thread/thread/6a19b9c49a91723a
  223. <Sproggy> Matt of course it works .... the Unity guys dont get to touch it anymore
  224. <clarjon1> mdawkins_: The test of a distro is when it's developed under it's own distro
  225. <CSolis> that's a nice thought
  226. <CSolis> Paul's using pclos for his server
  227. <mdawkins_> clarjon1: it is
  228. <CSolis> oh, but but but
  229. <mdawkins_> the build server is all Unity Linux
  230. <Sproggy> hahahaa
  231. <mdawkins_> where the rpms get built
  232. <clarjon1> nonono
  233. <mdawkins_> the devel server is a mirror sync'ing place
  234. <clarjon1> did i say built
  235. <clarjon1> no
  236. <clarjon1> i said developed
  237. <mdawkins_> it could be anything
  238. <Sproggy> <~~~ is laughing so much
  239. <mdawkins_> no development
  240. <Sproggy> anyway Matt
  241. <Sproggy> you failed to answer my question
  242. <mdawkins_> any Sproggy
  243. <CSolis> and our up and coming release is a nice 'opportunity' for Unity guys to grab pclos users
  244. <mdawkins_> what was it?
  245. <CSolis> WOW!!
  246. <CSolis> you guys are CLASS!!!
  247. <mdawkins_> so are you Cindy
  248. <Sproggy> Whay are you here Matt?
  249. <CSolis> yes Matt, why are you here?
  250. <CSolis> easy to answer
  251. <CSolis> and Theoden in Support?
  252. <Sproggy> i ask you this everytime
  253. * clarjon1 wants to know too
  254. <mdawkins_> b/c i want to know why pclos can take mklivecd and not share back after we have repeatedly called to share collaboration
  255. <CSolis> another great Unity supporter
  256. <clarjon1> mdawkins_: that's the beauty of FOSS
  257. <clarjon1> mdawkins_: we don't HAVE to
  258. <CSolis> because we ain't collaborating with Unity GUys
  259. <CSolis> easy enough??
  260. * AndrzejL (~AndrzejL@unaffiliated/andrzejl) has joined #pclinuxos-naughty
  261. <Sproggy> ^^^ i go with Cindy
  262. <CSolis> go get Fedora, or Mandriva to collaborate with you
  263. <mdawkins_> we do CSolis
  264. <clarjon1> or 'buntu
  265. <clarjon1> xD
  266. <mdawkins_> we contribute back upstream with the projects we use
  267. <clarjon1> mdawkins_: Lemme put it to you this way.
  268. <Sproggy> Fedora will tell you to go put ya heads back up ya butts and Mandriva will not touch any of you with a barge pole
  269. <CSolis> welll, then stick with them, and get outta here
  270. <clarjon1> mdawkins_: If someone gave you coffee filled with laxative, multiple times, would you be willing to drink that guy's coffee again
  271. <CSolis> y'ain't welcome round here, Matt
  272. <mdawkins_> Sproggy: huh?
  273. * CSolis gives channel operator status to Weric
  274. <Sproggy> Matt do you not think other communities watched what you guys tried to do to PCLOS
  275. <mdawkins_> well i hope someday it is like this
  276. * CSolis gives channel operator status to Sproggy
  277. <mdawkins_> Sproggy: clarify please
  278. <Sproggy> and the lies and crap you tried to spread across the net
  279. <CSolis> oh, and then use me as a scapegoat all over the linux internet
  280. * Weric removes voice from mdawkins_
  281. <CSolis> that's was a CLASS ACT TOO
  282. <Weric> oops
  283. <Sproggy> lol
  284. <mdawkins_> thanks
  285. <CSolis> danged Weric !!
  286. <CSolis> all that noise
  287. <mdawkins_> that is complete class act
  288. <CSolis> yes, well this is our home, not yours
  289. <CSolis> and we've repeated asked you why you are here
  290. <CSolis> ya don't wanna answer
  291. <mdawkins_> b/c i want to know why pclos can take mklivecd and not share back after we have repeatedly called to share collaboration
  292. <Weric> we dont hang in your IRC and badger folks
  293. <CSolis> you just keep insisting
  294. <mdawkins_> who got started the attack?
  295. <mdawkins_> not me
  296. <clarjon1> you did
  297. <CSolis> um, we didn't take Mklivecd and do anything with it
  298. <mdawkins_> i have no problems with pclos or any of you
  299. <CSolis> you don't think we have people who can write scripts here?
  300. <clarjon1> <mdawkins_> Cindy do you know what the deal is with the forking of mklivecd to mylivecd?
  301. <clarjon1> and that's when the fight started
  302. <mdawkins_> clarjon1: that's a legit question
  303. <Sproggy> there was no fight
  304. <CSolis> fight?  Was no fight?  I just don't want to see their faces in here
  305. <CSolis> this is OUR CHANNEL
  306. * CSolis sets ban on *!*mdawkins@63.224.85.*
  307. <CSolis> oops
  308. <Sproggy> but why do you specifically target Cindy when she is online?
  309. <mdawkins_> CSolis: what is your problem?
  310. * #pclinuxos-naughty :Cannot send to channel
  311. <DutchWolfie> Xcuse me, what is Unity :)
  312. <CSolis> I just came back on line after two months of not being here
  313. <Sproggy> why not ask someone else?
  314. <Weric> Uniwhat?
  315. <clarjon1> funny how they call it "unity"
  316. <CSolis> Unity is the distro the 'ripper gang' developed after borking pclos and leaving
  317. <clarjon1> when they seperated from us
  318. <CSolis> unimybutt
  319. <clarjon1> heheh
  320. <CSolis> now he's after me in the PCLinuxOS channel
  321. <CSolis> next will be support
  322. <mdawkins_> oh god
  323. * #pclinuxos-naughty :Cannot send to channel
  324. <Weric> ripper gang still seems appropriate.
  325. <Sproggy> lol
  326. <CSolis> so I've left those two channels
  327. <Weric> ripperoffer
  328. <CSolis> yeah, more like ripoff gang
  329. <CSolis> or jackoff seems appropriate
  330. <Sproggy> Weric yeah coz they still ripping all the ideas that made PCLOS great
  331. <CSolis> xcuse my french
  332. <Sproggy> Cindy thats polite in my eyes
  333. <CSolis> mklivecd has always been a part of pclos
  334. <Sproggy> i have much more colourful language to use if you'd like
  335. <CSolis> then they claimed ownership so we changed to something else
  336. <Sproggy> it's now called mylivecd
  337. <CSolis> cause tex didn't want to use anything that appeared to be a part of unity
  338. <CSolis> exactly, and who has developed the code for that?
  339. <Sproggy> and that sounds so much better
  340. <CSolis> oh, script, pardon me
  341. <Sproggy> isnt script code anyway?
  342. <CSolis> was it not the same etjr they rejected long ago?
  343. <CSolis> oh, goody for us
  344. <CSolis> yes, scripting is coding in bash or whatever language
  345. <CSolis> I"m learning some SL scripting
  346. <Sproggy> ooooooooooooooo
  347. <Sproggy> well i dont know what types od scripting/coding i have been learning .... i justhack the fuck outta it until it does what i want it too lol
  348. <CSolis> one potato, two potatoes, three potatoes, open de door
  349. <CSolis> that's the way to do it
  350. <CSolis> the guys at SL took C++ and created their own 'language'
  351. <CSolis> not like they could fix errors in it
  352. <CSolis> but it is what it is
  353. <Sproggy> kool
  354. <CSolis> instead of open door 90 degrees you have open door, bla bla bla bla bla radians,x,y,z, bla bla bl
  355. <CSolis> not cool at all
  356. <CSolis> but it works, most times
  357. <CSolis> then once you have door scripted you have to cut it in half so it can rotate on edge instead of in center axis
  358. <Sproggy> Matt must be havin lunch or summin
  359. <CSolis> tell me how dumb that is
  360. <clarjon1> he's been muted lol
  361. <CSolis> no, I banned him
  362. <Sproggy> lol
  363. <CSolis> Eric took his voice, then I banned him
  364. <clarjon1> lol
  365. <clarjon1> but till he's boted
  366. <clarjon1> *booted
  367. <clarjon1> it's essentially a mute
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