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  1. cd C:\Games\WoW\_retail_
  2. call C:\Games\WoW\_retail_\wowmaint.bat
  3. cd C:\Games\WoW\Tools
  4. del C:\Games\WoW\_retail_\Cache\WDB\enGB\creaturecache.wdb
  5. del C:\Games\WoW\_retail_\Cache\WDB\deDE\creaturecache.wdb
  6. move C:\Games\WoW\LogsSave\WoWCombatLog-3.txt C:\Games\WoW\LogsSave\WoWCombatLog-4.txt
  7. move C:\Games\WoW\LogsSave\WoWCombatLog-2.txt C:\Games\WoW\LogsSave\WoWCombatLog-3.txt
  8. move C:\Games\WoW\LogsSave\WoWCombatLog-1.txt C:\Games\WoW\LogsSave\WoWCombatLog-2.txt
  9. move C:\Games\WoW\_retail_\Logs\WoWCombatLog.txt C:\Games\WoW\LogsSave\WoWCombatLog-1.txt
  10. copy nul C:\Games\WoW\_retail_\Logs\WoWCombatLog.txt
  11. cd C:\Games\
  12. start C:\Games\\" Launcher.exe"
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