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  1. [10:59 PM]TylerDurden:hes used to it, his child bride does
  2. [12:56 AM]Blain20ShadesOfDox:I'm having so much trouble keeping silent in the ICU.
  3. [5:31 AM]Blain20ShadesOfDox:My eyes still hurt
  4. [4:29 PM]rekietalaw:Anyone @here?
  5. [4:29 PM]Anthony:yup
  6. [4:29 PM]honkban:no I am over there
  7. [4:29 PM]Anthony:whats up
  8. [4:29 PM]Doxfamous:Yep
  9. [4:29 PM]rekietalaw:I need some sage counsel from my directors
  10. [4:29 PM]snoj:what's shaking?
  11. [4:29 PM]honkban:@rekietalaw it's only gay if the balls touch
  12. [4:30 PM]rekietalaw:How pissed off would everyone be if Vic dismissed his case with the intent to refile in September....but for a really good reason?
  13. [4:30 PM]honkban:not gonna lie I lost interest in the weeb wars like a month ago
  14. [4:30 PM]snoj:hmmm
  15. [4:30 PM]honkban:but now I'm curious as to the reason
  16. [4:30 PM]rekietalaw:this isn't about personal interest, this is about managing the PR aspect of it
  17. [4:30 PM]Doxfamous:I wouldn’t be pissed.  It’s what we call in RTS and warfare as a Tactical Retreat.
  18. [4:30 PM]snoj:if there's more laughs and he won't hurt himself I'm all for it
  19. [4:31 PM]honkban:I think a lot of the wider pro vic public would be unhappy with it if they didn't understand why it was a good idea
  20. [4:31 PM]honkban:I think a lot of the anti vic people would interpret it as a loss
  21. [4:31 PM]rekietalaw:Basically, texas just passed sweeping reforms to anti-SLAPP
  22. [4:31 PM]honkban:which might make it even funnier later
  23. [4:31 PM]rekietalaw:it's on the governor's desk rfn
  24. [4:31 PM]honkban:but in the mean time might reinforce that he has no real case / is actually guilty
  25. [4:32 PM]Anthony:hmm it sounds like it would be an interesting move, why post pone it.  Plus I have a feeling that there will be backlash from some and there is going to be a huge wave of the other side saying that "he doesnt have anything see he is just a coward yada yada yada"
  26. [4:32 PM]snoj:does that help though?
  27. [4:32 PM]honkban:I actually legit don't even care if he's innocent or not I just want to see the bluehair dipshits lose so if this makes them lose harder/funnier then do it
  28. [4:32 PM]Doxfamous:I’d honestly though want to keep the aspect of tortious interference against Ron since that is pretty much cemented with enough proof.
  29. [4:32 PM]snoj:I mean, his case is suppose to be pretty air  tight right?
  30. [4:32 PM]honkban:I do wonder about the optics of
  31. [4:32 PM]honkban:"hey everyone give me $150k to support this lawsuit that lol we aren't even doing"
  32. [4:32 PM]honkban:I mean I trust you but the internet is fickle
  33. [4:33 PM]abeltbuckle:GFM would die off and i dont expect that to pick back up again, granted, it may be pretty stagnant now as it is
  34. [4:33 PM]abeltbuckle:i think thats the largest implication
  35. [4:33 PM]snoj:snoban has a point there about the gfm
  36. [4:33 PM]honkban:I would think you've already raised allt he money you're going to
  37. [4:33 PM]rekietalaw:it basically defeats the anti-slapp motion
  38. [4:33 PM]honkban:so I wouldn't worry about donations drying up
  39. [4:33 PM]honkban:but people would be mad
  40. [4:33 PM]rekietalaw:through legislation
  41. [4:33 PM]honkban:and/or it would give the other side a wedge to rile people up with
  42. [4:34 PM]Anthony:^^
  43. [4:34 PM]Anthony:the other side will go nuts
  44. [4:34 PM]Doxfamous:I hate saying it too, but this would energize the other side enough that more VAs would basically be thrown under the bus the same way as Vic.
  45. [4:35 PM]rekietalaw:this doesn't leave this chat for now, please
  46. [4:35 PM]Anthony:rodger that
  47. [4:35 PM]Doxfamous:I’d at least recommend the tortious interference to keep going at a minimum.
  48. [4:35 PM]rekietalaw:TI is subject to anti-slapp as well
  49. [4:35 PM]honkban:I 100% defer the legal strategy to lawyermans
  50. [4:35 PM]Doxfamous:What the fuck...
  51. [4:36 PM]rekietalaw:TI is still words
  52. [4:36 PM]honkban:but I think that, unless you could basically just come out and tell everyone that this is why you're doing it, epople would balk
  53. [4:36 PM]rekietalaw:it's weaker on TI
  54. [4:36 PM]snoj:If he did, I think he/you'd have to make that case to wait until September
  55. [4:36 PM]snoj:Publicly
  56. [4:36 PM]rekietalaw:but if you defeat the possibility of filing the motion, then you defeat the BS
  57. [4:37 PM]rekietalaw:I agree, it'd have to be public, Ty would need to make a statement
  58. [4:37 PM]honkban:if you were public about it I think that would dampen a lot of the backlash
  59. [4:37 PM]rekietalaw:I'm not 100% sure on the legal strategy, I'm still reviewing the bill
  60. [4:37 PM]honkban:because his supporters, at least the one swho trust you, would be satisfied
  61. [4:37 PM]Doxfamous:I’d also recommend possibly having updates along the way monthly.  That way people still see stuff being done.
  62. [4:37 PM]honkban:and his detractors would crow about it but they will anyway and this way his supporters can say "ahaha you guys are idiots, you'll get yours in september"
  63. [4:38 PM]honkban:which makes it even funnier actually
  64. [4:38 PM]rekietalaw:this was dropped on me this morning as a possibility, so I'm trying to figure out
  65. [4:38 PM]honkban:because if you are sitting there saying in June "we are withdrawing so that four months later we can refile"
  66. and then all his detractors are like "BAWK BAWK CHICKEN"
  67. and then in september their anti-SLAPPgets slappped
  68. [4:38 PM]honkban:funnier than if it's as urprise
  69. [4:40 PM]rekietalaw:The optics I worry about: conventions
  70. [4:40 PM]rekietalaw:PULL and detractors don't even know what's happening
  71. [4:40 PM]Doxfamous:While I understand some laws, partially, I’m going to stick by what the legal counsel knows.  You all know more than I when it comes to legal stuff.  But flat out this could hurt Vic going to more cons.
  72. [4:40 PM]rekietalaw:conventions going "oh wait, he dimisses" might make it harder to get him back
  73. [4:40 PM]honkban:I assume that any conventions that have turned on him will remain turned on him until either you legal threaten them like you presumably did with kamehacon or he wins
  74. [4:40 PM]rekietalaw:exactly
  75. [4:41 PM]rekietalaw:kamehacon wasn't threatened
  76. [4:41 PM]honkban:oh huh
  77. [4:41 PM]Doxfamous:I’m going to say it that this will make cons nervous to pull him in if he retracts.
  78. [4:41 PM]rekietalaw:I wanted to threaten the living fuck out of them
  79. [4:41 PM]abeltbuckle:if Vic couldn't have made this lawsuit happen without his GFM, he prolly owes it to them some transparency about his legal strategy.  I understand most of them donated so he could pursue his best interest and not just produce legal theater, but leaving some of his backers feeling betrayed for 6th months is a big deal
  80. [4:41 PM]rekietalaw:I flat out suggested they sue for anticipatory breach
  81. [4:41 PM]honkban:I mean I'm assuming the cons are nervous about taking him back eithe rway
  82. [4:41 PM]honkban:so it probably doesn't make this any different
  83. [4:41 PM]rekietalaw:but eventually decided to be nice
  84. [4:42 PM]rekietalaw:@abeltbuckle this would be 100% transparent
  85. [4:42 PM]rekietalaw:either way, it would be transparent
  86. [4:42 PM]honkban:if I have any clout, I'm in the top 30 of highest donations and I say do whatever makes the other side lose the hardest
  87. [4:43 PM]Doxfamous:I’ll say though Nick.  I’d at least say if any conventions hear of VAs pulling out make it widely known that cons should sue for breach to set a precedent since their pulling out hurts the fans.
  88. [4:43 PM]honkban:I think that if it is transparent, a lot of the negative fallout is mitigated
  89. [4:43 PM]Doxfamous:I’d donate more if I wasn’t going to Tokyo for a month.
  90. [4:43 PM]Anthony:I agree with snoban
  91. [4:44 PM]Doxfamous:@honkban is on the money
  92. [4:44 PM]honkban:@Doxfamous I would have donated more if I had known that I wouldn't have been at the top of the leaderboards for long
  93. [4:44 PM]Doxfamous:lol
  94. [4:45 PM]Doxfamous:This study trip is going to bleed me dry.
  95. [4:45 PM]rekietalaw:Yeah, I'd have Ty on the show and we'd explain exactly what was happening
  96. [4:46 PM]rekietalaw:But I've still gotta check and see if it's the right move
  97. [4:46 PM]Anthony:If it helps you have a good way to deliver difficult news and so does ty.  I think if you both do a statement or discuss what ever can be discussed that would help a lot
  98. [4:46 PM]Doxfamous:I’m fine personally since I understand legal strategy, it’s those who don’t know the aspects of legal strategy that will be very vocal.
  99. [4:47 PM]Doxfamous:@rekietalaw Actually could do a show talking about different aspects of legal strategy any why some routes are taken.  Also would be a very educational vid.
  100. [4:48 PM]honkban:Like in summary, If you do this:
  102. * #KickVic VAs and allies will be invigourated
  103. * ( It's not clear to me that they can do much more than they already have, so this might not matter?)
  105. * Anti-vic fans who bother to pay attention to this will be more convinced of his guilt
  106. * ( i think that most anime people aren't paying too much attention tot his, and have already written him off as another white male rapist, so this might not matter. And like you say, most fans aren't paying attention to this and don't give a shit)
  108. * Pro-vic fans will definitely be upset and feel ripped off
  109. * This will lose him support at the margins
  110. * An extremely transparent explanation of why this is happenign will mitigate a lot of this
  111. * I think you've probably gotten all of the money you're going to, so if they bail now, well, you already have the money
  113. * Cons will take it as a negative sign
  114. * I think all of the cons that were going to react to this already have. I think that Vic's position is "try to get invited back", not "avoid getting kicked", and while this would make it marginally harder to get invited back, I think his prospects for that were low as it was
  115. [4:49 PM]honkban:also as an aside
  117. @rekietalaw we have an #anime channel at work and it's very highly trafficked. To gauge the crowd I let it drop that I'm "going to some con in houston to visit a friend" just to see what they would say.
  119. A handful of people said "oh they're hosting that predator". But most of the people didn't give a shit
  121. A Lot of people said "oh deneice is a piece of shit, don't go there"
  123. The average opinion of the anime channel was more negative about matsuri than it was about vic
  124. [4:49 PM]honkban:I think this is probably representative of anime people
  125. [4:50 PM]rekietalaw:maybe
  126. [4:50 PM]Doxfamous:Matsuri is known in Houston though for having a poorly run convention with several cancelled panels w/o communication they’re cancelled.
  127. [4:50 PM]rekietalaw:It's also massive and the city loves it
  128. [4:50 PM]Doxfamous:Locally that’s what they’re known for
  129. [4:51 PM]Doxfamous:And I agree.  Matsuri is one of the largest money makers for the city.
  130. [4:51 PM]Doxfamous:Especially since both hotels connected to the GRB sold out if I remember right,
  131. [4:51 PM]honkban:basically my point is
  132. [4:51 PM]honkban:this vic drama has really not penetrated into the mainstream consciousness
  133. [4:51 PM]honkban:so the impact in the hearts and minds of fans will be lowish
  134. [5:09 PM]rekietalaw:Thanks for the wisdom, gents
  135. [5:09 PM]rekietalaw:I'll let you know what's up
  136. [5:10 PM]snoj::nickthumbsup:
  137. [5:19 PM]Anthony:Yup
  138. [5:40 PM]honkban:do you see this shit
  139. [5:40 PM]honkban:he just assumed our gender
  140. [6:30 PM]No.1 Doxer Jessica::peepoPeek:
  141. [6:37 PM]No.1 Doxer Jessica:all this time Jamie Marchi dodging Service now this? she will Buy a bunker in the Wilderness by September
  142. [6:47 PM]No.1 Doxer Jessica:i'm sure this will have a negative impact on the GFM? @rekietalaw
  143. [9:27 PM]rekietalaw:don't know.  Not even sure the legislation is that impactful
  144. [9:52 PM]Baal of bAbYlOn:@rekietalaw It think most people that are on the spergy side of the standwithvic will be silly about it.  The smaller, more reasonable members of the movement would understand.  I don't know enough about this situation to know how that affects Vic's prospects for jobs/cons in the future.  I would look at it as....Short term loss for long term gain.  People will only be upset until it gets refiled, then people will forget about being mad it was dropped.  Those people are just attracted to the drama anyways.
  145. [9:52 PM]Baal of bAbYlOn:That's my two cents, for what it's worth.  No clue what the right move would be from a legal standpoint.  From a PR perspective, I don't think it will have a lasting effect after it's refiled anyways.
  146. [10:24 PM]No.1 Doxer Jessica:I DIDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING! :peepoHide:
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