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  1. This deck is based around the Xyz swarming capabilities of Ojama's.
  2. They can maintain some control with Gachi Gachi Gantetsu as well as OTKing with Daigusto Phoenix.
  4. Running 3 of each Normal Ojama means that Ojamagic/Future Fusion should never be dead.
  5. Ojama Red, Snipe Hunter, Polymerization, Ojama Country and Faustian Bargain utilize the dead copies of Ojama's in your hand.
  7. 3 Ojama Blue is crucial for the deck as it searches the key cards for the deck.
  8. When using Ojama Blue's effect you should always search for Ojamagic and Ojama Country (only if Ojamagic can search for the Ojamas). If not, search double Country or even 1 Country and 1 Hurricane.
  9. Hurricane will scare the opponent into play more passively.
  11. 3 Snipe Hunter lets you fill your Graveyard with Ojama's as well as getting massive plusses with Ojamagic.
  13. Rescue Rabbit isn't needed as it can only search for 2 of the same colour which often makes Future Fusion and Ojamagic dead.
  15. -
  17. Faustian Bargain is a nice tech that can get rid of a Stardust Dragon in preparation for a Ojama Delta Hurricane.
  18. Future Fusion should be self explanatory as it lets you dump 3 Ojamas into the grave which in turn allows you to use Tri-Wight Zone for a 2200 attack Gachi Gachi Gantetsu.
  19. The boss monster of the deck is Ojama Knight. Instant Fusion lets you summon him for 1000LP and you can infinitely revive him with Ojama Country.
  21. Tri-Wight Zone is amazing. It's so easy to get 3 Ojama's into the Grave, they you activate Tri-Wight Zone for a Ojama Blue and a Gachi Gachi Gantetsu.
  23. -
  25. Trap wise, the deck doesn't needed it.
  26. 2 Ojama Trio is a nice lock if somebody summons 2 Dandylion tokens or whatever. It's also fodder for Ojama Country and MST bait.
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