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  1. Hello Together have you already seen the new Scubapro Al?
  3. The Jacket has some nice new features that demonstrate once again that Scubapro is setting the pace:
  5. The Jacket is a backinflate hybrid jacket with the built-in dive computer "Autodiving" (TM), which not only offers air integration and headup display for easy fitting to the mask, but the new jacket also offers automatic buoyancy control at any depth thanks to Artificial Intelligence and the so-called Autoinflate (TM). Also interesting for beginners is that thanks to the new "Airsplitting" (TM) an automatic trim control is guaranteed. Never stir up sediment again, even with the Mares Powerplana! Also thanks to Airsplitting (TM) on the surface the optimal trim is guaranteed. The preload due to backinflate, feared by many divers, is a thing of the past.
  7. Furthermore, the AI function of the Autoinflate (TM) is supposed to regulate so fast that even the dreaded buoy shooting can be done with ease without losing the set target depth. The achieved tolerance should be in the centimeter range.
  9. The new material for the Airsplitting System (TM) from space technology is also supposed to suppress almost 100% of the thunder that many people do not like when changing position.
  11. Since the jacket was developed together with the diving associations, the jacket must be personalized before the first TG. It must be indicated which card or training you have and accordingly you can dive deep. Likewise, no-decompression time may only be exceeded with the appropriate authorization. If an attempt is made to exceed the limit, the system warns and corrects automatically thanks to AI and Autoinflate (TM). At the third attempt to exceed the limit, the jacket automatically breaks off the TG and brings the diver up at the optimal ascent speed thanks to Autoascent (TM). The Autoascent (TM) function can also be activated at the end of a normal TG at the touch of a button, allowing the diver to emerge comfortably and safely without having to constantly stare at the computer.
  13. To provide the AI function with sufficient data, the jacket is equipped with a mobile phone transmitter and Bluetoth. This ensures automatic data exchange between Scubapro AI divers and the self-learning system can learn at optimal speed.
  15. More functions:
  17. Temperature measurement (rectal)
  19. Pulse and blood pressure measurement
  21. Pioneering 3D navigation system that replaces the traditional compass
  23. The system is designed to be open so that future functions can be implemented easily and quickly via updates.
  25. The next firmware will finally offer the long awaited Auto Balanced Rig (TM)!
  27. Since the jacket offers so many unique selling points, it cannot be bought for the time being, but the diver can rent the jacket easily and uncomplicated by subscription model. Future updates and upgrades are free of charge.
  29. So I will definitely have a closer look at the jacket. This could be a real alternative to my two old fashioned XDeep Wings.
  31. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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