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  1. 11:48] Deleted User: @aLoneWitness @vin btw u should seriously stop linking my half assed attempt of making a gamemode with requiem gaming
  2. [11:48] aLoneWitness: ?
  3. [11:49] Deleted User: and yeah @vin you should probably stop making your framework yourself
  4. [11:49] Deleted User: i dont want to make you feel sad or anything but who in the right mind would choose your framework over nutscript and other frameworks
  5. [11:49] Deleted User: and lets not talk how desperate you are; getting alonewitness to develop for you
  6. [11:49] aLoneWitness: Im sorry
  7. [11:49] aLoneWitness: Are you having a mental breakdown
  8. [11:50] Deleted User: no
  9. [11:50] Deleted User: i'm just saying how you will fill the gamemode with shitcode
  10. [11:50] aLoneWitness: Jeez louise
  11. [11:51] aLoneWitness: It is true im a spaghettimaster
  12. [11:51] aLoneWitness: But im trying to improve
  13. [11:51] aLoneWitness: But i think you misjudge the project
  14. [11:51] aLoneWitness: Were doing this for fun
  15. [11:52] aLoneWitness: Not to overthrow nutscript or something like that
  16. [11:52] Deleted User: no im simply calling you out because you started acting like assholes for no reason?
  17. [11:52] aLoneWitness: Its great programming experience
  18. [11:52] aLoneWitness: If you are referencing to the "raid" on requiem im willing to talk about that
  19. [11:53] Deleted User: i dont care about requiem gaming
  20. [11:53] aLoneWitness: Okay if it is our memes on benefactor dying its because we predicted the shutdown and it was kinda meme
  21. [11:53] Deleted User: yeah i knew that i was going to shut it down as well
  22. [11:56] Deleted User: i realized that i dont really care about gmod and that i dont want to waste my life making something big on garrys mod
  23. [11:58] vin: @Deleted User why
  24. [11:58] vin: what lol
  25. [11:58] Deleted User: anyways i just came here to say that bye now
  26. [11:58] aLoneWitness: ok
  27. [11:58] vin: ok
  28. [11:59] vin: we get the logic cannoned
  29. [11:59] vin: got
  30. [11:59] vin: :logiccannon:
  31. [11:59] aLoneWitness: :hardbrexit:
  32. [12:01] vin: what was he even on about lmao
  33. [12:01] vin: mad lad
  34. [12:22] oscar "oscar holmes" holmes: :hardbrexit:
  35. [12:27] aLoneWitness: i dunno
  36. [12:27] aLoneWitness: he just came in saying it was a hopeless proj and im master spaghettiman
  37. [12:27] oscar "oscar holmes" holmes: hopeless project kid
  38. [12:29] krunes: its fucking
  39. [12:30] krunes: pcmd
  40. [12:30] krunes: head staff of rq
  41. [12:30] krunes: well
  42. [12:30] krunes: was head staff
  43. [12:43] balexander: pcmd mental breakdown
  44. [12:43] balexander: oh god oh fuck
  45. [12:51] Suck my PP Disney: Lol
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