Tentacled Librarian (one-shot)

Jun 20th, 2015
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  1. I browse the shelves absent-mindedly. New acquisitions was a dud, so I'm not really looking for anything specific. I ignore the click of approaching heels. It's that weird, creepy, quiet librarian again, I bet. She seems to walk past me an awful lot recently. How disgusting. I wish I knew when she was at work so I could avoid her. I hate the way she breathes heavily and blushes every time I look her in the eye. I'm almost lost in though until suddenly I feel something in my ear. It hurts. It hurts it hurts IT HUR-
  3. I remember something... That kinda cute librarian seems sort of familiar. Where did we meet? I can't seem to remember. There's just something about her. I turn my head to see her hips swing their way behind a bookcase, her tentacle swinging behind her after a sharp turn. Her scent lingers behind her, the almost nautical fragrance wafting in the air, mixing with the dusty scent of old books. I really should try to get closer to her sometime.
  5. * * *
  7. She's at work again. How nice. I smile at her as I pass her. She blushes cutely. Maybe she's into me, too? That would be nice. I wish I could remember where I know her from, that would make it so much easier to start up a conversation. I happily hum to myself as I make my way to the new acquisitions. There's a new part to that detective story I've been following. I'll just take that and- My mind swims as something penetrates my skull.
  9. I suddenly remember my high school entrance ceremony. She stood at the gate, fidgeting, her tentacles tied into a sort of ponytail behind her head. I always thought she was cute, in a sort of geeky way. It's too bad she was always in another class, and I never could work up the courage to really talk to her. I just watched her in the corridors. What would have happened if I had ever approached her, I wonder...? What was her name? I somehow can't seem to remember.
  11. I snap back to the present. I turn my head to see her back at her desk. She looks so good, in her frameless glasses and her tentacles hanging free at the sides. I swallow and turn my head away as she looks up to meet my gaze. I guess I still have a crush on her.
  13. * * *
  15. I'm at the library again. It seems like I come around more and more these days. Maybe it's because of her? It's just like back then, isn't it? I just want to see her, even if there's no real connection between us. I really should step up and ask her out sometime. Really, I should probably just do that today, if I see her around. As I lounge at one of the tables, I feel something wet slither into my ear.
  17. May... Why didn't I remember? May and I were classmates in middle school. She was a plain girl, but we were both in the literature club, so we ended up spending a bit of time together. She was always a quiet type, though, and it was more like we read in the same room than actually did anything together. When did I start liking her? Was it still in middle school? That can't be it. I'm sure we were distant in high school when I pined for her. My brain fills with static as I try to remember.
  19. I suddenly jump to my feet and look around. May is at her desk, as usual, and looks up at me as I clank the chair around. She gives a slight, almost nostalgic smile as our eyes meet. I put my book down and go ask her out. This is something I should have done a decade ago. As I walk up to her, she stands up and brushes her tentacles. Oh god, I've wanted her for so long. Why did I never make a move on her...? She happily throws herself into a hug as she says yes, and the world goes fuzzy for a moment. I realize a cup of coffee is nowhere near enough. I have to have her. I want her to be my bride. I always have. I want to impregnate her this instant.
  23. I barge through my own door with my first love struggling to keep up. I swing the door shut and grab her into my arms, carrying her to the bed. She crashes down onto the mattress a fraction of a second before I fall on top of her. My tongue forces its way through her beautiful lips, grazing the sharp teeth hidden below. My hands wander all around her slim body, caressing her gentle curves and modest chest through her clothes. I pull her into myself, almost trying to go inside of her. I can't wait any longer. I flip up her knee-length skirt and pull down my pants.
  25. One hand interlocks with hers as another guides me into her. Her pair of tentacles coil around my head as I passionately kiss her exactly as I enter her. Her moist tightness almost overwhelms me. May... If I had known she felt so good, I could have never waited so long. It's as if her entire body radiates pure pleasure and warm love. Nothing in my life has come even close to the sheer enjoyment of her touch, her company. I probe her depths with all the enthusiasm of a decade of unfulfilled love.
  27. Finally I flood her insides as I continue to thrust into her ever more slowly. My lips finally break our first kiss, one that has lasted through our entire first time. I stare lovingly into her dark blue eyes for a moment before collapsing into a hug. I love her so much. I wish we could always stay together. As I lay on top of her in bliss, I feel the pleasure of her tentacles wrapping around my head, and I sink below the waves.
  29. * * *
  31. Her kiss awakens me in the morning. My loving wife looks me in the eye and kisses me on the cheek. I'm so lucky to have her. We've always been together, me and May. It's so romantic. Childhood friends that fell in love, and finally married straight after graduation. It's like a dream come true. I think the next step is obvious, and I'll love feeling her body without protection every night from now on...
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