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  3. Contains:
  4. /trb/ F.C. - A club made of 48 /trb/ players ready to challenge for the premier league.
  6. /trb/ Nation - A country for you to dive in to international management with. Start by taking callups from /trb/ F.C. and as time goes on and regens are made, you start to develop a nation of memes.
  8. /trb/ League - A fully playable league featuring 3 fully fleshed out leagues with custom team names, uniforms, and all coming with meme names. As well as this, a 4th and 5th division of developmental teams in a separate league that are designed to produce /trb/ regens.
  10. /trb/ Cups - Take on the Fixture Congestion Cup as you go through 12 games against all clubs in the countries three leagues for the right to be the top /trb/ club. Feeling like some lower league managing? Step in to the 3rd division or the Jacobson's Paint Trophy for a 7 game straight knockout cup to be the king of the lower leagues. Feel like helping out in the future? Manage in league 4 and 5 for the Developmental Cup where the nations 52 unattached academies face off to be the top academy in /trb/.
  12. /trb/ Regens - Players come with a mix of Sammarinese names, as well as names from a pool of 600+ surnames and forenames to make your players in to the dankest memes possible.
  14. Bonus - A wealth of teams renamed, players renamed, youth ratings tweaked to reflect football more accurately than miles is capable of, as well as a Sugardaddy League in Ireland for the sole purpose of watching 12 billionaires duke it out to be the biggest FFP failure since the Sheiks
  16. Known Bugs:
  17. >Top Flight sides do not compete in the U19 League until 2015 for unknown reasons
  18. >Small chance that certain injuries will disappear after one day rather than the time it is meant to last
  19. >National reputation dramatically decreases in the first few years until clubs can develop themselves in europe
  21. Please use the following setting when managing in the /trb/ league:
  22. >Add players to playable teams
  23. And make sure that you do not have
  24. >Do not add key staff
  25. ticked, as there are no default staff available.
  27. >Recommended league set up:
  28. /trb/, England, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Netherlands, Ireland, Wales
  30. >Lightweight recommended set up
  31. /trb/, England, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Ireland
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