MeFi Horror Club Guidelines

Nov 20th, 2014
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  1. MeFi Horror Club is a biweekly film discussion club about horror and horror-related films that anyone and everyone in MetaFilter is invited to take part in. Films are announced on alternating Fridays, with the discussion posts following a week later on the next Friday. All selections are made by individual MeFites. If you've been been tapped to make the next selection for MeFi Horror Club, read the guidelines below. If you'd like to make a future selection, contact the MeFite making any Horror Club announcement post and ask for consideration. Each person choosing a film also chooses the next picker.
  5. You'll have these things to do:
  6. --Pick your film and make a post announcing it in advance
  7. --Make the actual discussion post on Fanfare
  8. --Find the next person who will be picking after you
  11. You can pick any horror film or sorta horror film you like, as long as it meets two criteria: 1) it hasn't been featured on Fanfare before; 2) that it is legally and readily available to stream or obtain in most places. So... Out in theaters? No problem. Netflix? Great. Purchase it on iTunes? Fine. Watch it on YouTube? No problem. Blu-Ray? Fine. Can only be seen on illegal sites? Not okay. Only via torrent? Nope. Only via out of print VHS? Nope. You get the drift. It should be noted that while you can pick any film you like, the idea is to foster a discussion. Picking something that not everyone has seen or that can spark a lot of talk is a better way to go than picking something that has been all talked out.
  14. Horror Club runs biweekly. On one Friday, there is a film announced. On the next Friday, a film is posted for discussion. You should have (hopefully) been contacted about making the next pick (and have confirmed) by the Friday of a film going up for discussion. This gives you one week to decide on your pick before you make your own announcement post. You will make your announcement post in Fanfare by selecting "TV & Movie Planning" in the drop down after you start a new post. Your post is due by the Friday of that week and MUST CONTAIN A LINK TO THIS TEXT. If you fail to make your pick by the Monday following your designated announcement day, you forfeit your turn and any other MeFite can make a Horror Club pick in your place (and will also choose who is going next.)
  16. The format for announcement posts is kinda flexible, but must include the following things:
  17. Post Title: MeFi Horror Club: ______[Title of Film]_____ (NOTE: we no longer number picks)
  18. Before the jump: name your film, and if possible, give a non-spoilery, non-trigger inducing plot teaser.
  19. After the jump: link to streaming, digital purchase, web viewing options if available. You should also mention that you made this pick as part of the MeFi Horror Club and then link to these guidelines.
  22. This is pretty straightforward. It's just like a regular film post, with non-spoilery, non-trigger-inducing plot blurb. The last part of your post MUST CONTAIN "About MeFi Horror Club" with a link to these guidelines. Note: this post is due the Friday after your announcement post. If you fail to make this post that Friday, your pick will still be honored, but anyone who likes can make the Fanfare discussion post for your chosen film starting Saturday.
  25. The thing that keeps MeFi Horror going is making sure that there's always someone to pick next. You can pick the next person any way you like, THOUGH IT IS NOT HORROR CLUB'S JOB TO FIND YOU A VOLUNTEER. You can certainly solicit volunteers in your announcement post, though you may have to spend a handful of minutes MeMailing people to find someone. MeMailing people also active in Horror Club (or other horror-related threads) is typically a good way to go. Whatever. The key is that you both find someone and get them to agree by the Friday you make the Fanfare discussion post for your film. Keeping this club going for at least one more pick is a responsibility you take on when you agree to make a pick.
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