Drush Install for creating dumps of standard profiles.

Nov 29th, 2011
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  1. rm -rf drupal-dumps/drupal
  2. drush dl drupal-7.x --destination=drupal-dumps --drupal-project-rename=drupal
  3. cd drupal-dumps/drupal
  4. drush site-install -y standard --account-name=admin --account-pass=drupal --db-url=sqlite:./.ht.drupal.sqlite
  5. # install all modules
  6. drush pm-list --status="not installed" | sed 's/.*(\(.*\)).*/\1/p' | xargs drush en -y
  7. php scripts/ > ../d7.standard.bare.php
  8. php scripts/
  9. php scripts/ > ../d7.standard.filled.php
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