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Favorable Seas

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Jan 26th, 2019
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  1. “We’re here!”
  3. The top of a crag stood above an illuminated coastline, almost fading into the distance as we approached our destination just as the sun began to set. Ocean waves lapped against the side of the boat as I gently lowered an anchor into the water, my cloak drenched by the saline mist. I turned to see my longtime companion, a childlike air elemental, staring into the distance eagerly.
  5. Her normally free-flowing green hair was arranged in a bun, a silk dress replacing the fluttery veil that normally clung to her body. She had dressed for the festival happening along the beach.
  7. “There was still time to look around before the fireworks started, Fu.” I said, leaning over the portside next to her.
  9. “It’s not as fun if all three of us aren’t there.” she said.
  11. It began when I was a boy learning the way of sail. A fortunate wind swayed my boat towards a cave ahead of an oncoming storm, where a young mermaid was hiding from the turbulence in fright. That favorable wind then held onto us, not much taller at the time, as the lightning and waves passed along the shore.
  13. Twenty years had passed since we met, the orange eyes that consoled us back then now looked up to me.
  15. “You’re right.” I smiled, glancing down as an orange-scaled figure began to emerge from the water.
  17. “It’s Yun!” the spirit said, waving as our other party made her way up a ladder along the boat’s side.
  19. Dark brown hair shimmered down to the back of her shoulders, formal wrappings covering an ample bust normally clad in clamshells.
  21. "Did I make it in time?" she said, coming to my opposite side and pulling a strand of kelp from her hair.
  23. "We were just waiting for you." I said, putting a hand around both of my companions.
  25. It was a short wait as blasts could be heard along the beach, lights streaming through the sky before bursting into a myriad of colors that reflected along the gulf. The mermaid looked on, enamored with a skyline she rarely saw.
  27. "Here's to another year of good sailing."
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