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Your high school life 2

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  1. El knew that time was running out, His eyes popped as he then Grabbed a Bath Luffa and held mellow down as they both blushed Mellow gasped as El scrubbed her, She moaned (Uh-uh, Uhhaa-aa-Uh-uh) then El closed his eyes as he got a boner.
  2. Mellow then pushed him away breathing Heavy, as she took the luffa herself and looked the other way, El then told Mellow they had a little amount of time, so She gave him the luffa with permission he blushed as his dick was still up.
  3. On Mothers way to school she heard a moan she went to the dorm to listen, Bendy ran up behind her and listened too, Mother then said “Isn’t this Mellow and El’s dorm?” Bendy looked at her with a straight face and nodded all they heard was (MMm-ah mm- uh uh ssa...aa) as they heard a voice like El’s say “Hold still Mellow…”
  4. After 3 minutes or so El Opened the door to see Bendy and Mother standing there and said “Can I help you?” with a smile and a wink, as Mellow came behind him with a smile, Bendy and mother froze.
  5. -El grabbed Bendy’s hand-
  6. -Mellow Grabbed mothers hand-
  7. And they all ran to school, Mother and bendy slowed down, and El and Mellow looked at them and smiled, Mother then said “what were you two doing in there?” Bendy then followed up with “Yeah! What were you guys doing?” Mellow then said “Nothing why?” bendy replied with “We heard You Mellow making weird sounds as El said “Stand still?” or something!
  8. Mellow said “we were doing Nothing, He was Helping me with something.”
  9. As they got to school a Girl named Heather Greeted El as She ran her fingers into his hair El pulled her hand out his hair and Happily said “Hi!” she waved and turned to mellow and said “I KNOW YOU LIKE HIM, AND IF YOU TOUCH HIM AGAIN WE'RE GONNA HAVE PROBLEMS!”
  10. Mellow then Laughed and walked away to Mother.
  11. Heather looked at mellow and grinned.
  12. Mother ran in the building with mellow and went to the lunch table and sat down with her.
  13. She said “What was that girl saying?” Mellow replied with “she said I liked El and if I talked to him or something we’re gonna have problems?” Mother then Laughed, and said “If talking to El makes you happy do it, He clearly doesn’t like her from what I saw! Mellow then said “What did you see?”
  14. Mother said “She tried to touch El’s hair but he grabbed her hand and pulled it out….”
  15. Mellow then Said “Okay?” Mellow then said “I like El a little...we might have our sexual feelings but I don’t think He really likes me.” Mother then said let’s get to class.
  16. -The Bell rung-
  17. Everyone took their seat as Heather was in front of mellow.
  18. Heather turned back and Gave mellow a sinister look Mellow Smiled and waved she turned around and felt odd and whispered to herself “Isn’t she supposed to hate me...”
  19. After school Bendy and Mother Went to El’s dorm as Mellow and El were on the bed Mellow Laid in El’s Lap Reading her book and el Watched tv, and Bendy and Mother were on the floor sharing a pack of chocolate, and Coloring in pictures.
  20. Mother saw that bendy Colored a dick on one of the characters and saw Him laugh she frowned and took a piece of chocolate and Smudged it on his face as he did the same to her, Mother and Bendy both had their face covered in chocolate as they heard a bell.
  21. Mellow and El fell asleep on each other already, bendy looked at mother and he tried to get up, but Mother put her hand on his knees then got up herself and opened the door.
  22. It was Heather, she was in disgust as she saw mothers face covered in chocolate as she said “WHAT BITCH!” And smudged her hand on her face and licked the chocolate.
  23. Heather then said “is that shit?” as Mother stared at her for 10 secs.
  24. Then took her whole hand and smudged the chocolate off her face and slapped heather with it then rolled her hand off her face, then slammed the door,
  25. As she came back to the dorm with half her face covered in chocolate, Bendy Raised his finger then put it down and whispered “I’m not gonna ask..” as he looked down and Mother grinned with a smile.
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