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  1. Apr 28 19:14:31 <xp194> Luna: "... What are you? An... Exalted? But your Essence is of the Yozi..."
  2. Apr 28 19:15:31 *       Ionak takes a deep breath
  3. Apr 28 19:15:44 <Ruby>  "(Here we go >_<)"
  4. Apr 28 19:16:44 *       Kes breaks her rigid posture to shuffle towards Ionak a little, trying very sneakily to place herself between him and Luna in case stuff goes down!
  5. Apr 28 19:18:48 <Ionak> "A while back, after realising there was something wrong in my homeland, I was cast out. Floating in the Western Ocean without food nor destination, I was approached by what I now know to be a demon. It offered me a choice; death, or rebirth as a Green Sun Prince, an infernal exalt.
  6. Apr 28 19:18:53 <Ionak> Given the alternative, I accepted. I channel the power of the Yozi, but I do so through my own will, not theirs. And just as I saw the wrongness in Skullstone, I saw the wrongness of the Yozi's plans; the pain it would cause, the fact that I myself would be a risk to them if they ever succeeded, that this was not something that was good, and even were I not to care about that, it was not something that was go
  7. Apr 28 19:18:53 <Ionak> od for me."
  8. Apr 28 19:19:10 *       Vasi silently thanks the Maidens for making all his combat-start Charms able to be triggered between moments, and curses himself for not having a means to quickly evacuate his allies.
  9. Apr 28 19:19:37 <Vasi>  (/Not/ activating any charms yet incase Luna disagrees with my preparations)
  10. Apr 28 19:19:44 <Ionak> "So, I left Malfeas, I found my companions here, and I have been doing what I can to act against the desires of the Yozi, and to learn how to better oppose them."
  11. Apr 28 19:22:46 <xp194> Luna: "You what."
  12. Apr 28 19:22:52 <xp194> *?
  13. Apr 28 19:22:52 <SwampLing>      Is ErikMesoy joining the game? Or is this to do with the helping-xp that he's been doing
  14. Apr 28 19:23:04 *       Kes shuffles closer to Ionak.
  15. Apr 28 19:23:06 <Vasi>  (Ugh)
  16. Apr 28 19:23:11 <xp194> (Can we turn that function off?)
  17. Apr 28 19:23:26 <Vasi>  I think so, sec
  18. Apr 28 19:24:25 <Ionak> "I'm an Exalt, but I use the charms of the Yozi themselves. They do not control me however, and I am aware that they're a bunch of dicks who want everyone to hurt, so not only do I not want to help them, I want to do all I can to stop them"
  19. Apr 28 19:24:43 <xp194> Luna: "They're doing /what?/ "
  20. Apr 28 19:26:13 <Ionak> "They want to get out. They don't seem that sure on *how*, however. But they've made a bunch of Infernal Exalts. There's a girl they hold the Exaltations in... Lilun, the phylactery womb, they call her. They stick the exaltations in demons, send them to Creation, and offer them to people."
  21. Apr 28 19:27:09 <Ionak> "They bring those people back to Malfeas, train 'em a bit, try and make sure they're on-side, then send them to do stuff in Creation."
  22. Apr 28 19:27:15 <xp194> Luna's jaw sets grimly. "I see... The sneaky bastards... How long has this been going on?"
  23. Apr 28 19:27:54 <Ionak> "Not sure... I've only been exalted for a year or so. But not that long beyond that, maybe a few more years?"
  24. Apr 28 19:29:16 <xp194> Luna: "And you say you are not working to help them get out now?"
  25. Apr 28 19:30:59 <Ionak> "I'm not, no. I'm good at analysing things. That's what got me into trouble in the first place - working out that Skullstone's society didn't make sense. And whilst the Yozi might offer me hookers and blow for working for them, if they ever succeed, or even if they just have a really bad tantrum, they'll want to rip me apart"
  26. Apr 28 19:31:36 <Ionak> "And if I work for myself, and work against them, I can get my own hookers and blow, or other things I actually prefer, like interesting books, or the time and opportunity to analyse societies."
  27. Apr 28 19:32:51 <xp194> Luna: "Swear on it."
  28. Apr 28 19:33:03 <ErikMesoy>     ((BOTCHES BOTCHES BOTCHES))
  29. Apr 28 19:33:42 <Ionak> "I swear that all I have described, and my intentions as I have described them, are the truth. Even the bit about interesting books and analysing societies"
  30. Apr 28 19:36:12 <xp194> Luna: "Hah. Nerd."
  31. Apr 28 19:36:41 *       Ruby blinks
  32. Apr 28 19:37:00 <Tia>   ...
  33. Apr 28 19:37:03 <Tia>   Wut?
  34. Apr 28 19:37:04 *       Kes can't help but crack a smirk and suppress a scoff.
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