Rainbow Tears (Rarity) part 2

Aug 3rd, 2013
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  1. It early the next morning. You're standing in front of Rarity's home. You thought she might enjoy the walk to school with you this morning. A half and hour passes an to your surprise Applebloom an Scootaloo show up. They mention that they came to meet up with Sweetie Belle and walk with her to school. It seems like you weren't the only one who had this Idea. So you three sit on the curb and have make polite conversation about the goings on in school and what not.
  3. A few giggle and jokes at your expense later Rarity and Sweetie Belle walk out the front door to their home. Sweetie Belle runs to her friends while Rarity is pleasantly surprised. "Darling you dpnt have to baby me i'm" Rarity say bashfully. You walk up and wrap your arms around her waist and give her a peck on the cheek. Then whispers that you know she love it. Her sister along with her friends reactions range from Admiration, to Jealously and Digest. They quickly make themselves scare. Soon the simple kiss turns into a full makeout session. Rarity has her hands in your hair and is pressing herself very hard against you. You kno where this will go and you break from her. Much to her outrage.
  5. With a flash of your watch her confusion turns to fear and as she grabs your wrist and bolts towards the school. The bell rings just as you both enter the classroom. You both sit down as the lesson begins and its soon become apparent that someone else may have eyes for your Rarity as well.
  7. Throughout the course of the class she constantly whispers to the guy across from her. Now you aren't the jealous type far from it but the way she giggle when he talks, and the fact that she hasn't looked at you once since you stepped into the class make your mind wonder.
  9. Not soon enough for you, the class ends. You exit the class with Rarity and when everyone's out of earshot. You question her casually. "Oh that's just Hoity Toity he's in the Fashion Club and was giving me the minutes from the last meeting." She explains. You shrug it off and lean in to give her a kiss, but she turns her head at the last second as Hoity Toity walks past. Now you're suspicious but you don't let it show. You smile and tell her you'll see her at the club after school since you couldn't see her designs yesterday. She grins ear to ear and hugs you before walking away to her next class.
  11. Your mind moves from her to your next class. But you forgot you left your homework in your locker. Making a quick B-Line to your locker you open it. A envelope falls out. You pick it up and there's a message attached. " Sorry to break it to you like this but it seems your little Rarity is not as loyal as you think. Signed Brad. you quickly discard the letter and open the envelope. And the contents make you boil and freeze at the same time
  13. Inside are photos, several of them. Of her with... him. Their arms, legs, bodies intertwined. Her face contorted with pleasure. Mouth open in what you can only imagine is a shout of lust. You crunch the photos in your hand and feel something hard. You open your hand again and find a small USB drive. You tuck the photos neatly into your left vest pocket and make your way to the A&V club room. Fuck can wait.
  15. The room is empty, as you expected. You quickly find a camcorder and TV. You plug the USB drive into the camcorder and hook it up to the TV. Seaching the memory on the drive you find a single 80 minute video. Your hand hovers just over the play bottom and for a moment you consider not watching whats on the drive, but only for a moment.
  17. As the video begins on screen you can clearly see that its the Fashion Club's room. A small part of the view is covered by what looks like some fabric. Brad definitely didn't want the camera to be seen. About 5 seconds pass before you hear a door open. The members of th e Fashion club walk in and begin their meeting. About 30 min pass with nothing going on until the meeting ends. The members say their goodbye's and leave until only Hoity Toity and Rarity are left sitting at a design table. It only takes another moment for the horror to begin.
  19. Hoity stands and place his hands on Rarity's shoulders. She doesn't stop him as he message's her shoulders. His hands move down to her arms, then disappear around to her front. Her moans explode through the TV's speaker as her picks her up and bends her over the table. From the angle of the hidden camera you can clearly see him hike up her skirt and rang himself inside her body. She grips the table and bites her lip as he relentlessly pounds her slick hole, your hole. His hands move to her hips, your hips and uses the leverage to increase his thrusting power. She tucks her head in an arches her back, giving all of herself to him as he demands she say his name.
  21. It's start out as a low whisper until she is screaming his. He shouts that he'll spill inside of her and she shows of need for him to do so as she pushes back into his thrusts. Then their bodies seize up before He collapses on top of her, spent.
  23. The videos ends there and you are left, destroyed. No that's not the word for it. You. Are. Tarnished. Like a precious gem that you worked so hard to place and at the last moment blemished. But the feeling is twice as devastating
  25. You turn off the TV and pull the USB drive from the camcorder. You don't even bother to put everything back, you've given up. This relationship is gone. If there even was one to begin with. The tears that are now falling down your cheek do nothing to convey the feelings in your heart. Its deeper than that. You, want revenge
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