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  1. GankfightsToday at 1:42 PM
  2. If you can, please find me a example of me being toxic. I don't want to be viewed that way, and I am kinda upset to be called out for it after working so hard lately
  4. TakedownsToday at 1:42 PM
  5. I think I phrased it wrong.
  6. in my defense.
  8. GankfightsToday at 1:43 PM
  9. I really havnt been toxic, I dont see it man
  11. TakedownsToday at 1:43 PM
  12. I said it wrong, which is my bad. Because I went back and just looked at where I thought it was you, and it wasn't.
  13. so that's my bad.
  14. i apologize.
  16. GankfightsToday at 1:44 PM
  17. It's fine, but ive been working my ass of lately. You and I both know that, and to be called out for that is VERY upseting
  18. And you said the ENTIRE admin team has noticed it?
  19. It cant just be you, clearly
  21. TakedownsToday at 1:45 PM
  22. Can I just say something also? This is more of what I was talking about
  23. GankfightsYesterday at 8:30 PM
  24. pst
  25. we need helpers pst
  26. pst
  27. You don't think we already know that?
  29. GankfightsToday at 1:46 PM
  30. of course you guys know that, but I am continually on the server by MYSELF getting fucked by the 200+ player base
  32. TakedownsToday at 1:46 PM
  33. Okay, but I'm working on getting staff and you come into my DM's saying that.
  34. Like what do you want me to do.
  36. GankfightsToday at 1:46 PM
  37. Me coming into your DM's asking about you getting new staff means that I should get pulled into a call with the admin team being called out for toxicity?
  38. What am I missing??
  40. TakedownsToday at 1:47 PM
  41. For noticing something that we already made an annoucement on?
  42. TakedownsToday at 1:43 PM
  43. I said it wrong, which is my bad. Because I went back and just looked at where I thought it was you, and it wasn't.
  44. so that's my bad.
  45. i apologize.
  48. Just to say that again, and coming to me and others in game as well as discord because pretty sure i can verify this with ian, you dm'd him almost the same thing. That's why I said it was toxic.
  49. As we are working on pending people, and interviewing them.
  50. Like I seriously don't know what you want me to do other than drop skyblock work and my homework to get some new staff.
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