Anon - Unable to Resist

Sep 18th, 2016
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  1. >There she is.
  2. >Her form fitting sweater as distinctive as her soft, pink hair.
  3. >You haven't planned this.
  4. >Even though you knew she had friends at the library.
  5. >Even though you stay late more often than not.
  6. >Your days aren't filled with the hope that she's had a long day.
  7. >Maybe her friends are running late, and that cushioned chair looks sooooo comfortable...
  8. >You don't wonder what you'd do if she took a little nap across from you.
  9. >Heaven forbid you would ever watch her twist and turn in her impromptu bed, her efforts to find comfort only affording you a more and more enticing veiw.
  10. >You would never furtively cross the dividing gulf of carpet to sit next to her.
  11. >Certainly, your hand would never take three tries to grasp that deliciously bare shoulder, gently rousing her with a shake.
  12. "The library's closed, Fluttershy."
  13. >These words would never cross your lips.
  14. >She would never sleepily frown at you, and your eyes would never widen in panic as you realize you've addressed her by name.
  15. >"O-oh... I see. Oh, dear... Did I fall asleep..?"
  16. >You will never feel compelled to answer her, regardless of the fact that you're admitting how your eyes can't seem to find anything more compelling.
  17. "Uh, yeah. Those girls... Your friends..? They left a while ago."
  18. >Obviously, her turquoise eyes don't enthrall you, the extended eye contact failing to bring a blush to her cheeks.
  19. >Your grip on her shoulder, forgotten to your conscious mind, but all too prevalent in this obvious fantasy, wouldn't cause the girl's eyes to shift downward.
  20. >The breathtakingly shy smile, uncomfortable but not unwelcoming, would never grace her lips in a thousand years.
  21. "C-can I walk you home?"
  22. >These aren't words you'd blurt out in your most inebriated state, let alone out of the blue.
  23. >"Oh... Well, if you want to..."
  24. >These words aren't meant for you.
  25. >Even as you stand, a hand held out, and slowly accepted, you know the girl you're pulling gently to her feet isn't real.
  27. >Walking slowly down familiar streets, you surely can't feel her inches from your side.
  28. >At a crosswalk, your shoulders would hardly touch as she leaned against you.
  29. >The shiver that ran through her as the cool night air caressed her would never prompt you to settle your jacket over her delicate shoulders.
  30. >Much as you'd like to think it, you would never have the gumption to hesitantly slip your hand behind her back, settling on her hip as she pressed into your side.
  31. >You don't know where she lives.
  32. >No, seriously. You're not THAT much of a stalker.
  33. >But her whispered directions would never lead you to the outskirts of town.
  34. >It might make sense to you that a girl like this would live at a picturesque cottage, but...
  35. >Surely not alone..?
  36. >"T-this is me..."
  37. >You blink.
  38. >Where did this come from?
  39. >Weren't you fantasizing in the library?
  40. >Either you have a better imagination than you thought, or...
  41. "Uhhh... Right. Yeah. Got you home. Safe and sound..."
  42. >You hear a sound you've never heard before.
  43. >As a soft giggle escapes from Fluttershy's lips, covered by slender fingers, you come to the realization that you might have finally grown a pair.
  44. >"Well, I don't, umm... That is, you came all this way for me..."
  45. >You blink, realizing that you actually WILL, make that ARE, watching Fluttershy clutch your jacket around her shoulders.
  46. >"I could, umm, tea? I mean, would you like some? Tea, that is. Because it's cold?"
  47. >You can see how hard these words are for Fluttershy to get out.
  48. "Sure. Tea sounds great."
  49. >How could you say no to her?
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