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  1. [b][font=courier][color=#000]-- fallaciousPsychologist [/color][color=#98F5FF][FP][color=#6600CC] [color=#000]began pestering lethargicAnarchist[/color] [color=#6600CC][LA][/color] [color=#000]at ??:?? --[/color]
  3. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Let me tell you a story of a great warrior.
  4. FP: A warrior that was so great at killing, so professional, that he was the sole reason that his team won.
  5. FP: He was such an extraordinary fellow that the remainder of the enemy team fled like little tiny baby men.
  6. FP: The end.[color=#6600CC]
  7. [color=#6600CC]LA: [Truly an epic to rival the greatest literary minds of our time.]
  8. LA: [I have quite literally been blown out of my seat by the magnificent aura of the tale I have been fortunate enough to witness.]
  9. LA: [Now kindly tell me exactly why I dragged myself out of bed for this.][color=#6600CC]
  10. [color=#98F5FF]FP: I dunno. I felt like bragging my DOMINATION of the entire server.
  11. FP: But allow me to proceed to further cause your cranium to explode.
  12. FP: I am sitting on ten
  13. FP: TEN
  14. FP: Copies of SBURB.[color=#6600CC]
  15. [color=#6600CC]LA: [Why in the name of scented bath candles would you need so many?][color=#6600CC]
  16. [color=#98F5FF]FP: I don't really.
  17. FP: But Uncle knows someone on the inside and gave me a copy.
  18. FP: Then he said
  19. FP: "Here kid, have nine copies for your friends."
  20. FP: Would you like a copy?[color=#6600CC]
  21. [color=#6600CC]LA: [I make it a policy of mine never to refuse a gift.]
  22. LA: [Especially when said gift saves me money better spent elsewhere.]
  23. LA: [So in answer to your question, yes.]
  24. LA: [Do want.][color=#6600CC]
  25. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Your copy is now on the way,
  26. FP: Don't ask me how.
  28. FP: I haven't even installed my copy yet. To be honest I am really unsure if I want this thing in my hard drive.[color=#6600CC]
  29. [color=#6600CC]LA: [At the risk of jynxing the entire operation and bringing down some form of terrible curse upon your family, what could possibly go wrong?]
  30. LA: [And I'll respect your choice to be discreet regarding said transportation shit.][color=#6600CC]
  31. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Okay okay dude, I know this will seem like the most preposterous shit to hit the metaphorical fan.
  32. FP: But, remember a few weeks ago, when that facility down in the south exploded?[color=#6600CC]
  33. [color=#6600CC]LA: [How could I forget?]
  34. LA: [Well, the same way I forget everything.]
  35. LA: [But I digress. Please, continue.][color=#6600CC]
  36. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Okay.
  37. FP: So after a bit of research that does not in any way involve sneaking into Uncle's room and searching through his personal posessions and coming across top secret and classified data.
  38. FP: I have learned that they were working on SBURB at that particular facility.
  39. FP: Everything else was a complete and total cover up.
  40. FP: People have fucking DIED making this god damn game. How am I supposed to trust something that might as well be Satan's entire porn collection?[color=#6600CC]
  41. [color=#6600CC]LA: [If it makes you feel any better, the Dark Lord is known to keep his bargins.]
  42. LA: [But really, I think you're jumping at shadows here.]
  43. LA: [Regardless of what dark circumstances surround its production, I highly doubt the game itself contains sorcery of the darkest kind.]
  44. LA: [Such things are not known for concealing themselves within technological items.]
  45. LA: [So unless you've desecrated some ancient king's tomb since we last spoke, I'd say we're good.][color=#6600CC]
  46. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Yeah, I'm probably jumping to conclusions. But still man, if you think about it too hard, things start to add up.
  47. FP: Like, why hasn't anyone reviewed this game?
  48. FP: It's been the most hyped up game in the industry since Duke Nukem Forever
  49. FP: Peter Fucking Molyneux couldn't stir up this much hype.
  50. FP: You're probably right. However, if something bad happens, let it be declared here and now, forseen by the almighty Himself, that I fucking called it.[color=#6600CC]
  51. [color=#6600CC]LA: [I assure you that if I have time before my gruesome death, my last breath will be spent praising your remarkable foresight.]
  52. LA: [Satisfied?][color=#6600CC]
  53. [color=#98F5FF]FP: Quite.
  54. FP: Now if you'll excuse me, Uncle requests that I partake in more target practice.
  55. FP: Have fun with SBURB.[color=#6600CC]
  56. [color=#6600CC]LA: [I'll try to enjoy the shreiking whirlwind of the recently departed that will no doubt swallow me whole upon installation.]
  57. LA: [Have fun with your target practice, though I see no reason why you would need to shoot anything in the near future.][color=#6600CC]
  59. FP: I mean.
  60. FP: Very funny.[color=#6600CC]
  62. [color=#000]-- fallaciousPsychologist [/color][color=#98F5FF][FP][color=#6600CC] [color=#000]ceased pestering lethargicAnarchist[/color] [color=#6600CC][LA][/color] [color=#000]at ??:?? --[/color][/font][/b]
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