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  1. BTEC L3 Extended Diploma/Diploma in IT (Business)
  3. Unit 2 Computer Systems
  4.                                                         Date Set: WC 09/05/11
  5. Assignment 4                            Hand In: WC 23/05/11
  7. Scenario
  9. You work for Re-liable, an IT consultancy firm.  Your boss, Fran Tickly has been asked by your firm’s most important client, Sir Pennywise, for advice on the different operating systems available.
  11. Sir Pennywise has heard many good and bad things about Windows, Linux and Apple Mac operating systems.  He has asked if you could write a report that describes a Windows operating system and either a Linux operating system or an Apple Mac operating system.  He then asks you to compare the two operating systems without a bias approach or opinion!
  13. Task 1 (P2)
  15. Create a written report that firstly describes the differences between a command line interface and a graphical user interface.
  17. As a carry on to the report, explain the purpose/functions of two different operating systems, (Windows and Linux or Windows and Apple Mac).  You should include things like machine and peripheral management, security, file management and device drivers.
  19. Task 2 (M2)
  21. As part of the document created for Task 1, Sir Pennywise would like you to compare the features and functions of the two different operating systems.  The features should include the ability to customize, support for connectivity of portable media, security, stability and reliability, ease of management, associated utilities, cost and support for the user.  The report should be detailed with relevant explanations that cover as many comparisons as possible.  Where possible, summarise their respective strengths and weaknesses.  Your comparisons must not be bias or self-opinionated.
  23. Grading Criteria
  25. P2      Explain the purpose of operating systems
  26. M2      Compare the features and functions of different operating systems
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