xdelta3 syntax

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  1. Xdelta version 3.0.7, Copyright (C) 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Joshua MacDonald
  2. Xdelta comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
  3. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
  4. under certain conditions; see "COPYING" for details.
  5. usage: xdelta3 [command/options] [input [output]]
  6. make patch:
  8.   xdelta3.exe -e -s old_file new_file delta_file
  10. apply patch:
  12.   xdelta3.exe -d -s old_file delta_file decoded_new_file
  14. special command names:
  15.     config      prints xdelta3 configuration
  16.     decode      decompress the input
  17.     encode      compress the input
  18.     test        run the builtin tests
  19. special commands for VCDIFF inputs:
  20.     printdelta  print information about the entire delta
  21.     printhdr    print information about the first window
  22.     printhdrs   print information about all windows
  23.     recode      encode with new application/secondary settings
  24.     merge       merge VCDIFF inputs (see below)
  25. merge patches:
  27.   xdelta3 merge -m 1.vcdiff -m 2.vcdiff 3.vcdiff merged.vcdiff
  29. standard options:
  30.    -0 .. -9     compression level
  31.    -c           use stdout
  32.    -d           decompress
  33.    -e           compress
  34.    -f           force (overwrite, ignore trailing garbage)
  35.    -F           force the external-compression subprocess
  36.    -h           show help
  37.    -q           be quiet
  38.    -v           be verbose (max 2)
  39.    -V           show version
  40. memory options:
  41.    -B bytes     source window size
  42.    -W bytes     input window size
  43.    -P size      compression duplicates window
  44.    -I size      instruction buffer size (0 = unlimited)
  45. compression options:
  46.    -s source    source file to copy from (if any)
  47.    -S [djw|fgk|lzma|none]                          
  48.                 enable/disable secondary compression
  49.    -N           disable small string-matching compression
  50.    -D           disable external decompression (encode/decode)
  51.    -R           disable external recompression (decode)
  52.    -n           disable checksum (encode/decode)
  53.    -C           soft config (encode, undocumented)
  54.    -A [apphead] disable/provide application header (encode)
  55.    -J           disable output (check/compute only)
  56.    -T           use alternate code table (test)
  57.    -m           arguments for "merge"
  58. the XDELTA environment variable may contain extra args:
  59.    XDELTA="-s source-x.y.tar.gz" \
  60.    tar --use-compress-program=xdelta3 \
  61.        -cf target-x.z.tar.gz.vcdiff target-x.y
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