critical thinking

Oct 12th, 2020
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  1. What is thinking?
  2. Thinking is purposeful, organised process that we use to make sense of the world.
  3. ==========================================
  4. Types of thinking?
  5. There are 2 types of thinking:
  6. 1. Creative thinking:
  7. Right brain
  8. Random, Intuitive, Holistic, Synthesizing, Subjective, Looks at wholes
  9. 2. Critical thinking
  10. Left brain
  11. Logical, Sequential, Rational, Analytical, Objective, Looks at parts
  12. ========================================
  13. What is Critical Thinking?
  14. Critical thinking is general term given to a wide range of cognitive and intellectual skills needed to:
  15. -Effectively identify, analyze and evaluate arguments.
  16. -Discover and overcome personal prejudices and biases.
  17. -Formulate and present convincing reasons in support of
  18. conclusions.
  19. -Make reasonable, intelligent decisions about what to
  20. believe and what to do.
  21. ===========================================
  22. Critical Thinking Standards?
  23. Universal intellectual standards are standards which must be applied to thinking. To think critically requires having command of these standards
  24. - CLARITY
  25. Clarity is the gateway standard. If a statement is unclear, we cannot
  26. determine whether it is accurate or relevant. In fact, we cannot tell
  27. anything about it because we don't yet know what it is saying.
  28. - ACCURACY
  29. A statement can be clear but not accurate
  31. A statement can be both clear and accurate, but not precise.
  33. A statement can be clear, accurate and precise, but not relevant to the question at issue.
  34. - DEPTH
  35. A statement can be clear, accurate, precise and relevant, but superficial.
  36. - BREADTH
  37. A line of reasoning may be clear, accurate, precise, relevant and deep, but still ignore another side of the argument.
  38. - LOGIC
  39. When the combination of thoughts are mutually supporting and make sense in combination, the thinking is "logical."
  40. - FAIRNESS
  41. We do not naturally consider the rights and needs of others on the same plane with their own rights and needs, but to be a good thinker you should apply “Fairness” in your thinking.
  42. ======================================
  43. Benefits of Critical Thinking
  44. - Helps us avoid making foolish decision.
  45. - Helps us become a good citizen capable of making good
  46. decisions on important social, political and economic
  47. issues.
  48. - Helps us in developing good thinking skill capable of
  49. examining our own assumptions and dogmas.
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