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  1. [
  2.   {
  3.     "name": "Nate",
  4.     "major": "Physics",
  5.     "1st question": "It is like a coffee shop. It is a place where you meet people. It is the first place on campus that I have been. The lighting is nice. It is moderate. People can come here to sit and relax. It is spacious, and everyone's voice is echoing in the room. You can hear people speaking but you don't know what they are talking about. "
  6.   },
  7.   {
  8.     "name": "Terrell",
  9.     "major": "N/A",
  10.     "interview": "on site",
  11.     "1st question": "The space is very academic. It is a good study space. It is not too loud, not too disturbing. The plants give off an elegant vibe. Students can either come to study or to just calm down. All in all It is just a very educational space. "
  12.   },
  13.   {
  14.     "name": "Steven",
  15.     "major": "Computer Science",
  16.     "interview": "on site",
  17.     "1st question": "It is a hodge-podge of a space. It is WWII German architecture so It is ugly, at least morally. Yeah, It is an ugly space and I'm only here because I'm waiting for my car to heat up. "
  18.   },
  19.   {
  20.     "name": "Akeelah",
  21.     "major": "Information Systems",
  22.     "interview": "off site",
  23.     "1st question": "It is pretty noisy, since people walk in and out. There is always smell of food. It is not ideal for deep conservations, but good for sitting and relaxing.",
  24.     "2nd question": "There are 2 stairs that go around the spaces. The space is filled with black couches. I think it is marble floor? and the signature revolving doors. "
  25.   },
  26.   {
  27.     "name": "Rosa",
  28.     "major": ["Physics", "Art"],
  29.     "interview": "on site",
  30.     "1st question": "The space gets busy and sometimes can be too loud. It is nicer upstairs. It is the entrance hall to UC. ",
  31.     "2nd question": "It is a circular space with 2 stairs. In the center there are black chairs with tables. The color of the carpet reminds me of an apartment that I'm moving out from. "
  32.   },
  33.   {
  34.     "name": "Sara",
  35.     "major": ["Viola", "Music"],
  36.     "interview": "off site",
  37.     "1st question": "It has a very tall ceiling. The center space is enclosed by 2 staircases, The ground floor is comfortable. People come to either hang out or do homework. I sometimes come to sit for a second, to see if I could meet someone I know. It serves its function well. ",
  38.     "2nd question": "It is a contradictory space. It is large but it feels small. It is well lit but sometimes feels dim. "
  39.   },
  40.   {
  41.     "name": "Jasper",
  42.     "major": "Physics",
  43.     "interview": "off site",
  44.     "1st question": "It is a fine gallery space. There is access to the printers. There are flags hanging from the ceiling but are not in the way. ",
  45.     "2nd question": "It is a cylindrical open space. There is seating at the bottom and there is access to all entrances. It is always pretty loud and you can hear anything. There are banister staircases that lead you to the second floor. "
  46.   },
  47.   {
  48.     "name": "William",
  49.     "interview": "on site",
  50.     "major": "Cognitive Science",
  51.     "frequency": "often",
  52.     "1st question": "There are a lot of black chairs. They are big and comfortable. There are 4 clusters with tables in the middle, but chairs and tables often get moved and shuffled around. It is a really busy space. It is the biggest open space in UC. I often look up to the second floor and see other people. ",
  53.     "2nd question": "There are 4 focal points for the chairs to go around them. The tables are squares. They are extremely low, and they are hard to work on. Though often called chairs, they are more like couches. They are black and have metal frames. "
  54.   },
  55.   {
  56.     "name": "Roberto",
  57.     "interview": "on site",
  58.     "major": "Civil Engineering",
  59.     "frequency": "often",
  60.     "1st question": "It is a big space where people interact, opposite people, introverts and extroverts can mix here. ",
  61.     "2nd question": "The ceiling is very high. 2 staircases converge in the center. The black chairs are usually symmetrical. "
  62.   },
  63.   {
  64.     "name": "Erica",
  65.     "interview": "on site",
  66.     "major": "information systems",
  67.     "frequency": "not very often",
  68.     "1st question": "There are a bunch of black chairs in the space. It feels like a lounge, and It is not ideal for studying. ",
  69.     "2nd question": "Chairs are square but the space is circular. This is interesting. "
  70.   },
  71.   {
  72.     "name": "Kevin",
  73.     "interview": "on site",
  74.     "major": "Mechanical Engineering",
  75.     "frequency": "not so often",
  76.     "1st question": "There are food, restaurants and a convenience store. ",
  77.     "2nd question": "When you enter from the revolving doors, there is a seating area in the center. There are 2 staircases, and there are restaurants when you walk up. "
  78.   },
  79.   {
  80.     "name": "Rocky",
  81.     "interview": "on site",
  82.     "major": "Mechanical Engineering",
  83.     "frequency": "not so often",
  84.     "1st question": "It is a common area, people come to study. ",
  85.     "2nd question": "It is an open floor area. It is a juncture between the 2 wings of the main point. It is central in the building. There are chairs in small pods, and they facilitates a communal environment. The balcony diminishes the tall ceilings. "
  86.   },
  87.   {
  88.     "name": "Alejandro",
  89.     "interview": "on site",
  90.     "major": "Biology",
  91.     "frequency": "often",
  92.     "1st question": "It is a great opportunity for someone to casually get what's going on on campus. It is very busy during the week. It is a pretty productive space. ",
  93.     "2nd question": "There are always different groups of people walking by, and up and down the stairs. 2 staircases flank towards the center, to all different parts of the building. ",
  94.     "3rd question": ["upstairs, looking down", "coming in through the revolving doors"]
  95.   },
  96.   {
  97.     "name": "Daniel",
  98.     "interview": "off site",
  99.     "major": "Mechanical Engineering",
  100.     "frequency": "often",
  101.     "1st question": "It is a space where a lot of people are siting there, always talking, and meeting friends. ",
  102.     "2nd question": "It is a big circular room. It is really tall, with skylights, and tartan flags hang down from the ceiling. The floor is occupied by boxy chairs. There are curve staircases on the side, and doors opposite of the staircases. ",
  103.     "3rd question": "exiting gallo"
  104.   },
  105.   {
  106.     "name": "Matt",
  107.     "interview": "off site",
  108.     "major": "Architecture",
  109.     "frequency": "not so often",
  110.     "1st question": "It is a useful space. It occupies the central space in UC. It is a meeting space that's convenient for a lot of people. ",
  111.     "professional": "It is an open, cylindrical space, with a tall ceiling. It is cold and aloof, almost sterile, therefore not very intimate. ",
  112.     "2nd question": "It is an animated and lively space. There are posters, exhibits. People get to be themselves in the space. "
  113.   },
  114.   {
  115.     "name": "Yi-chin",
  116.     "interview": "off site",
  117.     "major": "Computational Design",
  118.     "frequency": "not so often",
  119.     "1st question": "It is not a safe space. ",
  120.     "2nd question": "There are a lot of places to sit. It is a public space with a high ceiling. People come to meet up and it can get a little chaotic. It is energetic but there is no privacy. The curved staircases feel dangerous. Due to the seating placement, I always thought of it as a square space. "
  121.   },
  122.   {
  123.     "name": "Justin",
  124.     "interview": "off site",
  125.     "major": "Architecture",
  126.     "frequency": "not so often",
  127.     "1st question": "It is a circular place to chill, and to wait for friends, to eat, or to sleep. ",
  128.     "2nd question": "It is the brightest space in the UC. It has a really, really high ceiling. You often see people upstairs. There are useless flags floating on the ceiling. "
  129.   },
  130.   {
  131.     "name": "Veronica",
  132.     "interview": "off site",
  133.     "major": "Architecture",
  134.     "frequency": "often",
  135.     "1st question": "There are a lot of chairs in different positions. It is near to entropy. Organizations throw events there. It is also a double-height space. ",
  136.     "2nd question": "It is a cylindrical space. The floor is dark gray, and there are black solo sofas.",
  137.     "professional": "It is always noisy. The reverberance control isn't well done. The center entrance to the building is rarely used, and the space would benefit more from being more connected to the courtyard space. ",
  138.     "3rd question": "2nd floor"
  139.   },
  140.   {
  141.     "name":"Xiao",
  142.     "interview": "offsite",
  143.     "major": "Computational Design",
  144.     "frequency": "not so often",
  145.     "1st question": "There is a lack of design in the space. The distance between chairs are not enough and feels uncomfortable. ",
  146.     "2nd question":"It is a place I pass by. It is a node, and no one purposely use the space. ",
  147.     "3rd question": "on the staircase"
  148.   },
  149.   {
  150.     "name":"Yang",
  151.     "interview": "offsite",
  152.     "major": "Architecture",
  153.     "frequency": "not so often",
  154.     "1st question": "The lighting of the space is good during the day, and it feels like an individual space. It is a communal space, yet it feels individual because the sofas are too huge and there is always a distance between you and others. It is good though as it doesn't feel awkward and forced to socialize. It is public and noisy, and there are a lot of people walking around. ",
  155.     "2nd question": "The space feels distinct from the circulation space around it, because of the carpet and the skylights. The contrast between dark circulation and bright atrium is very distinct. It is surrounded by 2 staircases to the 2nd floor. ",
  156.     "3rd question": "off center, back against the window"
  157.   },
  158.   {
  159.     "name":"Blair",
  160.     "interview":"offsite",
  161.     "major":"Architecture",
  162.     "1st question": "It is a double-height atrium space with skylights. There are 2 circular staircases going up to the second floor. ",
  163.     "2nd question": "You enter the space with a revolving door. It is a very dynamic space and it changes a lot based on your perspective. It is a double-height space, and the skylights are mostly effective. On the floor you will find the famous black chairs. "
  164.   },
  165.   {
  166.     "name": "Ryan",
  167.     "interview": "offsite",
  168.     "major": "Architecture",
  169.     "1st question": "It is a 2-story circular space with chairs on the ground floor of the UC. The stairways surround the space and leads up to the second floor. ",
  170.     "2nd question": "It is a very versatile space. People hang out there pretty often, It is also for dance and recitals. The stairs and the balcony surrounds the space and makes it like a stage. It is very well spatially defined. There are multiple throughways and It is easy to walk through. "
  171.   },
  172.   {
  173.     "name": "Yash",
  174.     "interview": "offsite",
  175.     "major": "Architecture",
  176.     "2nd question": "It is a double-height space with a lot of black chairs as seating. There are 2 grand round staircases which frame the circular space. There are a lot of yellow bricks, and the black chairs are sitting on top of a grayish carpet.",
  177.     "professional": "It is a post-modern building. I grew to love it as I noticed a lot of nice details. However, the atrium space isn't unique or fascinating. It is pleasant but not exceptional. The skylight could be more emphasized. ",
  178.     "3rd question": "2nd floor"
  179.   },
  180.   {
  181.     "name": "Chaz",
  182.     "interview": "offsite",
  183.     "major": "Architecture",
  184.     "professional": "Though I mostly like the space, the color and furniture choices are questionable. The tartan on the ceiling doesn't match well with the cream bricks or the white walls. The shape of the space is unconventional but interesting. It is not homely, and It is not comfortable to study, despite the comfort of the black chairs. It is not intimate, because of the height and the large traffic. It is an extremely open space and It is used to its best abilities. Acoustic wise, there is very little echo, and you can hear everything that's going on. ",
  185.     "1st question": "It is a central space on campus. It is inviting but not for sticking around for a long time. It is very open and very well lit with natural light. It is really big but easy to navigate around. It tends to get crowded in the evening. ",
  186.     "2nd question": "I'm just outside the info desk, looking up at the 2nd story, and the skylight is very fascinating. A lot of people come and go, but none of them is studying. There are white walls, yellow bricks, gray carpet and black chairs. There is dense traffic in both directions from the curved staircases. ",
  187.     "3rd question": "info desk"
  188.   }
  189. ]
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