Xenos Hunters Session 29

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  1. #XenosHunters
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  11.         antoine A halberd wielding dark eldar's lightening quick attacks are deflected aside by Anselm as Joffery and Patriclus dodge they gliders trying to snag them and drag them off into the shadows. However the honor guard are not so lucky, they lose three of their number. One loses his head to a scythe-like attachment on the underside of a board, another is impaled while the last is dragged out of...
  12.         antoine ...sight through the corridors. The man pokes his fingers through the net and screams as he is taken away.
  13.         antoine Patriclus lops off a leg of a rider before plunging the knife deep into the chest of the pointy eared slaver.
  14.         Sinbad  "Hahaha, Patriclus! Good, good!"
  15.         Balmung swings both his weapons at the Dark Eldar
  16.         antoine The rider does a flip, the turning circle is within the length of his own body. He howls with delight as the two spacemarines assault him.
  17.         antoine Xavier sheathes his sword before bringing up his shotgun, he pumps out three quick shells up at the dark eldar attacking him, each one deftly avoided by the skyboard rider.
  18.         antoine (joffery*)
  19.         antoine Xavier and the honor guard fire wildly into the air, catching a rider mid pirouette and filling him with las fire.
  20.         Omniel  sights in on the impertinent, flipping Dark Eldar that Joffery had narrowly missed, sending a stream of hot plasma as an encore.
  21.         antoine The rider and his grav board succumbs to the torrent of hot plasma, incinerating him in an instant.
  22.         Bellerophon     riddles the remaining two dark eldar with hot mass-reactive bolter-lead, carefully aiming around and through Jeff and Anselm
  23.         Bellerophon     riddles one of the remaining dark eldar with hot mass-reactive bolter-lead, carefully aiming around and through Jeff
  24.         Sinbad  "Forgive me Brother Champion, I must have some play as well!"
  25.         Sinbad  whirls about and attempts to grab the last visible Eldar with his hands
  26.         Sinbad  grabs the Eldar by the legs, and attempts to slam him into the bladed walls
  28.         Balmung laughs loudly
  29.         antoine The eyes of the slaver bulge as a long spike impales him his tears at Sinbad weakly before he expires.
  30.         antoine his hands tear*
  31.         Sinbad  recovers his composure, and pulls back out his bolter and touches his temple to put out a vox
  32.         Anselm  grunts, and sheathes his swords. He looks back to Joffery.
  33.         Sinbad  "Brothers, contact the Salamanders. Warn them. They enemy is in force, and swift. Their bodies are weak."
  34.         antoine The howls of laughter and excess continue to echo through the halls as the group recovers
  35.         Omniel  "Quite, it seems."
  36.         Omniel  moves to examine one of the downed hoverboards.
  37.         Bellerophon     ++Call the Salamanders to recover my dead. I will not leave their corpses to these depraved xenos.++
  38.         Balmung "My sister fought better than this lot"
  39.         Sinbad  ++The Salamanders must maintain our escape route.
  40.         Sinbad  ++
  41.         Bellerophon     ++We are not far in. They can do both.++
  42.         Sinbad  "Brother Balmung, your sister must be as swift as the bladewinds, then."
  43.         Bellerophon     ++Please.++
  44.         Sinbad  ++...I shall ask.++
  45.         Anselm  ++When all is said and done your men will be getting a funeral pyre like no other.++
  46.         Bellerophon     ++Now I request we pursue the dark eldar who took my man. No doubt he will lead us the way to Tellion as well.++
  47.         Anselm  looks back to Sinbad. ++The command is yours, Brother.++
  48.         Balmung ++I don't think we should purse the dark eldar++
  49.         Balmung ++There will be a trap set for us.++
  50.         Sinbad  ++Hmm, the reasoning seems sound. Though, they may have just brought the man to debauch, and not to their torture pens.++
  51.         Sinbad  picks up the Eldar on the wall and stares into his viscera
  52.         Sinbad  looks up for a second
  53.         Omniel  ++Perhaps it would be wise to station the more vulnerable members of our group somewhere safer?++
  54.         Balmung ++Probably++
  55.         Sinbad  ++...Brothers, how many of you...feel your souls in the Emperor's will? We could use our Omophagea.++
  56.         Anselm  ++Divided we fall. If we separate we'll be picked apart. Best to stay together..++
  57.         Bellerophon     ++They are safer with us.++
  58.         Bellerophon     unseals his helmet with a fssssssh
  59.         Balmung takes off his helmet aswell
  60.         Sinbad  unseals his beaked helmet
  61.         Sinbad  ++Brother Forge Master, Brother Champion, Brother Apothecary...if you will not partake, then please watch us. End us should we fall, or become corrupt.++
  62.         Anselm  nods.
  63.         Bellerophon     eats some brains unironically
  64.         Balmung puts some brains in his mouth and begins to chew
  65.         Sinbad  cuts away the skullcap of the eldar he carried and eats the brainflesh as it begins to crystallize
  66.         Balmung "They're not the worst I've ever had"
  67.         Omniel  nods. ++I shall do so.++
  68.         Sinbad  "The air ruins an otherwise triumphant meal..."
  69.         Sinbad  becomes too fervent in eating the Eldar and starts to eat the mangled body wholesale instead of just the brain
  70.         Balmung grunts
  71.         Bellerophon     spits out the dark eldar juice and puts his helmet back on, taking the time to engage its hermetic seals
  72.         Bellerophon     ++We are on the correct path.++
  73.         Sinbad  tosses the further-ruined body aside, and replaces his helmet, breathing heavily
  74.         Sinbad  ++...So be it. We continue. With haste.++
  75.         Bellerophon     ++To where the Inquisitor would be held, at least. Who knows what else we may find in the pens.++
  76.         Balmung puts his helm back on
  77.         Balmung ++There's a butcher in the pens, did you see him?++
  78.         Bellerophon     ++I did not. Why?++
  79.         Balmung ++My vision showed me a three armed butcher standing and a gore stained pit++
  80.         Bellerophon     ++What were you trying to find??+
  81.         Sinbad  ++...I did not see anything. I let my rage overtake me. ...Your skaldship does not bode well, then, Brother?++
  82.         Sinbad  continues one, motioning for the party to move forwards as they review what was learned
  83.         Balmung ++I beleive this is the one who has the inquisitor
  84.         Anselm  shakes his head, and then moves along.
  85.         Sinbad  makes the sign of the Aquilia and prays softly through the vox-net
  86.         Bellerophon     continues "down," along their current path
  87.         Omniel  falls in with the others, keeping his various weapons at the ready.
  88.         Bellerophon     leads the pack for he is Bellerophon, Master Assassin, Navigator Extraordinaire
  89.         antoine The group continues onwards, the maze-like surroundings give way to a more normal, if wider corridor with occasional but less haphazard lighting. You leave the howls of the crazed sky board riders behind and are now greeted by the sound of mortal combat, the clash of blades and the shouts of a crowd.
  90.         Anselm  ++I am not sure I like this.++
  91.         Navarre +Sounds like gladatorial combat.++
  92.         Sinbad  ++...Damned xenos. If they have harmed the Inquisitor, we shall make them pay.++
  93.         Omniel  ++Even if they haven't harmed the Inquisitor, I imagine we shall make them pay.++
  94.         antoine The sounds grow louder as you approach until you are sure they are coming from an opening up ahead to your left.
  95.         Balmung ++I think we may have found the gore covered pit++
  96.         Anselm  draws his swords. ++Shall I be vanguard, Brother Sinbad?++
  97.         Bellerophon     ++That makes little sense. It is I, obviously, who should breach and clear.++
  98.         Sinbad  ++Mmm. Go, Brother Champion. Brother Veteran, follow. Keep each other in check. We must scout them, before we lay into them.++
  99.         Sinbad  ++Brother, we need you here with us. Your bolts must lay death into the xenos from afar.++
  100.         Sinbad  ++...They can dodge bullets, but they have yet to outrun them. As well, it is much nicer when they run into them in their haste to meet us in combat.++
  101.         Anselm  grunts in acknowledgement, before firing this thrusters to support his run.
  102.         Balmung follows Anselm
  103.         Navarre ++Shall I stay in case we get ambushed?++
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  106.         Anselm  moves onward, towards the source of the noise...
  107.         Bellerophon     follows them, because. Really.
  108.         Sinbad  ++Brother Devastator, where are you going?++
  109.         Bellerophon     ++After them, of course.++
  110.         Sinbad  ++We go after them after they report their findings.++
  111.         Bellerophon     stops. Fine.
  112.         Navarre ++You need to learn patience, Ultramarine.++
  113.         Omniel  moves to graps Bellerephon by the arm, then stops when it seems he has no more intention of leaving.
  114.         Bellerophon     squints so hard his helmet does too
  115.         Sinbad  ++I was not aware we could do that. Now I have to try.++
  116.         Sinbad  squints
  117.         Navarre ++Must be something that the sons of guilliman get special.++
  118.         Anselm  ++Bloodsport. We've found an arena.++
  119.         Sinbad  ++Mmm. Anything of note?++
  120.         Balmung chuckles over the vox channel
  121.         Anselm  ++Not that I can tell right now. It seems impromptu but... at the same time, scheduled. They're having mortal prisoners fight against them.++
  122.         Navarre ++So shall we go in and kill them all, or do we go and see if we can not enter ourselves? Surely such decadent xenos would not balk at the chance to face an astartes in ritual combat.++
  123.         Bellerophon     ++Why would we entertain combat when I can simply gun them down.__
  124.         Sinbad  ++Brothers, I want combat plans suggested, now. Make with haste. Shall we take this opportunity, and risk the Inquisitor, or lose it and continue our search?++
  125.         Navarre ++To not kill the mortals.++
  126.         Balmung ++The inquisitor may be one of the mortals to fight++
  127.         Anselm  ++I will check this.++
  128.         Bellerophon     ++I can simply shoot around the captive Humans.++
  129.         Sinbad  ++Which, for the time being, are our tertiary objective. We must secure the Inquisitor and most likely find your men.++
  130.         Bellerophon     ++It would take mere seconds, as well as reducing their overall numbers.++
  131.         Sinbad  ++And alert the entire damn stadium against us, impeding our search while we are quicksanded in their numbers.++
  132.         Bellerophon     ++And if the Inquisitor is indeed in there...++
  133.         Bellerophon     ++Some of their number have already escaped. Nor do the dead speak.++
  134.         Sinbad  ++Then we shall find her, secure her, /then/ destroy the xenos.++
  135.         Navarre ++Sound plan, Sinbad.++
  136.         Omniel  ++I support this course of action.++
  137.         Sinbad  wanders over to Omniel, then hugs the large item on his back
  138.         Sinbad  ++Then we can use /this/.++
  139.         Sinbad  lovingly presses against the nuclear warhead
  140.         Anselm  ++She's not here. These are captives from the feudal world. No, I smell her...++
  141.         Sinbad  ++...Then tell us, that we may follow.++
  142.         Anselm  loudly inhales over the vox. ++She's elsewhere along the hall. For the sake of time we should move and find her. I would deal with these vermin later, tohugh...++
  143.         Sinbad  gives a resounding affirmative grunt through the vox
  144.         Omniel  ++The Inquisitor is our primary objective.++
  145.         Sinbad  ++We follow. Patriclus, I ask of you a favor from your equipment.++
  146.         Navarre ++We'll deal with them after we have the inquisitor. I am sure she will want some revenge.++]
  147.         Sinbad  ++Brother Forge Master, could you augment his stummer that we may all travel under its protection?++
  148.         Omniel  ++I... perhaps... though its machine spirit may not be receptive to such changes.++
  149.         antoine The two scouts fall back to the hallway and Anselm motions for you to follow him deeper into the slaver ship.
  150.         Sinbad  ++It is up to you, Brother Forge Master. Perhaps we may not need it, should the machine spirit be angered.++
  151.         Bellerophon     starts moving again. Finally.
  152.         Omniel  interfaces with the Stummer through his Mind-Impulse Unit, seeking answers.
  153.         antoine The group moves on, leaving the poor feral worlders to their fate at the hands of the xenos.
  154.         antoine *feudal worlders
  155.         Bellerophon     ++Are you sure, Squad Leader?++
  156.         Navarre ++I am... leaving the feudal worlders is something I do not like, but we should make it up after we find the Inquisitor.++
  157.         Bellerophon     ++They are humans and deserving of our protection.++
  158.         Balmung ++Aye++
  159.         Sinbad  ++What makes you all think I desire to leave them? But the Throne has demanded of us that we do this first. Remember, I am not without mercy, but we must be practical.++
  160.         Sinbad  ++Simply remember to use your Mercy bolts if need be. We cannot take them all with us on the Shark boats.++
  161.         Anselm  ++Hundreds of untold billions of mortals die each day. But an Inquisitor can stifle those numbers considerably and save worlds, just as we can. They are not a resource to be wasted.++
  162.         Sinbad  fills the vox channel background again with prayer
  163.         Bellerophon     ++The mission is to be done, not to be done at the expense of our humanity.++
  164.         Bellerophon     ++Or Humanity.++
  165.         Balmung chuckles ++I'd gladly take the fudal worlders over the Inquisitor++
  166.         Omniel  ++Orders are orders.++
  167.         Sinbad  ++Then we remember that, and keep that in hand. For every one that suffers, pay the xenos back tenfold. However, we must secure the Inquisitor posthaste before we enact our revenge. I do not like this any more than you lot.++
  168.         Bellerophon     ++If that was the case then we would be killing the dark eldar where they stood in these moments.++
  169.         Anselm  ++Enough, I say! The decision's made, let us keep moving ahead.++
  170.         Sinbad  ++Enough then. They shall die soon enough.++
  171.         antoine The scent leads Anselm onwards and down a few decks until it is overcome by a strong sterile smell, like an apothecarium the chemicals but overlapped with a sickly scent that sends your Preomnor pre-stomach churning.
  172.         Sinbad  ++Mortals, gird your innards. Do not give away our position with vomiting.++
  173.         antoine The smell is coming from a set of doors, if you could call them that. Randomly curved doors without hinges hold back the worst of the smell. There are no handles, only spikes jutting from their sides.
  174.         Sinbad  ++...I've had it up to here with the xenos and their terrible decorating.++
  175.         Sinbad  ++Brother Champion, can you recover her scent still?++
  176.         Omniel  ++I find their architecture displeasing both aesthetically and functionally.++
  177.         Navarre ++They use too many spikes for it to be functional with defense.++
  178.         Anselm  ++I cannot smell her any longer. This stench has killed off her trail.++
  179.         Omniel  ++Did any of the brains you consumed shed any light on what this place is?++
  180.         Bellerophon     ++No.++
  181.         Balmung ++She's on the other side of the doors++
  182.         Omniel  ++Another scouting mission, then?++
  183.         Omniel  looks to Sinbad.
  184.         Sinbad  nods
  185.         Anselm  draws his sword. ++Ready.++
  186.         Balmung ++Aye++
  187.         Sinbad  ++Break into groups of two. Brother Devastator, it is up to you how to keep your honor guard.++
  188.         Anselm  ++Joffery! By my side!++
  189.         Bellerophon     ++Surely you are joking.++
  190.         Sinbad  ++Balmung, do you detect anything more? Your brothers are famous for their smell.++
  191.         Omniel  ++Perhaps we should discover what lies beyond this door, before formulating our plan?++
  192.         Omniel  engages his Auspex curiously.
  193.         Sinbad  ++Mmm. Then we shall.++
  194.         Navarre ++If the Dark Angel would break through?++
  195.         Omniel  ++I am detecting many life-signs... of varying sizes, weakly. Combined with the unusual odor, I would postulate that this is some manner of laboratory, for the purpose of experimentation.++
  196.         Navarre ++Hmmm. You can all move on. I will catalog the depravity here. And possibly end the homunculae behind this.++
  197.         Sinbad  ++Good. We are possibly close then. Make way for battle. I shall opoen them.++
  198.         Omniel  ++Understood, Brother Leader.++
  199.         Omniel  raises his weapon, preparing to cover Sinbad.
  200.         Balmung ++I say we kick down the door and extract her now that we know where she is++
  201.         Sinbad  opens the door with gentle hands and silence
  202.         Anselm  draws his personal sword. ++We shall now give you the proper test of your mettle, boy. Stay close and be brave.++
  203.         antoine As Sinbad applies pressure to the doors the material ripples and his hands disappear through them.
  204.         Sinbad  ++...I HATE XENOS+
  205.         Balmung snorts when Anselm calls Joffery boy
  206.         Sinbad  ++Some sort of xenotech-sorcery. These doors are an illusion.++
  207.         Sinbad  walks through, bolter ready
  208.         Sinbad  ++Into the storm, brothers.++
  209.         Anselm  pushes on through the doors.
  210.         Navarre would follow after those two!
  211.         Balmung follows
  212.         Omniel  boldly strides through the doors.
  213.         Bellerophon     walks in bored like
  214.         antoine As you pass through the holofield you come upon a distressing scene. The room is large with large cage doors on either side of the room, gibbets hanging from the ceiling and smaller cages set against the far wall. On that far wall there is a space marine, his right arm no more than a stump just past the shoulder as he hangs from hooks dug into his alabaster flesh. Tau, human and other xenos...
  215.         antoine ...species are stuck in gibbets and cages. The various Tau castes have been mixed and matches in bizarre flesh work, elongated heads supported by squat bodies, warriors scarred faces grafted onto face of their thin air caste members. The humans are of various breeds but all are scared out of their minds and have endured one form of torture of another.
  216.         Balmung snarls
  217.         Anselm  cocks his head at the Marine. ++Navarre, you are needed.++
  218.         Navarre ++Yes. Yes I am.++ He checked the marine.
  219.         Bellerophon     ++I would venture that only the other Astartes has a chance of surviving.++
  220.         Omniel  sweeps his gaze over the grotesque tableau, before scanning the room visually, looking for other doors in or out, or any sign of the perpetrator of these grave misdeeds.
  221.         Navarre ++Some of the humans still live.++
  222.         antoine An ork head sits in a fluid filled jar, its jaw works up an down in a vain attempt to unleash its anger on the fleshsmith in the middle of the room. The character wears long robes and has a snake like lower body that support a three limbed torso. His face is not his own, the flash grafted on. He idly pushes a cheek that has drooped back into position as he worked on his subject lying naked...
  223.         antoine ...on a slat metal table. The subject is female with her left leg stripped of skin, the bare muscle laid bare as he runs a scalpel along the muscle and leaves necrotic tissue behind a smokey trail comes off of the wound. Either side of him are two guards, made of various limbs the grotesque abominations hide behind inscrutable masks of silver.
  224.         antoine flat metal*
  225.         Sinbad  ++If they can be saved, save them. If they are infirm, mentally or otherwise, deliver to them the Emperor's Mercy.++
  226.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps, Brothers, we address the larger issue.++
  227.         antoine The fleshsmith looks up, a lopsided grin forming on his face
  228.         Sinbad  looks to the xenos abomination
  229.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “NPC, Sinbad, Balmung, Anselm, NPC, Belle, Navarre, Omniel, Pat, Jof, Xav and friends.”
  230.         antoine The three armed butcher uses and arm to press a stud on his gauntlet, the cages to the side open to release their contents. With the same arm he draws an orb from his clothing and tosses it at you. His other free arm takes up a sword from his belt. His main hand however had an injector for each finger, linked to brightly coloured vials of liquid.
  231.         antoine The Orb clatters to the ground, rolling to a stop at your feet.
  232.         antoine The Orb releases a shockwave of emotional energy, smashing into your psyche. You feel like a million souls are crying out in eternal torment, each one ranging from a whisper to a shout in your mind.
  233.         Sinbad  ++SHUT THE THRONE-DAMNED HELL UP!++
  234.         antoine All the humans bar the honor guard grasp at their heads as the wash of power comes over them, crying out in pain.
  235.         Sinbad  seizes for a moment in silence, then...
  236.         Sinbad  ++Brothers, it's Tellion. Assault marines, go to her, and tie up the nuisance. Brothers, kill as you wish.++
  237.         Sinbad  gives Patriclus a solid punch
  238.         Sinbad  "She walks away because she knows you have His Holy Work to do, my mortal friend."
  239.         antoine Patriclus doubles over coughing before shaking his head clear of. While his face is obscured, he grips his bolter and its holy charms tightly.
  240.         antoine head clear*
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  242.         Balmung rushes to get to hte inquisitor and free her
  243.         Balmung picks her up and flings her over his shoulder and rushes back to the rest of the group
  244.         antoine The fleshsmith and guards lash out as Balmung takes their subject
  245.         Anselm  intensifies his breathing, and points his personal sword at the xeno-freak.
  246.         Anselm  "Come, you disgusting abomination! Face me if you think you are my equal!"
  247.         antoine The two guards stick by their leader while four hulking abominations emerge from the side cages. Each grafted and sown together from different parts. Each with the same inscrutable mask of silver that the guard have but larger and with spikes jutting forth from them. They tower over you as they charge, spiked fists at the drawn back to splinter your armour and pulverize your body.
  248.         antoine fists are drawn*
  249.         Bellerophon     maintains the pokerface, except now he switches targets from the snakeman to Trgdor the Unstoppable #1 who is currently abusing Balmung
  250.         Bellerophon     fires!
  251.         antoine The massive hulking creature takes a horrendous amount of damage, he has to be literally torn apart to stop his rampage.
  252.         antoine The roof of the room splits into four, a circular area opens up and a massive beetle shell bio-mechanoid lowers itself into the chamber on grav plates. It has two huge claws either side of its body and a massive tail that angles forwards over its body to point towards you.
  253.         Sinbad  ++Excellent assist, Brother Devastator. Brother Apothecary, would you go to the Brother Veteran's aid?++
  254.         Navarre ++Happily!++ And he would go to do just that.
  255.         Bellerophon     ++Assist?++
  256.         Bellerophon     snorts
  257.         Omniel  zeros in on his biomechanical nemesis across the battlefield, hosing it down with a full barrage of the Emperor's most holy plasma fuel.
  258.         antoine The lumbering creature's limbs are torn off one at a time before finally its bio-mechanoid carapace is penetrated by the superheated plasma and the whole thing explodes in a fountain of caustic fluids.
  259.         Bellerophon     ++Most excellent technique, Brother. You make me proud.++
  260.         Omniel  ++It is a testament to the weapon's machine spirit.++
  261.         antoine They drop over the fleshsmith and the abominations aparently without damage but several captives scream as their bodies are burned and their circulatory systems pump the toxin through their bodies.
  262.         Navarre ++Hell of a weapon, indeed.++
  263.         antoine The serfs cry out in pain as they brush off the virulent toxin from their armour.
  264.         antoine Patriclus brings his bolter to bear on the snake bodied leader.
  265.         Omniel  ++My apologies, Brothers. I was unaware that it contained such virulence.++
  266.         antoine The two rounds are easily dodged by the lithe torturer
  267.         Sinbad  ++If you were, we were all unaware. I am glad that it it at least shall give the captives rest.++
  268.         antoine Joffery fires off a series of shotgun blasts at Anselm's combatant, he manages to barely damaged the beast but his wild spray also catch Anselm. The holy armour though protects the Knight.
  269.         Anselm  ++Watch your firing discipline, boy! You'll be applying a fresh coat to this for that!++
  270.         antoine Xavier almost manages to hit his target, one of the bodyguards but the honor guard are also unlucky, their targets just too quick.
  271.         antoine The three armed butcher slithers forward into the melee, going after the one who destroyed his vile mechanoid creation.
  272.         antoine His flails wildly but misses Omniel with every thrust or strike.
  273.         antoine (Anselm)
  274.         Sinbad  points his free hand at the massive creature in front of him, and issues forth a horrible insult regarding its face and how ugly it is
  275.         Sinbad  then draws his power claymore and readies his strike
  276.         Balmung swings his axe at the butcher
  277.         Anselm  "For all your victims, for the Emperor, I will destroy you!" the Knight-Brother roars as he unleashes a storm of blades upon the Haemonculus.
  278.         antoine The attacks go wide, the Dark Eldar elder continues to evade the Kill Team.
  279.         Anselm  severs the all of the abomination's arms with a single diagonal cut before chopping deep into its torso, finishing off with a decapitating arc.
  280.         Anselm  "Dominatus Imperialis! Gaze on His might!"
  281.         antoine Balmung is assaulted but manages to hold onto Tellion, keeping her out of the clutches of the brute standing over him.
  282.         Bellerophon     turns his attention once more to protecting Balmung and the Inquisitor, and devastates the abomination beating them
  283.         antoine The abomination's various sown together parts come apart , leaving a pile of random limbs, patches of skin, muscle and organs on the floor.
  284.         antoine The two bodyguards surge forwards to retrieve their masters corpse.
  285.         antoine They drag it, head and all away through another holofield wall to safety.
  286.         Anselm  failed to grasp at the Haemonculus' corpse.
  287.         Navarre would do a once over on Balmung, before drawing his bolter and shooting one of the hulks!
  288.         antoine The massive beserker dodges the bolter fire
  289.         Omniel  sizes the thing up. ++I believe I have the proper tools for this...++ He comments, before charging directly at the hulking brute, slamming the shears in with inhuman strength. ++Sorry to cut in, Brother Anselm.++
  290.         Anselm  grunts.
  291.         antoine Patriclus manages to make a few stinging cuts on the hulk attacking Sinbad. Joffery's charge with his lathe blade misses entirely.
  292.         antoine Joffery was attacking the hulk engaged in melee with Anselm
  293.         Anselm  ++You demonstrate your bravery well, boy, but we must still improve you! Now let us kill this thing!++
  294.         antoine Xavier and the honor guard manage to put down the abomination attacking Anselm while wounding Sinbad's attacker.
  295.         Anselm  can be heard spouting condemnations in High Gothic.
  296.         Sinbad  delivers a a mighty swing with his power claymore
  297.         antoine taking a huge chunk of muscle and skin off the massive monster
  298.         antoine Patriclus spins around in place, constantly on edge
  299.         Sinbad  "What do you sense, Patriclus? Is there yet more?"
  300.         antoine "It's nothing, it's... it's nothing."
  301.         Sinbad  stares suspiciously, then recovers
  302.         Navarre would work some medical magic on the Inquisitor, before checking the astartes.
  303.         Sinbad  "Good work, Brothers. Brother Apothecary, please look over the wounded. Brothers, go about and administer the Emperor's Mercy to those poor mortals yet still alive. Then we must make haste back to the Salamanders. Then our holy work shall begin..."
  304.         Balmung looks over at the other astartes
  305.         Navarre ++We do not have to administer the Mercy yet.++ He'll check the astartes on the wall, first.
  306.         Omniel  inspects his shears critically, wiping some of the fluids off of them. ++Interesting...++
  307.         Sinbad  ++Do as you like, Brothers, but hurry. We must secure the Inquisitor before all else.++
  308.         Sinbad  goes into conversation with Patriclus as they wait
  309.         antoine Navarre manages to stabilize the inquisitor but she has a terribly open wound. The synth skin covers it but major surgery will be needed to remove the dead tissue.
  310.         Anselm  ++We should begin scouring this vessel for any sort of leader... unless that freak was their commander?++
  311.         Navarre ++The deviant eldar cabals make use of such torture technicians. It is possible.++
  312.         antoine Navarre cuts through Tellions leg, the anesthetic mercifully taking away the pain of the last few days and the current separation of her dying limb from her body.
  313.         Omniel  ++There's no telling. If the Inquisitor is in desperate need of medical attention, tarrying long may endanger our primary objective.++
  314.         Sinbad  ++She does not look well. We should hurry then, as the Forge Master suggests.++
  315.         antoine Navarre manages to unplug and unhook the Astartes, lowering him to the floor. He slowly rouses from his slumber
  316.         Balmung "Who are you?"
  317.         Sinbad  "Watch him. We not of his true providence yet. Brother Balmung, for now, clip one of your restraints to him and one to yourself, if you could?"
  318.         Navarre ++From his skin pigmentation and dark hair, I would say that he belongs to the Raven Guard or one of their progeny.++
  319.         antoine The ship rumbles heavily, the lights flicker on your vox you overhear several broadcasts from the battle +Fox2, Fox 2. Missiles away.++, ++This is squadron two, returning to the Venator Captain++
  320.         Balmung chains the astartes to and drags him along with him
  321.         Sinbad  receives a vox from the Salamanders
  322.         Sinbad  ++Brothers, the Salamanders have held the the escape route. We must give them relief, while the void-attacks have opened their way, and thus ours.++
  323.         Balmung ++We should make haste then++
  324.         Sinbad  nods
  325.         Anselm  ++The Inquisitor needs to be cared for... but do we not have a matter to attend to, Brother Sinbad? More importantly... can we leave things as they are?++
  326.         Sinbad  ++...If I guess your intimation, you desire more death of these pathetic creatures. As do it. We shall discuss it en route, unless you desire to find the corpse of that single mutant creature.++
  327.         antoine You feel the ship accelerating, the ship is very smooth but the recent damage makes the effect of its propulsion more pronounced and you feel the ship speed up.
  328.         Sinbad  motions towards the exit
  329.         Navarre ++We should leave before they manage to enter the warp. If we must decide, then now is the time!++
  330.         Anselm  draws his swords. ++We need to ensure that monster doesn't come back. I will go.++
  331.         Sinbad  ++Now, we go. Throne-willling, we shall meet again, Champion. Now, haste, all! Now!++
  332.         Anselm  ++Ave Imperator, Brother Sinbad. I will catch up quick enough.++
  333.         Sinbad  leads back to the holo-door they came through
  334.         Anselm  ++Joffery!++ the Knight-Brother barks.
  335.         antoine "My Lord, where are you going?
  336.         Anselm  nods to his serf. ++Go with them. You have done well, but you will only slow me down now. We will train you in the use of a jump pack once we have returned to the ship.++
  337.         Navarre ++Then let us go. Anselm, do not die. I would be remiss if I have to drag your carcass out of the jaws of hell just to kill you again for such a folly.++
  338.         Omniel  busies himself with more practical matters - preparing the tactical nuke.
  339.         Anselm  snorts, before drawing his swords, and chases down the path after the Dark Eldar, through the other illusory doors...
  340.         antoine Anselm slams into a solid wall
  341.         Sinbad  calls back
  342.         Omniel  slams into Anselm.
  343.         Sinbad  "I think you're a meter too far to the left."
  344.         Anselm  coughs.
  345.         Anselm  taps against the length of the wall.
  346.         Anselm  ++How in the blazes...++
  347.         Omniel  sets the bomb aside, readying his plasma cutter and bulkhead shears. ++Shall I?++
  348.         Sinbad  "...It figures. These holo-walls closed behind to protect the retreat of those creatures and their master."
  349.         antoine Everywhere Anselm taps seems to be solid. The holofield somehow has solidified.
  350.         Sinbad  , in curiosity, taps the door they entered, testing for its opening
  351.         antoine That entrance apparently still works, Sinbad's hand passing through effortlessly.
  352.         Sinbad  "...Brother Forge Master, open the Champion a door if you could. Then the rest of us can be on our way."
  353.         Omniel  nods and begins applying the shears to the now-solid weall.
  354.         Omniel  wall* even.
  355.         antoine Slowly Omniel manages to break through, the xenos architecture unable to stand up to his shears. He leaves a ragged hole large enough for Anselm to exit.
  356.         Anselm  ++My thanks. I will find this freak's followers, and I will bring back the head...++
  357.         Anselm  moves through the opening, wary of any more traps.
  358.         Omniel  ++Go with the Emperor's blessing, Brother.++
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