Clair and Robin Sittin' in (a space under) A Tree

Aug 14th, 2016
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  1. [This story takes place shortly before Kat leaves for a few days to help Violet.]
  5. Clair’s voice is getting hoarse. You bet she doesn’t even notice though. She tries desperately to hold onto her dignity as you fiddle with the dial. You zoom it all the way up for a second and her voice follows suit. You do it again. It’s like playing an instrument. Her heavy chest stretches her tight miltank pajama top as she squirms.
  7. Clair tries to convey how annoyed she is, but she can’t say anything through the gag.
  9. There’s a knock at the door. Room service. You signal Clair to take out her gag. She’d do it anyway, but you like the illusion of control. You slide the control into your palm.
  11. “Aren’t you going to let him in, Clair?” You tweak up egg again and she yelps.
  13. Robin, who has been on her knees under your desk, looks up. “B-b-but Kat-”
  15. “Shh.” You gently push her head back down. You figure that if you’re going to torture Clair it would be hippocritical to have Robin stop now. Besides, you were getting close.
  17. Clair gives you the nastiest look before opening the door. “Come on in.” Her voice just barely shakes. You have the device on the lowest setting.
  19. “Uhh, thanks, ma’am.” He takes the tray to your desk. “Is here alright?”
  21. You nod and clear some space. “Yeah, sure.” You try not to lean too far forward since you’re only wearing a shirt. When you sit back down Robin doesn’t continue, so you subtly reach under and guide her head back between your legs. For a second you think she won’t, but you melt under her attention.
  23. “Are you okay?”
  25. You smile, feeling the flush in your face. “Yeah! Peachy!”
  27. Robin takes that as encouragement and goes a little harder. Your smile probably looks a bit odd, given boy’s reaction to it.
  29. “Uhhh, okay.” He turns to Clair and gestures to her “Miss, should I pour a glass?” He gestures to the carbonated juice. Clair just ordered that because she knew it was pricey.
  31. “Y-” you crank the remote all the way up. “..Yes....please.” Clair does a heroic job at sounding normal. Her voice still cracks a little and her face strains behind a forced smile.
  33. The attendant pours her a glass. The seconds eat away at Clair as she squeezes her legs together and wiggles. Her eyes flutter and she arches her back ever so slightly. You bite your lip as you watch and Robin keeps going on you.
  35. “Ma’am?”
  37. You both turn to him. You completely forget he was there.
  39. “That’ll be all. Thanks. Clair, can you grab my wallet?”
  41. “Get up and grab it yourseeeeee!-” you start flipping the dial up and down. Clair slams her hands down, composes herself, shoots daggers at you, and politely grabs your wallet.
  43. “Here!”
  45. He looks at the giant wad of cash Clair slammed into his hand. “I can’t...this is way too much.”
  47. “It’s fine. Kat’s feeling generous.” There’s a unique mix of arousal and frustration.
  49. “No really. This is more than I make in-”
  51. “Take. The damn. Tip.”
  53. He doesn’t need to be told again. He pockets it, thanks you both profusely, and Clair collapses against the door as he leaves. She reaches under her dress, takes it out, and chucks it at you. It goes wide and buzzes on the floor behind you.
  55. You don’t care. You lean back as Robin keeps licking. You hold her head with your hand and moan as Clair curses you out. Up, up, and over! You dig your hands into the edge of the desk and squeeze Robin’s head a little too hard.
  57. When you come down, she’s fixing her hair.
  59. “Sorry.”
  61. She smiles. “I-it’s okay. I take it as a compliment.”
  63. “You’re both disgusting.” Clair announces. “Kat, You can’t just turn that thing all the way up. You don’t have any restraint.”
  65. You take a moment and reach into your desk. “You’re right. But you know who’s really restrained? Robin.” You produce some rope. “Come on, hold her hands behind her back.” You kiss the confused redhead to keep her bewildered as Clair restrains her. Her voice squeaks in a mix of surprise and excitement.
  67. You don’t hold back anything for the night. You want to make this special. They'll probably be too awkward to do anything together while you're gone.
  70. ----------------------------------------------
  73. You are Clair.
  75. Kat left on that stupid trip with Robin's crazy mom. You push aside any worry for her and instead try to solve one simple little mystery.
  77. Why do you like Robin?
  79. You stare at the petite redhead across the cafe table from you as you sip your drink through a straw and try to figure it out.
  81. It’s an easy question to answer when it comes to Kat. She’s spunky, cool, confident, but approachable. And most importantly, she’s honest. She doesn’t really hold back what she thinks or feels about anything, and that’s one of the most important qualities in a person.
  83. Robin is none of those things. She’s awkward, has a terrible fashion sense, nerdy, and the most reserved and shy person you can think of. For every thousand thoughts she has, she only dares to vocalize one or two. She holds it all back. At least she’s cute. But that doesn’t answer why you like her.
  85. “D-Did you say something?”
  87. “I said you look so frumpy that it’s embarrassing to be seen with you.”
  89. “O-oh. Sorry. I guess with all the training I haven't been keeping myself presentable.”
  91. “Ugh! Damn it! Don’t apologize! I just insulted you!”
  93. “Oh! Sorry.” She covers her mouth. “S-sorry for apologizing. I-...Err.. Sorr...I’ll be quite.”
  95. You stealthily break your promise for the millionth time and read her mind. She’s upset. She also wants to make a lewd comment about punishing you. But she’ll never, ever say it. She acts all innocent, but she’s just too shy to let everyone know what a huge pervert she is. You hate people like that. People that can’t be honest with others or themselves.
  97. “Do you think Kat’s okay?”
  99. You hold back a sigh. She’s a real one-track record sometimes. But you guess her concern beats being self-absorbed. “Kat can take care of herself. She’s tough.”
  101. “Y-yeah. You’re right.”
  103. You both look for new topics of conversation at the bottom of your cafe drinks.
  105. “Do you think my mom is trying to...y’know...”
  107. Oh. This is interesting. “No. I don’t.” You smile and lean forward. “Tell me.”
  109. Robin squirms. She knows you know. She resents that you’re making her say it. But instead of calling you out, she shoves it deep down.
  111. “Y-You know...trying to get Kat...”
  113. “Trying to get Kat to what?” You rest your chin on your clasped hands, grinning widely.
  115. “S-s-educe...trying to...get Kat to...”
  117. Okay. This is played out. “Seduce Kat. Yeah. Probably.”
  119. Robin looks away. “Aren’t you worried?”
  121. “Psh. No. If any of you fools are good at dodging bullshit, it’s Kat.” You cough. “But don’t tell her I said that.”
  123. Robin laughs. It’s cute and high pitched. There’s a little sort where she may have shot her lukewarm tea out of her nose. “You’re right. But what about Vance?”
  125. “What about Van-” Oh crap! Vance is an idiot when it comes to women.
  127. “I mean, it’s just that Vance isn’t very good when it comes to women and-”
  129. “Vance is fine. I mean, he’s stupidly, grossly in love with that Miltank, Jeanine. He’d never, I mean ever, do anything to jeopardize that.” Jeez. Duh.
  131. “Y-yeah. But she’s really good at tricking people.”
  133. You roll your eyes. “She’s not going to trick him into sticking it in her!” There’s a mental image you could probably do without. “Yeesh! What’s wrong with you?”
  135. “I wasn’t going to say that.” She mutters. “I just mean she might trick him into oweing her favor or something.”
  137. “Oh.” You look around to see a few people staring at you. “Let’s go for that walk.”
  139. The two of you leave the cafe and take a walk in the park in the warm evening air. The climate on this island is amazing. It gets pretty warm for your taste, but there are always the right amount of winds to cool you down. Gardevoir walks along with you. Robin has a few of her Pokemon out as well. You know better than to take Alakazam out. He’s not the outdoorsy type.
  141. Robin peaks down your open shirt. She’s not good at being sneaky.
  143. “Do I have something on my shirt?”
  145. She blushes and looks away. “N-no.”
  147. You still don’t get why you like her. She lets you push her around. She never says what’s on her mind. She’s everything you hate about people.
  149. Maybe you don’t like her. Maybe you just like how she is when she’s trying to impress Kat.
  150. “Clair?”
  152. “What’s up?”
  154. “I like you. I know I talk about Kat a lot, but you’re important to me too.”
  156. “W-what?” Your heart races. “I didn’t ask! I don’t care.” Oh man your face feels on fire. Gardevoir rolls her eyes at you. You mentally tell her to shut up.
  158. Robin pokes her fingers together. “I just don’t want you to feel unappreciated. Just...if you’re ever feeling lonely or unsure of anything, know that I’m here for you, and I care.” She grabs your hand.
  160. You’re sweating. Why are you sweating? “Well, whatever. I guess that’s okay.” Damn it! You’re all giddy and pathetic now. “Hey! Check it out over there!” You pull your hand away and point to the nearest bullshit. “Are those pidgeys?”
  162. Robin puts her finger on her cheek. “Huh. Yes. Yes they are. That’s strange. They’re usually more north this time of year. I wonder what’s throwing off their migration patterns. Maybe it was the early summer, or-” Robin prattles on for awhile about it. She gets really passionate about figuring this stuff out.
  164. You smile and sigh. You like her. She’s honest when it counts. And she’s the only person smarter than you (a rare occurrence) that isn’t a twat about it in their heads. You grab her arm and snuggle. She turns red, stutters a bit, but continues on.
  166. Huh. You wonder why she likes you.
  168. You push yourself off of Robin. “Jeez. Don’t you ever stop nerding out?” Oh man why’d you do that? You’re such a hypocrite. You hold up being honest as this big thing and you can’t even do it yourself. It’s no wonder you’re the second banana to Kat and Robin and you can’t make friends of your own. Not that you mind being the second banana, it’s way less pressure and all that, but still. It’d be nice for someone somewhere to consider you their first priority. Gah. She’s looking at you. You blew it you blew it you blew it! You don’t even know what you want and now you’re pushing away the best thing that’ll ever happen to you!
  170. Robin gives you a funny look. You stifle the urge to read her mind this time. You don’t want to know what she probably thinks of you right now. Why’d you do that?
  174. You are Robin.
  176. Clair’s mean. She’s everything you hate. She’s a bully. She’s hurtful. She belittles anyone weaker than her and acts jealously to anyone with something she doesn’t have. She’s nothing like Kat. Kat is honest about her feelings, she sticks up for people and Pokemon that are getting picked on. She makes you feel good about yourself.
  178. So why do you like her?
  180. She nudges you. “Why are you so quiet now?”
  182. “I-I thought you wanted me to stop talking. I was ‘nerding out.’”
  184. She holds her arm and looks away. “Jeez. You’re so sensitive. I didn’t mean anything by it.”
  186. Clair always hides her feelings. Did you do something to make her feel like she can’t say what she means?
  188. “I should be training.”
  190. Clair flicks your arm. “You told me you needed to relax. Come on.” She grabs your arm and drags you into a secluded area in the park. Bushes and trees surround you. You can only see a small patch of the night sky. Clair pushes down on your shoulders until you’re sitting on the grass. “Gardevoir, do me a favor and make sure nobody comes to bug us”
  192. Gardevoir rolls her eyes and strolls off.
  194. “Thanks.” Clair sounds oddly sweet. She turns back to you. “Hey idiot. I told you to relax.” Her hands press on your shoulders, and she starts giving you a massage.
  196. “Clair, you can’t just...oh.”
  198. “Yeah. That’s right.” She works your shoulders. You know she’s reading your mind, but you don’t care as much right now. She breaks that promise all the time. You just hope you can trust her with other things.
  200. She hesitates for just a second before continuing on. She heard that.
  202. “Look. I know I’m not Kat.” You turn around to face her, but she pushes your head back. “I know what I am. I know what everyone thinks about me. All the time.”
  204. You feel awful for her. “Y-you could always not-” She presses just a little too hard on your shoulder.
  206. “Not read their minds? Could you know people are talking about you and just not listen? Could you just ignore an open diary every day if it was left lying around?”
  208. “N-no. Not...not every day.”
  210. “Stop stuttering. You’re supposed to be relaxed.” She undoes your bra to work on a knot under it. “Come on. Help me take it off. You don’t need this anyway.”
  212. You shuffle around and she pulls it out of your sleeve. You feel exposed.
  214. “I don’t know why you wear these.”
  216. “I get it.” You’re finally annoyed enough to let her hear it in your voice. “I’m flat!
  218. “That’s not what I mean. But I’m glad to hear you be honest for once. I just mean that when I was your size, I didn’t bother. Most dresses had padded cups so you don’t poke out. I don’t even like wearing one now when I’m alone. Bras suck.” She stops massaging you. You hear her adjusting her shirt, then she sighs. “That’s better.” Clair tosses her bra to the side.
  220. “What if someone comes by?”
  222. “Who cares. They’re going to be looking either way. Trust me. Besides, Gardevoir knows what she’s doing.”
  224. You’re trying not to think too much about her, but her massage is making you relaxed. Unguarded. You feel your nipples stiffening against the fabric of your shirt. You wonder if she likes the attention her chest gets her.
  226. “Eh. It get’s tiring. But at the same time, when you don’t have it, you miss it.”
  228. She was reading your mind. You decide to let that go, even if it annoys you. “Like Kat.”
  230. Clair laughs. “Wow! Harsh.”
  232. “I-I didn’t mean anything mean by it, it’s just-”
  234. “I get it. Kat’s intense sometimes. Her sex drive is out of control. Sometimes you just want to sleep.”
  236. “Or cuddle.”
  238. Clair’s working up and down your arms now. You have to actively summon the strength not to just lean back into her pillow chest. The night air feels nice.
  240. “Or cuddle. You know, you could tell her that.”
  242. “I-I don’t mind.”
  244. “Liar.”
  246. “I-I don’t mind once we get started.” Your face is on fire.
  248. She laughs again. “Now that’s the truth. But you’re always resentful when she first starts putting the moves on you and you just want to sleep. There was this phrase you thought once. ‘I’m only one girl.’ I guess it’s a good thing there’s two of us to keep that sex maniac busy.”
  250. You want to be upset with her, but she’s really got you not caring about anything thanks to her finger work. She lays you on your stomach and starts working your leg muscles. Her hands brush up and down, putting the exact amount of pressure on all the right spots. She’s clearly putting a lot of thought into how you’re feeling.
  252. “I got you something.” You look up. She’s holding a dried dandelion.
  254. “That’s my favorite.”
  256. She looks away. Her face is red. “That’s because you have crap taste. Dandelions are everywhere.”
  258. You smile. Maybe you’re too hard on her. She doesn’t show how she feels with words, but actions.
  260. You kiss her. Right on the lips. She kisses back. For a second it’s beautiful and emotional. Then she slips you some tongue and grabs your butt.
  262. “Maybe you’re the one with the out of control sex drive, Robin.” Her hand slowly runs up your leg.
  264. Your face feels hot. “I-I that’s not...” She kisses that weak spot on your neck. Your legs move open on their own and she runs both hands all the way up. She’s pulling down your panties!
  266. “Clair!”
  268. “That’s right. Say my name.”
  270. “T-that’s not what I mean! We’re in a park!”
  272. She kicks off her own pants. “Yeah. That’s what makes it so hot.”
  274. The shape of her huge, plump breasts look amazing, barely restrained in her shirt. You reach out for them.
  276. “Awww yeah.” Clair pulls up her shirt and you start sucking on her nipples. You can’t help it. They’re just so...jumbly.
  278. Clair pushes you down. “Alright. I took your panties off for a reason.” She sits in front of you and pulls your leg over in a scissor position. It’s a little awkward at first on the blanket on the ground, but the thought of getting caught and knowing how much Clair really cares about you helps a lot.
  280. “Someone’s coming.” Clair whispers.
  282. You don’t care. You grab her leg and go faster. She gives you a look at screams ‘what the hell are you doing’ but you ignore it until she lets out a small moan. She covers her mouth.
  284. “You’re such a horny slut!” She whispers as loud as she dares. The trees and bushes around you should prevent anyone from hearing, but you’re too far gone to tell what amount of noise is appropriate. Clair calls you all sorts of names, but she smiles as you rub. Tribbing isn’t something everyone enjoys, but deep down you like how good you are at it.
  286. Clair shudders and claws at the grass. You keep going and she does it again. Feeling the warmth of her body contrasted with the cold night air is amazing. Finally, it’s your turn. You stop looking Clair and close your eyes and grit your teeth. You lose yourself in it until your orgasm takes over. You shake and try not to squeal. Your whole body is shuddering and sweating. Somewhere in the back of your mind you think about how sore you’re going to be tomorrow.
  288. Clair crawls over to you and cuddles for a short while, The sweat starts making you both cold quickly though, so you get dressed. You’re both tired and stay out for awhile, watching the night sky.
  290. “The stars are pretty, tonight.”
  292. “You’re pretty every night.”
  294. Are you getting closer? That’s so nice of her to say. You almost can’t believe it. You roll your head to look at Clair. ‘What?”
  296. “I said your stupid dyke haircut makes you look like a boy. Idiot.”
  298. You sigh. Maybe it was too much to hope for.
  300. Clair’s fingers poke yours. You move your hand. “Am I in the way?” You look to see what she was grasping for.
  302. She grabs your hand.
  304. “Oh.” You shut yourself up after saying that. You don’t want to ruin it, but she’s being so cute. She does care.
  306. “Stop squealing in your head. I like you, okay? Let’s not make a big deal out of it.”
  308. You turn and lock eyes with her. “No.”
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