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  1. Empathy plays a major role in evertyones life whether or not they are actively thinking about it. We've all heard the saying "walk a mile in someone elses shoes" and empathy has helped me to be better at talking to the person behind a job. It can be frustrating to deal with techincal support lines when you are experiencing problems with electronics or whatever it may be and the key is to not get frustrated with the opporator. They are a human being trying to help you solve a problem, it is always best to be empathatic with them because they most likely are with you.
  2. Empathy helps you build better software becuase you are not going off what people tell you but rather seeing how they are having trouble with something. It can also help you avoid future problems with designs as you are seeing them from other perspectives.
  3. Empathy is important for working on a team because it gives you multiple aspects and can help with problem solving. Also aas the article "can you teach people to have empathy" states it allows you to reach conflict resolution 50% faster.
  4. When i worked at Denver Country Club we hired a homeless kid named CHris who was 23 years old. Being empathetic and talking with him allowed me to understand what events put him in his current situation and how he was trying to better himself. He was able to shower at work and get a free meal everyday. I realised how easy it can be for some people to end up homeless.
  5. It can be difficult to be empathetic in a professional setting when a deadline is put in front of you and something needs to get done. I can improve in being empethetic towards people in this situation by understanding they may have more going on in their life and that is the reason they cannot be 100% there.
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