AGDQ 2020 Overview and Future Plans

Jan 12th, 2020
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  1. Before I go to the airport to go home, I might as well type how I feel overall about the entire AGDQ trip this year while I have a few hours to kill. If you don't want to read all of it, then I'll have a TLTR at the very bottom of this pastebin.
  3. So first off heading into AGDQ, I felt like this was something I really needed considering all that I've been through through the last couple months. Between drama with my dad and my stepmom, my dad mentally being mean to me, making plans to move in with my mom, my mom and brothers helping me move in with them from South Dakota to Tennessee, settling in with them, and now moving into my new apartment once I get home from AGDQ. This was my 3rd GDQ I've been to with my 1st GDQ being AGDQ 2017 and 2nd GDQ being SGDQ 2019. However, this was the 1st GDQ I've ever been to without a family member going with me. I felt like this helped me a lot with feeling comfortable with going to places by myself while not having to worry about my dad or my stepmom and because of this, I'm really excited to go to future events by myself again. :P
  5. When I was in the airport past the security by myself, I was kinda worried since I was going on a flight for the 1st time by myself. I'm really happy that beforehand, I learned that Headstrong and Pirate were landing in the Orlando Airport about 8-10 minutes after I landed in there during one of her streams, so I made plans to meet up with both of them after I landed so that we can go to the hotel together.
  7. Once we got there, we met up with SaltyNutz along with having to wait on Josh and others for their room and Freal for my room. While we were waiting, we got our AGDQ Badges and made plans on going to Universal Orlando on Monday at the time, which was later moved to Wednesday so that Headstrong could recover and feel well. Once Josh and others arrived, pretty much just hung out with them in their room until Freal got there, which unfortunately he didn't have Cellular service or something like that, so he couldn't contact the Discord DM Group when he got there from the Uber. It took a few hours and a bit of learning about the North Tower to find my room, but was able to put my backpack and suitcase in the room.
  9. During the days, I was able to see Mizu, Earthboundian, KHfan, Pessilist, Logic, SwiftShadow, KBM, Den, Sid, Valaxor, Beeboy, Kaylabee, Anat, Cubs, Spike, Nukkular, Kungfu, Keizaron, JHobz, Grig, Dax, Ace, Shib, Axends, RebelDragon, Faizing, Cyd, Xem, Josh, Jersey, Paladin, Andre, White, Neraigo, Zetris, Pie, Tapioca, Ozzy, Supreme, Jazzberry, Puwexil, Hustlie, HeroicSpiritGamer, etc. Was also able to finish Forbidden Memories 5-Card Mod in 3:10:48 with a 1st try Final Six as well! Unfortunately wasn't able to play Forbidden Memories with Spike since he was busy. Also watched the 1st run in the Stream Room with Pirate, which was Flarebear's A Hat in Time run since Headstrong was technically on the couch for.
  11. On probably Monday, I got to do a Ocarina of Time Randomizer Co-Op race and finally got to team-up with Anat while Spike joined by himself. Unfortunately Bizhawk was dipping around 50 FPS instead of 60 FPS for some reason for me for most of the race, but still beat everyone else with Spike actually pretty close behind us while using a weird TV with red on the left side, normal on the middle, and blue on the right side. Was a really good solo seed at least, but unfortunately a bleh co-op seed considering I was just kinda following Anat for most of it. On Tuesday, got to hang out with Pie and others at the Universal Orlando Citywalk where we ate dinner with each other and got to play Mini-Golf for the 1st time with Jersey and 3 others. :P
  13. When Wednesday came by, I went to Universal Orlando with Headstrong, Pirate, Josh, Jersey, Paladin, and Saltynutz, which I'm really happy that Paladin was able to cover the 2-Park/1-Day Ticket for me. We went there at around 8:30 AM so that we could get there right when it opens. Went on rides like Fast & Furious, The Simpsons Krustyland, Men in Black, went through Diagon Alley, boarded the King's Station to get to Island of Adventure, a King Kong ride, etc. I am kinda sad that my stomach was giving me issues before getting on some rides, like the one with Hagrid's Motorcycle due to where my G-Tube used to be over 3 and a half years ago. While other rides had 3D Glasses that couldn't fit me at all because of my left ear being deformed with the King Kong ride being the only exception because it was able to stay on me just fine due to my nose.
  15. After the 2nd Harry Potter ride, which unfortunately had stomach issues before getting on the ride and had to bail out on it, met up with Headstrong and the others at the exit of the ride. When Headstrong told SaltyNutz to take a picture of her and Pirate, I thought they were just gonna take a picture in front of Hogwarts together. When they pulled out a box with a ring in it, I got surprised, hyped, and really happy for them considering they've been together for a very long time. This also got me thinking about other stuff too, considering Bl00dyBiz and Cheshyre had a baby recently, Zetris was with his wife, and Spike and Nukkular also got engaged recently and plan on getting married at the middle of this year. Mainly just felt like all of my friends around me was in a way moving on to the next part of life and almost felt like crying, but held it back since we were at Universal.
  17. When we got to the Hulk ride, both Headstrong and I stayed behind since I'm afraid of rides that puts me upside-down and I don't want to get wet due to my stoma while Headstrong's stomach was being weird. I talked about how I felt to her and felt a lot better while doing whatever makes me happy along with just being myself, which I'm not gonna rush a relationship anytime soon and I'll find the person I can actually be with together one day. To note, I do feel like I don't really know much about relationships.
  19. I guess I should talk about this now while I'm talking about relationships, but I'll love whoever I love regardless of gender, meaning I'm Pansexual. Unfortunately I feel like because of my past experiences that I've seen with my dad go through with his relationships, I tend to feel like it's really hard to love someone and start a relationship since I'm afraid to go through the same stuff that my dad has been through. I'm slowly starting to love myself at least with how I look and sound like due to this AGDQ helping me a lot. Again, I'm not gonna force a relationship to happen, just gonna look towards the future and be happy.
  21. Once we got back from Universal, took a short break before going out to dinner at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse. Ate Shrimp and noodles and had a lot of fun with my friends while I was there. Afterwards we went back to the Hotel to play Jubeat in the Arcade Room along with Pinball and Bishi Bashi. The day after that, I watched Headstrong and Sicky's Jak II race in the stream room. Sicky did really well in the race while unfortunately Jak II was being a bully to Headstrong like stuff going wrong and crashing shortly after starting the Lurkers mission.
  23. For the rest of the days, ate at Burger King a few times along with iHop for the 1st time, hung out with my friends, watched a few runs in my room on the TV, played Jubeat and other arcade games, and hanging out with my friends while AGDQ was ending. Once AGDQ ended with raising over $3.1 million, went down to the Lobby and said goodbye to my friends, then went up here to start packing while started working on this pastebin and gathering my thoughts.
  25. Once I get back home, I'll be moving into my new apartment with my youngest brother and older sister along with helping them pay for stuff whenever I can considering I spent around $200 during AGDQ + about $90 on bringing my carry-on bag with me to AGDQ and from AGDQ, so unfortunately I don't have too much left for a few days until my Twitch money comes in on the 15th. Will also need to learn how to help out with paying bills as well and I'm hoping my mom can help us out whenever she can. I do also plan on seeing a doctor so that I can get a referral on getting my stoma finally healed for good so that I don't need to worry about that and finally swim again.
  27. In terms of stream plans, the plan is that I'm gonna try to get a 3:08 in Xenoblade Chronicles New Game+ (60hz) along with probably going through KH3 Critical LV1 to make a LV1 Re:Mind file and most likely getting back into BbSFM HD runs. Once I'm done with Xenoblade Chronicles (60hz), I plan on playing Minish Cap for the 1st time along with doing Randomizer runs of it assuming Re:Mind isn't out by then, afterwards I'm gonna see if I can look into getting a PAL Wii U so that I can do more runs of Xenoblade Chronicles New Game+, but on 50hz since you run a bit faster on that version. I'm not entirely sure if I can go to RPG Limit Break or SGDQ later this year, but we'll see, gonna at least try to submit something for RPG Limit Break if I can go.
  29. Anyways, gonna leave a TLTR here now while I finish packing up and go to the Lobby to wait on my Lyft, which should be here in about 50 minutes, thanks for reading and thank you everyone who I hung out with at AGDQ for making this the best GDQ I've ever been too! :)
  31. TLTR: I'm really happy that I went to AGDQ this year and it's the best GDQ I've ever been to so far, I'm really happy and excited that Headstrong and Pirate got engaged and I wish them a happy life together, Universal Studios was really fun, really happy I got to hang out with a lot of my friends for the full week along with going here by myself for the 1st time without a family member going with me, I'm Pansexual and I hope I can be together with someone one day, gonna learn how to help pay the bills along with working on medical stuff once I get back home, gonna try to submit something for RPG Limit Break if I can go.
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