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  1. The parking lot was definitely a underused area in the world of professional wrestling, people used it to park their cars and that's it...something Cindy couldn't quite understand. Back in the day when she used to watch pro wrestling as a kid, the wrestlers used to use the parking lot for more extreme things like parking lot brawls, something Cindy herself was personally obsessed with. Rather than chill around the locker room like the average broad cough Sarita cough Cindy spent a majority of her night here and tonight she had invited Yuhi along for the ride. Cindy had known Yuhi for roughly a month or two now but she had never personally reached out to her to hang out. Why was she suddenly interested in hanging out with the Japanese born wrestler? That was the question that probably everyone was asking at this point, including Yuhi. Cindy was in the parking lot, sitting on the hood of her raggity ass 1989 Cadillac DevVille snacking on a bad of BBQ flavor potatoe chips and orange soda, she couldn't help but wonder when Yuhi was going to show up. It seemed like she was out there waiting for her forever when in reality, it had only been a few minutes since she sent the text out to her. Cindy, being the great snacker than she was finished both the bag of potatoe chips and the soda in no time. Once she finished, she tossed both items on the ground, completely littering. "Oh well, I just gave someone a job to do." She says aloud, swinging her feet repeatedly since she was too short for them to touch the ground. Once she started doing this, Cindy couldn't help but burp due to all the pressure that built up in her. Climbing down on to the floor, she makes her way around to the back of her vehicle, looking at the trunk which was held shut with two bungee cables. Undoing the cables, the trunk of the vehicle popped open and Cindy's eyes instantly lit up at the sight of her aluminum baseball bat. She had used this bat on numerous occasions during her life, it had found itself on the other end of a bitches ass time and time again, and now she was going to be putting her old friend to use once again. Grabbing the bat from the trunk, she places it over her right shoulder before looking up at the trunk, which was wayyyy high up. She reached up for it to try to pull it down but quickly gave up. "Eh, fuck it!" She cursed, walking away from the vehicle towards some of the cars that were located in the parking lot area. There was one car in particular that she recognized, it belonged to none other than NEO Director Linda Cho. Cindy personally couldn't stand Linda and for this reason, she thought it would be cool to swing for the fences and fuck her ship up. She stood in front of the vehicle, quickly lifting the aluminum bat overhead before in one quick motion slamming it downward, attempting to shatter the windshield with as much force as her small body could muster. Crack! The sound erupted, a bright smile quickly etched it's way on to Cindy's aspect as she heard a voice in the distance. It was none other than Yuhi, her date. "I'm over here!" Cindy hollered from the opposite side of the parking lot, still holding the bat in her hand. "Follllllow the sound of myyyy voiiice!" She was sure to drag on every word, trying to make it easy for Yuhi to locate her.
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