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  1. 1.
  2. Yukine/Natsu/Taizai
  4. 2.
  5. I joined Aeria Games/Grand Fantasia in 2010.
  7. 3.
  8. My name is Tobias, I'm 19  years old, I got my highschool diploma (The german equivalent) in summer 2017. In my freetime, I love to play MMOs.
  9. Beside playing MMOs, I love to play soccer and chill with my friends. I'm normally a very quiet guy and ignore everything involving drama, you can't provoke me easy.
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  12. For me, a GS is person who can help with questions or bugs, before I go to the CMs and take their time.
  14. 5.
  15. I want to be a GS because I love this game and wish help to the community (especially the German community since there hasn't been a German GS in a long time).
  16. I've helped people with questions in WorldChat or doing MQs for Dungeons. I've also helped with Quests or Quest items.
  18. 6.
  19. A new event like Hide & Seek or a PvP event
  21. 7.
  22. First I would tell them to check if their back isn't full then otherwise I tell them to Auto sort to double check if they got the item or not. I'd also tell them to check their sprite bag.
  24. 8.
  25. Tuesday at 3:30am server time
  27. 9.
  28. In order to accept these quests, you must have a lover and be above level 20+ and completed all 3 Quests from:
  29. 1. NPC Royal Lieutenant Jessica which will require them to kill the boss Rubis in Prarie Cave to collect a drop.
  30. 2. NPC  Magic Academy Dean Edward (completing the patience quests which comes in 3 parts while receiving a debuff from 30mins/60mins/120mins).
  31. 3. NPC Iron Stone Association Leader Stan where you have to buy the Dull gem for 1,000g to complete this quest.
  32. After all quests are done you can complete the quest "Test of Love" by Merlin. After this quests will receive an item called "Eternal Bond Essence" and 4 Titels:
  33. 1.Courageous Romance
  34. 2.Enduring Romance
  35. 3.Hopeful Romance
  36. 4.Eternal Bond.
  37. Now you are able to marry your ingame lover with the required item!
  39. 10.
  40. First I would tell them to tell me the names of the players who harass them and I would pm and ask them to leave the person alone.
  41. Second I would tell the person to change channels, since PK only happens on the PvP channel.
  43. 11.
  44. It depends on what the question is, if it's about an item where it drops I would tell them to look at Grand fantasia Database or Wiki.
  45. If the question is about quests, I would ask friends or tell them to write a ticket when a quest/item is bugged.
  47. 12.
  48. This also depends how they're arguing, when they argue normally with no offensive talk, it would be okay for me; but when it takes too
  49. seriously, I would tell them to leave it at Party/Guild/Whisper chat and not take it to World chat, otherwise I would mute them for some mins to calm down.
  51. 13.
  52. Its forbbiden and is bannable for the players.
  54. 14.
  55. Thanks for giving me a chance to get a GS and have a nice day o/ ~Tobi
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