Foalin’ Around with the CMC by hotsauce

Jun 4th, 2011
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  1. Foalin’ Around with the CMC
  2. by hotsauce
  4. “What the hell have you guys been up to this time?” I cried as the three Cutie Mark Crusaders slinked into the Carousel Boutique covered from ear to tail in mud.
  6. Applebloom looked chagrined and started to babble an explanation. “We’re really, really sorry! It’sjus’thatwethoughtwe’dtrymudwrasslin’andseewhetherweweresupposedtabeCutieMarkCrusa derMudWrasslers!”
  8. “Huh?” I replied. I still wasn’t able to understand anything the little rose-maned foal said when she was in excuse-mode.
  10. Scootaloo considered me with a bored look on her arrogant little face. “We were just trying to find our special talent – what’s so wrong with that?” I recognised that gleam in her purple-gray eyes – she had absolutely no respect for me, and was by far the most troublesome of the three.
  12. Sweetie Belle, on the other hand, had her gaze glued to the floor in shame. “We were just trying to find out what our special talents are, so we could get our cutie marks...” she sniffed. She looked up at me, her huge green eyes on the point of tears, and she added: “We’re really, really sorry!”
  14. I had my hands on my hips, ready to let loose with a loud scolding – but the look on the little unicorn foal’s face made my anger melt right away. Who could stay angry at something so adorable!
  16. I’d been living in Equestria for several months now ever since one of Twilight Sparkle’s spells had gone awry and brought me here. The nerdy little pony was still looking through her library for a spell to send me back home so I was stuck here, essentially, and had to make the best of things. As a human male, I’d been a curiosity for the first few weeks, but soon everybody – sorry, everypony – had gotten used to me. In a land full of manticores and dragons and hydras, I guess a hairless monkey was only a temporary novelty. So now I was largely left to my own devices, and I tried to be as helpful around town as I could be to earn my keep – which usually meant I landed the jobs no other pony wanted to do. And this was what I was doing now – babysitting the CMC while Rarity was out of town at a fashion show in Manehatten.
  18. It wasn’t so bad, really. The worst thing was that I had been forced to become a vegetarian – but the hay fries were starting to grow on me!
  20. “Look,” I said. “I know you kids want to find your cutie marks, but you’ve got to be more careful! You’ve got mud everywhere, and I’m going to have to clean it up before Rarity gets home...”
  22. Scootaloo smirked at me – a bad habit she’d gotten from hanging around Rainbow Dash. “Just ‘cause you don’t have a cutie mark!” she chuckled. “I’ve seen your flank. You’re an adult – and it’s as blank as ours!”
  24. I glared at the little orange-coated hell-raiser. “I’ve already explained about that Scoots...” I liked to call her Scoots, but she hated it – and she grimaced when she heard it pass my lips. “I’m a human. We don’t get cutie marks!”
  26. Sweetie Belle looked at me in pity and shook her head.“That’s sooo sad!” she said, her eyes glistening. Sweetie by name and Sweetie by nature! The adorable little unicorn was definitely my favourite of the three. I ruffled her curly mane and smiled at her. “Aw, it’s not so bad,” I said.
  28. Applebloom looked at the two of us, jealousy in her orange eyes. “But we still didn’t get our cutie marks!” she muttered in dismay. “We’re never going to get them!”
  30. “Oh, don’t worry about that,” I said. “I’m sure that in time you’ll find out what your special talent...”
  32. Scootaloo snorted. “That’s what grown-ups always say!” And then she flapped her little baby wings and splattered the mud that had been covering them everywhere – on the already mudtracked floor, on the reams of expensive materials hanging on the wall, on the ponyquins and even on me!
  34. “God damn it!” I shouted, furious. “Now look what you’ve done! If Rarity comes back and sees this mess, she’s going to kill me!”
  36. “Yeah – godammit!” mimicked Sweetie, trying not to laugh at the funny, meaningless word I often used when I was angry.
  38. “Godammit! Godammit!” the other two foals chorused, running in a circle around me as I tried to wipe the mud from my clothes. They started to chase each other around the room, leaping and rolling and smearing mud absolutely everywhere.
  40. “Alright!” I cried. “All three of you upstairs now! We need to get you guys cleaned up.” I sighed, looking at the CMC-created warzone. It would take ages to clean! And Rarity was not a pony you wanted mad at you.
  42. The three little ponies, bored of their chasing game, trotted upstairs obediently and I followed. I took a sponge, a scrubbing brush and basin from the cupboard in the corridor and brought them with me into the bathroom where the three foals were already clambering into the deep porcelain bath. Rarity’s bath was appropriately huge – she was a pony addicted to luxury after all – and it could fit all three of the CMCs at once with more than enough space to spare.
  44. “I’m going to get the mud off you guys first,” I told them, “And then you can enjoy a nice long bath.” The three foals obediently sat down as I took the extendable showerhead and rinsed the worst of the mud off with blasts of warm water while they giggled and jostled each other.
  46. With the mud mostly gone, I ordered the three foals out of the bath and ran it, making sure it was nice and hot.
  48. “Oh! Can we have a bubble bath?” asked Sweetie as she leaned over the edge of the bath and stared at the steaming water that was filling it up.
  50. “Of course, Sweetie,” I replied. How could I say no? I took a bottle emblazoned with Derpy’s face off the shelf and squeezed a generous portion into the flowing water, and bubbles immediately foamed up in a huge, pink pile.
  52. “Yay!” cried Applebloom, clapping her hooves in joy. “Cutie Mark Crusader bubble-bath cannon-ballers go!” She took a flying leap into the bath, with Scootaloo following close behind, and when they struck the water a huge wave crested with cherry-scented bubbles spilled over me.
  54. “You little brats!” I screamed, my clothes totally soaked. “Now look at what you’ve done!”
  56. “We’re not brats,” said Scootaloo, poking her head out of the mountain of bubbles. “We’re FOALS. Foooooaaaalllllsss...” She repeated the word slowly, as if I teaching someone mentally handicapped.
  58. Applebloom poked her head out next. “An’ jus’ who wears clothes in a bathroom anyway?” she said, rolling her eyes.
  60. Standing next to me and sopping wet herself, Sweetie watched curiously as I wiped the water from my hair and tried to squeeze it out of my jacket. “Yeah!” she said. “Why do you wear clothes all the time? Ponies only wear clothes on special occasions!”
  62. Scootaloo chuckled. “It’s ‘cause he has no coat and he’d catch a cold!”
  64. “I have a bit of a coat,” I said. “Just not all over my body like you ponies. And I think I’m going to catch a cold anyway, seeing as how I’m soaked to the bone!”
  66. “Catch a cold?” Sweetie gasped. “Oh no!” Then she had an idea. “Why don’t you get in the bath as well? Then you’ll be nice and warm!”
  68. The other two ponies didn’t seem to care either way, and I was starting to feel cold. “OK,” I decided. “Besides, I need to make sure you guys are extra clean before Rarity gets home!”
  70. Sweetie Belle had just finished clambering into the bath where Applebloom and Scootaloo were already pushing and wrestling and blowing foam at each other. As soon as the little unicorn slid in, she looked back at me and said shyly “Come on ! Get in the bath already – there’s lots of room!”
  72. My heart skipped a beat. Could... could I actually get away with having a bath naked with these cute little foals? The other ponies of Ponyville had gotten used to my insistence on wearing clothes, but they still viewed it as an odd affectation. I’d been naked in from of a few ponies – the first time when I’d just arrived and Twilight Sparkle had insisted on examining me in order to write a report to Princess Celestia. It had been a singularly unpleasant experience involving electrodes, metal caps and telekinetic prodding. The second time had been when Pinkie Pie had gotten it into her crazy pink head that she wanted to know what my coat felt like, and she had literally torn my clothes off and her plump pink hooves had felt me all over in a far more pleasurable experience than the earlier one with Twilight.
  74. I shrugged and thought “What the hay!” Even if Rarity were to come home I could probably find some ridiculous explanation to excuse my behaviour. I decided to risk it – who knew when I’d ever get another chance? – and I slipped out of my sopping shirt and took off my pants, leaving only my underwear on. Apart from my jacket I’d been wearing clothes that Rarity had been kind enough to make for me, and it was in return payment for this that I’d volunteered to babysit the CMC in the first place. They were certainly comfortable – the fashion designer knew her craft, even though she had been baffled initially at how to take my measurements accurately – but there were altogether too many jewels stitched into them. But, when in Ponyville...!
  76. I’d started to take off my underwear when I noticed the three foals had stopped horsing around and were watching me intently. I’m not a shy guy, but I couldn’t help but blush at their huge, colourful eyes regarding my pale, almost naked body and I stopped.
  78. “See! I told you!” said a triumphant Applebloom to Scootaloo. “He does have a coat! A black one!”
  80. Scootaloo snorted, unimpressed. “That’s not a coat! It’s all patchy!”
  82. I didn’t know whether to be annoyed or embarrassed or angry – so I settled with trying to educate them. “Everyone... I mean, everypony looks like this in my world,” I explained.
  84. Sweetie looked at me blushing in discomfort and the dear little unicorn decided to try and save the situation. “Well, I think it looks cool – just like a sea-otter’s!”
  86. Scootaloo rolled her eyes, but Applebloom nodded. “Yeah, it does look like a sea-otter’s coat... or maybe a seal’s!”
  88. I appreciated Sweetie’s attempt at sparing my feelings, but I didn’t know how I felt about being called a sea-otter – so I decided I’d better just get into the bath. I clambered in next to Sweetie Belle and made myself comfortable. The water was hot and sweetly-scented, and I lay back and relaxed. Now masked by the bubbles I took the opportunity to strip off my underwear and tossed it discretely out onto the tiles next to the bath. When I turned back, the three foals were back to playing around, their coats mostly clean now and glistening in the hot soapy water. I sighed, and started to wash myself.
  90. But no sooner had I stopped paying attention to the mischievous little foals than they got themselves into further trouble. Bossy little Applebloom had ordered Scootaloo to balance on Sweetie’s back so that she could climb up on top of the two of them and practice their “Cutie Mark Crusader Totem Pole”.
  92. “Hey, be careful!” I said, looking at the already tottering pony-pile.
  94. “We’ll be OK!” said Applebloom mid-climb. “We’ve done this like twice before!”
  96. “Although we did fall over the first time,” said Sweetie Belle.
  98. “And the second time as well...” added Scootaloo.
  100. Everything seemed to going fine and Applebloom had reached the top and seemed to be doing quite a good job at balancing when an errant soap bubble floated across onto Scootaloo’s nose, making the little Pegasus sneeze – and the reverberations this caused brought the whole tottering tower of foals collapsing down on top of me, and I found myself wedged under a pile of three soapy, slippery, squirming little ponies.
  102. Dazed, and my face covered in foam, I tried to extricate myself from under them – but Scootaloo was lying across my legs and I couldn’t budge. Applebloom had fallen backwards right on top of me and had knocked the wind from my lungs, and gripping her around the hips with my hands I tried ineffectually to lift the little rose-maned pony off me – but she was too heavy. Applebloom’s haunches were splayed open as her little hind legs tried and failed to find traction on the bathtub on either side of my chest, and all she succeeded on doing was slide herself up higher along my body until her rump was almost touching my face.
  104. And there, right in front of my eyes as if we were involved in a 69, was Applebloom’s little baby slit! Her tail was sopping wet and lying across her rump, so I had a clear view of everything. I was dazed and winded, but I was still able to get a good look – and the more I looked, the harder I got.
  106. Her little mound was puffy and immature-looking, and her slit was a single delicate pencil-thin line of pink that gently parted as she tried to lift herself off me and above it, just under where her now sopping-wet little rose-coloured tail began, an adorable little pucker winked at me. I stared in astonishment, still holding onto her hips and trying to lift her off me. But then she slipped, and she sat right back down on my face and I felt that gorgeous baby pussy pressing and rubbing against my lips and it felt impossibly soft and hot – far hotter than the bath water itself!
  108. “Whoa!” I said at last, pushing her off unwillingly – for her little pussy had been an absolute delight against my mouth, and I had just begun to get a hint of her sexy little girl-scent – but I had to breathe sometime! And at the same time Scootaloo had been pulled off my legs by Sweetie Belle and I could breathe more easily.
  110. As I sat up, Sweetie looked at my flushed face and she frowned. “Sorry ! Things kinda got out of control again. Did you get hurt?”
  112. I shook my head. “Everything’s fine, Sweetie – I’m just a bit dazed is all.”
  114. Applebloom, who was now sitting at my feet with Scootaloo beside her, suddenly turned to the Pegasus and whispered loudly. “Part of him was sticking out!”
  116. “What do you mean?” asked Scootaloo, curious. “Sticking out?”
  118. “I felt something hard poking into my chest,” Applebloom continued. “And it wasn’t a hoof!”
  120. Uh oh! It was at that moment that I realised I still had a hard-on and that it was sticking right up in plain sight of the little foals – so I quickly slipped down lower into the water so that it would be hidden by the bubbles. But that mischievous little Pegasus Scootaloo realised I was trying to hide something and she started to paw at the foam with her fore-hooves, searching for the “sticky-out bit”.
  122. “I just saw it!” she said. Then her little hoof touched it, and she slap it a couple of times, still hidden by the veil of bubbles and she laughed. “Wow, what is this thing?”
  124. “Hey, cut that out Scoots!” I yelped, bringing my hands down and covering my hard-on to protect it from her less-than-gentle handling.
  126. “Why?” asked the perverse little Pegasus foal. “I wanna see it!” And soon Applebloom was helping her search for it as I thrashed left and right to keep it out of the way of their enthusiastic hooves.
  128. “No!” I said. “It’s really sensitive!”
  130. “Sensitive?” Scootaloo’s eyes went wide, and she turned and whispered to Applebloom, who went red and giggled.
  132. “It’s his WHAT?” she repeated, looking at me with a mixture of curiosity and mischievousness.
  134. Sweetie had been watching the whole time, a look of confusion on her dear little face. “What are you guys talking about?” she demanded, feeling left out.
  136. The other two didn’t bother to answer her, for they’d started hunting around in the foam in front of me again as I struggled to avoid getting an enthusiastic little hoof in the balls. And at last I cried out “Hey, hey, hey! Wait!”
  138. Scootaloo and Applebloom stopped – although Scoots did splash the water one last time in her own petulant little way.
  140. “Look, if I show you it, will you promise to just take your bath and let me get some peace and quiet tonight?” I asked in desperation.
  142. “We will!” said Applebloom, turning on her most adorable, moist-eyed expression.
  144. “Sure, whatever,” agreed Scootaloo dismissively.
  146. “Show us what?” asked Sweetie. Scootaloo turned and whispered in her ear and the baby unicorn went bright red. Seeing her embarrassed made me even harder, so I decided I might as well show them what they wanted to see. I mean, kids had to learn about sex sooner or later, right? So I got the three foals to sit down in the bath quietly while I got out. My body was still discretely covered in foam and the three of them leaned forward over the edge of the bath to get a closer look.
  148. “Aw, we can’t see anything!” complained Scootaloo. “The foam’s in the way!”
  150. “Why not wipe it off?” I asked, stepping close to the edge of the bath. A little gentle hoofing might bring me over the edge, I decided, and a perverse part of me wanted to come all over that sassy little Pegasus’s hoof. But it was Sweetie who leaned forward. “I...I’ll do it!” she said. My heart skipped a beat as she brought her little hoof up to the foam around my crotch and pelvis and started to bat it away.
  152. “Uh...uh, just try wiping it gently, Sweetie,” I said, concerned that she might break something.
  154. Sweetie nodded, and she stuck out her tongue in concentration as her soft little hoof wiped the foam from the length of my dick. I bit my lip to prevent myself from moaning, as I was sure the little foals would soon cotton on to the perversity of the whole situation if they knew I was enjoying it.
  156. I was getting close now... a few more strokes and little Sweetie Belle would soon have my sticky goo all over her hoof. But suddenly Scootaloo piped up.
  158. “Aw, Sweetie – you’re taking too long!” The Pegasus grabbed the showerhead in her mouth and nodded to Applebloom, who turned on the tap with her nose and a sudden spray of cold water struck me between the legs, making me fall backwards onto the tiles with a gasp.
  160. As I lay there, the three foals stared down at my now naked crotch.
  162. “Aw, it’s gone down!” said Applebloom.
  164. “What did it feel like, Sweetie?” asked Scootaloo.
  166. Sweetie was blushing red. “It felt... hard, but kinda soft like velvet at the same time.” She looked down at me with a strange expression on her face. “It was pretty cool.”
  168. I got to my feet, rubbing my butt. “OK, guys – show’s over. Remember your promise!”
  170. “OK!” chorused the three foals in disappointed, sing-song voices.
  172. “But first I want to check that you guys are really nice and clean everywhere!” I knew I couldn’t let the chance to have a bit more fun with the soapy little foals go by and I’d decided to go for broke. “Auntie Rarity will scold me if she comes home and finds even a speck of mud on you – isn’t that right, Sweetie?”
  174. “She sure will!” replied the little unicorn, nodding furiously.
  176. So I picked up the scrubbing brush and said “I want you little fillies to bend over and show me your backs so that I can scrub the places you guys had trouble reaching! I’m sure I saw some mud there.”
  178. The little foals did just as I ordered – they’d seen me help Pinkie Pie with an itch that would otherwise have needed a good roll in the grass to alleviate by leaning over her and scratching her with my nails, so my request made sense to them.
  180. The three turned around and lay down next to each other on all fours with their rumps over the side of the bathtub. I lathered up the scrubbing brush and got to work. Scootaloo and Applebloom kept themselves amused by blowing bubbles in each other’s faces, while Sweetie just looked over her back at me while I washed her– she seemed to be enjoying the attention, and so I gave her a wink as I scrubbed the small of her back and one of her little hind legs started to shake up and down in pleasure.
  182. “Do you like that, Sweetie?” I asked.
  184. “Uh huh!” she said, closing her eyes and sticking out her tongue. But the other two foals had realised they were missing out by this time, and they both demanded I scrub them next. They both seemed to enjoy it as well, but Scootaloo especially – her little baby wings stiffened and stood up off her back as I scrubbed her particularly hard.
  186. “I think you guys need some more lather!” I said, taking a handful of body soap and massaging it onto their backs. Their coats felt gorgeous and soft under my hands, and I had the chance to feel along their sides and up onto their little rumps as well under the pretext of washing them all over. Their bodies were firm with that delectable fleshiness of childhood, but delightfully soft with puppy fat at the same time, and little Sweetie had more of that than the other two, and I made her giggle as I ran my soapy fingers along her ribs. I gave Applebloom a good lathering as well, paying special attention to her rump, which was particularly well-rounded and cute, and I even risked running my hands down her haunches – but she soon covered herself with her tail in girlish modesty, so I decided not to force the issue.
  188. Last of all I lathered up Scootaloo – and as I ran my hands up and down her back, I decided to lather up her little wings as well. I laced my fingers through the stiff little digits, enjoying the sensation of the downy feathers as I did so, and rubbed and massaged them until Scootaloo was muttering in pleasure. Then I stopped, and she turned her head and looked back at me, a mixture of annoyance and frustration on her face.
  190. “That’s all for now,” I said, slapping her playfully on the rump.
  192. I took the basin I’d brought with me and filled it with warm water, and rinsed the little foals off until their coats were sparkling.
  194. “OK you guys!” I said, grabbing up the sponge. “Just one last spot to do! I need you to poke your little butts out a bit more.”
  196. With the three little butts in a row before me, I ran a hand along the top of them, across the hills and valleys of super-soft foalish flesh until I came to Sweetie. I put my hands on either check of her adorable rump, but the bashful little unicorn swished her tail between my face and her girlyparts, making it difficult to see anything.
  198. I took her tail gently in one hand, and lifted it to one side. “I promise it won’t hurt, Sweetie,” I told her, a big reassuring smile on my face as she looked back at me in alarm. She nodded, and so I went ahead and did everything that I wanted to do.
  200. First I took my time enjoying the adorable sight of a little foal’s pussy and butt hole. Sweetie’s pussy was just as undeveloped as Applebloom’s and resembled a baby’s – there was almost no sign of any inner lips and her little clit was hidden. It was an absolutely enchanting sight and I would have given years of my life to have been able to just lean forward and tongue-baste that perfect slit and tiny little pucker. But I knew I couldn’t risk it, so instead I took the sponge and started to wash her between her haunches, gently running the edge of the sponge along her pussy, and when I touched the end of her slit closest to her tummy she gasped and I stopped.
  202. “Did I hurt you Sweetie?” I asked in mock-concern, taking the sponge away.
  204. “Nuh uh,” said the little unicorn, shaking her head.
  206. “Oh, I don’t know,” I said. “I’d better have a closer look and make sure!” I put the sponge on the edge of the tub and placing my hands on either side of her slit I gently parted it until the tiny pink inner lips became visible with her little clit at the bottom. They glistened, stuck together with a few little threads of liquid that gave off a spicy scent, the smell of an excited little filly. I brought the sponge back up and dabbed the liquid away and she moaned a little.
  208. “Oh, come on Sweetie!” Scootaloo was obviously annoyed with the attention her friend was getting from me. “It can’t hurt that much – it’s just a sponge!”
  210. I decided not to push my luck. My cock was so hard now that I felt I’d almost be able to come hands-free, so I shifted my attention to the little Pegasus. Scoots was the more developed of the three – her mound was less pronounced, her little inner lips had started to blossom out and her clit poked out from its hood at the end of her slit. I decided to pay her back for squirting me earlier, so as I washed her I made sure that her naughty little clit got a few hard dabs from the sponge. Scoots gasped, and a few more dabs later stickiness started to drip from her. The smell of her excitement was far richer and muskier than Sweetie’s had been. But there was no way I was going to get that little hellion off! I teased her a little more and then I slapped her lightly on the rump and moved on to Applebloom. Scootaloo had been looking back at me with halflidded eyes, but when I stopped she turned away and snorted in annoyance, the foam near her muzzle puffing into a little cloud of bubbles.
  212. I’d seen little Applebloom up close before, of course, but now under the pretence of washing her I had the opportunity for a nice, leisurely examination. I gently parted her little slit as I had the others’, and I noticed that she was already excited. Little Applebloom had been clearly enjoying the naughty experience! I brought my face closer to her pussy and breathed in the exquisite scent – it was a mixture of sweetness and spiciness, not as rich as Scootaloo but spicier than Sweetie’s ‘sweet’ fragrance. I suddenly got an insanely strong compulsion to taste her, and I decided that there was no way I was going to just look at some little foal pussy and then go and beat off like a loser without getting a taste of it. I moved my face closer and sneaked a quick lick from the base of her slit to her clit, immediately covering it up with a swipe of the sponge as I did so.
  214. The sheer satiny softness against my tongue, coupled with the clear, intense flavour of her excitement was like a weird sexual drug that started my dick throbbing even more, and I had to stop myself from bringing my hand down and stroking myself until I came all over the side of the tub. I refused to bring the evening’s fun to such a lame anticlimax. I bit my lip and told myself that there’d be further opportunities for naughty games with the three sexy little foals in the future. I’d just have to be patient.
  216. “OK you three!” I said, grabbing the pile of fluffy towels and tossing one to each of them. “Get dried quickly and then it’s time for milk and cookies and off to bed!”
  218. The Cutie Mark Crusaders looked at me with glistening, disappointed eyes and I realised that by some miracle I hadn’t taken things too far. My typical and annoying adult order of “off to bed” had returned things to normal, and I sighed in relief that it was highly unlikely I’d wake up tomorrow to Rarity being told by Applebloom that I’d been playing with their “no-no places”.
  220. So while they had their evening snack and squabbled over which cookies they wanted, I cleaned up the mud in the Boutique as best I could and then took the three now-sleepy little foals to bed. Their room was across from mine, so as soon as I tucked them into bed with some dire warnings to go straight to sleep, I slunk across the corridor and into my own room. As I lay there on my bed waiting for the noise of the straining springs of their bed as they bounced up and down on it to stop, I kept my hand from my hard-on – I just knew that if I started to beat off, the CMC would likely as not burst in through the door and disrupt me in the middle of things, and with all the evening’s frustration already nearly driving me mad I knew I wouldn’t be able to take it, so I decided to wait until they quietened down before I tried to relieve any of the strain.
  222. About an hour later I’d finally decided it was safe to beat off so I started stroking my hard-on while running over in my head how the little foals’ rumps had felt, the taste and scent of little Applebloom’s slit. I was getting close to coming when I noticed that the door to my room had slipped open a crack – and I stopped dead, watching as first a little horn, and then a curly-maned little head appeared from behind the door. As she crept into my room, Sweetie Belle’s face was lit up by the light of Princess Luna’s moon pouring in through the open window and I saw how nervous she looked, like she knew she was doing something wrong and she didn’t want to be caught by the others.
  224. “Sweetie?” I whispered, sitting up. What could have gotten into the little unicorn’s head?
  226. At the sound of my voice the unicorn foal skittishly took a step back towards the corridor, but then she regained her courage and blinking into my moonlit bedroom she nodded.
  228. “Can... can I sleep with you?” she whispered, her voice barely audible as she took a shy step towards my bed. “I... I had a bad dream.”
  230. I stared at her dumbly for a few moments, but then I shook myself out of it and replied “Uh, sure.” I pulled down the bedclothes and patted the mattress next to me. “C’mon up.” She placed her little fore-hooves on the mattress and lifted herself up onto the bed and lay there on all fours, looking at me with her pale green eyes.
  232. “Uh, you don’t wet the bed anymore, do you?” I asked with a smile.
  234. “Nuh uh,” she replied, shaking her head. The adorable little foal had thought I was being serious!
  236. “What are Scoots and Applebloom doing?” I asked as I brought the quilt over her back so she wouldn’t feel the cold fall air.
  238. “Sleeping,” she said. She wouldn’t meet my gaze, but blushed and rubbed her little muzzle against my pillow.
  240. “Are you telling the truth, Sweetie?” I asked, smiling in the darkness. “Did you really have a bad dream?”
  242. She shook her head. “I... I just got lonesome,” she said.
  244. I lay back down under the bedclothes facing her. Her huge green eyes were lit up by the moonlight and I saw more than just timidness in them – there was also curiosity and the excitement of doing something grown up and wrong.
  246. I brought a hand up to her face, and she pulled away a little at first in surprise, but then she closed her eyes and sighing, rubbing her cheek against it. I stroked her soft coat, caressing with my hand across her muzzle and up underneath her ear and soft neck. Ponies loved being played with behind their ears – their coat there is super-sensitive – and as I stroked her Sweetie sighed softly.
  248. “Were you really just lonesome?” I asked her suddenly. “Or did you just miss me?”
  250. Sweetie eyes remained closed, but she nodded. I ran my fingers up into her curly mane and then to the base of her horn, and I caressed it gently – a unicorn’s horn isn’t just bare bone, it’s covered by velvet, and it’s another super-sensitive place for them so my fingers soon elicited a little gasp from the increasingly excited foal.
  252. “Shh!” I said, bringing my face closer to hers. “I love your voice, Sweetie – but if the others hear us, I’ll get in a lot of trouble. You understand, right?”
  254. Sweetie bit her lip and nodded, and I moved forward and kissed her on the cheek as I continued stroking her mane and neck. Her coat was satiny soft against my lips – a pony’s coat is so fine and soft that it almost feels as if they don’t have any hair at all.
  256. Sweetie gasped and giggled at my kiss– she wasn’t so nervous anymore and she was starting to enjoy our little game, so I kissed her eyes as well, those huge, adorable, innocent eyes that I found so irresistible. And with chaste little kisses I made my way to her mouth until, my hands cradling her face, I kissed her full on the lips. I had to be careful to avoid that little horn stabbing me in the face in the almost-darkness, so I tilted my face as I did so.
  258. At first she didn’t know what to do, and she just pecked against my lips. But I slowly introduced her to real kissing with little licks of my tongue, just light flicks against her own lips, and soon she realised she should try licking my tongue as well.
  260. Suddenly she giggled. “Oh, that tickles!”
  262. “Shhh!” I said.
  264. “But I can’t heeeelp it!” she whispered in protest.
  266. We played the little tongue-licking game for a while, as I ran my hands up and down her back and withers, but then I embraced her and pulled her closer to me, and as I did I parted her lips with my tongue and they yielded – and soon I was deep-kissing the exquisite little unicorn foal, exploring her teeth and palate with my hungry tongue.
  268. Meanwhile my hands continued to enjoy her smooth back, her chubby little sides and her wellrounded rump – her body was so gorgeously soft, but firm to the touch as well, the delectable puppy-fat of a child that’s soft without being fat and firm without being muscled. I grabbed that adorable rump in both hands and squeezed it, and she snorted and giggled against my lips.
  270. As soon as I broke the kiss, she looked at me and smiled. “You sure like my rump!” she laughed.
  272. “It’s beautiful,” I told her. “Every part of you is just sooo beautiful, Sweetie Belle. I wish I could just eat you up!” I smothered her soft little neck with a barrage of kisses, caressing her coat with my lips.
  274. As I continued to hold onto her rump, her tail intertwined with my hands in a caress that only the lover of ponies can enjoy – and soon she was wrapping all four of her feet around my body, rubbing herself against me. I knew she was getting excited – she was moaning deep in her throat and I could feel it under my lips as I kissed her, and wherever her little baby pussy touched my thighs and stomach, a hot smear of her juices was left on my skin. The little foal was sure getting turned on!
  276. I was too. My cock was rock hard and, with every rub of her soft tummy or pussy against it, it was getting harder still. I stopped kissing her and pushed away a little. She looked at me with disappointment in her huge eyes – but I quickly allayed her fears.
  278. “Don’t worry, you’re doing everything wonderfully,” I told her. “It’s just that... uh... would you like me to show you some more grown-up stuff?”
  280. Sweetie nodded. “Oh, yes!”
  282. “But you have to promise not to cry out to loud, OK,” I warned her. “It’ll feel really, really good, but we can’t wake the others.”
  284. “I promised I won’t,” whispered Sweetie.
  286. “OK then... roll over onto your back!” I told her, and she did. I winked at her and then slipped down under the bed clothes, scooshing downwards until my face was between her haunches. Straight away the scent of an excited filly filled my nostrils. I kissed her little belly button first, and she giggled, but as my kisses made their way down towards the puffy little mound that was generating that delicious aroma, her giggles turned to little gasps, and when I started to lick her sticky little slit, she moaned.
  288. “Shhh!” I hissed, but by now I was too far gone. I was going to bring this horny little foal off with my tongue, and I didn’t care if the other Cutie Mark Crusaders, Rarity or Princess Celestia herself stormed in – there was no way I was going to stop!
  290. I slipped my hands under the rump and lifted her up so that her pussy opened up more to my licking – and the smoothness of that tender pink skin and the hardness of the little clit against my tongue were nothing short of amazing. I licked away her juices –with human women it was a taste I’d usually just tolerate, but with Sweetie Belle it was as the most exquisite gourmet treat possible: her juices were sweet and spicy and clean and intensely hot. And the more I licked, the more appeared like dew along her baby-soft slit as her tail swept back and forth against the sheets beneath her rump like it had a mind of its own.
  292. “Oh... oh... oh!” Sweetie was shivering now, and she began to grind her little pussy against my lips in her excitement. I had to push away to get my breath back – it was pretty hot and stuffy under the covers – and I decided that the little foal was now so full of new and lovely feelings that she wouldn’t freak out if she could see what I was doing, so I tore off the covers and gazed up at her.
  294. Sweetie’s mouth opened into an O of surprise and she stared down at me in fascination as I continued to eat her baby pussy out. As I lapped up and down her slit, she shook her head in disbelief but whenever I went back up to lick and mouth her clit she would close her huge green eyes and arch her back, concentrating on the new, intense feelings that were coursing through her body.
  296. Occasionally I’d carry my licking down to her little puckered ass and lather it with my saliva as well. The first time I did it she gasped, and she started to say “But...oh, but that’s my...!” but the lovely feelings I was generating in her soon stopped her protests.
  298. I decided finally that she’d had enough and that I should try and bring her off, so I brought a hand up to her slit and slipped a few fingers in – there was no resistance from a hymen, and I realised that she must have lost it long ago during one of the crazy stunts that the CMC seemed to always become involved in. I started to caress the top of the inside of her pussy in time with my licking, and the heated panting that I elicited showed me that an Equestrian pony shared at least one more pleasure point with a human woman.
  300. And at last I felt her haunches and rump start to shiver, and her clit went rock hard between my lips. Her mound was becoming hotter and hotter against my chin, and I knew she was coming. I kept at her clit, rubbing it between my lips until she went over the brink, and as I looked up, wanting to enjoy what might be this innocent little foal’s first orgasm, I saw that she had grabbed my pillow and was biting it to stop herself from crying out.
  302. And then Sweetie came. My chin, already wet with her juices, was covered in a further gush of them as she rubbed her baby parts against my face, wanting the wonderful feelings to keep going. I stopped licking her now too sensitive clit and started to nip at her thighs, although I didn’t stop massaging the inside of her pussy with my fingers.
  304. Finally, she sighed a long, deep sigh and slumped down onto the mattress, shivering, and I slipped back up so that our heads were on the same level, and began to kiss her face all over.
  306. As I was kissing her, she considered me with her huge eyes – and there was a look that was a mixture of astonishment, satisfaction and exhaustion in them. She didn’t say anything – I don’t think she could have anyway – and she merely buried her face into my chest and hugged me with all four of her feet encircling my body. But when she felt my hard-on crushed between the two of us she pulled away a little.
  308. “Oh, sorry,” I said.
  310. But Sweetie seemed unperturbed. “Is... is that your... your penis?” she asked shyly.
  312. I nodded. She sure was an inquisitive little foal!
  314. “Why’s it so hard?” she asked.
  316. “It’s hard because making you feel good made me feel good too!” I explained. My chest was tight with frustration, so I decided I had to take things to the next level. I took one of her forehooves and brought it down until it was touching my hard-on.
  318. Sweetie seemed to have lost a lot of her initial bashfulness after being brought to orgasm, and she began to stroke it straight away. As she did, she watched me with her huge eyes. “Does it... does it feel good if I touch it?”
  320. “Really good!” I said. Sweetie was so enthusiastic! The feeling of that soft hoof against my dick was amazing, but I wasn’t going to settle for a hoof-job now I’d gotten this far. I might never get the opportunity to play with the gorgeous foal again, and I needed to go for broke and come in Sweetie Belle’s little mouth. It had become the single burning goal of my entire existence! So I said “But it feels even better if you put it in your mouth.”
  322. Sweetie was eager to please and without a single word of protest she lowered her head down to my dick. She looked at it for a short while, her breath hot against it, but then she opened her mouth and took it inside.
  324. I grimaced in pleasure at the feeling of her hot mouth enveloping my dick. “Just suck it like a lolly,” I told her, “But just be a little careful with your teeth, because it’s really sensitive.”
  326. She nodded. She wasn’t bad for a first timer, but the fact that my dick was in an innocent little foal’s mouth added such an added level of taboo to the entire experience that I was already on the brink of coming. Sweetie ran her mouth up and down the length, and she even took it out and licked it a few times, sucking on the tip and running her little pony tongue along the base of it, including the ultra-sensitive part under the glans. After I gasped when she did that the first time, the cute little kid quickly realised that it was just like her own little clit, and paid particular attention to it.
  328. The amazing feelings jetting up my spine from my dick were not going to ebb away this time, I realised. So I forced myself to open my eyes and watch as I came in Sweetie Belle’s mouth.
  330. The moonlight spilling through the window meant that I could see everything clearly, and I blasphemously thanked Princess Luna for providing such a perfect scene for me. Sweetie’s eyes were closed in concentration as she sucked, but then she realised I was looking down at her and she opened them and as soon as I saw the entire tableau of the curly-haired unicorn foal looking up at me with my hard dick going in and out of her mouth, I came.
  332. The first squirt of come was huge. I hadn’t really had much of an opportunity to bring myself recently, and I’d stored up quite a bit – and now thick gooey strands were filling up the poor little foal’s mouth. I would have felt like a total criminal if I hadn’t been in the throes of one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I felt like I was coming my brains out, and Sweetie started to choke a little, but I managed to get enough self-control in my daze to pull my dick out of her mouth so she could breathe. I was still spurting, and white strands splattered all over the foal’s muzzle as she gasped for air, the first loads of my come spilling out of her mouth and onto the sheets.
  334. I was trying to keep from moaning, but it was impossible. I brought my hand down and I wacked off until the last waves of my orgasm finally ebbed away. As I sighed, satisfied and still tingling with pleasure, I finally looked back down and saw that Sweetie was spitting out the rest of my cum and I suddenly regretted being so selfish. I slipped my arms under her fore-hooves and lifted her up, bringing a corner of the top sheet to her face and wiping the sticky mixture of come and saliva off her mouth and muzzle.
  336. “I’m soo sorry, Sweetie,” I said. “I didn’t realise so much would come out – it’s been a while since I’ve done that!”
  338. The foal spat out the last of my cum and wiped her tongue with the sheet, and then she looked at me. “Did... did I do OK?” she asked, her voice disarmingly innocent.
  340. I sighed, shaking my head. “You were totally amazing,” I embraced the little foal and drew her body hard against mine, kissing her neck and nibbling on her ears until she was giggling and gasping. “Are you sure you’ve never done that before?” I asked.
  342. “Nope, never!” she replied, a self-satisfied look on her adorable face.
  344. “Well, you were an instant expert!” I said.
  346. “Wow!” she said, cuddling up to me and looking up into my eyes, her own huge green ones sparkling intensely. And then she piped up in sudden excitement: “Hey! Hey! Do you think...? Do you think..?”
  348. “Do I think what?” I asked. I was feeling pretty tired and I realised that as much as I’d adore having her sleep with me in bed for the rest of the night so that I could play with her some more while she was asleep, I realised she’d have to go back to bed or the other two foals might suspect something.
  350. “Do you think I got my cutie mark?” she asked, her voice alive with hope.
  352. “Oh god!” I almost cried out, but I managed to make it a hoarse whisper. “I sure as hell hope not!”
  354. It wasn’t the only time I got to foal around with one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, but for now this is
  356. THE END
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