Regidar - Lyra's Labor (WIP)

Jun 24th, 2014
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  3. "Are you sure you want to go out?" Bon Bon asked her wife wearily. "You're getting rather close..."
  5. Lyra chuckled, and wiggled her voluminous hips to try and fit her jeans better. "No way, Bonny! I just got these tailor made by Rarity, and I'm going to strut my stuff!" Her large belly, full with foal, jiggled as she did so.
  7. "You should be inside, resting," Bon bon said, rolling her eyes in exasperation.
  9. “Nah, Bonny,” Lyra said, giggling. “I can still strut my stuff just as well as I could before! Besides, I had these fitted for my pregnant figure; I’m not about to waste it. It’s bad enough that it took three weeks to have it get made...”
  11. “You could have just waited a few weeks to get it after you had the foal... you’re due any day now!”
  13. Lyra laughed, and bopped her partner on the nose. “Oh Bon Bon, you’re so silly. Anyway, I’m gonna probably get lunch for us while showing off; you’ll be at the shop, right?”
  15. Bon Bon nodded. “I had Caramel open up today, and he’s been on the morning shift the entire time. Get him something too, alright?”
  17. Lyra awkwardly wobbled to her hooves, standing up on her hind legs. Her large belly set her off balance slightly, but she stayed in an upright posture, leaning against the wall for support. “Alright. Flower sandwiches sound good?”
  19. Bon Bon smiled, and kissed Lyra on the cheek. “They sound great. If you don’t mind, can you get some apples too? It’d be good for a little treat.”
  21. Lyra giggled. “Of course, Bonny.”
  23. The unicorn settled down on her hooves, then proceeded to saunter out the door best she could with her massive belly. Heading down the road to center of town, she felt the foal inside kick gently against her uterine walls.
  25. “Oh...” she moaned softly. For whatever reason, this one felt more intense than all the ones that had occurred over the last eleven months, despite being a relatively gentle kick. “Maybe Bon Bon was right...”
  27. Knowing that it’d just be plain foolish to head back home now, Lyra continued to walk into town, smiling from the feeling of the fabric on her flanks. These were some nice pants, dammit, and she was going to look nice in them. Rarity had even taken into account Lyra’s growing teats, and left the jeans with a small bit of padding as to not make it uncomfortable.
  29. Whistling happily, Lyra walked into the town marketplace, where a modest amount of ponies were bustling about, setting off to do various types of business. Applejack and Apple Bloom were just packing up their apple cart as Lyra walked past.
  31. “Ooh, Applejack!” Lyra exclaimed. “Can I grab a few apples real quick?”
  33. Applejack looked over, and grinned. “Sure thing, Lyra!” Looking down, the farm pony chuckled. “How’s the foal doin’?”
  35. Lyra beamed. “Oh, just fantastic! I’m starting to get a bit more sensitive, though... I think they’re due any day now!”
  37. Applejack nodded. Apple Bloom, meanwhile, gazed up at her.
  39. “Wow, Miss Lyra. Do you think it’s gonna hurt?”
  41. Lyra furrowed her brow. “Well... I mean, that’s a given... but I’m told most of the pain is exaggerated.”
  43. “I was there when Applejack helped deliver a calf,” Apple Bloom said, matter-of-fact. “There was a LOT of screaming. And mooing. And goo.”
  45. Lyra shuddered slightly, her foal giving another kick. “Well, let’s hope that I get off a bit easier, right?”
  47. “Apple bloom, don’t be rude, you here?” Applejack scolded, ruffling her younger sister’s mane. Apple Bloom blushed.
  49. “Sorry, Miss Lyra,” the filly apologized. Lyra smiled.
  51. “Nah, it’s just something I’ve put off thinking about,” Lyra said, chuckling nervously. “But, it’s gonna happen, and Bon Bon and I will be happy with our foal!”
  53. “Well, I’m happy for ya,” Applejack said, giving Lyra another grin. “Alright, let me get you your apples. How many you want?”
  55. “Just three, thank you,” Lyra said, grinning in return. “How much do I owe you?”
  57. “Have it on the house, for an expecting mother,” Applejack said cheerfully. Three apples soon found their way into Lyra’s pants pocket, and she looked gratefully over at Applejack.
  59. “Oh, thank you so much,” Lyra said, her eyes shining slightly. “That’s so thoughtful of you...”
  61. “It’s only the neighborly thing to do,” Applejack responded, tipping her hat. “Well, Apple Bloom ‘n I best be off; got a lot of work to do back at the farm.”
  63. Lyra watched as the two sisters trotted away down the path to their home, apple cart behind them. She smiled, and then groaned as her womb churned slightly.
  65. “I know you’re anxious to get out, but hold on for just a little bit, alright?” Apple Bloom’s talk of screaming and pain and... goo hadn’t really done wonders for Lyra’s perception of foaling.
  67. Lyra had always known on some level how painful it would be, but had done her best not to dwell on. Like she had told Apple Bloom, the thought of foaling had been put off in the back of her mind; now that she was nearly bursting, however...
  69. Trotting off towards the café where she usually got the sandwiches for Bon Bon and her, she smiled as she watched a few ponies turn their heads towards her. The mutters, she assumed, were about her large belly, and not her pants; that was until she passed close by a black pegasus stallion with a small mohawk, who whistled at her.
  71. “Hey, nice flank warmer,” he said, smiling.
  73. Lyra giggled, and rested a hoof. “I’m taken, sweetheart.”
  75. The pegasus blushed. “Hey, I didn’t mean it like that! I just find clothes to be something Ponyville lacks that it needs... more of.”
  77. Lyra laughed, and wiggled her plot slightly, her round stomach bouncing slightly as she did so. “Well, I’m glad you liked it. Tailor made by Miss Rarity herself!”
  79. “Hey, I know Rarity,” the stallion said. “I saved her from falling off of a cloud back when I was attending the Wonderbolt Academy.”
  81. Lyra cocked her head to the side, her mane falling over her left ear as she did so. “Really?”
  83. “Oh yeah,” the pegasus said. “It was nothing, really...” Lyra gave him a bemused look, and he blushed.
  85. “Okay, fine, it was terrifying, but at least Rarity’s alright,” he said, coughing awkwardly as he finished his sentence. Raising a hoof, he extended it, and said “I’m Thunderlane, the way.”
  87. Lyra raised a hoof, and the two did that awkward little shaking thing ponies do. “I’m Lyra!”
  89. Thunderlane gave Lyra an odd look. “Wait, Lyra... the one that’s married to Lyra, right?”
  91. “That’s me!” Lyra said, sitting back on her rump tenderly as to give her hooves and legs a rest, doing her best to avoid crushing the apples in her pockets.
  93. “I know her! Caramel works with her, me and him are like, best bros!” Thunderlane laughed. “So you’re the one he knocked up then?” Bending down, he rested his head on her large belly, causing Lyra to blush. “Jeez, so that’s really his kid in there...”
  95. Lyra cleared her throat. “Um, Bon Bon and me’s kid.”
  97. Thunderlane looked up. “Well, I mean... he’s the father though, right? He made it so you and Bon Bon can have a kid.”
  99. “Yeah, but—”
  101. “Caramel laid you down,” Thunderlane crooned smoothly, miming the actions with his hooves. “Lit some candles, put you in bed, thrust into you over and over, his hot sweaty body mashing against yours, came inside you, and—BAM—a foal’s in there, and he’s not the father to you?”
  103. Lyra giggled, blushing furiously. “Well, it didn’t happen EXACTLY like that...”
  105. “Oh yeah?” Thunderlane retorted, smirking.
  107. Lyra gave him a knowing smile. “He didn’t bother lighting any candles.”
  109. The two laughed heartily, their voices ringing through the mostly empty square.
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