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  1. menu_shape: CUSTOM
  2. menu_title: '&b&lDaily Streak Rewards'
  3. days: 7
  4. claim_type: PER_DAY
  5. mysql:
  6.   enable: true
  7.   host:
  8.   port: 16042
  9.   database: smpicnic
  10.   username: smpicnic
  11.   password: 5db379177eedd
  12. streak_reset: '&cYou were not able to claim all daily rewards in a row, so your streak
  13.   will be reset.'
  14. already_claimed: '&cYou have already claimed this reward'
  15. come_back_tomorrow: '&cCome back tomorrow to claim this reward'
  16. cant_claim_yet: '&cYou can''t claim this reward yet'
  17. streak: '&aYour current streak is: &b%streak%'
  18. streak_other: '&b%player%&a''s current streak is: &b%streak%'
  19. day: '&aYour current day is: %b%day%'
  20. day_other: '&b%player%&a''s current day is: &b%day%'
  21. villager_mode: '&eVillager mode has been: &c%status%'
  22. villager_moved: '&aYou moved the selected villager to your current location'
  23. villager_created: '&aYou created a new villager'
  24. villager_removed: '&cYou removed the selected villager'
  25. villager_selected: '&cYou selected this villager'
  26. name_villager: '&b&lDaily Rewards'
  27. no_villager_selected: '&cYou must select a villager to use this command'
  28. invalid_player: '&cThat player is not online'
  29. reload: '&aSuccessfully reloaded the plugin'
  30. must_specify_integer: '&cYou must specify a valid integer'
  31. set_streak: '&aYou set &b%player%&a''s streak to &b%streak%'
  32. boost: '&aYou boosted &b%player% &awith &b%boost% &aextra days'
  33. reset: '&aYou reset &b%player%&a''s streak'
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