Dadonequus Discord Part 218

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  1. >you don't really say too much after that. contemplating instead on the fact that it seemed people may have actually thought you the troublemaker...well....they had reason to. It also made you think about your rep again with the fillies and colts. Did it go in line with what Discord was saying? Were you becoming a wuss? If you were becoming like everyone else, but had the human edge on your side. Then you weren't one. you were above that.
  2. >You both also make small talk at this point. talking about past adventures. swapping stories. all the way up to the point you reach Fluttershy's cottage.
  3. >Spike took a look at the family statue. It still looked brand new. "I still think that looks a little creepy. I know everypony looks happy....but...ehhhhhh, it doesn't feel real. Y'know?"
  4. >Did it? You know Discord made the statue out of the goodness of his heart. You knew that because there was nothing to gain or lose, it wasn't a trap, it was...perhaps somewhere in his mind,your mind, and Fluttershy's mind, the vision of the perfect family. At least...sometimes you wished thats exactly what it was.
  5. "well works of art are usually a concept. This depicts us as the perfect family."
  6. >"So what you're saying is that it's actually a total farce"
  7. "What? no's what..well, think about it. Discord made the statue right? This statue represents exactly how he wishes we all were...y'know...if he wasn't being a jerk most of the time."
  8. >Spike walks up to the statue and looks closely at Discord's face "I dunno...then again, I have no idea why he'd make this kind of statue anyway. He doesn't do "Nice and cuddly" "
  9. "Yeah well...hrnnn?"
  10. >You raise up your ear as you hear singing coming from inside the cottage. Bird and Fluttershy tones coming from the windows and door.
  11. "Is that Aunt Fluttershy?"
  12. >"Sounds like it" Spike turned towards the front door "She must be practicing for her bird singing choir."
  13. "Bird singing choir?"
  15. >"Or something like that..I dunno. She said she wants to do some singing during the festival. Something nice and peaceful to set the mood."
  16. "Well that doesn't sound so actually sounds nice right now. So what, is there a problem?"
  17. >Spike shook his head "No not really. It's something she'd do. The problem is that it's a festival. I dunno how she's going to keep the birds in check once it gets started. But she says she has it handled so eh" Spike shrugged "None of us want to argue about it. Everypony is bringing their own thing to the festival and it'd be wrong to tell her no just because were worried about the birds flying off, who knows. They just might not"
  18. "'s Aunt Fluttershy. If anything, she SHOULD have a handle on it. it's her special talent after all."
  19. >You look at the door and raise your hoof to knock.
  20. >Knock Knock
  21. >But the singing keeps on going
  22. >Knock Knock
  23. >Suddenly, everything goes offkey
  24. >Knock Knock
  25. >You can hear Fluttershy saying "O-oh..there's somepony at the door. Angel, can you please get it while I get some water for all the birdies?"
  26. >in another moment, the door opens, you see a very pissed off Angel holding a conductor's baton. He was also in a very adorable little tux.
  27. >"Will you look at that" Spike chuckled "Hey there Angel, why are you dressed like that? Got a date?" As Spike's laughter grew, Angel got super pissed and tossed his conductor's baton right into his face before making indistinct bunny noises.
  29. >"Ow geez, I was just messing around." Spike rubbed his face as he took a few steps back.
  30. >Angel then looked to you, and made a few noises at you, pointing at something inside. You tilt your head and look at what he was pointing at. he was pointing at the birds...and at a bowl with a large amount of carrots in it....hmmnn..
  31. "...Wait...are you mad because we interrupted your conducting? Which you only agreed to because it meant more carrots?"
  32. >Angel and Spike look at you with astonishment, Spike then says "You understood that?"
  33. "S-sorta....I guess it was just from the stuff he was pointing at. It just all kind of made sense to me"
  34. >"Or more that you're learning a thing or two from Fluttershy. That's pretty crazy stuff.." Spike didn't think anyone else could even develop that talent. "I understand a little myself. But not enough for something like that"
  35. >Angel just stared for a moment and motioned for you to step closer.
  36. >Hrn?
  37. >You move a little closer. And he starts making a few motions as he smiles. You couldn't really tell what he was saying now. Until he started pointing to himself then you then back to himself.
  38. "..erm...yeah, I understood it..and I think I understand now. So yeah, I understood"
  39. >Angel then nodded, then he got angry again and slapped you as he made even more indistinct noises.
  40. "ow! What the?! What was that for?!"
  41. >Spike chuckled a little from that, he didn't expect you to be slapped "I think I got it. He's angry that we interrupted him. And he's even angrier at you because you understood and didn't even apologize...that's..THAT'S HILARIOUS" Spike falls over laughing at the entire thing.
  42. >...yeah...real funny
  44. >Angel wasn't laughing however. He knew that the more he practiced, the more carrots he'd get. and this was getting in the way. So he got behind the both of you and started kicking. Trying to get you both inside. How rude...
  45. "Ok ok sheesh.."
  46. >As you both step inside. You could see Fluttershy putting out a waterfeeder for the birds. Smiling as they act behaved and take turns taking sips. "Awww, you're all so polite and nice. I'm very glad that you all took the time out of your busy days to practice with me. And to you too...oh?" Fluttershy turns to see both you and Spike walk in as Angel takes his position back on the little conductor's stand.
  47. >"Hey Fluttershy! Looook who I brought!" Spike presents you to Fluttershy
  48. "Hey Aunt Fluttershy, are you doing ok? I noticed you got this bird choir thing going on. That's pretty cool"
  49. >"Anon...Spike?" Fluttershy then looked to Spike as she suddenly got..angry? "Spike! What is Anon doing here?! Why did you bring him over?!"
  50. >Wu-ut?!
  51. "A-aunt Fluttershy?"
  52. >"What?! What are you getting angry at me for?! He wanted to see you, and Twilight asked me to take him just in case he ran into any problems. Don't get mad at me! I'm just the messenger!"
  53. >Fluttershy walks up to you as you wonder why the fuck she was flipping out. She gently puts a hoof on your head "No fever...any aches? Anon..are you aching at all, anywhere? Do you feel any pain at all?"
  54. > was becoming clear.
  55. "Not really..I-I think the medicine helped. What's wrong Aunt Fluttershy? I thought you'd be happy to see me"
  57. >"I am..and I'm not. You're not supposed to be walking around that much Anon. You're still healing....mnnngh." Fluttershy tried to calm down, she sighed. She really was glad that you at least seemed ok "...mnnn, I'm glad you took the medicine. And I'm even happier that it's helping. I'm sorry if I made it look like that I wasn't happy to see you. I'm glad that you were responsible enough to take it but...." Fluttershy looked to Spike "Spike, can you tell me what kind of food Anon has had so far? I want to make a soup that has the rest of the essential vitamins and minerals he may need for the day"
  58. >....eaten?
  59. >"uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Spike was dumbfounded
  60. "....I....uhhh"
  61. >Ohhhhhhhh, you both did it now. You could see Fluttershy's eye twitching before she let out an angry "What?! HE HASN'T EVEN EATEN! OHHHHH! THAT'S IT! ANON!...." She points to her couch "Lay there, head on pillow, NOW!"
  62. >Wut?!
  63. "Aunt Fluttershy, don't you thin-"
  64. >She suddenly gives you the stare..oh geez. she was serious "...noooow"
  65. "Well ok then!"
  66. >You get up on the couch and rest your head..were you supposed to try to sleep or something?
  67. >"Spike...go up to my room and fetch Anon more pillows and blankets, no arguing, do it NOW!" She points up to her room.
  68. >"W-whatever you say Fluttershy..s-sir!" Spike reluctantly salutes as he rushes up to her room.
  69. >"Angel! Give Anon a carrot while I make him soup. No arguing, it's good for him!" She points to his food bowl.
  70. >Angel however, did not want to give up a carrot. he grabs onto one and holds it close.
  72. >"Angel....don't make me take it from you. Because that might be the last carrot you'll ever get..." She then softens up for a second "I don't mean I'd starve you or anything...just no carrots...but" She hardens up again "That isn't a threat, that's a promise...give it to!"
  73. >Angel looked at his carrot, and whimpered, but he could see how serious she was being. everyone was pretty scary. He hops over to you. and gives you the carrot. You just stare at it for a moment.
  74. >"Eat..NOW! FOR YOUR HEALTH!"
  75. >o-ok
  76. >You start munching on the carrot, now kind of afraid of her.
  77. >Spike rushes back down with the blankets and pillows. "I-I got everything"
  78. >"Good! Now set everything up for Anon and come help me in the kitchen!" Fluttershy commanded as she went to make you a soup.
  79. >"Y-yes sir..I mean..Ma'am..I mean....ehh..ok..sir..." Spike stammers as he puts pillows under your head and throws blankets over you. "T-there we go, coming Fluttershy!"
  80. >...this was awkward.
  81. >You just sit there....silently...while Fluttershy and Spike make a soup for you.
  82. >After it was done. Spike pulls up a table next to the couch as Fluttershy puts the bowl of soup down on it. "There we are, a nice and healthy soup for my favorite nephew. If you'd like. I could feed it to you. You need to conserve all your strength Anon. I'd like you to be able to go to the festival tomorrow without any kind of issue fact, don't even worry about it. I'm going to feed you" She smiles gently at you.
  83. >....ok..that's a little much.
  84. >You go to grab the bowl to drink it
  85. "I think I can-"
  87. >But she pulls the bowl away and nearly growls "I'm going to feed you...and then you're going to get some extra rest. This is for your own good Anon. I'm your Aunt, And I think I need to take a more active role in your life. Especially if you're not going to take your injuries seriously. Not even eating today? How could you...and how could Twilight not make sure you were fed....mnnnn.." Fluttershy did her best to calm herself. She didn't want to be mad..she hated being mad. "Anon, please...don't make a fuss. Please?"
  88. >She looked so concerned now. She was so worried about you. Seeing you being attacked by a chimera must have really shaken her. Considering she wanted to see you if you were awake. You could only guess she was doing this whole song thing to get her mind off of it.
  89. "ok. Aunt Fluttershy. I'm not upset. I was just worried from your reaction. That's all...see?"
  90. >You open your mouth
  91. "ahhh, ready for food please"
  92. >Damn, you didn't think about eating at all. You didn't even feel hungry the entire time. But she was right, you were supposed to be recovering. All you wanted to do was let her know you were ok and make her happy. Well, if this was going to make her happy. then fine..
  93. >Though something else stuck out in your head. Fluttershy, she'd not treat you this lovingly at all if you were an adult. No way you could try to dodge that. But you didn't need to dodge it. As you told Discord, you'd just have to grow into it. and be a Stallion, one she'd be proud of.
  94. >Fluttershy smiled, and began to feed you the soup. It was bitter, but you could bare did it for her
  96. >After the soup was done. Fluttershy fetched you a glass of water. She then started to have a chat with Spike. Fluttershy wanted to go deeper into the reasons of why you weren't fed. Spike's explanation was just that everybody probably assumed that you'd feed yourself, ask for food when you were hungry, or get food from her when you both arrived. It could have been any one of those.
  97. >Fluttershy calmed down after that, it seemed sensible, she apologized to Spike for how she acted. Spike of course forgave her.
  98. >After a little more small talk. Spike wanted to excuse himself as it seemed you'd be with Fluttershy for the rest of the day. And he still had preparation for tomorrow to get to. He says goodbye to you and Fluttershy. which of course the both of you return. And he goes on his way.
  99. >Fluttershy walks back to you as she grabs the bowl and goes to clean and put it away. "Anon, are you comfy?"
  100. "Yeah...Aunt Fluttershy, can I ask you a question?"
  101. >"Mhmm, of course you can."
  102. "....let's say...I was older. Like, a stallion. Full adult. Would you love me just the same?"
  103. >Fluttershy giggles "That's a funny question. You should know the answer would always be yes"
  104. "...yeah..but, would things be different?"
  105. >Fluttershy suddenly got a little worried. "Why?" she wondered. >"Anon, what's wrong?"
  106. "'s just I just kind of want to know how things would be between you and me"
  107. >"Anon..." Fluttershy stops, and comes close to you, leaning down so she can meet you at eye level. "You're a smart and loving colt. Not a stallion. So you shouldn't worry about being one yet.So don't worry, and let those thoughts just float away. It's nothing you have to worry about. I said...I will always love you just the same."
  109. "I know...but..I'm just curious."
  110. >"Why are you curious? did you have a nightmare while you were resting at the castle? Did somepony tell you something?...Did your father say something?" Fluttershy gulped, she didn't want to hear that Discord had anything to do with this.
  111. "......He said things would change when I grow older. And I know it's true. I was just wondering what would change. Don't be mad at him, please?" You don't ask her for his sake, you ask her for yours.
  112. >"He shouldn't be worrying you at all like that." Fluttershy sighed, she'd have to disregard that for now. And try to put your mind at ease while also being truthful. "Things would change yes. You'd have to do a lot more things for yourself. And I wouldn't be able to be there for you on everything. But that's something every stallion and mare has to deal with. I'll still be here if you need any support, or if you need somepony to talk to, you can even stay here in the cottage for as long as you need. But, you'd still need a place of your own. It's not that I don't want's just I can't support you forever. But that's just the truth of it. It might sound a little scary, but everypony goes through it. And they always succeed. So no worries..ok?" A image flashed through Fluttershy's head. She hoped...she dearly hoped...that you never ended up like her brother. That you never become like him.
  114. >Fluttershy gives you a gentle hug. this hug felt more special than others. It felt safer...
  115. >You knew if anything. Fluttershy would always have your back. If you ever needed anything. Even emotional support. She was the first pony to go to.
  116. >And so you spent the rest of the day at Fluttershy's. She practiced the choir, having Angel conduct through a very soft sounding song. One to help you relax and get more comfortable. The practicing went on for awhile. And when it was done, Fluttershy set up food for the birds and opened the window for when they wanted to leave. And she then decided to spend the rest of the day with you. Since she was adamant on you getting some rest. She decided it might be nice to tell you stories of her adventures. Of course, you knew most if all of them....but..what the hell. you weren't about to spoil the moment for your favorite Aunt.
  117. >it was actually very relaxing to hear the episodes brought up from her perspective. The way she spoke was so soft and yet so enthused. You could listen to her for hours.
  118. >And so you did. up until nightfall began to hit. In which Twilight paid a visit. Again, this wasn't really of note either at this point. She had just gotten worried as to where you might be. She knew you were at Fluttershys, but she had wondered if you were still there. and if you were coming back. You told her, even asked her if it'd be ok to spend the night here. Despite it still being on her time. Twilight agreed, given the circumstances. She thought it'd be better for you to fully recover in a more familiar place than her castle. Though she apologized for not bringing a book for you to read. You felt it would be alright.
  119. >And after she left. there was only one thing left to was time for rest. And rest you did. As Fluttershy did as she always did. Course, the sofa had less room than a bed. So she just rested on her back. As you rested on her belly.
  121. >Day 7
  122. >A letter you have written to Starlight, about your week.
  123. "Dear Starlight,
  125. How are you doing? Yeah, I know. It's pretty soon to be sending you another letter. But my week with Twilight is over and I thought you'd like to hear about it. I know you don't like her much still. But, I can safely say that after spending this much time with her. This much time in Equestria without going back home, that Twilight isn't nearly as bad as we both thought. She's always eager to learn and she's actually very friendly despite her being like a naggy mom at times. And she only wants the best for everypony...even if she sometimes overdoes it. Twilight and her friends showed me that it's better to be virtuous and not to lie...I had been lying a lot to them lately. But I'm fixing that about myself. Oh, also, there's this pony named Trixie. Kind of reminds me of you but more...pronounced in some of the things she does. She hated Twilight too...but, heh, she saw the same things I did and she came around, we all became friends actually. I even pointed her your way, saying that the town could probably need a good magic show...just don't criticize that it's stage magic alright? She's kind of sensitive now that she has friends. And she could always use more. There was also this run in with a vicious chimera but...we all got out of that ok. I kinda don't wanna go into it too much. I also sorta kinda have a mare friend...also don't wanna get into that on this letter, because I already could tell you'll probably find that silly. There was also this friendship festival, I wish I knew about it sooner because I would have completely and utterly done something to get you for it...but...I sorta lost my horn...again...don't wanna talk about that either..especially about it. But this festival, it was really cool. I went with my friends from school and we got to ride some rides. go through a friendship tunnel...
  127. listen to music about friendship. and even dunk eachother into cherry gelatin. Listen to stories. Play was a nice time. And you were always in my thoughts through all of it. That's why this letter comes enclosed with a small picture I had drawn of you and me. Sorry if some of the details are off. The artist did his best in capturing what I was describing..."
  128. >The Picture enclosed was of you and filly Starlight. In wizard hats, giving eachother a friendly hug.
  129. "Anywho, everything went pretty great. And, if you can...drop by soon. I'd love to see you again and I'd like to see if you and Twilight could get along. I know you both could if you tried. I miss you, and wish the best for you always. As for me, you don't need to worry. I learned a few new lessons in friendship..none I'd soon forget. Your friend, Anon"
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