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RedFaerie's TTIAbuseAwareness Tweet Log

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  2. Copied directly from RedFaerie's TL, Best to start at the bottom and work up.
  10. S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  11. thank you all again for the support as i tell the many stories that make up my 4 years of hell. Please keep sharing this.#TTIabuseawareness
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  13. 16h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  14. @cinnamaldehyde and somehow, in my eyes, this is safer
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  16. 16h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  17. This will be my last tweet tonight. I have OCD because of my experiences, specifically regarding warmth, water and food. #TTIabuseawareness
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  19. 16h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  20. @cinnamaldehyde as long as i have a willing audience i will keep talking. I may need breaks, i may need time to heal, but i wont be silent
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  22. 16h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  23. My wrist is beginning to lock up just from typing, two choices, allow someone to type for me, or try to sleep. #TTIabuseawareness
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  25. 16h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  26. @NathanG_20 that is my hope, that my story can help just 1 person, then maybe it will have been worth it
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  28. 16h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  29. I now have difficulty regulating my body temperature from nights spent in -22 weather with windows open. #TTIabuseawareness
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  31. 16h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  32. Imagine having every detail of your life commanded by a stranger, when you eat, sleep, shower, go outside, anything. #TTIabuseawareness
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  34. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  35. @cinnamaldehyde thank you. my tweets appear as #TTIabuseawareness :)
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  37. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  38. When i was removed from FGIRTC i was deficient in every single vitamin and mineral imaginable. #TTIabuseawareness
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  40. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  41. i was allowed to attend a public school (under supervision) because i am bilingual, others were kept on property #TTIabuseawareness
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  43. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  44. I have muscle damage in my shoulder, wrist and knees from being restrained. #TTIabuseawareness
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  46. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  47. I am terrified of police/fire/emt personnel and sirens.People who left with them didn't come back #TTIabuseawareness
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  49. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  50. Imagine being told that your birthday/christmas/halloween won't be celebrated because youre on seperation/lockdown. #TTIabuseawareness
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  52. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  53. Don't just retweet my tweets,steal them. I want this to trend, I want the world to know what does on behind closed doors. #TTIabuseawareness
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  55. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  56. I remember children having lice go untreated for so long that you could see them moving on bedding and bodies #TTIabuseawareness
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  58. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  59. I wish i knew the other's stories, for i would tell them for them. We are all afraid and it has been almost 10 years. #TTIabuseawareness
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  61. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  62. a typical meal at FGIRTC fruit (1 Peice) Milk (i cup) -or- 1 cup of whole wheat pasta average caloric intake 3-600 #TTIabuseawareness
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  64. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  65. Out of 7 females in my program,6 have children as a result of rape at FGIRTC, I am the one that doesn't. #TTIabuseawareness
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  67. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  68. we were in a car accident in a program vehicle we were denied trauma care even though we were in shock. #TTIabuseawareness
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  70. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  71. We were not allowed any contact with the outside world, no radio, no tv, no internet. Our phone calls were monitored. #TTIabuseawareness
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  73. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  74. One of the staff from my program added me to facebook 4 years later, to monitor what i told people about the program #TTIabuseawareness
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  76. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  77. @JustinGothreau I look forward every day, this is my past, it made me who i am but it will not define me.
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  79. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  80. My family disowned me when i spoke out against the abuse at FGIRTC, I became a street child. #TTIabuseawareness
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  82. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  83. programs like FGIRTC encourage bullying within their programs and turn a blind eye to it. #TTIabuseawareness
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  85. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  86. @JustinGothreau I have 3 people in my house watching me tonight as i tell my this. If i break,one of them will take over this will be told
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  88. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  89. at FGIRTC, I went in a perfectly healthy teen, I am now anemic and hypoglycemic from 4 years of near starvation. #TTIabuseawareness
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  91. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  92. because of my treatment at FGIRTC my body doesn't recognise sleep patterns anymore #TTIabuseawareness
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  94. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  95. @JustinGothreau Troubled Teen Industry. My particular hell operated as Family Guidance International.
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  97. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  98. Bedtimes were at the whim of the staff, i remember being 14 and sent to bed at 730 pm only to be woken at midnight #TTIabuseawareness
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  100. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  101. I have 3 friends I have never seen again. They were taken by staff in the middle of the night. They were 12, 13 and 11. #TTIabuseawareness
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  103. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  104. I have a 6 inch scar on my shoulder from being attacked with a crowbar by another teen. police called but no charges. #TTIabuseawareness
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  106. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  107. I was made to sleep in common areas of the house on weekends because there were not enough staff for us to sleep in rooms #TTIabuseawareness
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  109. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  110. We were left sitting in the heat in a parking lot because staff members "forgot" to pick us up from school #TTIabuseawareness
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  112. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  113. I remember them taking everything out of our rooms, because one of the girls had called home from a friends cellphone #TTIabuseawareness
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  115. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  116. Anna Schmidt You are my sister. We don't know what happened to you, We heard you scream as they took you away you were 12#TTIabuseawareness
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  118. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  119. Immediately upon entering the program i was dosed with 500mgs of seroquil without a prescription or medical supervision #TTIabuseawareness
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  121. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  122. Guess what FGIRTC. You can't silence me anymore. #TTIabuseawareness
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  124. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  125. I was admitted to a psychiatric facility prior to being removed from the program so that no one would believe my story #TTIabuseawareness
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  127. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  128. Maria Mendoza, 14 (Restraint 2003) #TTIabuseawareness #RIP” This was a teen this could have been me.
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  130. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  131. I was moved over 3 1/2 hours away from my family,placed in a 4 bedroom house with 7 other teens. Girls slept 3 to a room. #TTIabuseawareness
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  133. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  134. When i was "liberated" from this program, i was 16 years old and weighed around 60 pounds. I looked like a skeleton. #TTIabuseawareness
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  136. 17h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  137. The other teen who raped me, is now a security officer at another tti program. #TTIabuseawareness
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  139. 18h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  140. I was not allowed to see my parents for over 3 months, because i told. #TTIabuseawareness
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  142. 18h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  143. I had to fill out paperwork for something as simple as a visit with my best friend. #TTIabuseawareness
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  145. 18h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  146. One of the boys in my program was relocated to a "secure" facility, two weeks later, his 10 year old sister joined us. #TTIabuseawareness
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  148. 18h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  149. I was not allowed to go to school without a member of the program's staff with me, because i was an exposure risk. #TTIabuseawareness
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  151. 18h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  152. I was told if i was found outside after dark, the police had full permission to shoot to kill. I was 13. #TTIabuseawareness
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  154. 18h S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  155. I am a survivor of the now defunct FGIRTC. I tell my story via anonymous tweets because I'm still afraid #TTiabuseawareness
  159. S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  160. i would like to apologize in advance for some of the things that will be said tonight. My tweets may contain triggers. #TTIabuseawareness
  162. 6 Feb S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  163. I have to stop tweeting now, I'm having flashbacks. #TTIabuseawareness
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  165. 6 Feb S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  166. I had fireworks lit and thrown at me by another teen in the program. Again no police reports, I have burn scars on my leg #TTIabuseawareness
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  168. 6 Feb S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
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  171. 6 Feb S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  172. I was raped, multiple times by another teen, police reports were never filed, i was told, i had it coming. #TTIabuseawareness
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  174. 6 Feb S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  175. I had every single item of clothing and personal item, taken and searched every time i left the house #TTIabuseawareness
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  177. 6 Feb S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  178. I was given medication for a condition i didn't have, why? to keep me docile and drugged. #TTIabuseawareness
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  180. 6 Feb S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  181. This is my story, there are 10-100,000 more like me. can you stay silent now that there is a name to these stories? #TTIabuseawareness
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  183. 6 Feb S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  184. I had my wrist broken by another teen, they waited 36 hours to take me for medical care #TTIabuseawareness
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  186. 6 Feb S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  187. I saw children younger than me have bones broken by "non-violent" restraints #TTIabuseawareness
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  189. 6 Feb S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  190. I remember being taken from my foster home, everything after that is a drugged blur. I lost 4 years of my life to the TTI #TTIabuseawareness
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  192. 6 Feb S3я4 7h3 f43r!3 ‏@The_red_faerie
  193. I got out. How many like me aren't that lucky. RAISE YOUR VOICE FOR THEM #TTIabuseawareness
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