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  1. Do you have the necessary means of capturing evidence?
  2. I can use Gyazo, Snipping tool and F2 for fast screenshotting.
  3. And I can press Windows + G for the game recording program.
  5. Why do you think you should become a helper.
  6. I feel that I should become a helper because I am always positive,
  7. I never see room for negativity and will always stay positive and happy.
  8. I meet all the requirements that are listed, I might not have the
  9. Best grammar of all, but I don't think that should affect my chances.
  10. I also feel like a new helper from the U.S. could fit the team, since
  11. I could be the only staff member that could be online to catch hackers and control some things in the server.
  12. I feel like I could take the lead without any problems.
  13. I can have fun but also be strict when needed, I don't want to be
  14. The staff that gets mean messages in his mailbox, I feel like
  15. I can be nice and have fun with people but I can instantly
  16. become focused and concentrate on the job, and handle the issue
  17. In a normal and appropriate way
  18. I will always do my best and give the full 100% to do
  19. What I can do, I will not accept it when I don't know the issue and I will
  20. Think about it day and night until I will find a solution to the problem.
  21. I am also familiar with all the commands that you can use
  22. And I know when and how to use them.
  23. I would never abuse my commands. I will
  24. Use them to make StrengthMC a better place.
  25. StrengthMC is a place to have fun. not to be mean to each other.​
  27. Caring
  28. I care a lot about StrengthMC, I have been a member since I was
  29. 13, And still a member at the age of 13.
  30. I always logged on and just talk with people and started to play with
  31. people, I feel that I have a strong connection with the server and community both.
  33. Social
  34. I personally think I am very social, I can handle things nicely and appropriately
  35. I can have fun and be fun on the server, but I also can be strict when needed.
  36. and I am not scared to punish a player who is not behaving like he should.
  37. I will always handle the issues the way I have to, Not the rude way.​
  39. Helpful
  40. I see myself as a very helpful player,
  41. When people ask me to help them, I would try my best to help
  42. them with as much as possible, I would always give the full 100%,
  43. To go and fix their problem, I will do everything that is possible to
  44. Succeed and solve the issue.​
  46. What makes me different from other applicants?
  47. I am 13 years old and I can work serious, just like other people
  48. But I am also very creative, open-minded and a chill person.
  49. I play a lot but I am not the guy who is being rude to everyone.
  50. I will help people who need it and I will never be too lazy,
  51. I will answer as soon as possible if someone has a question. And
  52. I will never leave someone without answering their question.
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