Yuusha Mushoku

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  1. Notes
  2. -===-
  4. Roper -
  5. A magical beast in games covered with rope-like tentacles.
  6. Tentacles.
  8. Geso Majin -
  9. Originally, "geso" was defined as footwear.
  10. As time passed, sushi shops started calling squids' tentacles, "squids' feet", or "squids' geso".
  11. As a result, "geso" came to be defined as "squids' tentacles" as well, and also commonly used to refer to anything squid-related.
  12. Majin is essentially "devil", "evil spirit", etc.
  14. "Failing to plan is planning to fail" -
  15. Originally, the idiom, "sharpening your sickle during the sunset".
  16. As the sunset shows good weather for the next day, sharpening the sickle will prepare it for the farmwork the next day.
  17. Or in a much less literal sense, "don't ever be unprepared".
  19. Slime -
  20. Living blobs of slime.
  21. Usually a weak, starting monster in certain RPGs.
  23. Burusera -
  24. Portmanteau of "buruma" (bloomers) and "serafuku" (sailor uniform).
  25. Burusera shops deal in... secondhand goods sold by schoolgirls, with certain questionable types of people as their main clients.
  27. Stats window page -
  28. Descriptions were originally each two lines long.
  29. Full translation for them below, due to the space limitation.
  31. A schoolgirl in the role of a Hero in the Netherworld for some reason. Bad at games.
  33. Likes advanced jobs and rare items. She has ability, but her luck is bad.
  35. A warrior that believes in defence. The person inside escapes right away.
  37. Appears to be not thinking much, but she seems to be always planning some scheme.
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