Dec 7th, 2013
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  1. >The sound of water stopping was audible as a balloon-flanked pony stepped out of the bath tub, padding the towel about her fur.
  2. “Thanks for the shower, Rarity! I totally put too much chocolate lava in the chocosurprise!”
  3. >Rarity gave a small pout, but returned to a neutral state
  4. “Well, I’m glad that the dresses that you did manage to get chocolate on the failed concepts.”
  5. >Pinkie’s face fell, her eyes starting to well with saddened simpering.
  6. >Rarity trotted over to Pinkie, nuzzling her softly.
  7. “Now darling, you helped me out, considerably. Really you did. You inspired a bit of a new line for me. The candy line!”
  8. >Pinkie’s mewling came to a stop, a meek smile appearing and then spreading into a wide grin.
  9. “I’m sorry that I made a mess, but I’m glad that I helped.”
  10. >Rarity giggled and pressed a peck to Pinkie’s forehead.
  11. “You are a muse to me, darling.”
  12. >Pinkie snickered and kissed Rarity’s cheek, necking into Rarity and showing Rarity to the bed.
  13. >Rarity laid in the bed and groaned, her work days indeed getting shorter ever since the midwife told her that staying on her legs for too long would put a lot of strain on her.
  14. >Pinkie slowly flopped onto the bed, rolling over to Rarity and rubbing along Rarity’s swell, and beaming brightly.
  15. “I can’t wait until our little filly can take her first bite of the legendary MMMMM!”
  16. “I feel the same way about seeing her on stage.”
  17. “Do you think that she’d be into fashion, marshmallow?”
  18. “Er..well, I think that she may appreciate it, but we must not force her into anything that she may not like.”
  19. “Pshh. I know that. I would never ever ever EVER do to her what I’ve gone through.”
  20. >Pinkie sighed. She loved her family and felt guilty about not even being a bit interested in the trade of rock farming, but that was not what she wanted to do. She would have just been betraying herself if she had stayed.
  21. >Rarity put a hoof to Pinkie chin and guided her to meet Rarity’s gaze.
  22. “Pinkamena Diane Pie, I want none of that angst in this household. We’ve got Sweetie Belle to look after from time to time and I want her to see that you are worthy of being my partner.”
  23. >Pinkie saluted and winked, her mood lightening immediately.
  24. >Rarity smiled as well and tried to sit up when she heard the doorbell ring.
  25. “Pinkie, could you help me up? I need to see who’s at the door.”
  26. >Pinkie offered her hoof, pulling up Rarity and helping her stabilize when all four hooves met the ground.
  27. “I don’t ever think that I’ll get used to this.”
  28. >Pinkie opened the door when Rarity gave her the o.k., revealing a lone stallion. He looked as if he was distracted or something. The opening of the door startled him, but he regained his composure rather quickly.
  29. “Ahem…are you a Miss Rarity?”
  30. “The one and only.”
  31. “I’m representing Sweet Pea a-“
  32. “Specialty shop from Manehattan. I’ve seen your stores.”
  33. >The salesstallion, shocked, resumed his pitch
  34. “W-well, as our shop is visited by mares that are with foal, we wanted to see if you would be interested in perhaps having a line in our shops. We’ve seen your designs from some of the off-the-catwalk shows and we are willing to make a deal.”
  35. >Rarity was interested. This may be her big break into Manehattan and maybe into Canterlot. But before she could talk, the puffy-haired pony opened the offer.
  36. “Throw in a couple of lines for non-maternity clothes and you got yourself a deal.”
  37. >Rarity in shock, thought that Pinkie had blew it for her.
  38. “A-ah Pinkie! I’m sorry I-“
  39. >The stallion chortled and gave a grin to Pinkie.
  40. “I like your moxie. I’ll have my lawyers draw up a contract first thing tomorrow.”
  41. >He starts walking away, thoroughly impressed by the two mares.
  42. “And congratulations to you, Miss Rarity.”
  43. >Rarity was red from cheek to cheek, her breaths short, yet controlled as she leaned onto Pinkie.
  44. “Thank you, Pinkie.”
  45. >That was all that she could muster before working herself into gleeful whinnies, bouncing up and down for a moment.
  46. “Oh, I am so looking forward to our future!”
  47. “Me three!”
  48. “Three?”
  49. “Well, duh, marshmallow. Our little filly is looking forward to her future maybe even more than me!”
  50. Rarity giggled and pulled her dear confectionary party-goer close, pressing a smooch onto her bubblegum-tasting lips.
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