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AEB Present 1.5 Log 9

DNA-zama Jun 24th, 2014 183 Never
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  1. Avara has connected.
  2. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  3. Chloe has connected.
  4.         Rochette:       Rochette loses 0 hit points.
  5. Kaorin Sakura:  Hah! Ava beat you all!
  6. Avara:  i had to tell them the server was up
  7. Large Weedle must wait 28.472 seconds before it may move again!
  8. DNA:    That, and you were offline when I woke up
  9. Avara:  Large Weedle, huh?
  10. Chloe:  Haven't named yet.
  11. Large Weedle must wait 5.028 seconds before it may move again!
  12. DNA:    ...the hell, is pot hiding stuff in my box
  13. DNA:    oh. wait. never mind.
  14. Kaorin Sakura:  Yeah, I was confused by that massively.
  15.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe Blanchett loses 0 hit points.
  16. DNA:    because my box had 13 images to Chloe's 8.Then I realize it's because I give everything a picture.
  17. Kaorin Sakura:  Oh hey, I still have Blaine's lab music up.
  18. * Kaorin Sakura jams.
  19. DNA:    I don't know how, but you got the Pokemon Mansion theme stuck in my head just from saying that.
  20. Kaorin Sakura:  >_>
  21. Kaorin Sakura:  http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/571518
  22. DNA:    Chiptunes are catchy!
  23. Kaorin Sakura:  So, I believe I'm at the point where waiting for Jack is no longer ideal.
  24. Kaorin Sakura:  Shall I begin? Although I am enjoying Blaine's lab music.
  25. * Kaorin Sakura jam's.
  26. * Cecile is namd.
  27.         Cecile:         Wee!
  28. DNA:    \m/
  29. DNA:    I feel bored so I'm just going to pick a theme and jam to it as we play.
  30. Avara:  did jack say he'd be late/absent at any point?
  31. Kaorin Sakura:  Not that I saw.
  32.         Cecile:         He was hear earlier today, and would have brought it up if he planned on it.
  33. Avara:  are we gonna wait more?
  34. Kaorin Sakura:  Nah, we can totes begin.
  35. DNA:    Keh. At this point, I wouldn't.
  36. Kaorin Sakura:  I...think you were here for the description Ava.
  37.         Cecile:         This would be his second missed session, *after* putting one off because he wasn't there. So third week in a row.
  38. DNA:    And this is why I called dibs on being the medic.
  39. Avara:  i don't recall the description, although that doesn't mean i was or wasn't there
  40. Avara:  good news: i got a nap in before the game
  41. DNA:    I did too!
  42. DNA:    ...stupid chocolate raisins making me crash
  43. Kaorin Sakura:  I did too!
  44. Kaorin Sakura:  27 minute nap! I feel so much better.
  45. Kaorin Sakura:  Just gonna drop some descriptions from last week.
  46. DNA:    Mine was 30, so...heh.
  47. DNA:    Er, 40.
  48. As you go down the northwestern path, the cave tunnel grows a bit wider before opening into an open area. What appears to have been once a stone path remains now smooth, eroded stones scattered in a general direction. The area is flooded but appears to be no deeper than a foot. The area is dimly lit but monstrously large plants that glow a mettalic blue. There are what nothing could describe better than ruins scattered across this area. The vague shapes of a square building are what's left to your immediate right. The stone structure worn away and what you believe to be a doorway faces you. The water is still.
  49. Kaorin Sakura: (( But, here's the best image I could find for reference.
  50. https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3735/14109759430_4bc6fdde68_b.jpg ))
  51. As you approach the ruins you can see some of the plant-life has claims some of the walls as its own, creating a vine-like network over it. You can see some stone boxes scattered around the ruins and no reaction from the shadow.
  52. When you enter the ruins, you can see the wasp-like body standing motionless on its four legs. Its two needle-like arms are stabbed into the stone floor. There is a hole in its back from where it seems it was injured. Its body is a dull copper colour compared to the usual Beedrill you see and its wings are full of holes. You can give me a medicine check for its condition.
  53. From the crack, the head of the exoskeleton falls off and shatters onto the stone floor. The vines retract from the flash of light emitted by the Pokeball and retreat from the stone walls. There's a crackling sound from within the exoskeleton and from where you are, you can see a hardened black oval shaped object wiggling inside. There's a cracking sound and you suddenly realize its an egg.
  54. Avara:  ah yes, the shrine of amana with the beedrill corpse
  55. The egg cracks open and crawling out of it appears to be a long, slender creature with over a dozen legs a long, sharp needle protruding from its head. Its body is entirely black, the needle glowing a feint blue and bright copper coloured rings all over its body.
  56. DNA:    Yeah.
  57. The creature crawls out of the exoskeleton and falls onto the stone floor with an audible smack.
  58. Kaorin Sakura:  And then Chloe guile-charmed it into her party.
  59.         Chloe Blanchett:        Also the plants described recoil from light.
  60. Avara:  weird.
  61. Kaorin Sakura:  And just to remind foks, there are still two eggs inside of the Beedrill husk.
  62. DNA:    Three.
  63. Kaorin Sakura:  Two. One hatched. *points up*
  64. DNA:    I know, and there was 4 to begin with.
  65. Kaorin Sakura:  I stand corrected, there are three still in there.
  66. Kaorin Sakura:  Had to check my notes. Damn my memory.
  67.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Maybe someone should create a stealth ball. No modifiers to capturing, but upon releasing a pokemon it creates no sound or light." Chloe mused to herself.
  68. * DNA is surprised he remembered that anyway.
  69.         Rochette:       "That might be a good idea." Rochette is keeping her distance from the beedrill, eggs and hatchling.
  70. Kaorin Sakura:  Hah. Silencer upgrade.
  71.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Probably, though I don't think any of them are liable to move again. Still, we don't need to stick around..."
  72. * Saturn Rosewell paused for a minute.
  73.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Wait, when did you catch up?"
  74.         Rochette:       "When you weren't looking. Ninja training."
  75.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I...I see..."
  76.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe Blanchett walked to the eggs and looked over them, using her Pokemon Education to see if any are close to hatching.
  77. * Saturn Rosewell did the same, though using Medicine instead (4d6+2).
  78. Kaorin Sakura whispers: Your medical knowledge doesn't provide you any dtails on the eggs.
  79.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Hm... They seem ready to hatch. An hour or so, but I don't know the breeding cycle of a pokemon like this very well."
  80.         Rochette:       "Are they safe to keep around?"
  81.         Chloe Blanchett:        "I caught mine, but she was careful. She came up and smelled me to make sure, if I wasn't coated in that plant gunk I might not have smelt like I was from around here."
  82. Kaorin Sakura whispers: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/229033
  83.         Chloe Blanchett:        "I'd wager that I was just lucky. You might want to take one yourself, but we might not be lucky again. Though, if we keep moving we'll have to come back through here again anyway."
  84.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I'd rather just wait. It's not like I'm in a rush to acquire Pokemon. Besides, there's the bit about the ecosystem and all that; I wouldn't want to just remove everything out of it.
  85.         Rochette:       "Not really sure if I want one in my team, either. How about we leave them for now, and if they're a problem later we'll deal with them then?"
  86.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe nodded. "Well then, what are our options to leave?" Chloe folded her hands behind her back and looked about the room again, walking a few paces as she did.
  87. Kaorin Sakura:  To paint the picture, the entrance you all came through is to the south, the area is expansive and the small ruins that you are standing in now have mostly rubble for oen and a half of its walls. It's otherwise a 5x5 meter room full of stone boxes that Chloe had already searched.
  88. DNA:    And the way to keep going is off to the north, yes?
  89.         Chloe Blanchett:        "So this looks like a lone room, should we find more then? Starting nearby so we can keep away from these weedle hatchlings."
  90. Kaorin Sakura:  There are small segments of stones that give a vague implication of a path and the waters are almost knee deep (halfway up the calve). Plants grow out of the waters in various places that provide dim illumination to your area. There are walls at the south entrance but as you venture forward, you cannot easily discern a west, east or northern wall.
  91.         Rochette:       Rochette shall begin walking the demi-path!
  92. Kaorin Sakura:  There are several other ruins however that you can see around you. (please dun make me draw it)
  93.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe followed.
  94. Kaorin Sakura:  Immediately from the area you're at, there's a ruin to the west and northwest.
  95. * Saturn Rosewell brought up the rear guard. As usual, Natasha was sitting on her hat.
  96.         Rochette:       Rochette peeks into the westward ruin.
  97.         Rochette:       perception
  98.         Rochette:       Rochette enters the structure!
  99. As you approach the ruins you can see that the roof is clearly black and that, unlike the previous ruin, this has no overgrowth along its walls.
  100.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe follows, looking around intently herself. Perception to notice anything hiding.
  101. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Intuition + Mystic Senses (3d6+1), for the same.
  102. Entering this ruin you notice it has a basement entrance and a mostly intact stone staircase leading upstairs. The second floor - floor has a few large holes allowing you to barely see into the room upstairs. Whatever has survived the passage of time seems to be hidden away in a singular stone box to your left.
  103. DNA:    Looks like Venec was punching the floor again.
  104.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Do you smell that?" Chloe asked softly.
  105. * Saturn Rosewell analyzes what she can see of the room upstairs; Perception (2d6+2)
  106. Kaorin Sakura whispers: You can gather that there are several auras from above and one singular from below.
  107. Kaorin Sakura whispers: They're very likely Pok�mon.
  108.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe watched the ceiling warily as she spoke.
  109.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Smell what?" Saturn asked, now sniffing the air to see if she could pick up a scent. "Though I think there are a few things above us...and 1 below."
  110. Kaorin Sakura whispers: You aren't able to gather more detail from your current location about the room upstairs.
  111.         Chloe Blanchett:        "The plants overgrowing everything aren't here, but I think something else might be growing."
  112.         Rochette:       "Things we should be investigating? Or things we should be running from?"
  113.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I can't tell, other than that they are living things."
  114.         Chloe Blanchett:        "You see something Saturn?"
  115.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...! No, I don't, I just...sensed something, I guess..."
  116. * Natasha looked down at Saturn with a bit of a frowny face.
  117.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Oh..." Chloe looked again, this time focused on whatever was living in the ceiling. Perception.
  118. * Saturn Rosewell was more worried about whatever living thing was in the basement.
  119.         Chloe Blanchett:        Perception
  120.         Chloe Blanchett:        As if in a daze Chloe begins to walk upstairs, seemingly to get a better look.
  121. Chloe ascends up the stone stairs.
  122.         Rochette:       Rochette follows closely.
  123.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Chloe...? Wait, hold up!" Saturn said, her voice barely above a whisper, following her.
  124. When you ascend upstairs you get a full view of the ceiling. It appears to be a complex organic network of cells. Closely resembling that of a hive though in a horizontal spiral channel that meets into the center at a stable pillar of the building and coils around it downward through the floor and below.
  125.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Eewwww..."
  126.         Rochette:       "... Out. Outoutoutoutoutoutout. Now."
  127.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe silently ducked to hide in the stairwell (Stealth ) and discern what may have made it (Pokemon and discern what may have made it (Pokemon
  128. Player "Intuition" is not connected.
  129. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Intuition as before to figure out what the channel is leading to.
  130. Kaorin Sakura: (( Maptools! *shakes fist* ))
  131.         Rochette:       brb
  132.         Chloe Blanchett:        Rerolling?
  133.         Chloe Blanchett:        Stealth
  134. Kaorin Sakura: (( Nah, I got your rolls. ))
  135.         Chloe Blanchett:        Okay
  136. * Saturn Rosewell tried to find a place out of sight to hide. She reeeeeally wanted to get out of here. The looks of that thing was...not good.
  137.         Saturn Rosewell:        It probably had something to do with whatever was in the basement.
  138. Kaorin Sakura whispers: Based on how it descends through the floor with the pillar and that the pillar being the support beam that it is, goes into the basement.
  139. Kaorin Sakura: (( Gimme a stealth, Saturn. ))
  140.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe tilted her head as she watched the ceiling. She might have commented out loud, but she was too careful to make a sound.
  141.         Rochette:       Rochette attempts to get out of sight as well, while keeping the other two in view and a ready escape route.
  142. Kaorin Sakura: (( Is that a Stealth? ))
  143. Avara:  yes
  144.         Saturn Rosewell:        Stealth (2d6+2)
  145. As the three of you hide (presumably together out of view with the stairwell) two creatures crawl into the room from the open windows (open in that there's no window where it should be).
  146. DNA:    (The presumption is correct afaik)
  147.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe watches the creatures. Trying to find out what they might be and whether or not they have been spotted hiding. Perception.
  148. They are medium sized (5'7") and appear quadreped until the crawl up the walls to the organic network when they suddenly stand upright, on the ceiling.
  149. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Intuition, to find out what they are AND if they're the same ones she sensed from before.
  150. Kaorin Sakura: (( BRB, gotta move child ))
  151. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Also, for when you get back...using that same Intu check to find out if Sister Number 3 is down in the basement too. (I can make another roll if required.)
  152. Their body looks to have an exoskeleton but their long tail appears more scaled. Their arms have a long blade-like bone along its back and hands have several claw-like fingers and an opposable thumb-like claw.
  153. Kaorin Sakura whispers: The one in the basement does not resemble an immortal. More Pokemon-like. And these seem to be the two you sensed before and if you didn't know better, you'd have thought it a Scyther at first glance.
  154.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe looked to the others, oddly calm as she did, and made a 'move out' motion with her hand.
  155. * Saturn Rosewell nodded, eager to get out and stay out.
  156. The two Pokémon open up a cell on the ceiling and retrieve from its tail one of the glowing berries found outside. They place it inside of the cell and close it before chittering amongst each other.
  157. * Natasha stayed totally still, sitting on Saturn's hat as always. She didn't even MOVE.
  158.         Rochette:       Rochette opts to gtfo quietly, along with the others.
  159.         Chloe Blanchett:        She waited to be the last to leave, sneaking as quiet as she could. Stealth.
  160.         Rochette:       12 stealth as well if necessary
  161.         Saturn Rosewell:        Stealth check to gtfo asap (2d6+2)
  162. Avara:  ... forgot to GM that
  163. Kaorin Sakura:  The three of you are able to quietly return downstairs without drawing attention to yourselves.
  164. DNA:    s'okay, I think we all assumed your roll would be fairly high
  165.         Rochette:       Rochette continues to sneakfest out of the ruin and back onto the path. And will continue to sneak to the northwest ruin.
  166.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Whew, that was exciting wasn't it. My heart is pounding still." Chloe whispered, an unfazed smile upon her face.
  167.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...I was really anxious to get out as well..."
  168.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I thought for a moment that the prison we were looking for was down there, but...it wasn't."
  169.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Looked freaky enough to be one, but...we have to keep looking elsewhere."
  170.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Like those beedrill, it looks like this ruin might be filled with old strains of pokemon."
  171.         Rochette:       "Whatever's up with your sensing, I'm glad for the help. As long as we don't have to go back in there. They were totally going to turn us into grub food if we stuck around." She is a little freaked out.
  172.         Saturn Rosewell:        "It's not on purpose, I swear! I guess I just...pick up on certain things..."
  173.         Rochette:       "Did you hear me complaining?"
  174.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Heck no. I don't want to go back there either."
  175. * Saturn Rosewell seemed to lose her composure for a second, but promptly regained it.
  176.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe giggled.
  177.         Chloe Blanchett:        "We're like main characters in a horror movie."
  178.         Rochette:       "As far as I'm concerned, your sensing thing works however it works. It helps us, that's what matters."
  179.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Yeah..."
  180.         Saturn Rosewell:        "It's too strange for me, but...it's keeping us alive, I guess..."
  181. The northwest ruin is smaller than the one you just left but larger than the first one you entered. It looks incredibly stable - though that may be caused by all the plant that's been cut and strapped to the building to ensure that it is. There's a light emitting from the cracks in the plant-crafted door and plant-crafted windows. The light is orange.
  182.         Chloe Blanchett:        "But lets keep down everyone." Chloe tried to contain her excitement. To a keen eye she was just as shaken up as the other two, just responding with nervious humor.
  183. Kaorin Sakura whispers: You see a single aura within it.
  184. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Type? Intu + Mystic Senses
  185.         Rochette:       "Better not to question the blessing too hard. 's not like it makes you less you for having it." She looks towards the ruin, and watches the light to see if it's stable or wavering--a stable light source or a fire.
  186. Kaorin Sakura whispers: Untyped so likely Human. Though not immortal.
  187.         Rochette:       10 perception
  188.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I hope not... It just seems totally unlike me..."
  189.         Rochette:       (... asdf. building that habit's gonna take a while)
  190.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...I sense someone in there. Probably a human."
  191.         Rochette:       "Looks like a fire or a candle."
  192.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Did you get a good look?" Chloe asked Rochette, helping her precieve. ((Roll again, add +4))
  193.         Rochette:       reroll
  194.         Rochette:       "... Definitely flickering, so it's probably a flame-based light. Yes."
  195.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Lets go in and look. With all the plants, that's very strange. Maybe it's a firefly?"
  196.         Rochette:       "Saturn said she sensed human in there. That's stranger." She heads in.
  197.         Saturn Rosewell:        "It's like someone's living down here...which alone is pretty weird."
  198.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Selene aged the other guard into a petrified form, maybe her voice didn't reach down here and the guard is still alive."
  199.         Rochette:       "Might be a surviving guard, somehow. If so we might be able to get the last sister's location."
  200.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...if he'll give it to us."
  201.         Rochette:       "You're assuming we only have the option of asking nicely. You shouldn't do that."
  202.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I don't like fighting," Saturn responded, her voice barely above a whisper.
  203.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe walked up and touched the plant-door.
  204.         Rochette:       "This may be a person who chose, as part of a group, to torture three sisters for the sin of being different. For centuries."
  205.         Chloe Blanchett:        She made no attempt to open yet, just place her hand against it to ensure it didn't respond with any sudden movement or explosion of liquid.
  206.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I know, Rochette, I know. That doesn't mean I like to fight. I know I'll have to, but I won't like it."
  207. The plant door doesn't respond to your touch in any organic way. It feels sturdy.
  208.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe pushes against it. If there is no response she finds a grip to pull.
  209.         Rochette:       "We'll avoid a fight if we can, but you have to keep your mind open to the necessary options."
  210. It doesn't look crafted to open outward but rather inward and when you push against it, it resists.
  211. * Saturn Rosewell gave a soft, resigned sigh.
  212. * Natasha patted her shoulder, as if to get her to cheer up.
  213.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe paused, then tried to push it to the side. Still patient enough to not use excess force.
  214. The door resists being pushed to the side, even more than being pushed inward.
  215. Kaorin Sakura:  What's your push limit?
  216.         Rochette:       ((cell f7))
  217. DNA:    Should be 360 lbs or so at default.
  218.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe braces against the ground and pushes as hard as she can! (360lbs)
  219. Kaorin Sakura:  DNA's memory was fantastic there.
  220. Avara:  rochette has a full hundred pounds on that
  221.         Chloe Blanchett:        Power 5.
  222. The door is slowly pushed open and you can hear the sound of a stone box being pushed from behind the door as she does so.
  223. DNA:    My memory? Please; I just looked at my cell F7.
  224. Avara:  power 6
  225. DNA:    is your body attribute 4 or something
  226. Avara:  3
  227. As she does, a boy suddenly looks up from writing something on a notepad and points a pencil to Chloe.
  228.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Say 'Friend' or I'll snap you in two."
  229. DNA:    HA
  230.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe paused, then smiled. "H-hi. Erm... friend."
  231. DNA:    top level kek for using Venec's portrait
  232.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((It's probably his double))
  233.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Common tongue. Good. Now get inside before you attract everything."
  234. DNA:    Ah, I didn't think of that.
  235.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe rushed in.
  236.         Battlemaster Vell:      "...And your friends."
  237.         Rochette:       Rochette looks into the room. "It's not that friendly to threaten people like that." She walks in.
  238. * Saturn Rosewell hurries in, also saying "Friend" to avoid conflict.
  239.         Battlemaster Vell:      "You assume the area is friendly to us."
  240.         Rochette:       "There are other things you could do to check if we understand you."
  241.         Battlemaster Vell:      Battlemaster Vell pushes the door shut and places the stone box back in front of it before placing another on top of it for good measure.
  242. The room has a basement but no upstairs and the basement has a collection of stone boxes covering its entrance. There's a few chairs a singular floating wisp lighting the room and several unopened rations scattered across the floor.
  243.         Chloe Blanchett:        "We're all tense here... please."
  244.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe spoke to both Rochette and Vell.
  245.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Considering the shapeshifters of this place, my patience hasn't been one to welcome strangers.
  246.         Rochette:       "Shapeshifters. Good to know."
  247.         Chloe Blanchett:        "I did catch a ditto on the way in... How long have you been staying here? Why?" Chloe asked.
  248.         Battlemaster Vell:      "But! Other civilized people are a welcome change of pace! I'm Battlemaster Vell. You can call me Battlemaster."
  249. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Saturn and Natasha are both going to use Intuition to read his motives. Saturn (3d6+1) Natasha (4d6+4) After all, they're both a bit wary he barricaded the door.
  250. Battlemaster Vell whispers: He appears to wear his emotions on his sleeves and seems delighted to see you all.
  251.         Rochette:       "Rochette. Good to see someone who looks... modern. We were thinking you might've been a survivor of the original people who stayed here."
  252.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Haven't seen any, sadly."
  253.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Also, you seem to know where I am. That's fantastic."
  254.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Where am I?"
  255.         Chloe Blanchett:        "My name is Chloe Blanchette. And... um... you're in some ruins in a cave system not an hour or two from Fairview."
  256.         Rochette:       "Shrine to an old god, I think. More importantly, prison to three immortals who were scapegoated centuries ago. We've freed two. You're in a cave network under a cliff in the Cerulean area."
  257.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Ah. That's great. I was investigating the void pockets here. Got a tip it may be related to Fate and then I was hit with a massive whirlpool from several Pokémon in the area. Fell unconscious and woke up floating in a cavern with no exit. Wandered in here."
  258.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Where are you? ...How long have you been underground like this?"
  259.         Battlemaster Vell:      "And immportal you say?"
  260.         Chloe Blanchett:        "We were looking for the void pockets too.. but got sidetracked."
  261.         Rochette:       "Wait. Were you the one who left a contract for a group of adventurers to investigate the void pockets?"
  262.         Battlemaster Vell:      "I did not. Just got a tip from Celeste that the void pocket incident may be related to Fate. So I came here to ask it about it. The Pokémon here though are less than friendly. But I do miss the ones up above. While hostile, they at least didn't try to eat me at every opportunity."
  263.         Rochette:       "Yeah. How about you help us, in exchange for a ticket to the surface?"
  264.         Rochette:       "And... yeah. The three sisters are immortal. We found one locked in a flooded well, drowning for centuries. The second we found impaled. A lot."
  265.         Rochette:       "The third one, we're probably going to need to apply the blood of said sisters to get her free. She gave us some for the sake of that."
  266.         Saturn Rosewell:        "And they were imprisoned in...well, some very inventive ways. Anything that looks even remotely like that is a bit of a hint."
  267.         Rochette:       "Do you know of any areas where you were hit with foreign or extreme emotions and couldn't figure out why?"
  268.         Battlemaster Vell:      "I admit to not having explored this place all too well. I've encountered several odd Pokémon."
  269.         Battlemaster Vell:      "I always have extreme emotions. All or nothing!"
  270.         Battlemaster Vell:      "So I can't say. But I'm all for leaving this place."
  271.         Chloe Blanchett:        As the two spoke with Battlemaster, Chloe walked around the room. Her hands folded behind her back, partly in a show that she didn't plan to take anything as she examined the odds and ends she found. Perception.
  272.         Rochette:       "Well, that's good. We can find the way out again pretty easy, but finding the last sister's going to be a lot riskier than the previous two if she's in this area."
  273.         Battlemaster Vell:      "I was exploring this place until I encountered a small beast."
  274.         Battlemaster Vell:      Battlemaster Vell holds his and about two feet from the floor.
  275. DNA:    Holds his what? His hand?
  276. Avara:  probably at instead of and
  277. Avara:  oh wait, yeah
  278. Avara:  hand. bluhhhh
  279. Avara:  my mind put hand in there automatically
  280. DNA:    sa'right
  281. Avara:  so i was reading "hand and"
  282. Avara:  and i read over it twice. caught the mistake the third time
  283.         Battlemaster Vell:      "It stands on two legs and has stretchy arms, similar to that of a Breloom. It has a snout however and cutting-like teeth. It doesn't seem to be interested in combat but instead just sneaks up on me, takes a bite out of me and then retreats. Beast is amazing at hiding."
  284. Battlemaster Vell: (( Hands ))
  285. Battlemaster Vell: (( Forgot the h ))
  286.         Rochette:       "I imagine that would get pretty annoying, yes. Was it able to move through the water easily?"
  287.         Battlemaster Vell:      Battlemaster Vell lifts his pants to show that pieces of his flesh are literally missing. (He has 4 injuries)
  288.         Saturn Rosewell:        Pokemon Edu to think if that resembles a certain Pokemon. (2d6+2)
  289.         Rochette:       "... Okay, you were being more literal than I thought." O.o
  290.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...!! You're..."
  291.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe covers her mouth and takes a step back in shock.
  292.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Thing could move through the water without making a sound."
  293.         Rochette:       Rochette does her best -not- to stare, and looks over to Saturn. "Can you help him out?"
  294.         Chloe Blanchett:        ".... I don't want to go outside anymore..."
  295. Battlemaster Vell whispers: Any raptor like Pokemon or a breloom.
  296.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...I'd be happy to." First a Medicine check (4d6+2) to determine the nature of his injuries, and if they need any special attention.
  297. Battlemaster Vell whispers: The injuries look like they can heal but whatever did it has special venom. His injuries are recovering at half the normal rate. Any usual medical attention to treat injuries will treat his but will heal him slower due to the venom that has been absorbed into his wounds.
  298.         Rochette:       "Were you doing anything in particular that got its attention? It hasn't come after us yet."
  299. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Any way to extricate the venom? Would the medic's basic spend 1 to heal status do anything?
  300. Battlemaster Vell whispers: I'll allow that to remove venom from one of the injuries.
  301. Battlemaster Vell whispers: 1 AP = venom removal from 1 injury.
  302.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Just looking for a way out."
  303.         Chloe Blanchett:        "The way out isn't very far from here at all, you must have had back luck."
  304. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: 1 AP per? So could I use multiple to heal the venom from another?
  305. Battlemaster Vell whispers: Yes.
  306.         Rochette:       "I doubt you're in any condition to walk right now, so we should probably wait until you're in better condition. Can you do anything for him, Saturn?"
  307.         Battlemaster Vell:      "I can still walk."
  308.         Battlemaster Vell:      "And fight."
  309.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I can definitely try." She examines his wounds and looks like there's some sort of venom festering in them. "Before I do, let me extricate that venom from those bites."
  310.         Rochette:       "And get an infection. And die."
  311.         Battlemaster Vell:      "You're a nurse? That's fantastic!"
  312.         Saturn Rosewell:        To use Medic's basic Spend 1 AP feature to heal the poison from each injury! (They will recover after 'Scene' frequency, or 5 minutes.)
  313.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Should we wait a while before continuing? Maybe I can look over your notes Mr. Battlemaster, and see if there's any hints on where to go to find what we need."
  314.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn Rosewell spent 4 AP!
  315.         Rochette:       "I think it'd be a good idea to wait for a little bit. Do we have anyone who can fly over the water besides Roland?"
  316.         Battlemaster Vell:      Battlemaster Vell will sit down, allowing Saturn to treat his injuries, "I honestly only took note of the Pokemon."
  317.         Battlemaster Vell:      "But feel free to look them over."
  318.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Not exactly a nurse, but I do know how to treat wounds."
  319.         Chloe Blanchett:        "That's better than nothing, it looks like a lot of things down here are strange compared to above. I caught one of the weedles.'
  320.         Battlemaster Vell:      "I haven't seen any Weedle but I have seen Beedrill."
  321.         Chloe Blanchett:        "We found eggs in the beedrill's husk..."
  322.         Battlemaster Vell:      "They like to stay around the upper parts of the cavern and come down to feed."
  323.         Rochette:       "... You should be careful how you use that word, Chloe."
  324.         Rochette:       "Husk, that is."
  325. * Saturn Rosewell also took out 2 bandages, and applied each 1 to a different wound on Vell. (These bandages will heal the injuries off in 3 hours.)
  326. * DNA subtracts from the inventory appropriately - I have 1 left.
  327.         Battlemaster Vell:      Battlemaster Vell hands his notepad ot Chloe.
  328. Avara:  we'll wait for the 3 hours. we can rp in the meantime
  329.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Thank you. I'll repay you later."
  330.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Just...take it easy, all right? You get hit and they'll fall off."
  331.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe gave Rochette an odd look, but doesn't press the topic. Upon taking the notepad Chloe smiles to Battlemaster as sweet as she can. Charm.
  332.         Rochette:       Rochette gives Chloe a look right back. "Husk is what they called the main force of the invasion, remember?"
  333.         Battlemaster Vell:      "That explains the last few ones i had."
  334. DNA:    (If we wait for the 3 hours, Saturn's AP will refill to full.)
  335.         Battlemaster Vell:      Battlemaster Vell smiles back to Chloe.
  336. DNA:    (Then again, they'd refill in 5 minutes.)
  337.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe reads at first, rests two of the hours, and then spends the last hour training with her new Weedle, getting to know her better!
  338.         Rochette:       "So, Battlemaster, how'd you get in here? I don't think you took the same route we did."
  339.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn Rosewell recovered 4 AP!
  340. * Saturn Rosewell and her Pokemon are at injured max, so they cannot recover any further.
  341.         Battlemaster Vell:      "I did mention I was hit with a whirlpool by several Pokemon, didn't i?"
  342.         Chloe Blanchett:        "You did." Chloe nodded, still looking at the notes.
  343.         Rochette:       "I don't think I caught that, but I'm still a little distracted."
  344.         Rochette:       "Seeing those... things. With the exoskeletons and all. Kind of freaked me out."
  345.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Those weird Scyther things? Yeah, those were...not pleasant."
  346.         Battlemaster Vell:      "They appear to be gatherers."
  347.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Haven't bothered me unless I go near their nesting grounds or if I cut down the glowing plants."
  348.         Battlemaster Vell:      "They get real ornery when I do that."
  349.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Yeah. We ran into them. Either they didn't notice us or they chose to ignore us, but we ran the hell away when they showed up.
  350.         Rochette:       "Guess we know not to do that, then."
  351.         Cecile:         At the end of training, Cecile gains six experince and becomes inspired!
  352.         Chloe Blanchett:        "They didn't notice us, they would have glanced our way at the very least. I played close attention to what they paid attention to."
  353.         Rochette:       "You call yourself Battlemaster. I take it you're specialized in fighting?"
  354.         Battlemaster Vell:      "My name is Battlemaster. And I do fighting well."
  355.         Rochette:       "Battlemaster's your actual name? Did you get it changed to that, or... hm. Actually, I don't think I want to know."
  356.         Battlemaster Vell:      "I didn't have a name at first. But that was a long time ago."
  357.         Rochette:       "Ahh."
  358. Kaorin Sakura:  "Where is this exit? I couldn't find one at all."
  359.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Where is this exit? I couldn't find one at all."
  360.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Once the door's open I can point you. You'll need to fly at a point, or climb."
  361.         Rochette:       Rochette points... roughly south according to the directions given before. "A good long walk that way, then a flight. Didn't see any walls that'd allow climbing."
  362.         Battlemaster Vell:      "That would explain why I didn't find it. I can't fly."
  363.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Did you ever find a shack with litwick posing as candles?"
  364.         Battlemaster Vell:      "I did. I recognized them and swam around them."
  365.         Chloe Blanchett:        "A few dozen meters further than that, then straight up."
  366.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe laughed sheepishly, "We got tricked by them. I'm... still very new at pokemon training. I caught my very first just yesterday."
  367.         Battlemaster Vell:      "And yet you own one of the local Weedle? Maybe you got a knack for it."
  368.         Rochette:       "The prison of the first sister was in the shack the litwicks were guarding."
  369.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Well, now I feel bad avoiding it."
  370.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe smiled to Cecile, who was out of her pokeball.
  371.         Cecile:         Cecile looked around, she didn't know the words but thought she was being talked about.
  372.         Rochette:       "Unless you're prone to lifting up random bits of metal and uncovering sealed wells, you would've probably missed it for the stone body that used to guard it anyway. I did."
  373.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Now that you know that the shack is 'the way out', what would you consider 'further in'?"
  374.         Battlemaster Vell:      "I hadn't gone down. I tried going up but that leads to an underground forest. A bunch of glowing Solrock there who are oddly warm. Otherwise not hostile but there's some sort of heavy pollen in the area or something. I sneeze a lot up there."
  375.         Rochette:       "That sounds a lot more promising than predator hell."
  376.         Battlemaster Vell:      "I haven't explored too much of this place but despite the biter it's been pretty survivable."
  377.         Battlemaster Vell:      "I got here by water and this place has a lot of it. Figured since out the normal cave way wasn't working I'd try to find the channel that got me here and swim out."
  378.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Down is a good start. If the solrock were peaceful, you wouldn't have missed anything like what was hiding in the shake."
  379.         Chloe Blanchett:        *shack
  380.         Rochette:       "Given that it's a prison, that's probably not going to work now. Was a good idea, at least."
  381.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Well, south from here leads to the path that takes you to the underground forest or the shack. So, my guess would be north. Any of you know how to make repels?"
  382.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe shakes her head.
  383.         Rochette:       "No such luck. I'm mostly a fighter myself, but I'm not all that good yet."
  384.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Worth a shot. If you plan on heading north to look for this prison I'll tag along. If we get attacked by the biter we should try to take it out. It's a very cautious predator and I think the way it bites is to allow it to take down larger and more powerful prey."
  385.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Even I wouldn't be able to survive too many more encounters with the beast."
  386.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Maybe it will avoid groups?"
  387.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I certainly hope so. Given how that thing has a venomous bite, I would not want to run into it."
  388.         Rochette:       "I'll keep alert. If I see it coming I might be able to hit it before it can land a bite."
  389.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Hopefully that'll keep it from attacking us."
  390.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Me too, I have a good eye for this sort of thing." Chloe smiled, "Do you think those bandages have worked yet Mr. Battlemaster?"
  391.         Rochette:       "I'm... hesitant to ask. How long have you been down here?"
  392.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((AKA, has the three hours passed?))
  393. Battlemaster Vell: (( Sure ))
  394.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Feels good enough to go on."
  395.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Honestly I can't say how long I've been down here. There's no daylight or stars to track that sort of passage of time."
  396.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Don't let it be for nothing."
  397.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((two hours of rest is how much healing? Chloe trained for the last hour))
  398.         Rochette:       "Alright. If you think you've healed up as best you can from that, we should get going."
  399.         Saturn Rosewell:        It's natively 1/16 max HP per half hour, correct?
  400. Kaorin Sakura:  Yup.
  401.         Saturn Rosewell:        Under that, he heals 1/16 * 6 * 2...
  402. Kaorin Sakura:  4 for Chloe.
  403.         Saturn Rosewell:        3/4th max HP.
  404. Kaorin Sakura:  1/2 for Chloe.
  405.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe Blanchett loses 0 hit points.
  406.         Chloe Blanchett:        Now at full wounded hp
  407. DNA:    (This applies to everyone, not just Vell)
  408. Kaorin Sakura:  Also, injury healing.
  409. Kaorin Sakura:  It's a new day.
  410. Kaorin Sakura:  So, more injuries can be healed.
  411. DNA:    1 injury per 12 hours, which means...
  412.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((I only rested two hours, shot myself in the foot there))
  413. Kaorin Sakura:  You guys slept a full night before you came down here.
  414. DNA:    Wait, that was a while ago.
  415.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((Dropped her from 3 to 2 that full night))
  416. Kaorin Sakura:  Injuries were mentioned so I was reminding folks that injuries can be healed again.
  417.         Wineberry:      Wineberry is healed and gains 0 hit points.
  418. Avara:  brb
  419.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((HP is set then)) Chloe hopped to her feet and stretched out, recalling Cecile the weedle. "I'm ready to go."
  420.         Battlemaster Vell:      Battlemaster Vell stood up and stretched, "Sounds good."
  421. DNA:    Wait, healing injuries a second time? Sweet
  422. DNA:    Recalculated and capped out.
  423.         Battlemaster Vell:      Battlemaster Vell gathered his materials, "You can keep the notes if you like."
  424.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Really? Thank you."
  425.         Battlemaster Vell:      "You guys lead the way. I'm just watching out for the biter."
  426.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Can you get the door? It's rather..." Chloe looked to the stone boxes stacked up against the door.
  427.         Battlemaster Vell:      Battlemaster Vell moves the stone boxes from the door.,
  428.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe smiles and takes the first step outside.
  429. Avara:  rochette will be following on autopilot for now. will sneak (3d6+3) if sneaking is called for. need to deal with this headache before it gets too big
  430.         Chloe Blanchett:        "So... north is the way further in?" Chloe asked, looking for where Battlemaster had suggested as 'going down'.
  431. Kaorin Sakura:  You recall he mentioned the south being toward the paths that change altitutde. You recall that as the fork in the cave. There was a way going 'up' and 'down'.
  432. DNA:    The fork like waaaaaaaay way back?
  433. DNA:    with the glowing plants?
  434. Kaorin Sakura:  Yup.
  435. DNA:    lel how did he not get out
  436.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((He sounded like there was another path))
  437. Kaorin Sakura:  And he never mentioned the glowing plants.
  438. DNA:    ...well then.
  439. Kaorin Sakura:  Well, he DID mention that he can't fly.
  440.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((He specifically mentioned a path he didn't explore.))
  441. Kaorin Sakura:  Which was 'down'.
  442.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((From this open area?))
  443. Kaorin Sakura:  No, from the paths to the south.
  444. Kaorin Sakura:  Which you probably recognize as the fork.
  445. DNA:    Ah, so there's another fork up ahead, I see.
  446. Kaorin Sakura:  No, to the south. >:/
  447. Kaorin Sakura:  The ones you already encountered.
  448. DNA:    Though that means he'd have been able to get out, since there were no other gaps on the way out that required flying to cross. ...at the very least, he would have been able to see the outside, if he went that way.
  449. Kaorin Sakura:  You guys could see because you had light sources.
  450. Avara:  Kao, the question was north=more shrine of amana, south=way we came, yes?
  451. Kaorin Sakura:  You can't see the exit without light.
  452. DNA:    Aha, so Vell didn't have a light source at the time.
  453. Kaorin Sakura:  No light source he had could show him that hole in the ceiling.
  454.         Chloe Blanchett:        So: The fork in the path, he didn't explore the path with Selene. He did explore the one fork we have explored, which was a forest, and he missed the shack.
  455. Kaorin Sakura:  That hole isn't exactly close.
  456.         Chloe Blanchett:        *he did explore the fork we haven't explored
  457. Kaorin Sakura:  Yes.
  458. DNA:    Ah...
  459. DNA:    Right. I thought the shack + hole in the ceiling were from 2 different caves.
  460. DNA:    *was in a different cave than this one
  461. Kaorin Sakura:  You guys are still exploring the same cave.
  462. Avara:  it's just a very highly varied cave
  463. Kaorin Sakura:  We've just been skipping the 'and you fly through the hole for 5 minutes'.
  464. DNA:    Yeah, I realize that now. The details just weren't meshing together very well.
  465.         Chloe Blanchett:        "So comparing notes, it looks like there is only one path in this cave. Should we go back to the fork with the glowing algae and go the inclining path?"
  466.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Assuming the bit down here is a dead end, yeah, I think we should."
  467.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Is there only one exit from this chamber?" Chloe asked, turning to Battlemaster as they walked.
  468.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Plenty of open space still north but I can't guarentee what you'll find or not find, as I haven't gone too far myself."
  469.         Rochette:       "Peaceful Solrocks sound a lot more pleasant than mutant anklebiters."
  470.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe stopped, "Well... lets go look northways first."
  471.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Chloe, wait a sec."
  472.         Rochette:       "Chloe's intuition has worked out pretty well so far. Might be worth a try."
  473.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Think about it this way. If the last girl is in the path we don't pick right now, we'll have to take both anyway.
  474.         Saturn Rosewell:        "If there's a chance that the last girl is in the Solrock area, we could bypass this horrid place down here entirely."
  475.         Saturn Rosewell:        "That's just my take, though. I'll go with what you decide."
  476.         Battlemaster Vell:      "You'll just have to deal with the pollen."
  477.         Rochette:       "... Hey, Saturn? Battlemaster said the forest was full of heavy pollen. Check to see if any of it had a worse effect on him than sneasing fits?"
  478.         Chloe Blanchett:        "But we might have to walk through here again... it's longer, but if it's going to make everyone else comfortable." Chloe nodded, "Lets go to the pollen garden."
  479.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I could...try..." Medicine to do as Rochette suggested! (4d6+2)
  480. Battlemaster Vell whispers: Becaue I can't explain this well without delving into mechanics. His body reacted poorly to the pollen as you can tell. While you can't say what the pollen is without a sample it did cause the combat stages (all) to drop overtime. Likely agitated by his sneezing.
  481.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...That looks like some pretty nasty pollen."
  482. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Would they recover later upon exiting the pollen, for example?
  483. Battlemaster Vell whispers: Yes.
  484.         Chloe Blanchett:        "How so?" Chloe put a finger to her chin, already attempting to thing ways around it.
  485.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Well, based on what I can see from him, exposure to the pollen causes people to gradually get weaker and weaker the more they're around it."
  486.         Saturn Rosewell:        "So, if we do go there, we need to find what we came for, fast, and then get out."
  487.         Rochette:       "Had a feeling something was up. Those solrocks probably weren't docile. Just too weak to do anything."
  488.         Chloe Blanchett:        "So which is more dangerous? Stabbing, bug threats here, or unavoidable pollen there?" Chloe crossed her arms, "... plant pokemon are immune to powders and spores, right? If we sent pokemon in to investigate, that might just work."
  489.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Yeah, they are."
  490.         Rochette:       "I've got Mario. Anyone else?"
  491.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I've got...ONE plant type on me, but I don't know how effective he is."
  492.         Rochette:       "So that's two grass types. I don't think that's enough to risk as plan A."
  493.         Chloe Blanchett:        "I have a one-of-anything-else."
  494.         Rochette:       "The anklebiter we can try and take out. The pollen's not something we could do anything about."
  495.         Saturn Rosewell:        "You honestly think we should look around here first and hope to not get bitten?"
  496.         Rochette:       "I think we should look around here first and hope to not get bitten, failing that, grab the anklebiter and make it stop. Forcefully."
  497.         Rochette:       "I can be pretty fast, as long as I know it's coming."
  498.         Battlemaster Vell:      "I like that last bit. He's eaten enough of me."
  499.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...You hear that, Natasha?"
  500.         Rochette:       ((question regarding ambush))
  501. * Natasha looked really enthused!
  502.         Rochette:       ((could i use it with a combat maneuver?))
  503. Battlemaster Vell: (( Yes. You can use it with a struggle attack, which is a combat maneuver ))
  504. Avara:  and question regarding combat maneuvers. you've said you wouldn't mind removing the AC penalty for maneuvers, but that's far from an official word on it. are combat maneuvers penalty-free in 1.5?))
  505. Avara:  okay. so if i can use ambush to priority grapple the anklebiter i can keep it from biting peoples' ankles.
  506. Avara:  which was my whole idea to begin with.
  507.         Battlemaster Vell:      They're penalty free.
  508. DNA:    AW YISS
  509. Avara:  i love priority options. :3
  510.         Rochette:       "I'm fairly certain I could grab it if it showed itself."
  511.         Battlemaster Vell:      "I like that plan too, where you hold it down and I bite it back."
  512.         Battlemaster Vell:      "But, I did walk around alone and we now are a group so there's no telling if it'll even show up at all."
  513.         Rochette:       "Right. So there's hope to avoid it in the first place."
  514.         Saturn Rosewell:        "If it doesn't show up at all, so much the better."
  515.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Mmhm, lets keep alert and head northways." Chloe keeps a sharp eye for movement as they walk forward. 16 Perception.
  516. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Intu + Mystic Senses (3d6+1)
  517.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((Forgot to GM, I can reroll. Take your pick. ))
  518. Kaorin Sakura:  I like the GM one.
  519.         Rochette:       Rochette walks in the middle of the group, keeping her eyes low to search for disturbances in the water. Perception.
  520.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Mmhm, I can see the path continues, but that's it so far."
  521.         Battlemaster Vell:      "Right behind you guys."
  522.         Rochette:       "Let me know if you see or hear the anklebiter coming."
  523.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe walks toward the deeper ruins, weaving northward along any available (and dry) paths possible.
  524. * Saturn Rosewell is following closely, keeping her eyes peeled and such.
  525. As the four of you approach the further ruins you can see movement in the distant waters (east and west). Though rather than approach you they turn and flee. About a minutes walk away from the ruins the area regains its dim illumination from more of the berry plants scattered about the ruins.
  526. Battlemaster Vell whispers: You notice that one berry plant is next to the entrance of each of the ruins (four) and they retain a much stronger aura than the other plants, including the ones you encountered before.
  527.         Saturn Rosewell:        Same plants as before (the bandage berries)?
  528.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe tries to catch a glimpse of the scurrying creatures, keeping in mind the notes she had read earlier. 18 Perception.
  529.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((GAAH! Reroll))
  530. Avara:  gets pretty frustrating, ne?
  531. * Natasha , remembering the plants from before, tried to identify these new ones! Gen Edu (6d6+2)!
  532. Battlemaster Vell whispers: yes
  533.         Natasha:        Assuming they are the Bandage Berries from before, whenever they are nearby, Natasha will attempt to harvest them. (Though, this would wait until we're near an entrance, at first.)
  534. Kaorin Sakura:  You'll encounter two plants before reaching a ruin.
  535. * Natasha will harvest whatever berries she is able. (I will assume they are Bandage Berries unless told they aren't.)
  536. Kaorin Sakura whispers: You harvest 3 berries from the first one and 2 from the second.
  537. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: There's still 2 more after this one, right?
  538. Kaorin Sakura whispers: One in front of every ruin. There's 4.
  539. Kaorin Sakura whispers: These were not in front of the ruins.
  540. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Will keep that in mind.
  541. * Natasha manages to harvest 5 berries from 2 of the plants nearby (not counting the ones by the ruins!)
  542. When you make it to the ruins, you notice that there's four of them. Each an equal distance from each one, in a square shape. Almost like a plaza.
  543.         Natasha:        Now has a total of 7. Recorded in inventory.
  544. DNA:    Are we standing in the center of this plaza, or on an edge thereof?
  545. All of the ruins appear to be two floors, intact and covered in overgrowth.
  546. Kaorin Sakura:  Between the first two ruins. So not yet.
  547.         Chloe Blanchett:        "This... looks like a prison to me."
  548.         Saturn Rosewell:        "You think so?" Intuition to sense life, as before (3d6+1).
  549.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Well this over a garden? Maybe they wanted her well hidden, but a place like this would be better well guarded."
  550.         Saturn Rosewell:        "There could be something just waiting beneath the surface we don't know about."
  551.         Chloe Blanchett:        "It could be a lot... maybe I'm just hoping."
  552. Kaorin Sakura whispers: You sense several blips of life in all the buldings and one in the center of the four buildings, far underneath the ground.
  553. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: How many blips in each building - several in each, or 1 in each?
  554. Kaorin Sakura:  That being said, we'll take a break here.
  555.         Chloe Blanchett:        Fun game tonight!
  556. Kaorin Sakura:  So, to end today. 15 PKMN XP to any one Pokemon you own. 2 Trainer XP.
  557.         Saturn Rosewell:        Before you do, can you answer that 1 last question I had! Also, yes, quite fun!
  558. Avara:  thanks for running the game tonight. :3
  559. Kaorin Sakura:  Oh, right sorry.
  560. Kaorin Sakura whispers: Several in each.
  561.         Saturn Rosewell:        Thanks, gotcha.
  562.         Cecile:         Cecile evolves!
  563. Kaorin Sakura:  Saving campaign and log.
  564. Chloe is disconnected.
  565.         Saturn Rosewell:        Will put the log up on Pastebin shortly.
  566. Kaorin Sakura is disconnected.
  567. You have disconnected.
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