friendship benfits (twilightXanon)

Oct 22nd, 2016
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  1. There are two types of people in Equestria, those in the foreground and those in the background.
  2. The ones in the foreground are the famous people, the ones who will change the world and get in the history books. The princesses were a good example of that. If there was a social norm that's being challenged, then it was likely that the princesses were moving pieces around to produce a favourable outcome for everyone.
  4. The ones in the background will likely never even get a mention in those history books, but are an invaluable part of society nevertheless. Simply by being the ones who keep society moving and insuring that those in the foreground can do what they need to do.
  6. I knew that I was of the later category, since the day I earned my cutie mark by sneaking a stick bomb in a bully's shorts without him ever realizing I was in the same room as him.
  7. My name is Anonymous for celesta's sake; you don't get more spot on the wall then that. It was pretty cool go unnoticed by anyone if I tried. It had let me set up some great pranks in the past, the royal guard was still trying to figure out who set up that pie throwing machine in the captain's office; and it had helped me get the journalism job I have today.
  9. However, there was one person who would always notice me despite my best efforts. Maybe it was her analytical mind; maybe it was her magical training letting her know that someone was using a spell to muffle his footsteps. Whatever it was, Twilight Sparkle was often the first one to notice when I enter a room. I often found myself trying to sneak around her because of this, maybe it was out of some need to test my skills or maybe I was just being shy around a girl I liked.
  11. As we got older we started to become friends, the sneaking became something of a game between the two of us. When she moved away to Humansville, I was left with regrets over not telling her how I feel and threw myself into my work, thinking I was never going to see her again.
  13. So imagine my surprise a few years later, to find that Twilight had not only become a princess but had also figured out a way to manually turn on body enhancement magic.
  14. My boss, knowing that Twilight and me had some history, managed to arrange an interview regarding this new development in magical studies as a sort of favour to me.
  15. Which brings me to today, standing in front of a crystal castle trying to work up the nerve to knock on the damn door.
  16. Thankfully the issue was solved for me when the door began to glow and opened itself.
  18. >"Come on in and make yourself at home! I'm just getting the final touches done." said a slightly muffled voice coming from across a long hall with another pair of large doors.
  19. As I walked though the hall, I couldn't help but wonder why Twilight's voice sounded somewhat husky and sensual, muffled as it was.
  20. As much as I thought twilight was cute back in school, I never could think of her as sexy. She was a plank of wood in terms of sex appeal and the lewdest my fantasies about her got was holding hands and heavy petting, although that said she did have really nice shiny hair you wanted to just run your hands though and smell.
  22. My thoughts were cut short when i opened the second set of doors and saw what I could only describe, even with my years of writing, as pure sex in a women's business suit.
  23. The princesses had long since set the standards of beauty across the Equestrian nation since they began ruling us in ancient times, large breasts, childbearing hips, stunning legs and towering height. The woman before me was meeting each and every one of those standards and in some cases exceeding them.
  24. Breasts that easily outsized my head contained in a perfectly tailored top, with only a small amount of bronze coloured cleavage showing, a mere peek at the surly wondrous orbs within.
  25. Hips wide enough to give birth to a brood of children and be ready for more and legs that went on miles with just the right amount of firmness from muscle but would likely still be soft to the touch, all encased in a pair of nylon stockings and a skirt that likely wasn't mini when she bought it.
  26. All this was perfectly proportioned to a woman who even while sitting in a crystal throne organizing papers was still a head taller then myself.
  27. It was once she looked up from her papers that I realized just who I was looking at. Even with her golden bronze skin, I would have recognized that button nose, inquisitive eyes and purple steak of hair anywhere.
  29. >"It's good to see you again Anon, it's been far too long." Said twilight sparkle, princess of friendship and the women who five seconds ago I was fantasizing about pinning to the round table between us and fucking her until my dick fell off.
  30. >"t-twilight, what the heck happened to you?! You- your..." I stuttered barely able to comprehend what I was seeing.
  31. >"Smoking hot?" Twilight said with a smirk, taking quite a bit of pleasure over my reaction.
  32. >"Alicorn magic does a body good." she said running a hand across her body, shriving a little as it rubbed against her breasts. I'm not ashamed to admit that a small amount of drool escaped from my mouth because of that.
  33. Wiping my mouth quickly, I steeled my mind and focused at the task at hand. Do the interview now; masturbate to the images of her burned into my mind until I die of dehydration later.
  35. >"That's positively amazing, is this the result of the body enhancement magic you been working on?" I ask, taking a chair next to her and trying not to stare.
  36. >"No, but it did help me deal with some issues I was having with my growth spurt. You see becoming a princess made me go though a sort of second puberty. I think we both know just how bad some people can get when that rush of hormones starts to kick in right?"
  37. Was she saying what I think she was saying?
  38. >"I was stronger then pretty much everyone I knew and I was afraid of hurting them. So when I heard about body enhancement magic, or B.E.M as I began calling it, and how it can help people deal with stressful situations I decided to try and use it to relieve some of my own stress." Twilight explained, passing me some papers with a whole lot of technical jargon I could barely understand but I could read between Twilights lines.
  39. It was no secret that couples had been using B.E.M spells to spice up their love life, but no one had thought that was exactly what the spell was originally designed for.
  40. >"It was through rigorous and repeated testing," AKA getting her brains banged out I thought, jealous of the lucky son of a bitch who got to do it. "That I figured out the link between the spell and my own transformation." Twilight said as she stood up and began walking towards me.
  42. >"I had been subconsciously using it since day one of my princess hood." she spoke as she plopped herself into my lap, my red-hot face mashed against her soft chest and wrapped her legs around me.
  43. >"The stresses of being so sexually unfulfilled had driven my body to try and make it so I could get that fulfillment when ever and however I want." i felt a growing wetness being pressed against my pants, tented by my rock hard erection.
  44. >"Why at this point I could come at the drop of a hat." she whispered into my ear as she grabbed my hand and made me grab her large soft pantyless ass, a long moan escaping from her plump lips.
  45. >"Anon, look at me," driven to obey her every command, I pull myself from her bosom and I look up into her sweet violet eyes.
  46. >"Ever since I began testing the B.E.M, I've been thinking about the friendships I've had over the years and how my new needs would effect them," Twilight said, brushing my hair as she spoke.
  47. >"The reason I accepted the interview is because I know you've had a crush on me since we were school together and you were too shy to ever make a move and I didn't want to ruin our friendship, but I've come to theorize that they don't have to ruin a friendship but instead can make it even stronger."
  48. >"I can't promise you I'll be your special someone but that doesn't mean I can't be your friend," Twilight said as she slowly undid the buttons of her top, her voice becoming filled with lust. "And it doesn't mean that you can't get some benefits out of it." As she spoke those final words, she shrugged off her unbuttoned top and shivered as the cool air brushed against her pink thimble sized nipples; highlighted against her almost impossibly perky tanned breasts.
  50. >A small giggle came from her as she saw my gaping mouth. "Are you just going to stare or are you going to put that mouth to better use? She teased, pinching her nipples to emphasise what use I should be putting my mouth to.
  51. I grasped her left breast like a man possessed and tried to fit as much of her tit as I possibly could in my mouth, my tongue tickling her nipple. My other hand squeezed her bottom; it's fingers melting into her warm flesh.
  52. Twilight's body convulsed as a speedy orgasm hit her body. My pleasure became pain as her legs wrapped around my body squeezed far to tightly.
  53. >"Oh I'm so sorry anon, I got so caught up in the moment I forgot my own strength." Even as Twilight apologized; the pain quickly faded and was instead replaced with a pleasant heat coursing though out my body. "Well you are here because of B.E.M so it's only right that you get to expertise it for yourself. Just let me get you out of those stuffy clothes before you ruin them and get us somewhere more a bit more comfortable."
  54. A flash of light and a brief moment of everything tasting purple and suddenly I was naked and lying on a bed with an equally as naked Twilight, save for the nylon stockings hugging her thighs, laying on top of me.
  55. My penis was erect and perfectly positioned just at the entrance to her pussy and I could feel myself growing, my dick growing thicker and longer inching itself further towards what was surly paradise.
  57. Wordlessly Twilight began to rise upright into a sitting position bringing my slowly growing body with her, we both gasped as Twilight speared herself onto my enlarging rod. She pulled me closer and kissed me, her tongue twisting around mine as we melted into each other's arms. It was everything I wanted and more.
  58. The heat I had felt faded from of my body I had grown to a size nearly her equal with her only a half head taller then myself and I looked like I had spent the last year doing nothing but working out.
  59. i had no clue what my cock must have looked like but from the way Twilight's vagina was hugging it, it must be pornstar worthy.
  60. >Twilight pulled herself away from my lips and with a slight hint of embarrassment said "Sorry I had to cut your dose of B.E.M short Anon, but I've been wanting to try being on top for once and to be honest you're a lot cuter when you're smaller then me. So, just lie back and enjoy the ride." and with that she pushed me back down onto the bed and let me stare up at the sex goddess before me.
  61. Perhaps feeling a flare for the dramatic, she flared out the ethereal wings that marked her as a princess and allowed me to bask in her glory.
  63. Her ego satisfied, she began to buck her hips and drove my wood even deeper into her scratch. Each bounce made her whole body jiggle like jelly, her tits bouncing wildly as she bit her bottom lip and the sounds of flesh slapping on flesh filled the air.
  64. Her pussy felt hotter then the surface of the sun and tighter then anything I've ever felt before in my life as orgasm after orgasm hit Twilight like waves, each on making her canal clutch tighter. As hard as I tried not to, within only a few minutes of sex I came and came and came as her uterus greedily sucked up all of my cum and commended more. After what seemed like hours of both heaven and hell, she released my dick with a wet audible pop.
  65. It still slimily with juices and engorged out of proportion to the rest of me, resembling an extra large energy drink can in size.
  66. >Twilight looked down at it with wide eyes. "I guess the entire B.E.M dose wasn't gone, I'm sorry Anon. let me make it up to you." and with that she bent down and began licking my cock clean.
  67. It was like she licking a ice cream cone way she was visibly enjoying it and with a tiny whisper of "how did dash say she did it?" she began deep throating the massive member while gently squeezing my sore testicles.
  68. The wet velvety feeling of her mouth combined with her plump lips made my vision go white with pleasure and the gentle squeeze was slowly coaxing my balls to give one last go. Her tongue twisted around my shaft with such dexterity I could swear she had another hand in her mouth.
  70. I had almost not noticed that I came until Twilight had made a slurping sound and turned her head towards mine opening her mouth to reveal a white glob of sperm which she then gulp down with dramatic flair.
  71. >"Nothing like a nice drink before bed, wouldn't you say Anon?" she said as she climbed back up the bed where she then lifted up her breasts, both with a bead of white milk coming from the nipples.
  72. I stuff both into my mouth drinking in the sweet nectar as Twilight closed her body around mine, the warm milk and the sound of her heartbeat slowly lull me to sleep.
  73. -fin-
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