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Dec 18th, 2014
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  1. *This is an updated dox with more proof and it's easier to read
  2. *Original dox can be found here: &
  4. | Personal Info |
  5. Name: Jordan Cameron
  6. Mom's Name: Tina Cameron
  7. Sister's Name: I will not put that here. She doesn't need to be known and nor does his brother.
  8. Age: 16 Years Old
  9. Phone number: Don't have it. Couldn't find it anywhere.
  10. Aliases(also Twitter accounts):
  11. * @GDKJordie (current)
  12. * @JordieCuh (no longer used)
  13. * @EvilJordie (no longer used)
  14. * @6hunna (admits to carding 10 watches on this, and admits he owns it)
  16. | Possible Addresses (compare screencap to the background of these locations) (Mom's public records bought up these locations) |
  18. Location: Gateshead, United Kingdom
  19. Possible Addresses: 5 Peterborough Way, Jarrow, Tyne and Wear NE32 4XB
  20. 47 Peterborough Way, Jarrow, Tyne and Wear NE32 4XB
  21. Gateshead Tyne and Wear NE8 1NL UK
  23. *Use Google Streetview and compare the background of these locations to the screenscapped tweet located here:
  25. | Social Media & His Mom's Social Media(deactivated) |
  26. His FaceBooks:
  30. Mom's FaceBook:
  31. (I tweeted his mom's name to him and he deleted her page)(her last activity was in July of 2014 so it's no coincidence that her page went down as I tweeted @GDKJordie his mom's name.)
  33. | More proof |
  34. His phone IP(unlocked IPhone) belongs to virgin media. Check out the mappings of Virgin Media:
  36. (check this out as it's good proof)
  37. (check this out as it's good proof)
  39. Proof album:
  40. The only real proof you need: and his facebook pics. Jordan has already admitted he's gay.
  43. The proof I included in here Jordan proves you've been doxed. You cannot lie and say the pic you posted on Twitter doesn't match any of the houses and gates located on Google Maps.
  45. Follow me @RIDoxibility. You will not be able to see my tweets for some reason. Don't forget to get this paste trending on Twitter. Make sure you send it to Jordie as well. I suggest following me here: @hamburgersandthighs
  47. Don't forget to:
  48. 1. Retweet this, share it with your friends, and forward to the FBI :)
  49. 2. Put #LizardSquad so people can see it. We need many to see this.
  50. 3. Send link to @FinestSquad on Twitter so they can post the link to this dox
  53. * Don't forget to check out my twitter timeline on both of my account. Jordan has been acting weird since I revealed his dox
  55. Rest in doxability Jordan XD
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