Without Anything Good - 49

Aug 30th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

잘난 것도 없으면서! --- Publisher Link

Notable Characters:

Joon Hyun (MC) Student FMC's Boyfriend
Sujin (FMC) Student MC's Girlfriend
Eunjung (TB) Student Chase after MC
Sung Hoon Yi (BFF) Student Red's Boyfriend
Hyun Ho Bae (Douche) Student Single
Yeojin (Red) Student BFF's Girlfriend

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Chapter - 49 (TLN: I did it in hurry so might have some mistakes..)

High-school's Day FMC x ExBF

Fmc is confessing her love to her ExBF, she asks him to go out with her because she's liking him. She didn't dare to look at him while waiting for his answer.. Dude wonders what to say and stares at her huge chest before accepting her confession.

FMC's Bedroom FMC x MC

They lie on the bed next to each other, FMC calls MC's name and asks him if he's okay to listen to her story saying how it's just a trivial story, he accepts..
She looks at him then moves closer to him, she lays on his torso and warns him, saying how he might be disappointed by her. He tells her how it'll not happen, she's happy asking him if it's true. He promises her and she thanks him for this..
She starts to narrates her story saying 'In High-school..'


FMC's Room - Bathroom FMC x MC

She tells to MC how when she was in High-school she dated a senior and how she was happy at first because the dude was someone good in his studies and at sport. MC asks her if she wasn't a bit narrow minded with such criteria, she tells him how she already knew him before so it was not only because of those criteria, she tells him to sit down because she wants to wash his body..
MC plays the tsun saying how he can do it himself..

She's washing MC while narrating her first love story, she says how she dated this guy for 6 months and because she was young she had sex with him all day long because she thought it was the only way to express her love.
She says how it was actually like the relationship she had with MC before they confess their love to each other.. She keeps narating saying how there was a lot of rumors about her spreading in the school. It was about her naked body, her moans, her positions.. At first she thought it was spread by the girls jealous of her because her Ex was pretty popular but she was wrong.. One day she surprised her Ex talking with one of his buddy.. He was talking about how her breasts were shaking like a cow when he fucked her from behind.. The friend told him how he was envious, Ex asked him if he was really envious and proposed him to break up with FMC to lend her to him..

FMC's Room - Bathroom FMC x MC

FMC says how they broke up after this event.. She says how after this she became to have strange dream about the guys around her.. She says how in those dreams, guys are rough with her; and how it's hard for her to endure it because she's feeling really bad even it's only a dream.
She asks him if he knew he was the one who always saved her in her dreams, MC stammers doesn't know what to say.. She tells him how it's funny because she didn't even know him at this time. She says how she always thought of him since the first time she saw him, she keeps going saying how she was really disappointed at their first encounter (When MC was dead drunk and forced himself on her).

She tells him how because her past she doesn't want to love someone first because she doesn't want to be hurt anymore so she decided to have a relationship with the first guy who would accept / love her because she thought she wouldn't be hurt like this.

She apologizes to MC saying how because of her weird standard she hurt him a lot and played too much with his feeling but she was happy to see him loving her because she thought he would be her white knight and save her. She apologizes again saying how he really suffered because of her greed.. She looks at MC who he's looking a bit depressed and asks him if she disappointed him. MC keeps his head low and says how he's not and how he can't understand that much about her feeling. He says how it was unavoidable with her past to react like this. He apologizes too saying how he was bad to her and if their relationship wasn't forced by her and her criteria he might have ended like her ExBF saying shit about her and only enjoying her body. He says how he was a coward and only was brave recently because he was on the edge of the chasm with her threatening him to date Douche.

He looks at her, promising her to never hurt her in the future and asks if she believes him, she tells him yes and teases him a bit saying how she'll kill him then date Douche as a revenge if he hurts her.

To be continued..
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