MagiReco Main Story 9 - Mikadzuki

Oct 24th, 2018
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  1. Team Mikadzuki
  3. 9.31 Team Mikadzuki 1
  4. in a hallway in Hotel Fendthope
  5. Felicia: "This is pissing me off! What's with these bears!? Come and get it already!"
  7. 9.31.1 (from 9.25.1 Everyone 1)
  8. [in a rumorified hallway in Hotel Fendthope, we see a bear head attack Felicia]
  9. bear head: |!!uo(⌾×⌾)bear!!|
  10. Felicia: "Ngah!
  11. "You little!"
  12. [she hits the bear]
  13. bear head: |...reab(T×T)arar...|
  14. Felicia: "What the heck's with these!? They keep coming out of nowhere!"
  15. Iroha: "They're trying to kick us out of here."
  16. Yachiyo: "Because that rumor from before wasn't able to."
  17. "So now they are trying with even the smallest rumors."
  18. Sana: "Even though we haven't broken anything?"
  19. Tsuruno: "Maybe because we were talking about destroying it with Mifuyu before..."
  20. Sana: "Ah..."
  21. Kanagi: "They also might be trying to stop us from going to where the Magius are."
  22. "You could think of it that way as well."
  23. Yachiyo: "That's right..."
  24. "But..."
  25. [another bear head appears]
  26. bear head: |!bearman(#⌾×⌾#)bearman!|
  27. Yachiyo: "Anyway, it doesn't matter the reason why they're attacking us!"
  28. Iroha: "We've gotta hurry, or else the building will be blown away around us!"
  29. [she gets hit]
  30. Iroha: "Kya!"
  31. "W-where was that from!?"
  32. Yachiyo: "Where? From right in there..."
  33. [screen wipe; we see a hallway with two bear heads at the top corners]
  34. Tsuruno: "Uwah... They're even sticking to the ceiling..."
  35. Felicia: "I thought this was like a ninja house, but they really are like ninjas..."
  36. Kanagi: "But at least they're showing themselves."
  37. Yachiyo: "Yeah, if they're going to be getting in our way..."
  38. "Then we can take care of them all right here!"
  39. "Wait..."
  40. [one of Alina's barriers shows up, and spits out Candy]
  41. Candy: "tanhonteuhntyd...!!!"
  42. Tsuruno: "Rumors and witches, the dream collaboration come true!"
  43. Iroha: "This is no dream though!"
  44. "If they're trying their hardest to kick us out..."
  45. "Then we too!"
  46. [battle]
  47. [Candy is defeated]
  48. Candy: "nttnyd...noetdyn...toynthoe!?!?!"
  49. Felicia: "huff... pant...!"
  50. "Nnngh!"
  51. "I beat the witch!"
  52. [we see a bear head get defeated by Yachiyo, the rumorification fading away]
  53. bear head: |;×;)ar...|
  54. Yachiyo: "We've cleaned up with the rumors too."
  55. Iroha: "Is this all of them?"
  56. Tsuruno: "Yeah, looks like it."
  57. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san, are you guys alright?"
  58. "Before we go to where the Magius are, we might be too weakened..."
  59. Yachiyo: "Compared to the time with Tomoe-san and all those feathers, this is nothing."
  60. Tsuruno: "Though it's not all rainbows and unicorns either."
  61. Sana: "Even when we're fighting against normal feathers, you end up running around quite a lot..."
  62. Yachiyo: "Even so, we can't stop here."
  63. "Let's hurry up!"
  64. Iroha: "Yeah!"
  65. Yachiyo: "..."
  66. [flashback to the entranceway, we see the long blonde-haired white feather]
  67. blonde ponytail white feather: "Remember this."
  68. "You are trampling on many people's feelings."
  69. "Those of people who had their sisters killed, of people trying to protect their friends..."
  70. "Of people just trying to live quietly outside, and of people trying to run away from hardship..."
  71. [fade to black, we see Yachiyo]
  72. Yachiyo: *I knew that already...*
  73. *Just from the sheer number of magical girls clinging to the prospect of release, there had to be many different feelings backing them up... And that in the course of this fight, that we would end up clashing with them...*
  74. *But there was no need for us to fight.*
  75. *Since we all face the same fate as magical girls, no matter what else they feel, we should all have been able to take the same path.*
  76. [now we see the Magius]
  77. Yachiyo: *But I couldn't accept how the Magius were doing things.*
  78. *Even though their aim was not mistaken, even if their goal was all of our happiness, I could not tolerate their methods or their teachings.*
  79. [flashback to the entranceway with the long blonde-haired white feather]
  80. Yachiyo: "But I can't overlook..."
  81. "That Magius think it's okay to hurt others for the sake of their own salvation."
  82. "That they would hurt bystanders or other magical girls."
  83. blonde ponytail white feather: "Even so, countless thousands of magical girls from now into the future might be saved."
  84. Yachiyo: "Even though you yourself may be sacrificed? We may never agree..."
  85. [fade to black]
  86. Yachiyo: *So we couldn't agree, and clashed...*
  87. *But the balance will crumble soon...*
  88. *The Magius hide important facts like Kyubey does, manipulating people. The one who was able to maintain balance was Mifuyu.*
  89. *Now that Mifuyu has moved... I...*
  90. [flashback to the entranceway with the long blonde-haired white feather]
  91. blonde ponytail white feather: "It's a battle between our selfish desires and your selfish desires."
  92. Yachiyo: "If you're going to call it selfish, then I will be as selfish as it takes."
  93. [back to the hallway
  94. Yachiyo: (Yes... I will carry out my own selfishness...)
  95. [we see the long blonde-haired white feather, the long black-haired black feather, and the brown braid black feather]
  96. brown braid black feather: "We can't let you get any further!"
  97. long black black feather: "In order to achieve release, we will stop you!"
  98. blonde ponytail white feather: "Come if you dare! We'll struggle to the end!"
  99. TO: 9.32.1 (Mikadzuki 2)
  101. 9.32 Mikadzuki 2
  102. in a hallway in Hotel Fendthope
  103. Yachiyo: "That's right, we can't give up... neither you nor I can..."
  105. 9.32.1 (from 9.31.1 Mikadzuki 1)
  106. [we see the long blonde-haired white feather, the long black-haired black feather, and the brown braid black feather in a hallway]
  107. brown braid black feather: "We can't let you get any further!"
  108. long black black feather: "In order to achieve release, we will stop you!"
  109. blonde ponytail white feather: "Come if you dare! We'll struggle to the end!"
  110. Iroha: "..."
  111. "Please, let us through."
  112. "I understand you have strong feelings about this."
  113. "So I understand that we won't be able to avoid fighting..."
  114. "But, I don't want to hurt you if I can help it..."
  115. brown braid black feather: "We don't need your pity."
  116. "We..."
  117. "We will fight to our last breath for the sake of the release we believe in."
  118. "That's all..."
  119. Kanagi: "Yeah, that was rude, Tamaki-kun."
  120. Iroha: "Kanagi-san!"
  121. "They too have decided to carry out their own will."
  122. "One mere injury would not be enough to sway their minds."
  123. Kanagi: "But..."
  124. "Even Mifuyu-san abandoned the Magius..."
  125. "And chose to join with us..."
  126. long black black feather: "A big part of why I believe in the Magius..."
  127. "Is because Mifuyu-san believes in the Magius..."
  128. "But, I refuse to believe you..."
  129. "Not unless I hear her say so with my own ears..."
  130. blonde ponytail white feather: "It's just as the boss of the east says. Don't hold back."
  131. "We don't want to regret anything we have done."
  132. Iroha: "Okay..."
  133. [battle]
  134. [back in the hallway, we see the long black-haired black feather and Yachiyo]
  135. Yachiyo: "Kuh, let go of my leg!"
  136. long black black feather: "No... Never... I can't let you go..."
  137. Iroha: "That's enough!"
  138. "I don't want to fight any longer!"
  139. long black black feather: "...This is my... last... stand..."
  140. Kanagi: "Indeed, she can hardly even speak..."
  141. Iroha: "Please, stop already..."
  142. long black black feather: "Kuh... pant... ugh..."
  143. Iroha: "I'm sorry..."
  144. "Even though you've pushed us this hard, we will stop the Magius's plan."
  145. "We'll prevent release..."
  146. "When that happens, let's all face the reality of magical girls together..."
  147. "And then, we can talk together about our future..."
  148. long black black feather: "uhh..."
  149. [the feather senses something]
  150. long black black feather: "!?"
  151. "I can hear... Mifuyu-san's voice..."
  152. Iroha: "Huh?"
  153. [fade to white, and then we see a view of the storm, of a helipad, and then of a hallway, and then outside the hotel, and then back]
  154. long black black feather: "We didn't know... anything..."
  155. "About the Walpurgisnacht or about what the Magius were thinking..."
  156. "Mifuyu-san... you really switched sides..."
  157. brown braid black feather: "But... At this point..."
  158. "Now that we've come this far, even if the Walpurgisnacht comes..."
  159. "It doesn't matter, even if Mifuyu-san betrayed us..."
  160. "I'll do this... even if I'm all alone..."
  161. "Kuh..."
  162. Iroha: "I'm sorry... Even so, we're going..."
  163. [screen wipe; now we see all three Magius]
  164. Touka: "Even if you don't come, we'll go to you."
  165. Alina: "Yes, there was no need for you to try to come to us at all."
  166. Nemu: "Good work, all you feathers."
  167. Iroha: "Touka-chan... Nemu-chan..."
  168. TO: 9.33.1 (Mikadzuki 3)
  170. 9.33 Mikadzuki 3
  171. in a hallway in Hotel Fendthope
  172. Iroha: "The Magius came to us...?"
  174. 9.33.1 (from 9.32.1 Mikadzuki 2)
  175. [in a hallway]
  176. Iroha: "Touka-chan... Nemu-chan..."
  177. Felicia: "We did it!"
  178. "We don't have to go to them if they come to us!"
  179. "Now let's go beat them up!"
  180. Iroha: "But, I don't understand..."
  181. Kanagi: "They should be holed up, but for some reason they came out on their own..."
  182. Iroha: "Yeah... they have to have some reason for it..."
  183. Yachiyo: "If they'd go this far to buy time, then this is plainly suspicious."
  184. Iroha: "Touka-chan, Nemu-chan, why did you come out?"
  185. Alina: "You're not asking me?"
  186. Iroha: "..."
  187. Touka: "Why? We came out because we were touched."
  188. "We were verrrrrry sad hearing what Mifuyu said."
  189. Nemu: "Yes, once we heard what she said we finally took a good look at ourselves."
  190. "Calling the Walpurgisnacht is the height of folly, truly despicable."
  191. "Having ignored everyone's opinions, doing whatever we wanted without trusting anyone..."
  192. "No wonder we lost everyone's trust and got betrayed."
  193. Alina: "And for me, losing Mifuyu's body is outrageous."
  194. "If I knew that would happen, I couldn't care less about release."
  195. Iroha: "So you had a change of heart?"
  196. [Yachiyo looks skeptical]
  197. Yachiyo: "So Mifuyu betraying you lead you to change your thinking?"
  198. Touka: "Even if we succeed at release..."
  199. "If nobody acknowledges us then there's no point..."
  200. Felicia: "Seriously? Then, we're done here."
  201. Sana: "But I can't really believe it..."
  202. Nemu: "Rebuilding trust is very difficult. We fully understand that."
  203. Touka: "Yeah, so first, we have to have a discussion with Tamaki Iroha."
  204. Alina: "Well I don't really care about release in the first place..."
  205. long black black feather: "How could this be? Then what did we Feathers... What did we do all this for!?"
  206. Touka: "I'm sorry, we worked you all so hard for nothing."
  207. brown braid black feather: "Then I will... do it... I'll do anything it takes for release..."
  208. "So tell me... the method..."
  209. [Touka attacks her]
  210. Touka: "We've stopped the release. Why would I tell you now?"
  211. brown braid black feather: "Ah..."
  212. [she gets hit]
  213. brown braid black feather: "Guaaah!"
  214. Kanagi: "How could you, even if they are on the wrong path!?"
  215. [Nemu attacks the black-haired black feather]
  216. Nemu: "Say goodbye to all the other Feathers too. They're just obstacles now."
  217. long black black feather: "Kyaa!!"
  218. [Alina attacks the white feather]
  219. Alina: "See ya."
  220. blonde ponytail white feather: "Gah... w...hy..."
  221. Touka: "Now I feel better!"
  222. Iroha: "I don't at all..."
  223. Sana: "Somehow, these Magius... hearing what they have to say makes me suspicious..."
  224. Tsuruno: "Alina isn't using any English..." [t/n: sorry but it's all English for you]
  225. Iroha: "Ah..."
  226. "And Touka-chan and Nemu-chan are using different pronouns for themselves..." [t/n: the difference is impossible to convey in English]
  227. Yachiyo: "I see now..."
  228. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san, perhaps..."
  229. Yachiyo: "Yeah... The fact that they released witches and familiars means..."
  230. "These Magius are probably copies from the Endless Mirrors."
  231. Felicia: "Ah... huh!?"
  232. "They're fakes!?"
  233. [battle]
  234. [in battle]
  235. Touka?: "It seems they figured it out."
  236. Nemu?: "Even though we said we want to cooperate, you want to fight?"
  237. Felicia: "That's because you're familiars!"
  238. Tsuruno: "And it'll only be trouble if there are two of each of the most important players."
  239. "We will hunt you down!"
  240. Iroha: "Yeah, we don't need two each of Touka-chan and Nemu-chan!"
  241. Alina?: "Aha"
  242. "Then we'll play our role to the end, just like familiars would."
  243. [after battle]
  244. Kanagi: "sigh..."
  245. "They managed to acquire such sophisticated copies."
  246. Yachiyo: "Though the difference in strength was clear."
  247. "The chances of only them being copies is small."
  248. Kanagi: "We will need to be careful..."
  249. Yachiyo: "Yeah... how unpleasant..."
  250. brown braid black feather: "..."
  251. Tsuruno: "Iroha-chan..."
  252. Iroha: "Before I got my soul gem back I heard these people's circumstances."
  253. "The memory of having been betrayed by Magius..."
  254. "Is probably is very demoralizing..."
  255. Tsuruno: "But we can't achieve what these people want."
  256. Iroha: "Yeah, I know that."
  257. "Let's get moving..."
  258. "We still haven't found where the Magius are..."
  259. TO: 9.34.1 (Mikadzuki 4)
  261. 9.34 Mikadzuki 4
  262. in a hallway in Hotel Fendthope
  263. Tsuruno: "Even their copies would go so far as attacking their teammates... Unforgivable!"
  265. 9.34.1 (from 9.33.1 Mikadzuki 3 and 9.30.1 Mifuyu 5)
  266. [at the end of a hallway]
  267. Sana: "This is as far in as this goes... right?"
  268. Iroha: "There should be an entrance here..."
  269. Yachiyo: "It has to be somewhere."
  270. "If not, then those feathers wouldn't have gone so far to stop us."
  271. Sana: "They said something about underground... Maybe it's on a lower floor..."
  272. Felicia: "Then..."
  273. "My hammer will do the trick!"
  274. Tsuruno: "Wait!"
  275. Felicia: "Guh! What are you doing!?"
  276. Tsuruno: "It might be a trap that springs a rumor on us!"
  277. Felicia: "But we need to find it one way or another!"
  278. Tsuruno: "If there's a stairway or chamber below us then we can figure it out by the sound!"
  279. "So be quiet, everyone!"
  280. Yachiyo: "Hurry."
  281. Tsuruno: "I know!"
  282. *knock knock knock knock... knock knock knock...*
  283. Iroha: "Tsuruno-chan, can you tell?"
  284. Tsuruno: "I can't..."
  285. Iroha: "Then we'll just have to be prepared for rumors when we break the floor."
  286. Yachiyo: "Yeah. Can you do this, Felicia?"
  287. Felicia: "Yeah, I'll get this with my hammer!"
  288. "Let's do this!"
  289. [she strikes the floor and gets hit back]
  290. Felicia: "Nyah! Dah!"
  291. "Another enemy!? Who hit me!?"
  292. Mami: "I'm sorry, that was me! I barely made it in time!"
  293. Yachiyo: "Tomoe-san!?"
  294. Kanagi: "You're already up and running again!?"
  295. Felicia: "What the heck!? Are you an enemy again this time!?"
  296. Tsuruno: "This time she's not enrobed in a rumor, so I, Yui Tsuruno, will..."
  297. Mami: "Wait, you're misunderstanding! I'm here to help all of you!"
  298. Kanagi: "Hm?"
  299. [Kanagi probes her mind]
  300. Kanagi: "It seems the brainwashing has come off completely. Unlike last time, her mind is whole."
  301. Mami: "Thank goodness I was able to prove I'm not an enemy..."
  302. Kanagi: "And I'm glad you're in fine shape."
  303. Yachiyo: "Yeah, I'm glad you weren't hurt."
  304. Mami: "Yes, thanks to you managing to remove the rumor cleanly."
  305. "Aside from my magic levels I'm fine."
  306. "And Tamaki-san, sorry for everything."
  307. "I need to make it all up to you..."
  308. Iroha: "N-no, please don't worry about it!"
  309. "It's fine just knowing that you're back to normal."
  310. Mami: "Really, I cannot thank all of you enough."
  311. Felicia: "So, why did you stop me?"
  312. "bueh..."
  313. Mami: "It's just that if you don't break through correctly, rumors will come out."
  314. "So, I thought that I would handle this."
  315. Tsuruno: "You can do something about this?"
  316. Mami: "Because I was the one who hid the inner chapel..."
  317. Tsuruno: "Uehh!?"
  318. Mami: "I hid their chapel and quarantined it from this rumor..."
  319. Iroha: "So basically, you're the only one who can open it?"
  320. Mami: "That's right."
  321. "As long as they maintain the magic, even if you erased Fendthope..."
  322. "You might not be able to reach where the Magius are."
  323. "The more you fight, the worse it would get."
  324. Yachiyo: "Okay, now I understand."
  325. "I feel bad asking you since you have only just recovered, but can we leave this to you?"
  326. Mami: "Yes, that's what I came here to do."
  327. [she uses her magic]
  328. Mami: "..."
  329. (The work I did as the guiding hand...)
  330. (If I cut the ribbon hiding the chapel...)
  331. [screen wipe]
  332. Mami: "Here it is."
  333. "Once I remove the magic, rumors will come out immediately."
  334. "Prepare yourselves!"
  335. Iroha: "Yes!"
  336. Mami: (Let's do this... I will... sever my past...)
  337. [she fires her guns, the area rumor-ifies, and the red Holy Mami shows up]
  338. red Mami: |Heh hehehe|
  339. Yachiyo: "This is from back then!"
  340. Mami: "This is just a remnant without the strength of the original! It shouldn't be that tough!"
  341. [battle]
  342. [in battle]
  343. Mami: "I have now regained my former pride."
  344. "I have come to terms with the fate of a magical girl."
  345. "I suffered, and I have a lot of debts to pay."
  346. "But I am no longer weak, I'm no longer buffeted around."
  347. "So, this is goodbye."
  348. "I do not need you anymore."
  349. red Mami: |Heh hehehehe|
  350. [after battle]
  351. [red Mami gets defeated and the rumor fades]
  352. red Mami: |Heh hehehehehe!!?!?!|
  353. [the wall at the end of the hallway disappears]
  354. Mami: "Now you can continue on."
  355. "If Azusa-san and the others take care of the Rumor of Fendthope..."
  356. "Then everyone can gather here."
  357. Yachiyo: "Thanks, I got it."
  358. Mami: "Alright, I pray for your safety."
  359. Iroha: "Tomoe-san, you won't be coming with us?"
  360. Mami: "Yeah, I'll be helping them defeat the Rumor of Fendthope."
  361. "It's supposed to be very strong."
  362. Iroha: "Alright."
  363. "Then, I'll leave that to you."
  364. Mami: "Yeah, see you."
  365. [Iroha leaves]
  366. Mami: "..."
  367. "Uhh... ugh..."
  368. [she collapses]
  369. Mami: *This is what happens, after all, when you destroy your own magic...*
  370. *How absurd...*
  371. *But thank goodness I made it in time... That I was able to cleanly cut off my past...*
  372. Kyouko: "What's with that satisfied smile?"
  373. Mami: "!?"
  374. "Sakura-san..."
  375. Kyouko: "Here, take this."
  376. Mami: "A grief seed..."
  377. Kyouko: "It'd be a waste not to use it."
  378. [Mami purifies her soul gem]
  379. Kyouko: "Jeez, sacrificing yourself is one thing, but at least think about the people around you."
  380. Mami: "You were worried about me?"
  381. Kyouko: "I wasn't the one worried."
  382. "Your underclassmen were."
  383. "Well, let's get going."
  384. "If we don't get outside, we'll be blown away together with the building."
  385. [outside]
  386. Mifuyu: "Right now, I felt a response from the chapel!"
  387. Momoko: "It seems that Yachiyo-san made it in time!"
  388. Mifuyu: "Yes. I'm glad it was easy to tell!"
  389. Momoko: "Then, let's do this, Mifuyu-san!"
  390. Mifuyu: "Yes. Everyone, it's time to go all out!"
  391. "Haaaah!!"
  392. [they all attack]
  393. [insert image of a crazy bear tree]
  394. crazy bear tree rumor: *|!!。◯*(‾(工)‾)*◯。!!|*
  395. Momoko: *W-what's with this rumor!? This is way beyond what I ever could have imagined...*
  396. Mifuyu: *It's about what I estimated, but seeing it in person it sure is brutal...*
  397. [we see the Kamihama skyline enveloped in a storm]
  398. *"This is a broadcast for all of Kamihama City. Please watch out for heavy winds and rain, as well as lighting strikes. We repeat that all public transportation services have been suspended."*
  399. [we see a street in Sankyou Ward in the rain]
  400. *"This is a Kamihama City notification vehicle. Evacuation orders have been given for all regions of Kamihama City. Everyone living in this area, please get to the nearest evacuation shelter immediately."*
  401. *"This has been a Kamihama City notification vehicle."*
  402. [in Banbanzai]
  403. Tsuruno's father: "Tsuruno said she's staying at Yachiyo-chan's house, but I'm still worried."
  404. "But there's no signal, huh..."
  405. "I hope they make it to a shelter soon..."
  406. TO: 9.35.1 (Mifuyu 6)
  407. TO: 9.39.1 (Mikadzuki 5)
  409. 9.39 Mikadzuki 5
  410. in a pathway heading underground
  411. Iroha: "The atmosphere has kinda changed. I wonder how far this goes..."
  413. 9.39.1 (from 9.34.1 Mikadzuki 4)
  414. [in a pathway heading underground]
  415. Iroha: "I can't see the end..."
  416. "It's like the stairs are being swallowed by the darkness..."
  417. "It kinda makes me feel sick..."
  418. Yachiyo: "That's because it's more than just gloomy..."
  419. "The more we descend on these stairs, the stronger I can feel something tainted."
  420. Kanagi: "Yeah, it might be this Eve thing the Magius have been raising..."
  421. Felicia: "Mmmm..."
  422. Kanagi: "What's wrong, dog? What happened to your enthusiasm from before?"
  423. Felicia: "Somewhere around my stomach isn't feeling good..."
  424. "It reminds me of when my mom and dad were killed."
  425. "My heart is beating funny..."
  426. Tsuruno: "You shouldn't worry too much, Felicia."
  427. "It's not magic that's floating around. After all, it's not directly affecting our bodies."
  428. "If your will weakens, then you might get dragged down..."
  429. "So you have to cheer up! Come on, cheer up cheer up!"
  430. "Hmf hmf!"
  431. Felicia: "Yeah, that's right..."
  432. "Hmf!"
  433. Iroha: "Are you alright, Sana-chan?"
  434. Sana: "Y-yes, somehow..."
  435. "But this might be a trap, you know?"
  436. Iroha: "Because there is this much impurity built up?"
  437. Sana: "Yes..."
  438. "The farther we descend, the more impurity there is."
  439. "But thinking about how the three Magius are alright down there..."
  440. "I somehow can't believe it..."
  441. Iroha: "But it's a place they went out of their way to isolate and hide away."
  442. "They have to be there."
  443. Sana: "Yeah... that's right..."
  444. Iroha: "And also, we might be being tested."
  445. "They're seeing if this is as far as we can go."
  446. "If our feelings aren't strong enough to bear this level of impurity..."
  447. "Then there's no way we would be able to stop their plans."
  448. Yachiyo: "That's right."
  449. "We don't know what lies ahead."
  450. "Mifuyu arranged it so that they would destroy the whole building..."
  451. "So we have to be able to bear this until then."
  452. [fade to black]
  453. Sana: *They're here, they've arrived...*
  454. [back to the hallway]
  455. Tsuruno: "What's here, Sana?"
  456. Sana: "Huh? I didn't say anything..."
  457. Tsuruno: "Hm?"
  458. "I thought that was you though... Was that my imagination?"
  459. [fade to black]
  460. Felicia: *If they feel bad from only this much impurity, they must be really weak.*
  461. [back to the hallway]
  462. Felicia: "Ah, who's there? Stop making fun of me!"
  463. Kanagi: "That was your own voice though."
  464. Felicia: "Why would I make fun of myself though?"
  465. Kanagi: "I don't really know..."
  466. Yachiyo: "Enemies who could do this should in fact be here though..."
  467. [fade to black]
  468. Tsuruno: *Hahaha! They're all confused! Look at how pathetic Master looks!*
  469. Yachiyo: *They look so silly, thinking that we are them.*
  470. *Right, Iroha?*
  471. Iroha: *Yes this isn't like us.*
  472. *Everyone is forgetting themselves.*
  473. [back to the hallway]
  474. Iroha: "You're right, Yachiyo-san..."
  475. Yachiyo: "They really have the worst taste."
  476. [fade to black]
  477. Iroha?: *Can I ask everyone for something, as leader?*
  478. Kanagi?: *Yeah, I'll follow your instructions too, Tamaki-kun.*
  479. Iroha?: *Let's teach these people who we are.*
  480. [back to the hallway]
  481. Yachiyo: "Leader, what should *we* do?"
  482. mini-Kyubey choice: "Let's listen to the copies." or "We don't need to listen to the copies."
  483. mini-Kyubey: "Mokyuuuu" (first choice)
  484. Iroha: "Yeah, it's not a bad idea to listen to what they have to say."
  485. "I don't think they'll be changing our minds, though."
  486. Yachiyo: "Yeah."
  487. "Stopgap measures like this are not going to work."
  488. "I have resolved to follow this through to the end."
  489. Iroha: "Yeah, as have I."
  490. "So let's erase these tainted copies of ourselves."
  491. [battle]
  492. [in battle]
  493. Sana?: "As weak and useless as I am, do I really deserve to be happy?"
  494. "I'm always troubling Iroha-san. Eventually she'll start to hate me."
  495. Sana: "Now that I'm in Mikadzuki House, I don't have to worry about that anymore..."
  496. "This is the place I feel most comfortable, the place I belong in life!"
  497. Felicia?: "You've probably forgotten about getting revenge for your parents. With the Magius there would be no more witches."
  498. "Yachiyo wouldn't nag you anymore. I'm sure it would be better!"
  499. Felicia: "But I don't want Iroha and the others to be gone!"
  500. "And also, we decided to share all our worries with each other!"
  501. Tsuruno?: "The Strongest should be able to understand."
  502. "Either way, the people of Mikadzuki House don't understand my true self."
  503. Tsuruno: "Actually, they already do."
  504. "Everyone's accepted my weak points."
  505. "You could call these the Strongest Bonds!"
  506. Yachiyo?: "At this rate, you're going to end up killing your friends again."
  507. "I can imagine that strong face you put up warping eventually."
  508. Yachiyo: "They are so important to me..."
  509. "That I couldn't even think of living without them."
  510. TO: 9.40.1 (Mikadzuki 6)
  512. 9.40 Mikadzuki 6
  513. in a pathway heading underground
  514. Iroha: "It's okay, I'm different from how I was before. There's nothing to get confused over."
  516. 9.40.1 (from 9.39.1 Mikadzuki 5)
  517. [in a pathway heading underground]
  518. Iroha?: "Since when have I been able to voice my opinion so easily?"
  519. "Someone that strong can't be Tamaki Iroha."
  520. Iroha: "That's not true. Right here in front of you is the true me."
  521. "This is how Tamaki Iroha is right now."
  522. Iroha?: "But even in class I always quiet..."
  523. "Afraid that saying anything at all will cause changes, I don't say a word..."
  524. "Just trying to match my surroundings, matching everyone's mood..."
  525. Iroha: "But as a result, I had nobody I could call a friend..."
  526. "Just people I could easily laugh with, without actually understanding them."
  527. Iroha?: "But I was able to get through school peacefully..."
  528. Iroha: "But I couldn't tell the truth to Ui."
  529. "I lied to her, saying that I enjoyed going to school."
  530. "I was playing the role of her sister who liked school..."
  531. "I don't want to go back to being like that ever again."
  532. "And also, after Ui disappeared, I started spending time with Yachiyo-san."
  533. "Starting from a time when I needed to express my opinion..."
  534. "My surroundings changed."
  535. "I've met with all sorts of magical girls, and made some precious friends."
  536. "And I've come to be able to share pain and worries with them."
  537. "So I have to say goodbye to my timid self from back then."
  538. "After all, I have something to be proud of now."
  539. "When I reunite with Ui, I can introduce her to my friends."
  540. Iroha?: "In the end, I wasn't clinging to my sister... not to Ui..."
  541. "If Ui doesn't exist, what would I do?"
  542. Iroha: "If Ui weren't here..."
  543. Iroha?: "Just as Touka-chan and Nemu-chan say..."
  544. "It'd be better to stop before getting shocked like that."
  545. "Stop doing this..."
  546. "Neither of them will remember... And Ui doesn't exist..."
  547. "You're just being selfish trying to do this."
  548. "Everyone's going to suffer, you know. You're going to trample over everyone else's feelings."
  549. Iroha: "..."
  550. [flashback to the underground hallway]
  551. long black black feather: "My sister and I would just grieve, hoping to escape from our fate."
  552. [another flashback to the underground hallway]
  553. brown braid black feather: "So that the other feathers and I can live peacefully in our own cities..."
  554. [back to the pathway going underground]
  555. Iroha: "That's right."
  556. "Like the feather who wanted to mourn her sister who had become a witch..."
  557. "Or the feather who just wanted to live peacefully in her own city..."
  558. "As many as as there are other feathers... as many as there are other magical girls..."
  559. "There are an equal number of feelings all intermixing in this fight."
  560. "But for me, I have my memories that I believe in."
  561. [flashback to the underground hallway]
  562. Iroha: "Before Touka-chan and Nemu-chan remember Ui..."
  563. "I won't let them accumulate sins!"
  564. (And also, if there are girls who came to Kamihama because of Ui's words...)
  565. (Then somewhere, Magius's plan definitely has something to do with Ui...)
  566. (I also heard Ui say that in the Kuchiyose Shrine.)
  567. [back to the pathway going underground]
  568. Iroha: "I won't believe that Ui doesn't exist!"
  569. "I believe that Touka-chan and Nemu-chan will remember!"
  570. [battle]
  571. [in battle]
  572. Iroha: "And also, Ui is not the only problem!"
  573. "Kamihama, that helped me change, belongs to me and everyone else!"
  574. "I won't let them expose the city to danger!"
  575. Iroha?: "Even if you have to trample on other magical girls' feelings?"
  576. Iroha: "It's not merely trampling on their feelings."
  577. "I'm going to be selfish to the very end without pulling back."
  578. TO: 9.41.1 (Mikadzuki 7)
  580. 9.41 Mikadzuki 7
  581. in a pathway heading underground
  582. Kanagi: "Hm, talking with our copies? It's interesting thinking about what will I say to myself."
  584. 9.41.1 (from 9.40.1 Mikadzuki 6)
  585. [in a pathway heading underground, we see two Kanagis]
  586. Kanagi: "So, what might I be planning on explaining to myself?"
  587. Kanagi?: "Hm, just confirmation to start with."
  588. Kanagi: "Confirmation? Well, what of?"
  589. Kanagi?: "Of whether the flame of your desire to erase history and annihilate the city still burns bright."
  590. Kanagi: "Oh, that? It hasn't disappeared."
  591. "It's always smoldering deep down inside me."
  592. "Just as that feather said."
  593. "We continue to suffer from unjust, unfair, and undeserved treatment."
  594. "The main reason for that is the long span of history built up over time in this city."
  595. "Another reason is that people aren't influenced by outsiders' impressions enough."
  596. Kanagi?: "Mm, it seems like nothing has changed."
  597. Kanagi: "If you simply read my mind you wouldn't need to ask."
  598. Kanagi?: "I am a copy, so it's a bit difficult to mimic your power."
  599. Kanagi: "I see now."
  600. "So, is there anything I don't like about myself?"
  601. Kanagi?: "Just one thing."
  602. Kanagi: "Then, let's hear it through."
  603. Kanagi?: "Why is it that you don't make that smoldering ember of yours flare up?
  604. "Break down the city, take down the fences, and make the people join hands."
  605. "Wasn't that your goal?"
  606. Kanagi: "Erasing history, annihilating the city..."
  607. "If I had the power to achieve that, then I would have done it already."
  608. "However, that is too much for just one magical girl."
  609. "The longer I stared at this impossible blueprint, the less I dreamed."
  610. Kanagi?: "Is that truly what you believe..."
  611. Kanagi: "You should understand, being my copy."
  612. "I was still young back when I had my wish granted."
  613. "In the first place, if destruction could really cause people to join hands..."
  614. "Then that would have been borne out already in the history of the world."
  615. Kanagi?: "Also, in this country, the safety net system for the people is too effective."
  616. Kanagi: "Yeah, without the example of the past, the system would be considered too good."
  617. "You do get it."
  618. Kanagi?: "Of course."
  619. "If an outsider intervenes, there will be no joining of hands."
  620. "However, the fact that this is only smoldering inside you means that no matter how many reasons are lined up..."
  621. "Only a small part of you actually wants destruction."
  622. Kanagi: "I can't deny that."
  623. Kanagi?: "Then allow me to inform you."
  624. Kanagi: "Inform?"
  625. Kanagi?: "The Magius's plan should be able to achieve what you want."
  626. Kanagi: "Their plan can..."
  627. "By gathering enormous amounts of energy..."
  628. "To a degree, I had figured that out, but I didn't realize it was to such a great extent."
  629. "It really is to such a great extent."
  630. "Aren't you curious now? Has that ember begun burning brightly now?"
  631. Kanagi: "No, unfortunately it is still smoldering."
  632. Kanagi?: "Even with the possibility of achieving what you want, right under your nose?"
  633. Kanagi: "Mm, I may have grown up a bit too much for that."
  634. "And also, even if the time comes when I can achieve what I want..."
  635. "I can't be the one making the decision."
  636. Kanagi?: "Entrusting it to someone?"
  637. Kanagi: "I think I will."
  638. "I'll entrust it to a girl who has undergone more pain and hardship than I have..."
  639. "Can't you accept that?"
  640. Kanagi?: "Mm, I can."
  641. "If so, then I'll just disappear, and simply watch as things take their course."
  642. Kanagi: "Yes, exactly."
  643. [battle]
  644. [still in the pathway heading underground]
  645. Iroha: "..."
  646. Yachiyo: "Are you finished, Iroha?"
  647. Iroha: "Yes, I defeated myself..."
  648. "How about you, Yachiyo-san?"
  649. Yachiyo: "Yeah, I was able to overcome my worries."
  650. Tsuruno: "My copy told me that I was being unfair."
  651. Iroha: "Unfair?"
  652. Tsuruno: "Hehe, it's a secret."
  653. Felicia: "Let's finish up already. I'm getting hungry."
  654. Sana: "That's right..."
  655. "I want to hurry up and go home together..."
  656. Yachiyo: "Huh? What do you mean?"
  657. Iroha: "They're just glad they're part of Team Mikadzuki House."
  658. Felicia: "Yeah!"
  659. Sana: "Yes!"
  660. Yachiyo: "Hehe, I'm also glad that I can be with everyone..."
  661. Iroha: "But we can't go home quite yet."
  662. "Once we end this safely, then let's go home, okay?"
  663. "Everyone, together at Mikadzuki House!"
  664. Yachiyo: "Yeah."
  665. "I've gotta think up a menu for tonight..."
  666. "And we should have Mifuyu join us too."
  667. Kanagi: "Hm, you're done?"
  668. Yachiyo: "How was it, Kanagi?"
  669. Kanagi: "Mm... I wasn't very different."
  670. Yachiyo: "How very like you."
  671. Iroha: "Then, let's get going to where the Magius are."
  672. "The team outside should be defeating the rumor soon."
  673. Yachiyo: "Yeah, let's keep heading down this abyss..."
  674. [black screen]
  675. *step... step... step... step...*
  676. [outside in the rumor-ified field we see Mifuyu and Momoko]
  677. Mifuyu: "pant... hah... Is everyone alright?"
  678. Momoko: "Their magic levels are fine, but there are some injured feathers..."
  679. Kaede: "Auhh...uhh..."
  680. Mifuyu: "Kaede-san!"
  681. Kaede: "I-I'm fine."
  682. "I just got hit by one of the girls who got thrown..."
  683. Momoko: "That said, this thing..."
  684. [we see the bear tree rumor]
  685. crazy bear tree rumor: |!!*·;。°(⌾(工)⌾)°。;·*!!|
  686. Momoko: "It doesn't feel like it's possible to defeat it..."
  687. Mifuyu: "..."
  688. [black screen]
  689. *step... step... step... step...*
  690. [fade to white, then to gray]
  691. Iroha: *This is... the Magius's...*
  692. Felicia: *Woah, it's really dirty...*
  693. Sana: *Somehow, it reminds me of a botanical garden...*
  694. Yachiyo: *These coffins and flowers are giving me a bad feeling...*
  695. Tsuruno: *Hey, everyone, look at that...*
  696. [fade to white]
  697. [we get a panning view of some huge moth like thing in this garden]
  698. Yachiyo: "Is that thing in the back there... the Eve?"
  699. Tsuruno: "It's a witch, it's gotta be a witch..."
  700. Alina (offscreen): *Ahah! It seems like you've finally made it here.*
  701. Iroha: "Alina-san..."
  702. [insert image of the three Magius sitting at a table with tea and cake]
  703. Nemu: *You took longer to arrive than I expected.*
  704. Alina: *Even if you left her alone Tamaki Iroha came together with her soul gem.*
  705. *There was no need for all the fighting. Those Feathers are such fools.*
  706. Touka: *And so, welcome to our chapel!*
  707. *Why don't we enjoy some tea while we gaze upon the Eve?*
  708. [we see a still shot of the Eve, some kind of moth thing with a big ball]
  709. Iroha: "So this is the Eve, after all..."
  710. TO: 9.42.1 (Mikadzuki 8)
  712. 9.42 Mikadzuki 8
  713. in the underground chapel
  714. Iroha: "Having tea in front of this witch like it's nothing..."
  716. 9.42.1 (from 9.41.1 Mikadzuki 7)
  717. [in the underground chapel]
  718. Touka: "Why don't we enjoy some tea while we gaze upon the Eve?"
  719. Tsuruno: "I can't believe it..."
  720. "How could we just drink tea in front of this witch?"
  721. Felicia: "And this impurity... How do they stand it?"
  722. Alina: "Aha"
  723. "What do you think of our best artwork?"
  724. "Does it not make you excited just to look at the Embryo Eve?"
  725. Iroha: "Not for me..."
  726. "I can't look at this witch as if it's a piece of artwork..."
  727. Nemu: "Supposing this were a witch, even we wouldn't be just staring at it."
  728. Kanagi: "But it clearly looks like a witch."
  729. "If you were to let it out, I can't imagine what would it would do to normal people just from its atmosphere..."
  730. Sana: "Yes, that's how ominous it seems..."
  731. "I can't believe you would keep raising a witch like this..."
  732. Nemu: "I already told you it's not a witch. Did you not hear?"
  733. Sana: "Then, what is it?"
  734. Nemu: "This is a midpoint."
  735. "It's not a magical girl nor a witch, a *half-witch* wavering between the two."
  736. Alina: "That's it."
  737. "So that's why we cooperated to raise the Eve."
  738. "Because we want to overcome the limit and create the finished product, a witch."
  739. Iroha: "And that's this... 'hatching'?"
  740. Touka: "Exactly!"
  741. "Going from a half witch to a witch equals hatching!"
  742. "What we've been aiming for this whole time..."
  743. "Is the phase transition energy evolved when a magical girl becomes a witch."
  744. "If we can acquire that, we can spread this miracle here in Kamihama across the entire world!"
  745. Iroha: "So that all the magical girls in the world can be saved from their fates..."
  746. Touka: "Yep, yep, exactly right!"
  747. Yachiyo: "But that can't be all."
  748. "You should be trying to achieve your ambitions."
  749. Nemu: "That is secondary."
  750. "Including my desire to turn the whole world into a manuscript..."
  751. "And Touka's desire to know everything about the universe..."
  752. "And Alina's desire to leave behind an eternal piece of art."
  753. Touka: "Yes, our goal is simply the release of magical girls."
  754. "We will take the soul gem that is inside the Eve..."
  755. "And turn it into a grief seed."
  756. Iroha: "Is that why you called the Walpurgisnacht!?"
  757. "You should know, Touka-chan..."
  758. "If you bring such a horrible witch here, you're going to hurt the people of the city!"
  759. Touka: "And we'll get that much emotional energy from it! Picture it as best you can."
  760. Yachiyo: "Maybe these girls are the true ultimate witch..."
  761. "And this isn't just a problem for right now..."
  762. "Even if it's not a witch, they're insane for using this massive lump of impurity."
  763. Kanagi: "I agree."
  764. "If we're doing something, now is the time."
  765. "Maybe it's because it's not a witch, but the Eve seems to be restrained from moving."
  766. Iroha: "Yes."
  767. "For now, we should work to erase the Eve."
  768. "We can only stop their plan by cutting it off at the roots."
  769. Yachiyo: "They won't be able to feign composure for long."
  770. Felicia: "Yeah, we have six people."
  771. Tsuruno: "And I, the Strongest, am here too!"
  772. "But, something's up..."
  773. Touka: "Ehehe, I wonder what it is."
  774. "But that should be expected of the Strongest!"
  775. "No matter how hard you try, you don't have the slightest chance of winning."
  776. "Magic-wise, strength-wise, and environment-wise too."
  777. Nemu: "That's right."
  778. "But just waiting and watching is getting on my nerves, so let's be their opponents."
  779. "I think Touka alone will be plenty to stop them, but nonetheless I will join in too."
  780. Touka: "Are you feeling alright already?"
  781. Nemu: "As long as I don't create any rumors there shouldn't be any problem."
  782. Alina: "And so, since you've come this far, I take it your memories haven't changed much?"
  783. Iroha: "Neither my memories nor the way I feel have changed at all."
  784. "I am determined to stop you all."
  785. Alina: "sighhhh... How boring..."
  786. "Then there was no point in saving you this whole time."
  787. [battle]
  788. [in battle]
  789. Iroha: "Everyone, don't mind the Magius, let's head to the Eve!"
  790. Felicia: "I don't know if it's impurity or what, but I'll smash it to bits with my hammer!"
  791. Alina: "It pisses me off how much composure you have though."
  792. Felicia: "Nngh, it's the scary one!"
  793. Sana: "They won't let us get through easily, after all..."
  794. Yachiyo: "Huh? Somehow my body... feels odd...?"
  795. Iroha: "Yeah, now that we're moving, my breath..."
  796. TO: 9.43.1 (Mikadzuki 9)
  798. 9.43 Mikadzuki 9
  799. in the underground chapel
  800. Tsuruno: "I still have magic left, so why does my body feel so... strange..."
  802. 9.43.1 (from 9.42.1 Mikadzuki 8)
  803. [in the underground chapel]
  804. Nemu: "It's about time you become unable to move."
  805. [there is a flash of white and she takes out her book]
  806. Kanagi: "Gah!!"
  807. "Is she really not at full strength?"
  808. Tsuruno: "Th-this is strange, Kanagi..."
  809. Kanagi: "Are you alright, Yui-kun?"
  810. Tsuruno: "I'm not alright at all... I don't have any strength..."
  811. Kanagi: "I see..."
  812. "I was thinking my body was feeling heavy, but it was for all of us..."
  813. Nemu: "Heh"
  814. "The fatigue of having fought so much outside..."
  815. "It seems using spirit and guts to keep going has hit its limits."
  816. [screen wipe]
  817. Felicia: "Ahhh, I feel so weak, and I don't feel so good again..."
  818. "This didn't happen back when we fought at the heliport..."
  819. Sana: "Ah, I can't stand anymo..."
  820. [Sana collapses]
  821. Alina: "Ahah"
  822. Felicia: "Wha?! Don't touch me!"
  823. Alina: "Finally I get to delete this blondie who's pissed me off this much."
  824. "I'd like to take your hair, but you sure have a beautiful face..."
  825. Felicia: "What... Stop it..."
  826. Alina: "And you too..."
  827. Sana: "Hya..."
  828. Alina: "Ahah, what a cute reaction. What, are you quivering?"
  829. [screen wipe]
  830. Touka: "Ehehe, see? I knew this would happen."
  831. "I told you, right?"
  832. "You don't have a chance, magic-wise, strength-wise, and environment-wise too."
  833. "Spirit and guts, friendship and hard work are wonderful and cool..."
  834. "But there are some things they can't overcome."
  835. "Wire up those nerves and think with your heads."
  836. Iroha: "pant... pant... Yachiyo-san..."
  837. Yachiyo: "I know we've been fighting nonstop, but why do my legs feel so heavy..."
  838. "kuh... This is weird..."
  839. Iroha: "Magically we're fine, and though our stamina may be an issue..."
  840. "But why is this happening so suddenly?"
  841. Yachiyo: "Wait, environment?"
  842. Touka: "Ehehe, you're right again."
  843. "We are used to being surrounded with impurity..."
  844. "But all of you are not."
  845. "You don't have an immunity to it like we do."
  846. "So of course the more you fight, the harder it'll get."
  847. Iroha: "..."
  848. "Touka-chan..."
  849. Touka: "There's no need to kill you anymore."
  850. "But in the end, your face is just pissing me off."
  851. "You've obstructed us so much up until here..."
  852. "So, Tamaki Iroha, I'll allow myself to vent my anger once."
  853. Iroha: "What are you saying?"
  854. Touka: "Ehe, Tamaki Iroha."
  855. [battle]
  856. [insert image of Touka in front of a hooded masked thing with matchstick-feathered wings]
  857. Iroha: *What...*
  858. *The Eve is absorbing the impurity from Touka-chan!?*
  859. Yachiyo: *Meaning that the Eve is what brought about doppels?*
  860. Touka: *I'll have you settle down now.*
  861. [a flash of white, fading to gray]
  862. Iroha: *AAAAAGH!!*
  863. [back to the chapel]
  864. Iroha: "ugh... kuh..."
  865. Touka: "Alright, everyone, gather together!"
  866. "Ei!"
  867. [she uses some magic]
  868. Iroha: "Gah!"
  869. Yachiyo: "Iroha, are you alright?"
  870. Iroha: ""
  871. Touka: "She couldn't even approach the Eve, huh?"
  872. Nemu: "She showed us her pure side, like a Feather who's coming here for the first time."
  873. Sana: "pant... Just by moving a little I have to breathe so heavily..."
  874. Felicia: "We just keep getting beaten!!"
  875. [she collapses]
  876. Felicia: "Why can't I stand..."
  877. Tsuruno: "I don't want to lose... to this impurity..."
  878. "When we were just about to stop the Magius..."
  879. Kanagi: "An advantageous environment for our enemies... I understand this..."
  880. "..."
  881. "...Are you going to kill us?"
  882. Alina: "I said we have no intention of deleting you."
  883. "Though I wouldn't mind that personally..."
  884. "But now that you're here, we want to share with you the moment of the Eve's hatching."
  885. "So I'll watch over your horrified, struggling faces."
  886. Touka: "Yeah, you've come all this way!"
  887. "The Eve has grown up, and the Walpurgisnacht is coming."
  888. "So let's just have a chat over tea until the Eve hatches."
  889. Yachiyo: "Don't be stupid. We have nothing to talk about."
  890. Touka: "Why not?"
  891. "It'll take some time until Mifuyu and the others destroy Fendthope, after all."
  892. Iroha: "Huh?"
  893. "What you just said... You don't care even if your base gets destroyed?"
  894. Nemu: "In order to execute our plan, we need to get the Eve outside, after all."
  895. Iroha: "You mean you intentionally made us fight!?"
  896. Alina: "Because Mifuyu and the flute sisters and the Feathers are all going to be in the way afterwards."
  897. "So in the case of the soul gems and the rumors..."
  898. "It is best for us that you fought as hard as you can and got tired out."
  899. "Though it's a shame that Mifuyu's body will be hurt."
  900. Nemu: "We were surprised when you found the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura, as that was not part of our plan."
  901. "But simply from having called the Walpurgisnacht, we have an upper hand that you cannot overcome."
  902. Touka: "Basically, this is our win!"
  903. "So why not just kill some time with us?"
  904. "As a reward for coming all this way..."
  905. "I'll tell you all sorts of things that even Mifuyu doesn't know."
  906. "Ehe"
  907. Yachiyo: "Things Mifuyu doesn't know?"
  908. Touka: "Yeah, things like what Kyubey really wants, and what we want."
  909. "Don't you wanna know?"
  910. Iroha: "..."
  911. (Having come all this way, we can't do anything...)
  912. (I thought that we could get Touka-chan and Nemu-chan's memories back...)
  913. (After stopping them...)
  914. (But we can't even stop them...)
  915. TO: 9.44.1 (Mikadzuki 10)
  917. 9.44 Mikadzuki 10
  918. in the underground chapel
  919. Alina: "Then, I think I'll also relax and listen to Touka's speech."
  921. 9.44.1 (from 9.43.1 Mikadzuki 9)
  922. [in the underground chapel, the screen is darkened and we see Touka]
  923. Touka: *This happened quite a long time ago.*
  924. *When I was temporarily out of the hospital, I found a book in my uncle's room.*
  925. *It was titled 'Magical Girls: Their Hope and Despair'.*
  926. *Written in it was information from interactions with magical girls, and about their lives.*
  927. *Although it seemed like fiction, I was able to believe that it was the truth. So I decided to try looking for Kyubey, who was not covered very much in the book.*
  928. *And then one night, Kyubey appeared at the window to my room, and I asked him all kinds of questions.*
  929. *All sorts of interesting things that magical girls don't know even now.*
  930. [fade to black, and Kyubey fades in]
  931. Touka: *The first thing I learned was about Kyubey himself.*
  932. *Kyubey is an input/output terminal for a species that established a vast culture in space, possessing technology far beyond what humans are aware of, and he is here with a purpose.*
  933. *It is not granting girls' wishes, nor making magical girls, and neither is it making them fight witches.*
  934. *All of those aren't ends, but rather means.*
  935. [fade to a view of space]
  936. Touka: *Their true aim is to save the universe we all live in.*
  937. [Touka appears]
  938. Touka: *After all...*
  939. *Every phenomenon that occurs in the universe obeys the second law of thermodynamics, and is always causing energy to be lost from the universe as a whole.*
  940. *As Kyubey described it, the heat energy evolved from burning a tree does not match up with the work required to grow it.*
  941. *That mismatch is the loss. And as this loss builds up constantly, the universe will meet its end in heat death.*
  942. *You could say it's like the process of errors in cell division causing aging in humans.*
  943. *Kyubey is working in order to control that aging.*
  944. [fade to black, and then back to the underground chapel]
  945. Yachiyo: "So we weren't created to fight witches?"
  946. Touka: "Isn't that such exciting information?"
  947. "Don't you wanna hear more? Ehehe"
  948. Yachiyo: "..."
  949. "I can't say I don't."
  950. "Even though we fight witches, we become witches..."
  951. "I realized there was a contradiction, but for that to be the reason why..."
  952. Touka: "Isn't it shocking?"
  953. Yachiyo: "I can't say for sure that that's the truth. It could all be a fabrication."
  954. Sana: "But even so, I want to know..."
  955. "If it explains their motivations..."
  956. Touka: "Alright, I'm glad you want to hear it!"
  957. Tsuruno: "If what Touka says is correct..."
  958. "Then we're being used for the sake of the universe?"
  959. "Magical girls and the universe... There's a connection...?"
  960. "The lost... energy?"
  961. [fade to black, with Touka in the back]
  962. Touka: *Right, isn't it simple?*
  963. *We magical girls exist to resolve that issue.*
  964. [now with a background of stars]
  965. Touka: *The problem in the universe is that from the birth to the death of stars, all sorts of stuff happens, and all the while energy gets lost.*
  966. *The lost energy spreads throughout the universe, creating an unchanging state of disorder.*
  967. *That spells the end of the universe. It's a big problem, right?*
  968. *But you see, Kyubey found here on Earth a form of energy not bound by the rules of thermodynamics.*
  969. [we see some man]
  970. Touka: *That is, human emotions.*
  971. *When people feel happy or sad or surprised, the energy generated is greater than the energy used over the course of their life from birth until death.*
  972. [we see a little girl]
  973. Touka: *And the ones who generate the most energy of all...*
  974. *Are between childhood and adulthood, when the fluctuations in their emotions are the greatest: girls in puberty.*
  975. *This is an ideal time, right as males and females have their sensations change differently, they enter a rebellious phase deriving from the development of their self, and the balance between their physical and mental changes causes their feelings to waver.*
  976. *That's why they grant their wishes, turn them into magical girls, and make them fight with witches.*
  977. *Using the energy they get from that, they can restore the lost energy.*
  978. [back to the underground chapel]
  979. Tsuruno: "So what benefit do they get from turning us into magical girls?"
  980. "There's a reason why they granted our wishes, right?"
  981. "What they want is our emotional energy, so what they get most easily from granting our wishes is..."
  982. "!?"
  983. "No way, the system for turning us into witches..."
  984. Felicia: "W-what about it?"
  985. Sana: "I don't know either..."
  986. Tsuruno: "They were creating a cycle in order to shake our emotions..."
  987. [fade to black, with Touka]
  988. Touka: *That's the Strongest for ya.*
  989. *Even after having been given hope by granting their wishes, the girls will eventually taste despair.*
  990. *It doesn't matter whether it's from the repercussions of her wish, or from learning her fate of becoming a witch, or losing a friend. Anything will do.*
  991. *All that matters is that the magical girl, a symbol of hope, falls to despair for some reason and releases a massive amount of phase transition energy.*
  992. *"Hope and despair"...*
  993. [we see the sheep witch and Iroha]
  994. Touka: *In order to realize that as simply as possible, they created a cycle of hope creating magical girls and despair creating witches.*
  995. [back in the chapel]
  996. Felicia: "I don't really get it, but basically they were using us?"
  997. Touka: "Isn't that unforgivable?"
  998. Felicia: "Of course!"
  999. Yachiyo: "They used our precious feelings and the resolve we clung to..."
  1000. "Anyone would resent that."
  1001. Touka: "That's the typical view."
  1002. "I hate them, I want them gone, I want to destroy them."
  1003. "But I don't think that's the right thing to do."
  1004. Yachiyo: "That doesn't change the fact that Kyubey is malicious."
  1005. Touka: "Even though they're trying to protect the universe?"
  1006. Yachiyo: "Well..."
  1007. Touka: "The scale is so vast that it might be difficult to imagine..."
  1008. "Since we hold the power to maintain the universe, I think we should be proud of ourselves."
  1009. "As magical girls who can save the universe."
  1010. Yachiyo: "Are you telling us to become witches?"
  1011. Touka: "No, I'm not."
  1012. "In order for that not to happen, that's the reason why we have the Eve creating doppels."
  1013. [fade to black]
  1014. Touka: *After all, we Magius are going to replace Kyubey.*
  1015. [battle]
  1016. [after battle, in the chapel]
  1017. Yachiyo: "Replace Kyubey..."
  1018. "So you are usurping the duties of Kyubey..."
  1019. "And creating a world without witches?"
  1020. "By creating doppels, you get energy and maintain the universe..."
  1021. "A world where we don't become witches."
  1022. Nemu: "And when witches eventually disappear, we will be able to live in peace."
  1023. [we see the Eve]
  1024. Nemu: *In order for that to happen, we need to turn the Eve into a witch.*
  1025. *And then we'll use the phase transformation energy that is released to spread this membrane that surrounds Kamihama across the whole world, and simultaneously encapsulate the witch that the Eve becomes, completing the one gate that will be able to return energy to the universe.*
  1026. *Then, as we gather energy from the world, the Eve will, by nature, automatically send the energy out to the universe.*
  1027. *As long as the universe continues to exist, there will be no need for Kyubey to interfere. And even if he does, we will have the same membrane that currently surrounds Kamihama.*
  1028. *And so there will be no further magical girls or witches, and our paradise will be born.*
  1029. [back to the chapel]
  1030. Kanagi: "Hm, so the reason why Kyubey disappeared from the city..."
  1031. "Was because of the Magius, huh."
  1032. Nemu: "The membrane that blocks Kyubey was just insurance."
  1033. "It only took telling Touka 'Kyubey appeared' for her to take care of it..."
  1034. "But she interfered with their network..."
  1035. "She tried to steal all of their data, so they were wary."
  1036. "However, the one who made us into magical girls was Kyubey himself."
  1037. "Even knowing half of our intentions, if they were to parallelize that process..."
  1038. "We estimated that even if they wanted to know more about the situation inside here, they still wouldn't interfere too much."
  1039. "And we didn't want Kyubey collecting any of the energy..."
  1040. "Either released from the doppel transformation..."
  1041. "Or from people who got caught up in rumors."
  1042. "However, eventually that role will be over."
  1043. "For the Walpurgisnacht is coming."
  1044. Yachiyo: "You're underestimating the Walpurgisnacht."
  1045. "Even if everything has gone smoothly so far..."
  1046. "Think about what will happen when it gets here."
  1047. "None of your plans may survive."
  1048. Alina: "Then when the time comes, we will unshackle the Eve."
  1049. "Not once have we had the impression..."
  1050. "That we would be able to delete the Walpurgisnacht."
  1051. Yachiyo: "What are you talking about?"
  1052. Touka: "If anything, we welcome the Walpurgisnacht."
  1053. Nemu: "The more the city gets trampled upon, the more emotional energy will flow forth."
  1054. Touka: "The Eve, taking in that energy, will get stronger and stronger!"
  1055. Alina: "And then when Mifuyu outside erases the rumor and releases the Eve..."
  1056. [fade to black]
  1057. Alina: *The Eve will eat the Walpurgisnacht and delete it.*
  1058. TO: 9.45.1 (Mikadzuki 11)
  1060. 9.45 Mikadzuki 11
  1061. in the underground chapel
  1062. Alina: "Ahhaha! The Eve becoming a witch... doesn't it give you shivers just thinking about it?"
  1064. 9.45.1 (from 9.44.1 Mikadzuki 10)
  1065. [in the underground chapel]
  1066. Iroha: "Now we know what Touka-chan is trying to do..."
  1067. "And we know their goal..."
  1068. "But, I can't believe they'd..."
  1069. "Ever since Chelation Land, they've gotten more and more strange."
  1070. "I really can't believe it."
  1071. Alina: "What, even though you can't even fight, you still want more pain?"
  1072. "The losers should just shut up and listen."
  1073. Iroha: "No..."
  1074. "I will fight to the end... I don't want to let the city be harmed."
  1075. "I don't want to leave the future up to you Magius."
  1076. "And more than anything, I don't want..."
  1077. "To let Touka-chan and Nemu-chan do this."
  1078. "So, when Mifuyu-san destroys Fendthope..."
  1079. "I will be first in line to go destroy the Eve."
  1080. "And then together we'll defeat the Walpurgisnacht!"
  1081. Yachiyo: "Let's see..."
  1082. "If the Magius's plan were to succeed, I do think that the release of magical girls would come to be."
  1083. "If everything went as you said, I think future magical girls would be saved."
  1084. "However, even if I've heard your logic, the fact that it causes harm doesn't change."
  1085. "There are over a million people in Kamihama, and countless precious memories here."
  1086. "I cannot allow you to get all that involved in your secret plan and destroy it."
  1087. Tsuruno: "Yes. You're only saying that because you're only looking at magical girls."
  1088. "For me, I have Banbanzai."
  1089. "There's the shopping district that everyone has been pumping up."
  1090. "There's the school I went all those years."
  1091. "I can't destroy all of those for my own selfish reasons..."
  1092. Felicia: "Right, there's Kako's bookstore, and Ayame's Azalea House too."
  1093. "They'll all be destroyed!"
  1094. "And Yachiyo's house too!"
  1095. Sana: "Yes, I may have many bad memories of my old house in Kamihama..."
  1096. "But I don't think it would be good to erase everyone else's memories."
  1097. "Even I have people who I'm friends with now too."
  1098. "I don't want them to be sad..."
  1099. Kanagi: "Certainly, if we go with their plan, we might be able to witness destruction..."
  1100. "But this is more than just playing around."
  1101. "If you cannot control the Eve after it eats the Walpurgisnacht..."
  1102. "That's the end."
  1103. "There's a chance it could go wild before humanity itself can respond."
  1104. Touka: "They're rejecting it even after hearing all that ..."
  1105. Nemu: "Yeah, I'm more than surprised, I'm astonished..."
  1106. Alina: "But you know..."
  1107. Touka: "Yeah, they might not know because they're here..."
  1108. "But the situation is already far worse than they think."
  1109. Iroha: "What do you mean?"
  1110. Touka: "No matter how much you beat us up..."
  1111. "Even if the Eve were to be destroyed, the Walpurgisnacht will not stop."
  1112. Nemu: "Sorry, everyone."
  1113. Alina: "So you all have only two choices."
  1114. *1. Break our plan, return the city to one where we turn into witches, and let the Walpurgisnacht trample the city.*
  1115. *2. Obediently watch us complete our plan, await a world without turning into witches, and let Kamihama trample the Walpurgisnacht.*
  1116. "In either case, though, there is no avoiding damage to the city."
  1117. Nemu: "The Walpurgisnacht will have to approach the city before it can be stopped."
  1118. "If in either case damage will occur, the choice should be obvious."
  1119. Touka: "That's right!"
  1120. "If all of you have your way, we'll allll die."
  1121. "Are you really okay with that?"
  1122. Iroha: "But even so... Even so, I don't mind!"
  1123. "If you Magius say you will save future magical girls..."
  1124. "I will save the future of humanity!"
  1125. "I won't let you feed the Walpurgisnacht to the Eve or let it turn into a witch!"
  1126. TO: 9.37.1 (Mifuyu 8)
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