NaOH - A Childhood Friend

Aug 23rd, 2015
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  1. >
  2. >”Say Pinkie Pie…what’s with that old necklace you wear all the time?” Rainbow Dash asks.
  3. “Huh? You mean this one?” You say as you pull your favorite necklace out of your cleavage.
  4. >”Yep, that one…I haven’t seen those since the late ‘90s,” Rainbow Dash asks.
  5. “Oh, this old thing? Well, you’ve never asked in the first place Dashie,” you reply before giggling.
  6. >"I'd like to know as well," Fluttershy adds, “you never take it off don’t you Pinkie?”
  7. "Huh, and I thought you girls wouldn't even notice. I keep it hidden right here after all-" you say while pointing at your cleavage using your thumbs, "-it's a gift my first BFF gave to me."
  8. >"Your first BFF?" Sunset Shimmer raises an eyebrow.
  9. "That’s right! We were just eight years old when he gave it to me just the day before he-“ you sigh, “-moved to another city."
  10. >"Ooooh, a boy gave it to you then?" Rarity inquires.
  11. >You nod.
  12. “He was very nice to me and my sisters and they liked him as well…especially my eldest sister Limestone Pie, too bad my dad never liked him.”
  13. >”It sounds like you really miss him…” Rainbow Dash says in a mocking way, “anyways, who was he?”
  14. “His name was Anonymous…but I called him ‘Nonny’; he used to live in the house in front of mine,” you let out a giggle, “my daddy didn’t let me walk across the street so he walked to my house instead even when his dad told him not to.”
  15. >”Awww…that’s adorable darling, tell us more about him!” Rarity says in an inspired way.
  16. >Professor Harshwhinny enters the classroom.
  17. >”Good morning class…open your book in page 23-“
  18. “Whoopsie, guess I’ll continue at lunch time girls,” you say before reaching for your book in your backpack.
  20. >Lunch Time.
  21. >Canterlot High School’s Cafeteria.
  22. >
  23. >You sit at your favorite table with a tray full of food in your hands.
  24. >Your friends join you; their trays don’t have as much food as yours.
  25. “Alrighty then! Where should I start?”
  26. >”Tell us everything darling, how old were you since you first met him?” Rarity asks.
  27. “Let me remember…ah yes! I was four years old, just an itty bitty little little twinkie Pinkie! My family and I moved to Canterlot after my daddy got a great job offer.”
  28. >The girls start eating their lunch.
  29. “When we started to unpack our stuff he was riding his tricycle in the street…and that was the first time we saw each other. He kept looking at me and my sisters.”
  30. >”Probably because you were four and he was only one,” Sunset Shimmer says before giggling.
  31. “That’s right! He was an only child, anyways…when my parents and sisters were done unpacking our stuff he and his mother came by to welcome us to Canterlot, she even brought a delicious pie for us!”
  32. >Your mouth waters from the warm memory that rushed through your mind.
  33. “It was an apricot pie…perfectly baked and-“
  34. >”Uhh…Pinkie Pie?” Applejack prevents you from drifting off
  35. “Oh right right, since Anon was just about my age my sisters made me play with him since they didn’t want to babysit us. But it was fine…we played tag in our new yard while our parents talked with Anon’s mom.”
  36. >”Really? How cute!“ Fluttershy says as she places one palm on her cheek.
  37. “And from that point he always dropped by my house so we could play together lots and lots of games, or watch TV, or swim together in the inflatable pool he had, or just to give me an ice cream because my mother wouldn’t let me have dessert after dinner.”
  38. >You let out a content sigh.
  39. “Good times, good times.”
  40. >”Uhh…that’s great and -totally not lame- Pinkie Pie but…why didn’t your dad like him?” Rainbow Dash asks, “he seemed like a pretty cool friend!”
  42. >You giggle.
  43. “I was very careless back then…and I broke plenty of stuff that was my dad’s.”
  44. >”And what happened?”
  46. >[“I got you now Pinkie!”]
  47. [“Haha you’re too slow Nonny! Catch me if you can!”]
  48. >[“Watch out Pinkie!”]
  49. >THUD!
  50. ["...Uh oh"]
  52. “That time, my dad’s high school trophy fell and broke because I crashed against the shelf standing in our living room.”
  53. >You let out a nervous chuckle.
  54. “My dad was furious! And I thought I was done for…“
  55. >”And what happened?” Applejack asks.
  57. >[“MY TROPHY! PINKAMENA DIANE PIE!!! Were you responsible for this?”]
  58. >[“No Mr. Rock…it was my fault.”]
  60. >”H-he took the blame for you?” Rarity asks dumbfounded.
  61. “And that wasn’t the only time…” you say “many other accidents happened.”
  63. >[“Who broke the darned window?!”]
  64. >[“Who spilled chocolate milk on the rug?!”]
  65. >[“Who the hell flooded the basement?!”]
  67. “And he took the blame every time, that’s why my dad disliked him…and he eventually forbid him to come to our house.”
  68. >Your friends give you a disappointed look.
  69. >”And you didn’t say anything?” Applejack asks.
  70. “What? You would have done the same to avoid his spankings…I’m not even kidding girls! Limestone and Marble got spanked for things much more harmless than the ones I mentioned.”
  71. >”Whatever…what happened then Pinkie?” Rainbow Dash asks.
  72. “Well, he kept coming to visit me each time he could, and of course, I always apologized and thanked him each time he had to save my hide. But he was never bothered by it because he knew my dad wouldn’t hit the neighbor’s son. Believe me; Anon was pretty clever for a boy his age.”
  74. >Rarity giggles.
  75. >"Well, he was pretty brave just to hide your -ehem- boo boos...but you should've been more careful Pinkie Pie."
  76. "Yeah, I know...I still feel bad whenever I remember it. But still, my sisters noticed every time he blamed himself, and they got around to like him..."
  78. >["Aww your little friend is so cute Pinkie!"]
  79. >["I'm not cute!"] Anon replied.
  80. >["Yes you are Nonny,"] Limestone Pie says as she ruffles his hair.
  81. >["I'm not a dog either Limey!"]
  83. "Limestone bothered him so much, and to be honest, I kinda disliked it whenever she bothered him like that."
  84. >Rainbow Dash tries to contain her laughter.
  85. >"Awww..." Both Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer say at the same time.
  86. >"Do you have a picture of your friend Pinkie Pie?" Rarity asks.
  87. "Of course I do silly!"
  88. >You pull your favorite pink notebook with hearts and candy shapes stamped all over it and open it on the first page.
  89. "Here!"
  90. >The girls quickly stand up and look at the picture of you and little Anon hugging.
  91. >"AWWWWW!" The four of them say at the same time with the exception of Rainbow Dash.
  92. >"Look at you Pinkie Pie, you were so little!" Fluttershy says.
  93. >"Forget Pinkie, look at Anon's little widdle chubby cheeks!" Rarity adds.
  94. >"He was quite good lookin' for a boy his age. Big Mac was a lot different when he was four." Applejack says.
  95. >You giggle.
  96. "Our mothers took this picture minutes before we entered to kindergarten for the first time, I was a little nervous but happy because Nonny would be my classmate."
  97. >Your friends keep listening to you.
  98. "The first day was a total disaster..."
  99. >"Why?"
  101. ["Bwaaah!"]
  102. >["What's wrong Pinkie?"]
  103. ["That meanie pushed me Nonny!"]
  104. >["Wow...h-he's quite big."]
  105. ["Can you show him a lesson?"]
  106. >["Alright Pinkie, if you say so...HEY YOU!"]
  108. >"And what happened?" Rarity inquires.
  109. "The bully pushed poor Nonny as well, luckily our teacher noticed and took the bully to the Principal's office."
  110. >"Oh..."
  111. >"Well, I hope that showed the meanie a lesson..."
  113. Yeah...I wasn't expecting him to do that. I comforted him when he was still on the ground, and thanked him as well."
  114. >Rarity giggles.
  115. >"Kinder must've been nice from that point."
  116. "It was, we had lots and lots of friends..."
  117. >You stand up and search the cafeteria, looking for someone.
  118. "LYRA!" You loudly yell, making your friends cover their ears, "OVER HERE!"
  119. >Lyra places her empty tray on a trash bin before looking at you.
  120. >"What is it Pinkie?"
  121. "Come over here! I was telling the girls about Nonny, do you remember him?"
  122. >"Nonny?"
  123. >She rubs her temples trying to remember the name you just said.
  124. >"Ahh! You mean Anon right? 'course I remember him!"
  125. >Lyra walks to your table and sits next to Rainbow Dash.
  126. >"Hi girls!"
  127. >Your friends greet Lyra as well.
  128. "Lyra and I went to the same kindergarten with Nonny, and we were great friends!"
  129. >"Like, obviously! He and Pinkie knew each other for a while and we all had a blast...remember the time we went on excursion to the forest?"
  130. "Yeah...I got lost. I was crying for my mommy...I shouldn't have chased that butterfly."
  131. >"Our teacher was hysterical! Where's Pinkie Pie? Where's Pinkie Pie?!"
  132. >You giggle.
  133. >Your friends pay attention to Lyra.
  134. >"And then -BAM- Anon was missing as well...our teacher almost had a heart attack."
  135. "Yeah...poor old lady, I didn't mean to make her worry like that."
  136. >"I still don't know how Anon found you Pinkie, but it was really's like you and him had some sort of connection."
  137. >You giggle.
  138. "Yeah, and he showed me the way back with the group. I still don't know either how he did it. The teacher was relieved and furious at the same time."
  139. >Lyra laughs.
  140. >"Shame he had to move far away right Pinkie?"
  141. "Hah, tell me about it..."
  142. >"Hey! Remember that time you wanted to repay all the nice things he has done for you?
  143. >You nod.
  144. >"Who knew you could organize a birthday party by your own? We were so little after all!"
  145. "Of course! He loved it so much!"
  147. >"We all did Pinkie, it's like you were born to throw parties!" Lyra happily says.
  148. "Well...I made that party super extra special just because Nonny was the birthday boy, nothing I've ever done could compare to his 5th birthday party."
  149. >"It sounds like you really liked him darling..." Rarity adds, "what a remarkable little boy."
  150. "Haha, how could I not like him Rarity? He was like...the best friend I've ever had! Uhh...until I met you girls! And you too Lyra!"
  151. >Lyra happily smiles.
  152. "I miss him so much."
  153. >"You and I both Pinkie, your sisters probably do as well," Lyra comforts you by placing her hand on your shoulder, "I bet he feels the same."
  154. >Fluttershy lets out an inspired sigh.
  155. >"Wish I had a friend like him..."
  156. >"Hey!" Rainbow Dash says, "I stood up for you when those jerks of Dumbbell, Hoops and Score bothered you!"
  157. >"Oh right, sorry Rainbow Dash."
  158. >"By the way Pinkie, I asked you about the necklace, when are you going to stop telling namby pamby stories and get to the necklace part?"
  159. "In a moment Dashie..."
  160. >Lyra laughs.
  161. >"To be honest Pinkie Pie, I thought you'd end up marrying him one day."
  162. >You blush.
  163. "Lyra!?"
  164. >"What? Everyone thought the same back in kindergarten. Remember the chants? Anon and Pinkie sitting in a tree, K-I-"
  165. "Alright alright that's enough!"
  166. >Your friends giggle.
  167. "Well...that's probably true, after all...Anon gave me my first kiss."
  168. >"HE DID?!" Rarity shrieks, "Tell us Pinkie! Tell us!!!"
  169. >"Whoa" Lyra says, "I didn't know that. How did that went?"
  170. "Well, it wasn't in kindergarten, it was in elementary school. We both attended Canterlot Oaks elementary."
  171. >"Ah right," Lyra adds, "I went to Starswirl Elementary, that's where I met Bon Bon and Rarity!"
  172. >Rarity nods.
  173. >"That's true...Big Mac and I attended Appleloosa Elementary, who knew that we'd end up together in the same scho-"
  174. >"That's enough Applejack...Pinkie was going to tell us about her first kiss, go on darling. If you don't mind that is!" Rarity hurries you up.
  175. "Alright..."
  177. >You place your necklace on the table.
  178. "As Lyra said, Anon's dad took a job opportunity in a city very far away from here. I didn't want him to move...and I was sad; very very sad."
  180. ["I don't want you to leave Nonny!"] you barely manage to say while tears run through your cheeks.
  181. >["I don't want to go either Pinkie...but the dumb job of my dad is forcing us to leave Canterlot."]
  182. ["But why?! Waaaaah!"]
  183. >["I don't know, if I could I'd stay here so we could go to the park, watch cartoons and eat all those candy we like forever."]
  184. >Anon gives you a hug and you hug him back using all of your strength.
  185. >["HNNGH! P-Pinkie! I can't breathe!"]
  186. ["Oops...sorry Nonny."]
  187. >["Come on sport! We gotta go, tell Pinkie and her sisters goodbye!"] Anon's dad says.
  188. >Anon sighs.
  189. >["Here Pinkie...I want you to have this."]
  190. >You wipe some tears away with the back of your hands.
  191. >Anon grabs your hand and makes you open your palm.
  192. >Then, he puts a shiny string on it.
  193. ["W-what is this?"]
  194. >["It's a necklace mom bought it for me, but I chose it for you. I hope you like it."]
  195. >You wipe away more tears and look at it.
  196. >It's beautiful.
  197. >It has three colored little balloons hanging from the string.
  198. >["Promise me that you'll always wear it okay?"]
  199. >You nod.
  200. >["Pinkie promise..."]
  201. ["C-cross my heart, hope to (sniff) f-fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!"]
  202. >You put on the necklace in front of Anon.
  203. ["Thank you Nonny...for everything."]
  204. >Anon's dad sounds his car's horn.
  205. >["COME ON ANON!"]
  206. >["Shoot, I have to go. Now, could you stop crying Pinkie?"]
  207. ["I wish I could Nonny...I don't feel like smiling at all."]
  208. >Anon sighs and thinks for a couple of seconds before snapping his fingers.
  209. >["I got it! I saw this in a movie...Pinkie, close your eyes."]
  210. >You do as told before feeling something warm...on your lips.
  211. >You quickly open your eyes and see something you weren't expecting.
  212. >Anon is kissing you!
  213. >You feel strange, but...great.
  214. >He stops the kiss.
  215. >["There, feeling better now?"]
  217. >You can feel an intense blush on your cheeks, extending to all of your face.
  218. >["Wow, that movie was right! Alright then Pinkie...I have to go"]
  219. >You still don't know how to feel about the kiss.
  220. >["Well, I already said my goodbyes to your sisters...tell them to be nice with you okay? Or else they'll be in trouble."]
  221. >You nod.
  222. >Anon opens the car's door and hops in.
  223. ["Nonny! Wait!"]
  224. >["Aw for Pete's sake..."] Anon's dad says as he places his palm on his face.
  225. >["Shh!"] Anon's mom quickly shushes him up.
  226. ["Promise me that you'll come back okay?"]
  227. >Anon puts on a nice smirk.
  228. >["Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!"]
  229. >H-he did it!
  230. >He Pinkie promised it!
  231. >["See you Pinkie!"] Anon says before quickly grabbing his dad's sunglasses and mimicking the robot from the movie you saw with him ["I'll be back..."]
  232. >You giggle.
  233. ["See ya Nonny! Take care!"]
  234. >Anon's dad starts the engine and drives away.
  235. >You wave at the car, and Anon waves back.
  236. ["Bye Nonny..."]
  238. >
  239. >"Awwww...what a sweet story Pinkie," Sunset Shimmer says, "look, even Rainbow Dash is crying!"
  240. >"No I'm not!" Rainbow Dash says as she struggles to wipe away some tears.
  241. >Applejack giggles.
  242. >"Darn it! Now you got me all sappy!" She says before crossing her arms.
  243. >"Awww indeed darling, that was just downright adorable. There's nothing as cute as thoughtful children like your friend, if only Sweetie Belle wasn't such a headache..."
  244. >You nod.
  245. "But he never came back...too bad, sometimes you just can't get what you want, even if you wish for it every night."
  246. >Your friends look at each other before Applejack places a palm on your shoulder.
  247. >"Come on now Pinkie, don't lose your optimism. If he Pinkie promised then he'll be here, after all, he does sound like the type of guy you can trust."
  248. >You smile a bit.
  249. >The bell rings.
  250. "Shoot! I couldn't eat my lunch...hold on girls."
  251. >You quickly stuff your mouth with food and swallow it.
  252. "Ahh...That's the stuff!"
  254. >You quickly put on your necklace and let the balloons hide in your cleavage.
  255. "Let's go girls, and don't forget that we'll go shopping at three o' clock! Got it?"
  256. >"Got it Pinkie!"
  257. >Rarity lets out an inspired sigh.
  258. >"What a beautiful friendship Pinkie Pie…and then the five of us met when we were ten years old. How come you never talked about him in the first place?"
  259. “I don’t know…I just didn’t want to remember Anon that much because each time I did my eyes would get watery. My parents were sick of seeing me sad over him-”
  260. >”Pssh…they were probably right Pinkie,” Rainbow Dash says, “who doesn’t have friends like those as a kid? Even the biggest loser had some friends in their childhood.”
  261. “Oh Dashie, the things I told you were just the tip of the iceberg. I have hundreds of stories I could tell you about us. Hundreds! Even my sisters have their share of stories.”
  262. >”Pass…if I wanted to hear namby pamby stories then I would listen to my grandma instead.”
  263. >You giggle.
  265. >Three months later.
  266. >
  267. >It's a beautiful morning in Canterlot.
  268. >The delightful rays of sunlight crawl into your bedroom, and the birds' beautiful singing bliss your ears.
  269. >You slowly open your eyes and rub them with the back of your hand before yawning.
  270. >A little scratch here and there and you’re ready to leave your bed.
  271. “…Nah, five more minutes-“
  272. >The alarm clock goes off.
  273. “Alright alright! I’ll get up!”
  275. >Several minutes later.
  276. >After doing the daily routine and putting on some clothes, you put on your necklace and some makeup.
  277. >Ready for school!
  278. >You walk down the stairs and find your mom making breakfast and your dad reading the newspaper.
  279. “Good morning mommy! Good morning daddy!”
  280. >”Morning.”
  281. >You kiss your parents on their right cheek and sit down with your sisters to have breakfast.
  282. >Your dad sips his coffee and stands up.
  283. >"Well, I'm going to work now. I'll see you all in the evening."
  284. >"Bye dad," the four of you say at the same time.
  286. >After having a nice double breakfast you and Maud walk to Canterlot High while Limestone and Marble take the bus to their work.
  287. >Maud keeps Boulder in her purse, and you double check your backpack to know if you didn’t forget a notebook.
  288. “La la la” you happily sing as you skip, “come on Maud, we’re going to be late!”
  289. >”I’ll catch up with you Pinkie Pie…go on ahead,” she calmly replies.
  290. “Oki dokie, if you say so!”
  291. >Mondays are always fun if you skip all the way to school.
  292. >Some meanies might laugh at you whenever you do this, but you don’t mind.
  293. >In fact, you feel quite peaceful.
  294. >This morning is somehow extra special, but you don't know why.
  296. >You enter the school and find Sunset Shimmer talking to Principal Celestia in the main hall.
  297. >She dismisses her and walks back into her office.
  298. >"Hey Pinkie Pie!" Sunset notices you and warmly greets you.
  299. "Hi Sunset! What'chu doing?"
  300. >"Principal Celestia told me there was a new student and she wanted me to introduce him to our school. She said that she'd call for me when he arrives."
  301. "A new kid? Cool! As long as he doesn't turn out to be like those meanies of The Dazzlings."
  302. >You both giggle.
  303. >"Yeah, I hope so. Alright Pinkie, I have to go to class. Talk to you later okay?" Sunset says before waving at you and walking away.
  304. "Alrighty then, bye bye Sunset!"
  305. >You check your watch and quickly walk to Ms. Cheerilee's class.
  306. >She doesn't like students who arrive late to her class.
  308. >
  309. >The classes have ended for the day.
  310. >While the rest of your classmates have walked out of the school's premises you and your friends have stayed in music classroom practicing some new songs for this year's fall formal.
  311. >Except for Sunset Shimmer.
  312. >She left an hour ago because Principal Celestia called her, probably to introduce the new kid around the school.
  313. >The five of you are enjoying a nice break, when all of a sudden you receive a text from Sunset Shimmer.
  315. >["OMG PINKIE! YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS! Are you still in the music room with the others?"]
  316. >Huh, Sunset never shows excitement like this.
  317. ["Yeah! Why do you ask?"] You write down your reply on your phone.
  318. >["Don't move a muscle, I want to show you something!"] Sunset Shimmer quickly replies.
  319. >"Who is it Pinkie?" Rainbow Dash asks.
  320. "It's Sunset Shimmer, she said that she wanted to show me something and she told me not to move a muscle, and that's what I'm going to do!" You say before freezing completely behind your drumset.
  321. >Applejack sighs.
  322. >"Sugarcube, she didn't mean that literally..."
  323. >You stay still.
  324. >If Sunset said 'don't move a muscle' then you'll follow her order.
  325. >The door of the music room slowly opens and Sunset Shimmer peeks her head inside.
  326. >"Hey girls...guess who just moved back to Canterlot this morning?"
  327. >Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash stop playing their instruments before Sunset Shimmer opens the door slowly.
  328. >The girls gasp, and your eyes go wide open.
  329. >
  330. "N-nonny? I-is that really you?"
  331. >He gives you a warm smile before nodding.
  332. >You stand up and walk around the drumset slowly.
  333. >"Hi Pinkie...missed me?"
  334. >You quickly run at him and jump straight to his arms.
  335. >"Whoa! Pinkie!" He says while trying to keep his balance.
  336. "AAAAH NONNY! IT'S YOU! IT'S REALLY YOU!" You yell into the thin air while hugging your best friend.
  337. >Your friends giggle.
  338. >"Yeah, I'm back...and this time for good," he says before placing his arms around your waist and giving you a warm hug.
  339. "R-really?" You ask before wiping a couple of tears away on his t-shirt.
  340. >"Yeah, I Pinkie-promised it remember?" He says.
  341. >You let out a soft giggle before breaking the hug and taking a good look at him.
  342. "'ve changed a lot Nonny...I barely recognized you."
  343. >"Well, plenty of time has passed Pinkie; and it did wonders on you."
  344. "N-nonny...what are you saying?" You say while touching your cheeks trying to hide your embarrassment.
  345. >He chuckles.
  347. >"What? I'm just saying that you've changed as well, last time we saw each other we were about 'this' tall," he marks the same height you and him were back then with his palm.
  348. >You giggle.
  349. "Yeah, you're right. But what took you so long? I thought I wouldn't see you again!"
  350. >"Ah you know, my dad and his job. Luckily he got transferred to Canterlot once again, this time with a raise and a promotion."
  351. "That's great to know Nonny!, are you going to stay here for real?"
  352. >"Of course! The Principal and my mom just filled the paperwork, seems that we'll be studying together, just like in the old times."
  353. "HOORAY!" You jump in the same spot, "THIS IS LIKE, THE BEST DAY EVER!"
  354. >Rarity coughs up a bit to attract your attention.
  355. >"Darling, aren't you going to introduce us?"
  356. "Oopsie, where are my manners? Nonny! These are my best friends: Applejack-"
  357. >"Howdy!" Applejack tips her hat towards Anon.
  358. "Rainbow Dash-"
  359. >"Yo!" Rainbow Dash briefly raises her hand.
  360. >"Fluttershy-"
  361. >"Umm...h-hi," she says while covering her face with her hair.
  362. >"Rarity-"
  363. >"Pleased to meet you darling," she says in a rather flirty way.
  364. >"And the girl that introduced you to our school is Sunset Shimmer!"
  365. >She smiles at you.
  366. >"Well, hi girls. Name's Anonymous, or Anon for short. As you saw...Pinkie and I had our story back when we were children-"
  367. >"Of course dear, Rarity interrupts him in a sophisticated way, "Pinkie Pie told us all the nice things you did for her and the beautiful and innocent friendship you had."
  368. >Anon chuckles.
  369. >"Well, it feels good that she told you those things because I thought that she had completely forgotten about me."
  370. "What?! Are you loco in the coco Nonny? Why would you even say things like those?"
  371. >" never replied to the letters I sent you," he says while showing disappointment.
  372. >Your eyes go wide.
  373. "L-letters? You sent me letters?"
  374. >He nods.
  375. >"-And you never replied."
  376. "B-but there must be some kind of mistake! I've never received such letters Nonny!"
  378. >"You didn't?" Anon scratches the back of his head, "that’s strange, don’t you think?"
  379. >You nod.
  380. "Unless..." you let out a loud gasp, "my dad hid the letters from me!"
  381. >Your friends look at each other.
  382. "It was probably him! GRRR! He's gonna-"
  383. >Anon places his hands on your shoulders.
  384. >"Pinkie! Calm down!" He says in a comforting way, "he probably did it because-"
  385. "Calm down?! How do you want me to calm down Nonny?!"
  386. >"Well, we're not sure if he did that in the first place..." Anon says before letting out a sigh, "and if he did he probably did it for a good reason?"
  387. "Like what?"
  388. >"Uhh...I dunno, he probably wanted you to make new friends so you wouldn't miss me too much and-
  389. >You look at him straight in his cute eyes.
  390. "Nonny, everyday since you left I wished to know if you were fine, I never forgot about you..."
  391. >"Pinkie..."
  392. "After all, you weren't the only one that I kept the promise..."
  393. >You pull your necklace out of your cleavage and show it to him.
  394. >" actually kept it-"
  395. "Yup! And wore it everyday..."
  396. >
  397. >He smiles at you before giving you a nice hug.
  398. >"You're the best Pinks..."
  399. >You hug him back using all of your strenght.
  400. >"Pinkie...I can't-"
  401. "Oopsie!" You quickly release him, "sorry Nonny."
  402. >He laughs.
  403. >"Just like the good old times right?"
  404. >You nod.
  405. >"Laaaaame!" Rainbow Dash says before gagging.
  406. >"Rainbow Dash! How rude!" Rarity scolds her.
  407. "Ignore her Nonny," you jokinhly say, "say girls...I know we had plans for today but-"
  408. >"We understand darling," Rarity says, "you two have fun now...."
  409. >Rarity dismisses you and Nonny out of the music room, while the girls keep playing their instruments.
  410. >"So, uh have you been?"
  411. >You grab Nonny's hand and pull him around like a puppet.
  412. "I've been A-OK, you know that. Now let me show you around-"
  413. >"Sunset Shimmer already did that..."
  414. >You giggle.
  415. "No silly, I mean around the neighborhood!"
  417. >
  418. >Thirty minutes later.
  419. "And that's how I met my new best friends...but that doesn't mean you were replaced Nonny," you jockinlgy say while bumping his left arm with your elbow.
  420. >"What a story Pinks," Anon says after chuckling, "of course I knew you'd be fine. You were always keen on making new friends remember?"
  421. "Yup! And they are still here, remember Lemon Hearts and Minuette?"
  422. >"Yeah! Where are they now?"
  423. "They attend Crystal Prep High School...our schools don't get along too well."
  424. >"Shame....what happened to Lyra?"
  425. "Oh, she attends my -I mean- OUR school too Nonny! Along with many others from our same elementary."
  426. >"That's great to hear! Hope they remember me."
  427. "'Course they do silly! Remember your fifth birthday party?"
  428. >"How could I forget Pinkie? You did an amazing job! Thanks to you many kids in our class started talking to me."
  429. "Hihi, you're welcome Nonny!"
  430. >Anon lets out a warm sigh.
  431. >"How is your mom?"
  432. "Fine, strict as always, but fine...."
  433. >"And your dad? Is he still working at that rock farm near the outskirts of the city?"
  434. "Rock farm?" You ask in a confused way.
  435. >"The quarry Pinkie, do remember that we used to call it a rock farm?"
  436. "Ooooh, how could I forget?!" You giggle, "yeah....he's still a grump though."
  437. >" you think I'm still banned from his house?"
  438. "Pssh, come on Nonny, lots of years have passed. I'm sure he has forgiven you already."
  439. >"Forgiven me of things I didn't do; right?"
  440. >You roll your eyes.
  441. "Maybe..."
  442. >"That's fine though, and your sisters?"
  443. "They are probably at home? Want to pay them a visit?"
  444. >"Sure....but let's go to my house first, I brought gifts for you and your sisters to enjoy."
  445. "Y-you did?!"
  446. >"Yeah, I'm sure you'll like them. Also, my mom is looking forward to see you once again."
  447. >This is amazing! It's totally the best day ever!
  448. "Where do you live by the way?"
  449. >"Five blocks away from you. In a bigger house with pool, you're welcome to use it whenever you want."
  450. "COOL!"
  452. >Ah Nonny, always so caring and generous.
  453. >That's why you and your sisters liked him so much.
  454. >As you keep walking next to him in the chill streets of your beloved city, you can't help but look at how much h has changed over the years..
  455. >
  456. >Like he said back in the music room, time surely has done wonders on his looks.
  457. >"So have you been?"
  458. >His height, hair, face.
  459. >Wow, how could the kid across the street grew up to be such a lovely-
  460. >"Hello? Earth to Pinkieee!" Anon mockingly says while giving your head soft bumps with his fist, "is anybody home?"
  461. "Huh? Wha--"
  462. >"You were drifting off Pinkie, is something on your mind?"
  463. "Oh well...I was just rememberting stuff Nonny."
  464. >"Oh yeah?" Anon raises an eyebrow, "like what?"
  465. "Well, about the places we used to play. Remember the Creek near the woods?"
  466. >"Of course I remember it Pinkie! I also remember that Limey used to keep an eye on us, how old was she at the time?"
  467. "Twelve, and fifteen when you left."
  468. >"Oh right, I almost forgot, she was so big...and she liked to ruffle my hair all the time."
  469. >And you just rememebered that you used to grit your teeth whenever she did that to your friend.
  470. "Let's talk about other thing okay? So, where have you been all these years?"
  471. >"I've been living in Manehattan Pinks. It's a crowded place...blergh, not for me-"
  472. "Really? My friend Rarity loves Manehattan! It's her big dream to live there one day."
  473. >Anon shrugs.
  474. >"Anyways, my classmates weren't all that bad, but they weren't as friendly as Canterlot's citizens. I really missed this place."
  475. >You let out a soft giggle.
  476. "Really? that's the only reason why you missed Canterlot?"
  477. >Anon chuckles.
  478. >"I mean ALL of Canterlot, incliding you of course..." Anon says in an embarassed tone.
  479. "Now that's more like it..." You confidently cross your arms.
  480. >You can't help but giving him another hug.
  481. "Aww...I missed you too Nonny, a lot!"
  483. The two of you have a warm chat about the good old days on the way back to Anon's home.
  484. >Remember this? Remember that? I JUST REMEMBERED!
  485. >Yep, you two had an amazing childhood.
  486. >But that doesn't mean it has to stay like that.
  487. >You are looking forward to have new adventures with him! And you're sure your friends will love him the same way you do.
  488. >Finally, you arrive to an expensive looking house.
  489. >"Well, here we are Pinkie...five blocks away from your home. To be honest I wanted dad to buy the house in front of yours."
  490. "I know right? Sadly there's an elderly couple living there, they are so annoying!I can't play my drums because of them, once they called my dad telling him that if I didn't stop making noise they would call the cops!"
  491. >"Really?"
  492. >You quickly nod.
  493. "Yeah, well...I shouldn't have started playing my drums at 3 A,M. in the first place."
  494. >
  495. >Anon rolls his eyes in a friendly way.
  496. >"Oh Pinkie..."
  497. >Anon opens the front door.
  498. >"Ladies first..." Anon says in a charming, yet funny way.
  499. "Oooh...what a gentleman," you mimick Rarity's words in a way she'd find mostly offensive.
  500. >The two of you share a good laugh.
  501. >You take a good look at his house.
  502. >
  503. "WOW! Your new house is really nice Nonny!"
  504. >"Yeah, I like it too, but don't just stay on the hall! Come on in!"
  505. "I-I don't know Nonny...what if your mom doesn't like me because I didn't reply to your letters and-"
  506. >"Pssh, don't act dumb Pinkie, and don't be shy either!" Anon grabs your hand and pulls you all the way inside his home, "you're always welcome in here."
  507. "O...ok. Where's your mom?"
  508. >"Eh, probably in the kitchen...MOM!"
  509. >A familiar figure comes out of the kitchen.
  510. >"Pinkie? Is that really you?" She asks.
  511. "H-hi Mrs. Doe, how do you do?"
  512. >Anon's mom quickly walks to you and gives you a hug.
  513. >"Oh dearie, it's so good to see you again...look at you, you're not a little girl anymore!"
  514. >You look at the floor before smiling at her.
  516. >Anon's mom can't believe it herself.
  517. >"No wonder why Anon was looking forward to see you once again Pinkie," she happily says, "you better not screw this up young man!"
  518. >"MOM?!"
  519. >Anon's mom has always loved to embarrass her son.
  520. >And to be honest, you liked it as well.
  521. >["Say Pinkie, how many kids are you and my son going to have when you grow up?"]
  522. >["!"]
  523. >You let out a soft giggle.
  524. >"How have you been Pinkie Pie?"
  525. "I'm A-OK Mrs. Doe, and the rest of my family as well"
  526. >"That's great to hear dearie, we'll pay them a visit after twe're done unpacking. Is your dad still a grump towards my son?"
  527. >"Mom..." Anon says annoyed.
  528. >You giggle.
  529. "It's okay Nonny, don't you worry your pretty head about my dad. I'm totally sure I can handle him!"
  530. >Anon's mom laughs before pulling her tablet out of her purse,
  531. >"Hold up a second," Anon's mom "Pinkie, do you mind if I take a photo of you and my son together?"
  532. "Not at all Ms. Doe!"
  533. >You quickly place your arm around Anon's neck and pull his head next to yours.
  534. >"Urk...Pinkie!"
  535. "Oopsie!" You quickly release him and he takes a long breath.
  536. >Note to self, stop showing this kind of affection to Nonny.
  537. >He places his hand on your waist and you do the same.
  538. >"Say Cheese!"
  539. >Anon's mom takes the photo.
  540. >"Aww...look at you, just like when you were kids."
  541. >You smile at her once again.
  542. "Say Nonny, don't you want to pay my sisters a visit?"
  543. >"I'd love to, just let me get some stuff from my room first okay?"
  544. >Anon quickly climbs up the stairs and comes down a couple of minutes later.
  545. >"Here Pinkie..." he says as he hands you a present.
  546. "A present? For me?"
  547. >"No, for your dad...of course it's for you silly!" Anon says in a friendly way.
  548. >You tear the box apart and find something cute inside.
  549. "Oh my, are these-"
  550. >"Yeah, earrings. Do you like them?"
  551. "Like them? I love them!" You excitedly shout.
  552. >"Come on, try them on!"
  553. >You do as told.
  554. "Aww Nonny...thank you so much!"
  557. >You look at yourself in the nearest mirror.
  558. "OMG, my friends will go crazy when they see them, especially Rarity!"
  559. >"The purple haired one, right?" Anon asks.
  560. "Yup! That one, she said-"
  561. >In that moment, a voice is heard upstairs.
  562. >"MOM! Who's making all that noise?"
  563. "Huh?"
  564. >A small figure walks down the dusty stairs.
  565. >It's a little girl.
  566. >"Big bro? Who is she?" The little girl says while hilding her tablet.
  567. >"Oh, hey my-"
  568. >"Girlfriend?"
  569. "..."
  570. >Anon's eyes go wide open.
  571. >"Err..."
  572. >You giggle.
  573. >You steal a glance at Anon's mom.
  574. >"She was born in Manehattan Pinkie, one year after we left Canterlot..." she calmly says as she sips her coffee from a mug that reads 'world's greatest mom'.
  575. >You smile at her again before deciding to introduce yourself.
  576. "Hi there! I'm Pinkie Pie and I'm an old friend of Anon," you say as you squat in a friendly manner.
  577. >"Your girlfriend is so pretty Anon," she says with an mischievous grin on her little face, "about time someone got interested on you..."
  578. >"SIS!"
  579. >Anon's little sister sticks out her tongue to him, causing Anon to close his fists at her bratty sister.
  580. >"Let's get out of here Pinkie," Anon says as he grabs a backpack full of stuff.
  581. "Okie Dokie! See you later Mrs. Doe!"
  582. >"Take care dearie...don't let your dad get his hands on my son."
  583. >You giggle and follow Anon behind.
  584. >"Sorry about that, my sister has been such a brat ever since she got that tablet for her birthday."
  585. "Don't be mad at her Nonny, Limey used to be like that to us all the time, remember?"
  586. >"Heh, 'course I she still a 'meanie' towards you?" He mockingly says.
  587. "'s the worst part of being the youngest in the family, they think I'm their maid or something."
  588. >Anon laughs.
  589. >"Ah well, let me pay them a visit first, then we can go to the creek where we used to play so we can catch up with things."
  590. "YEAH! Can you teach me how to skip rocks thos time?"
  591. >"A'ight."
  593. >Minutesl ater you arrive to your home.
  594. "TADAAA! Here we are Nonny."
  595. >"Huh, so nothing has changed..." Anon says as he looks around.
  596. "Nope! Not much has happened since you left, it sure gets boring around here."
  597. >"What? Come on Pinks...I'm sure you and your friends have lots of fun together."
  598. >He's right, but he musn't know about the recent incidents at Canterlot High.
  599. >You swore to keep the power of the elements a secret.
  600. >Besides, you don't want to scare Nonny whenever you grow pony ears.
  601. "Yeah, but we just hang out and have fun in like, a totally different way..."
  602. >"Well, we can't ride our tricycles anymore can we?"
  603. >You sigh.
  604. "Duh! Of course we can't do ALL the things we enjoyed to do as kids Nonny...that'd be somewhat weird."
  605. >Anon smirks.
  606. >"Nah, it'd be still fun. Who cares what others think?"
  607. >You giggle.
  608. "You know what? You're right Nonny!"
  609. >It feels so good to know that your best friend hasn't changed a bit.
  610. "Well then, are you ready to meet my sisters?"
  611. >"Yeah...WAIT! I JUST REMEMBERED!"
  612. "What is it?"
  613. >"Are your parents home?"
  614. "Oh...well, my mom is probably here. But don't worry, there's nothing to be afraid of!"
  615. >"Your dad told me to never come near your house ever again remember? Your mom probably thinks the same," Anon gulps.
  616. "Don't be silly Nonny," you say as you grab his somewhat sweaty hand, "my mom won't bite you- that hard..."
  617. >
  618. >You open the door and loudly burst in, pulling Anon inside.
  619. "MOM! I'M HOME!"
  620. >"Pinkie?! What are you doing?!" Anon scolds you.
  621. >["Pinkamena?! What did I tell you about bursting in like that missy?!"] Your mom calls from the kitchen.
  622. >"Shoot..." Anon says in a defeated way.
  623. "Someone came to visit us...guess who~"
  624. >She gets out of the kitchen and dries her hands with a rag.
  625. >"This better be import..."
  626. >She notices Anon, he does an awkward smile.
  627. >"Anonymous?"
  628. >"H-hello Mrs. Quartz..."
  629. >"What are you doing here?" She asks in her rude tone.
  631. >"Well I..."
  632. "He just moved to Canterlot once again mom? Isn't that great?!" You excitedly say.
  633. >"Is that so?" She asks.
  634. >Anon nods.
  635. >"Yeah...I just got here this morning."
  636. "Isn't that great mommy?! His dad got a promotion, and his family will stay here in Canterlot! He even has a little sister, and-"
  637. >She sighs.
  638. >"Alright alright dearie, if that's makes you happy...welcome again Anonymous. Would you like something to drink?"
  639. >You weren't expecting that, neither him.
  640. >"Oh umm, yeah...water is fine Mrs. Quartz."
  641. >["What's going on?"] A voice calls from upstairs.
  642. >It's Limey.
  643. "LIMEY! Look who dropped by to visit!"
  644. >She lets out a groan and walks down the stairs.
  645. >"If it's Sunlit Sky tell him to shove it up his..."
  646. >She notices Anon.
  647. >
  648. >"A...Anon? Is that you?!"
  649. >"Hey Limey! Good to see you again!"
  650. >She runs up to him and gives him a big hug.
  651. >"AHHH! I can't believe it's really you! MARBLE! MAUD! COME HERE!"
  653. >The sisters walk down the stairs.
  654. >"What is i- OH MY GOODNESS!" Marble Pie yells into the thin air, "It's you Anon!"
  655. >Maud remains quiet as usual, but you know she's happy to see Nonny.
  656. >Anon receives yet another bone-crushing hug from Marble.
  657. >"Hnngh...they are just as strong as you when it comes to hugging Pinkie."
  658. >You and your sisters let out a giggle.
  659. >"Anon, oh my goodness...wha- how? Look at you! I mean..."
  660. >Limestone doesn't know what to say.
  661. >"I'm just overwhelmed you know? Like, what are you doing here?! Did you come to steal our sister away from us or something?"
  662. "LIMESTONE!"
  663. >Anon laughs.
  664. >"Nah, well...not yet," Anon jockingly says while looking at you in a flirty way.
  665. "Nonny?!"
  666. >"Relax Pinks...I'm just kidding; as I was telling you, I moved back from Manehattan since my dad got promoted."
  667. >"You lived in Manehattan?!"
  668. >Anon nods.
  669. >"Cool! I hope you didn't forget to bring something for us..." Limestone says in a mischievous way.
  670. >"Who do you take me for? Of course I brought stuff for you!"
  671. >Anon reaches for his backpack.
  672. >"Come on...there we go," Anon says as he takes a present out of his backpack, "here!"
  673. >"Ain't you a little sweetie Anon..." Limestone says as she opens the little gift, "oh, it's a bottle of perfume! I love it!"
  674. >Limey plants a kiss on Anon's cheek.
  675. >"Glad you like it Limey!" Anon says after letting out a dumb chuckle.
  676. "Hmmm..."
  677. >"My turn, my turn!"
  678. >"Here Marbley, I know you'll like this a lot!"
  679. >Anon hands her the newest book from her favorite author.
  680. >"Oh, a book...thanks Anon."
  681. >"Whoa whoa, check the first page."
  682. >She opens the book and sees a dedicatory from the writer herself.
  683. >"Oh my goodness! This is like, so cool! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!"
  684. >Marble Pie gives Nonny a hug and another kiss.
  685. >Your sister were never this flirty around him.
  686. >But then again, he was only a child.
  687. >"And for you Maudie..." he hands her a rock, "it's a Manehattan Schist."
  689. >Maud looks at Anon's stone.
  690. >"...Hmm, just what I needed for my collection. Thanks Anonymous."
  691. >At least she doesn't kiss you friend like your sisters did.
  692. >"Here's your water Anonymous..." Your mother says as she hands him a glass of water.
  693. >"Thanks Mrs. Quartz."
  694. "So Nonny, shall we get going?"
  695. >Anon finishes drinking his water.
  696. >"Yeah Pinks, let's go."
  697. >"Where are you going?" Limestone asks.
  698. "To the creek we used to play Limey. MOM! I'll be back for dinner!"
  699. >"Don't be late then!"
  700. >”Say Anon, are you gonna visit us again?” Marble asks.
  701. >“That’s the plan,” Anon says, “unless I’m still banned from entering your house as your father said back then.”
  702. >”Pfft…don’t worry about our dad Anon, you’re welcome here 24/7!” Marble says while looking at her book.
  703. “Yeah yeah yeah…” You say pushing Anon to the front door, “I’ll see you all at dinner.”
  705. >
  706. >Canterlot’s creek, 5:00 P.M.
  707. “Aww…it sunk again.”
  708. >You’ve been trying to learn how to skip rocks with Anon.
  709. >He lets out a chuckle.
  710. “I don’t see what’s so funny Nonny!”
  711. >”You’re still doing it wrong…here, let me show you.”
  712. >Anon grabs another rock and throws it into the creek.
  713. >The rock skips several times and it finally sinks right in the middle of it.
  714. ”I’ve been doing it exactly like you are and I still can’t do it.”
  715. >”It’s all in the wrist Pinkie.”
  716. >Anon gets behind you and grabs your right wrist with his hand.
  717. >And with the other grabs your waist.
  718. >”Place your feet like I do.”
  719. “Okay…”
  720. >You do as told.
  721. >”Now…place your hand like this and follow my arm’s movements.”
  722. >You do as told once again.
  723. >"Now throw the rock at this angle."
  724. "Okie Dokie Loki!"
  725. >You follow Anon's instructions and throw the rock.
  726. >"There it goes!"
  727. "Wooo! Look at it go Nonny!"
  728. >"Well done Pinke!"
  729. >You give him a hug and jump on him.
  730. >"Whoa-"
  731. >Anon loses his balance and you land on him once again.
  732. "Whoops! Sorry Nonny!"
  734. >Anon chuckles.
  735. >"It's alright Pinks...I know you missed me and everything, but I think you are doing this on purpose."
  736. "Wha-? No I'm not Nonny! I swear!"
  737. >You get off Anon's legs.
  738. >"Hey, I don't mind you resting on my're pretty soft after all."
  739. >You giggle.
  740. "Aren't you a flatterer Nonny?"
  741. >Anon takes off his shoes and socks.
  742. "What are you doing?"
  743. >"Come on Pinks, don't tell me you forgot that we used to go inside the creek and feel the cold water flowing."
  744. "And don't tell me that you forgot that my mom forbid us to walk inside the creek."
  745. >"Well I don't see your mom."
  746. "Touché..."
  747. >You take off your boots and join Anon.
  748. "Brrrr! It's cold!"
  749. >", hold my hand, I don't want you to slip or someting."
  750. >You hold his hand.
  751. >"Haha, as soft as when we were kids."
  752. >He caresses it using his thumb.
  753. >That brings a smile to your face.
  754. "Oh Nonny."
  755. >Water flows below your knees, bringing a funny feeling.
  756. >Anon bends over and throws some water at you.
  757. "Hey!"
  758. >He starts laughing.
  759. "You meanie! I'll teach you some manners..."
  760. >You stomp on the water and get Anon's pants wet.
  762. >Minutes later.
  763. "ATCHOOO!"
  764. >"That was fun Pinks...sorry if I got you all wet."
  765. "It's okay Nonny...I had fun as well."
  766. >Your blouse is all wet.
  767. "It's no use...I'll have to wring it up."
  768. >You take off your wet jacket.
  769. "Um, Nonny, could you please turn around?"
  770. >"S-sure Pinks..."
  771. "No peeking~ understood?"
  772. >He nods.
  773. >You quickly take off your blouse and wring it.
  774. >"Are you done?"
  775. "Not yet!"
  776. >"Ok ok sheesh."
  777. >Even your bra is wet.
  778. >Your mom is gonna kill you for this.
  779. >You put your blouse on again.
  780. "Done!"
  781. >Anon turns around and takes off his shirt.
  782. "Cool, let me wring mine, I don't want to catch a cold."
  783. >He takes it off in front of you.
  784. >L-lewd...
  786. >"Whoa, that's a lot of water," he says as he wrings up his t-shirt, "why didn't I bring a towel?"
  787. "Yeah...ATCHOO!"
  788. >"Whoops, hold on Pinkie."
  789. >Anon picks up his dry jacket from the ground and places it on your back.
  790. >"There, now you won't catch a cold."
  791. >You smile.
  792. "Thanks Nonny."
  793. >"We better get going, you know how your worried your mom gets when the sun goes down."
  794. "Okie Doki Loki!"
  796. >Many hours later.
  797. >You're now Anon.
  798. >
  799. >You're resting in your room, chillin' on your bed and looking at dank memes in your laptop.
  800. >And you had an awesome day today.
  801. >Who would've ever thought that Pinkie Pie could grow up and become a beautiful girl?
  802. >She has a perfect figure.
  803. >A cute face.
  804. >Those blue eyes, those lovely lips.
  805. >Those curves...that you weren't expecting her to have considering how much candy she used to eat.
  806. >Everything about her is perfect.
  807. >Her boobs...
  808. >Of course you took a little peek.
  809. >You were rock hard when you saw her tiny and wet blue bra.
  810. >It happened so fast, and you didn't get caught by her.
  811. "Ahh...Pinkie Pie."
  812. >You've been having funny thoughts about her since you arrived to your home.
  813. >It's weird though.
  814. >You can't be lusting after your tiny and innocent childhood friend!
  815. >She was almost like a sister to you, and like a daughter to your parents.
  816. >Well, now that you have a sister of your own, things between you both could change and get real...naughty.
  817. >All of a sudden you hear a knock on your...window?
  818. >You live on the second floor!
  819. "GAH!"
  820. >It's Pinkie Pie!
  821. "Pinkie?!" You quickly say as you run to the window to open it, "how did you get up here?"
  822. >"I'm sorry Nonny...I just climbed up the tree in front of your room."
  823. "Yeah, but why?"
  824. >"It's'll never leave Canterlot again right?"
  825. >You chuckle.
  826. "No Pinks...I'll stay here forever."
  827. >"YIPEEE!"
  828. "You could've just texted me, or if you really wanted to come here you could've knocked on the door like anyone else would."
  829. >"...Whoopsie, my bad!"
  831. >You both laugh.
  832. >Larry Butz ~ Still in the Shadow of the Incident - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulat
  833. "Say Pinks, do your parents know you're here?"
  834. >"Nope, I jumped out of my window and climbed down the tree that is in front of my room, they don't let me wander around the streets this late, you know how they are."
  835. >You raise an eyebrow.
  836. "Sheesh, they really need to cut you some slack."
  837. >Pinkie Pie jumps on your bed.
  838. >"Yeah, but what can I do? They are my parents after all..."
  839. "Yeah, you got that right. I guess your house is still off-limits huh?"
  840. >Pinkie Pie lets out an awkward chuckle.
  841. >"Errm...well, you see Nonny-"
  842. "Let me guess Pinks, you told your dad I moved back here and he didn't like it."
  843. >Pinkie nods in an embarrassed way.
  844. >"Please don't hate him Nonny, he's a nice dad I swear!"
  845. >You chuckle.
  846. "Eh, it'll be fun to make your old man a bit angry some more, remember that time we were playing pirates and you flooded the basement?"
  847. >Pinkie Pie giggles.
  848. >"How could I forget? It was so fun, but my dad had to pay a large water bill after that..."
  849. >You laugh.
  850. "Oh Pinks, it'll be fun to hang out together again..."
  851. >"Yep!...this isn't a dream right Nonny?"
  852. >You smirk and pinch her soft arm.
  853. >"OUCHIE! What was that for?!"
  854. "You're not dreaming Pinks, this is for real."
  855. >Pinkie Pie giggles once she understands why you pinched her.
  856. >"My turn my turn!"
  857. >Pinkie extends her hand and pinches your arm, twisting it.
  858. "AAAGH! Pinkie! That hurt..."
  859. >"Whoops...I'm sorry Nonny!"
  860. "Yeah, yeah, you didn't mean to do that Pinks, but you know what that means? I'm not dreaming either. So this is for real."
  861. >"YAAAY!"
  862. "By the way, do you think you could introduce me to some people at school? Your friend Sunset already showed me around."
  863. >Pinkie Pie does a military salute.
  864. >"Affirmative Mayor Anon, I shall introduce you to everyone at school tomorrow!"
  865. >You both laugh.
  866. >"Well, I guess I better get going; I can't wait to show my friends the earrings you gifted me tomorrow!"
  868. >You turn around and open your room's door.
  869. "Alright Pinks, let me show you the ex...Pinkie Pie?"
  870. >Pinkie Pie is nowhere to be found.
  871. >You get your head out of the window and search for Pinkie Pie.
  872. >She's stuck on a tree branch.
  873. >"Umm...little help Nonny?"
  874. "Pinks Pinks Pinks," you say while shaking your head, "you really need to learn how to use the doors."
  876. >The next morning.
  877. >Spongebob Soundtrack - Me For You
  878. >"Here we are kids," your dad says, "your first do you feel?"
  879. "I feel great dad!"
  880. >"So do I," your sister says.
  881. >"I'm glad to hear that, Anon; take care of your sister okay?"
  882. >You nod.
  883. >"And you better listen to your brother ok missy?"
  884. >"Ugh," your sister rolls her eyes before opening the car's door and jumping out.
  885. >Your dad chuckles.
  886. >"Have a good day son, oh; and tell Pinkie I said hi. "
  887. "I will dad, thanks."
  888. >You get out of the car and guide your sister to the main door.
  889. >As you open the school's door, your sister looks at the main hall, looking amazed.
  890. >"Wooow..."
  891. >Many students walk by, no one notices you, not until-
  892. >"NONNY!" Pinkie Pie shouts at you.
  893. >"Oh look, your girlfriend is here already."
  894. >You spot Pinkie, who is accompanied by her friends.
  895. "Yeah, I can see them. Let's say hi to them sis, and please don't embarrass me in front of them okay?"
  896. >"I'll try...."
  897. "Hello everyone!"
  898. >"Hey Nonny...ready for your first day of school?"
  899. "I sure am, by the way let me introduce you girls to my little sister."
  900. >"Aww, she's adorable darling," Rarity says, "what's her name?"
  901. >"Hi! My name is Femanon, are you my brother's new girlfriend?"
  902. >Rarity blushes.
  904. >You let out an awkward chuckle.
  905. "Ehehe...little sisters, you know how they are; can't live with them, can't live without them."
  906. >Everyone laughs.
  907. >"Don't worry darling, I know how you feel. My sister Sweetie Belle is just like your sister."
  908. "Nah, I doubt your sister is a pain in the neck unlike mine."
  909. >"Hey!" Your sister protests.
  910. "Chill sis, I'm just kidding."
  912. >Rarity giggles.
  913. >She's very cute.
  914. "Well sis, let me also introduce you to Sunset Shimmer-"
  915. >"Hi! Welcome to Canterlot High Femanon."
  916. "Fluttershy."
  917. >"Umm...h-hi Femanon, n-nice to meet you."
  918. "And Applejack."
  919. >"Howdy!"
  920. "Where's your other friend Pinkie? Rainbow Dash?"
  921. >"She probably fell asleep once again after hitting the snooze button."
  922. >Pinkie's friends laugh.
  923. "Sis, your first class will start in a few minutes, according to your schedule your first class is located in classroom 302."
  924. >"Where is it?"
  925. >"It's the fifth door on the right!" Pinkie happily says.
  926. >"Thank you Pinkie," Femaon says, "I'll see you later okay bro?"
  927. "Yeah sis, take care, if you need me gimme a call okay?"
  928. >She nods and walks to her classroom.
  929. >"Aww, your sister is so cute darling."
  930. "She's sweet from time to time. But most of the time she loves to mock her big brother."
  931. >The girls laugh.
  932. >"Hey Nonny, our first class will begin in no time, we better get going."
  933. "A'ight Pinks, see you later girls."
  934. >"Bye darling~" Rarity says in a very refined way.
  935. >"See ya at lunch time Anon!" Applejack says.
  936. >Fluttershy just waves at you.
  937. >And Sunset says her goodbyes as well.
  938. >Aw yeah, first day and everything is going well.
  940. >
  941. >Four hours later.
  942. >The ring bells indicating that it’s lunch time.
  943. >”And this is the cafeteria Nonny!”
  944. “Whoa…looks much better than the school I used to attend back in Manehattan Pinks.”
  945. >”The lunch lady is Applejack’s granny. She’s a very sweet lady; let me introduce you to her.”
  946. >Meanwhile, at another table not very far away from you.
  947. >”They really look like they are having fun…” Rarity says.
  948. >”Yeah,” Rainbow Dash adds, “I’ve never seen Pinkie this happy ever since Principal Celestia gave her the greenlight to organize this year’s fall formal.”
  949. >”Look at her,” Applejack says with a laugh, “Pinkie looks happier than a witch at a broom factory!”
  950. >”They must’ve had lots of fun as kids” Sunset Shimmer says, “all the small things he did for her were very cute.”
  951. >”Cute indeed darling, and he still looks like a nice boy,” Rarity comments, “I kind of wish he was my little friend as well.”
  952. >”Come on now Rares, this ain’t one of yer romance novels,” Applejack says in a mocking tone, “and if it were; it would be Pinkie’s…”
  953. >”A lady can dream can’t her?” Rarity replies.
  954. >”They look so cute together, look at them; laughing like no one is watching,” Fluttershy lets out an inspired sigh, “Pinkie’s so lucky to have a friend like him…”
  955. >”Or maybe he’ll become her boyfriend soon,” Rarity says before giggling, “how cute would that be?”
  956. >”Come on now Rarity,” Sunset Shimmer says while arching an eyebrow, “Anon just arrived here yesterday, it’s too soon to talk about that.”
  958. >”Shh…here they come!” Rarity says.
  959. >“Hey girls!” Pinkie loudly says to her friends.
  960. >You place Pinkie’s tray full of food on the table and then yours next to hers.
  961. >”Hi darling, and hello Anonymous~” Rarity says in a flirty way.
  962. “Heya, mind if I sit here girls?”
  963. >”Not at all Anon!” Sunset Shimmer says, “how has your first day been so far?”
  964. “Amazing! I love this school so far, it’s much better than Manehattan…in a few minutes I met the same kids that attended the same Elementary school Pinkie and I went to. It felt good to go back in time to talk about those good ol’ days.”
  965. >”Yep!”
  966. “Lyra Heartstrings, boy was she happy to see me again…I also met this girl named Bon Bon. I guess she doesn’t like me that much.”
  967. >”Oh don’t mind her darling, it’s just that Lyra and her are besties.”
  968. “Ooh, that explains everything then.”
  969. >They all giggle.
  970. “But yeah, I’m having a good time and so is my sister…I think your sister is talking to her right now Rarity.”
  971. >”Ah yes, I assure you darling, they’ll be friends in no time.”
  972. >You let out a content sigh.
  973. “Thank goodness we got out of Manehattan. I missed Canterlot so much.”
  974. >Pinkie giggles.
  975. >”Nonny! Quick!”
  976. >Pinkie throws a grape in the air and you catch it with your mouth open.
  977. >”Ooo! I see that your reflexes are as good as ever!”
  978. “Yeah…by the way Pinks, what’s that stain on your t-shirt?”
  979. >”A what now?” Pinkie looks at her cleavage.
  980. “Boop!” You quickly say as you boop her nose with your index finger.
  981. >”Aww what?!”
  982. “And you still fall to the antics I used to pull on you, come on Pinks, step it up!”
  983. >Pinkie Pie laughs.
  984. >”Oh you!”
  985. >Rainbow Dash giggles.
  986. >"Looks like we got ourselves another prankster girls, better be careful!"
  987. >Man, this place is filled with kind hearted people.
  988. >With Pinkie by your side you'll have a much more pleasant time here.
  990. >
  991. “Pinkie told me that your grandmother is the school’s lunch lady Applejack.”
  992. >”Well that’s the truth Anon! And she’s the best cook in the whole region.”
  993. “Golly, this lunch looks tasty Applejack,” you happily say before taking a couple of bites, “ahh…no more grade F meat for me! Tell your granny her food rocks Applejack.”
  994. >Applejack lets out a chuckle.
  995. >”I will sugarcube.”
  996. >”Say um…Anon?”
  997. “Yes Rarity?”
  998. >”A few months ago Pinkie here told us about the –ehem– little gift you got her before your departure, along with a couple of stories of your friendship.”
  999. “Oh the necklace? Yeah. My mom bought it for me, but this time I got Pinkie a nice pair of earrings that go well with it.”
  1000. >”Yeap!” Pinkie shows the earrings off, “they look amazing! Thanks again Nonny.”
  1001. >Pinkie Pie gives you a hug.
  1002. >You put on a smile on your face after feeling Pinkie’s soft breasts being pushed against your right arm.
  1003. >”I was wondering,” Rarity continues, “if you have your share of stories as well.”
  1004. “Of course I do! Wanna help me out here Pinks?”
  1005. >”Sure Nonny. Where should we start?”
  1006. “Hmm…remember that time we went fishing on the creek just you and I using nothing but a rope and a hook with a worm?”
  1007. >Pinkie Pie laughs.
  1008. >”Haha, yeah…the only thing we caught was a cold.”
  1009. >Sunset Shimmer and Fluttershy giggle.
  1010. “We didn’t know that creek had no fish in it in the first place, but we had a good time.”
  1011. >”Yeah, Limestone was supposed to be watching over us, but she was talking with her friends.”
  1012. >
  1013. “Oh I got this one, it’s pretty good. There was this kid back in elementary school that liked Pinkie Pie, but he didn’t know how to talk to her, do you remember him Pinks?”
  1014. >She sighs.
  1016. >”Course I do…he was a big meanie towards poor Nonny because I was with him all the time so he started to bully him.”
  1017. “Yeah, the thing is…Pinkie always stood up for me whenever he started looking for trouble, and that made him even angrier towards me.”
  1018. >Pinkie Pie giggles.
  1019. “One day the kid started to push me around and before I fought back Pinkie hits him in the head with her doll many times.”
  1020. >”Yeah…eventually the kid ran away crying for his mommy.”
  1021. >Everyone in the table laughs.
  1022. “Say Pinkie, do you remember that time you and I played ‘food’?”
  1023. >She nods excited.
  1024. >”How could I forget? Limestone was there calling us mean names, you know…being a teen and all.”
  1025. “But when she realized that we were playing with actual food that I got from my house...”
  1026. >[“My my…what do we have here?”] Limestone asks.
  1027. >[“Hey! Leave that alone Limey! That’s Nonny’s cake!”]
  1028. >[“Nah, it’s my cake now…”]
  1029. “That time she ate our cake, but the next time we played we decided to pull a prank on her.”
  1030. >[“Hey losers…playing ‘food’ again? What do you have for me now?”]
  1031. [“We have a nice cup of chocolate here waiting for you Limey…”]
  1032. >[“Try it Limey! It’s really good!”]
  1033. >Pinkie Pie laughs.
  1034. >“It wasn’t chocolate, it was ink! Limey was furious, but we managed to escape to the creek in our bikes.”
  1035. “Yeah…I thought she’d be mad at Pinkie when we returned home, so I asked my mom if she could stay for the night.”
  1036. >”Best. Sleepover. EVER!” Pinkie Pie yells.
  1037. “We played videogames, watched movies, ate lots of junk food and played a round of truth or dare.”
  1038. >She giggles.
  1039. >”I dared Nonny to eat ten cupcakes in a row!”
  1040. “I couldn’t, I almost threw up at the sixth one…Pinkie ate nineteen.”
  1041. >”Yep, that’s Pinkie Pie alright.” Rainbow Dash says.
  1042. >The girls laugh.
  1043. "We were so happy because my mom let us stay up late...we were so excited. But we fell asleep almost immediately."
  1044. >"Yeah...we shouldn't have had that glass of warm milk your mom gave us Nonny!"
  1045. >You both share a laugh.
  1046. >School hours come to an end.
  1047. >You are now Pinkie Pie.
  1048. >You’ve shown Anon around the school including places Sunset Shimmer forgot to show him, and you’ve also introduced him to every student in high school.
  1049. >All of them.
  1050. “So Nonny? Did you like your first day of school?”
  1051. >”I sure did Pinks…although the rock the kids from Femmy’s class threw at me kind of hurt,” Anon says as he caresses his head, “at least I wasn’t wearing a salmon suit.”
  1052. >You let out a giggle.
  1053. “Oh Nonny, you’re funny,” you say as you caress his nasty bruise on his forehead, “Say…have you been to Sugarcube Corner yet?”
  1054. >”Sugar what now?” He asks in a dumbfounded way.
  1055. “It’s like, the coolest and most awesomest place in Canterlot for us to hang out at.”
  1056. >”…Awesomest?”
  1057. “No time for explanations! Just follow me!”
  1058. >You grab his hand and forcefully pull it to make Anon follow you.
  1059. >”Whoa! Hold up Pinks!”
  1060. >Minutes later at Sugarcube Corner.
  1061. “Here we are Nonny, don’t be so shy and come inside!”
  1062. >”Alrighty then.”
  1063. >As soon as you enter the store, your friends wave at you from the table they’re sitting at.
  1064. “Oh lookie, my friends are already here. We’re in for a good time!”
  1065. >Your friends invite you both to sit with them.
  1067. >”Hello darling, showing Anon around?” Rarity asks.
  1068. “You bet! I thought you were going window shopping today girls.”
  1069. >”We’ll go later Pinkie, I need to have my sundae first,” Rainbow Dash says, “in fact we were about to order, what will you have Pinks?”
  1070. “The usual.”
  1071. >”The triple banana split with eight ice cream balls…got it, and what about you big guy?” Rainbow Dash asks.
  1072. >“Let’s see…” Anon says while looking at the menu located above Mrs. Cake, “Oh, a pint of mint ice cream with chocolate chips sounds delicious. Yeah…I’ll have that.”
  1073. >Rainbow Dash finishes writing something on a napkin and then hands it to Anon.
  1074. >”Well then, stand up and ask for it at the counter,” she says with a laugh.
  1075. >”What?”
  1076. >”It’s our rule. The one that sits last has to order…come on now, go.”
  1077. >Rarity shakes her head in disapproval of Rainbow’s rudeness.
  1078. >Anon grabs the napkin and stands up.
  1079. >”Alright then, I’ll be back in a minute girls.”
  1080. >Rainbow lets out a chuckle.
  1081. >”Ha! I’m gonna have lots of fun with him.” Rainbow Dash says with a mischievous smile on her face.
  1082. >”Rainbow Dash! Don’t treat our new friend like he’s your maid!” Rarity scolds her friend,which makes her scoff.
  1083. >”Chill Rares, I’m just messing around.”
  1084. >”Can you believe her words Pinkie Pie?”
  1085. “Don’t worry about it Rarity, Nonny never gets angry. If he did he would have yelled at me when my dad scolded him about all the things I did.”
  1086. >”You got yerself a nice friend Pinkie Pie,” Applejack says in an approving way, “he seems to be just like my brother, only skinnier and a little more talkative.”
  1087. >Fluttershy nods.
  1089. ”Nonny hasn’t changed at all girls. Yesterday we both played in the creek we used to play at when we were younger and he finally taught me how to skip a rock!” You say before letting out an inspired sigh, “after all it was me who taught him how to whistle.”
  1090. >”Aww…how cute!” Sunset Shimmer says, “got any more stories?”
  1091. >”Ugh! No more namby pamby stories please!” Rainbow Dash asks.
  1092. >Anon comes back with a tray full of desserts.
  1093. >”Here you go girls,” Anon says as he places the tray on the table before stuffing five bucks back into his wallet.-
  1094. >”Thank you darling, how much do we owe you?” Rarity asks as she reaches for her purse.
  1095. >”Nothing Rarity, my treat.”
  1096. >Sunset Shimmer looks at the bill.
  1097. >”Are you sure Anon?”
  1098. >”Of course Sunset! Fifteen dollars isn’t something to worry about,” Anon happily replies.
  1099. >”Whoa…thanks dude!” Rainbow says, “no wonder why Pinkie only says cool stuff about you.”
  1100. >”Oh, is that so?” Anon says with a smirk on his face while looking at you.
  1101. “Quit it Nonny…” You say before let out an awkward giggle.
  1102. >”Thank you sugarcube,” Applejack says while nodding her head in approval.
  1103. >”T-thank you Anon,” Fluttershy shyly says.
  1104. >”You’re welcome girls,” Anon says with a smile before taking a small bite of his ice cream, “Whoa, this is great!”
  1105. “Mr. And Mrs. Cake are simply the best when it comes to desserts!”
  1106. >”I might try more things, but that’ll come later,” he says with a smile on his face.
  1107. >Nonny...
  1108. >He's still the same nice little liked a lot when you were a little girl.
  1110. >An hour flies by, and all you did was talk about the good ol’ days.
  1111. >About Nonny and you, Applejack and her family, Fluttershy’s and Rainbow’s early days, and how Sweetie Belle drives Rarity crazy some times.
  1112. >Just as you leave Sugarcube Corner your friends propose that they should go shopping.
  1113. >”Yer’ sure ya’ wanna tag along Anon?” Applejack asks.
  1114. >He nods.
  1115. >”Sure! If I go with you then I’ll be able to find a nice present for my sister now that her birthday is nearing.”
  1116. >”Aww…how thoughtful dearie,” Rarity says with delight, “if that’s the case then I don’t see why you shouldn’t come with us.”
  1117. >Anon puts on a smile and puts on his jacket.
  1118. ”Brrr! Today’s kind of cold…” you say, regretting the fact that you forgot your coat in your locker.
  1119. >Anon lets out a lighthearted chuckle.
  1120. >”Knowing you Pinks you’ll easily catch a cold. And I also know how much your dad hates paying for medicines. Here…”
  1121. >Anon takes off his jacket and places it on your shoulders.
  1122. >”Feeling better?”
  1123. >You blush once again.
  1124. “Yeah…thank you Nonny.”
  1125. >Your friends giggle in a mocking way.
  1126. >How embarrassing.
  1128. >
  1129. >Minutes later.
  1130. >Downtown Canterlot.
  1131. >”Ohh! Those earrings are beautiful!” Rarity comments on the jewels behind a display.
  1132. “They’re not as beautiful as mine!” You ‘humbly’ brag, “they go well with the necklace.”
  1133. >Anon smiles.
  1134. >”I’m glad you liked them both Pinkie, and I’m impressed…you never took it off did you?”
  1135. “Of course not you dummy! You made me Pinkie promise that I’d never take it off remember?”
  1136. >”How could I forget?”
  1137. “That’s right, I never took it off. Not even once…not even when took showers or exercised.”
  1138. >Anon lifts an eyebrow.
  1139. >”No wonder it looks so worn out…those balloons used to be a darker shade of yellow and blue after all.”
  1140. “I don’t mind its current state Nonny, I never took it off because I hoped that you’d keep your Pinkie promise as well.”
  1141. >”That’s…actually pretty cute Pinkie. Thanks…”
  1142. >Your friends giggle once again, but this time they are not mocking you.
  1143. >Instead they look like they are cheering for you to keep pressing further.
  1144. >Anon turns his head to look at them and they all go back to their businesses.
  1145. >”Your friends are funny Pinkie…” he says in his usual innocent tone, “remember when Lyra and co. used to say funny things about us?”
  1146. “I remember…golly, it was so embarrassing. Remember the chants?”
  1147. >”I do,” Anon says while scratching the back of his head and letting out an awkward chuckle, “I kind of felt awkward whenever they started teasing us because of our friendship.”
  1148. “We were kids Nonny, boys loved to hang out with boys and girls with girls. You know, cooties and all that stuff.”
  1149. >Nonny agrees.
  1150. >”Yeah, it was actually dumb.”
  1152. >Anon scoffs and crosses his arms, thinking a bit about your lives in elementary school.
  1153. >”Now that I think of it Pinks…there were plenty of jerks back in elementary school, I remember how many kids used to tease me because I hung out with you a lot.”
  1154. “Huh? Why?”
  1155. >Anon shrugs.
  1156. >”You know how boys thought girls are icky and girls did as well with boys? They thought it was weird that I didn’t play sports with them.”
  1157. >You giggle.
  1158. “Ah yes, I remember now.”
  1159. >”Yeah, which was pretty funny since Pinkie liked messy games,” Anon puts on a smile on his handsome face, “remember Dodge or Dare?”
  1160. “How could I even forget?! Tell me you still got the board…”
  1161. >Anon puts on a cocky smile.
  1162. >”Of course I do silly.”
  1163. >The other girls look at each other, looking quite confused at all the references you and Anon lived in your small little world.
  1164. >”What’s Dodge or Dare?” Rainbow Dash asks.
  1165. “It’s a board game Anon and I made when we were four years old. It had lots of challenges and fun questions.”
  1166. >”And you kept the board all this time Anon?” Sunset Shimmer asks.
  1167. >”Yup, after I moved I was hoping to find a kid that liked board games in Manehattan…I was wrong,” Anon sighs, “plenty of kids there thought that board games were stupid, specially a custom-made one.”
  1168. “Aww, don’t get disheartened Nonny, as soon as we go back to our neighborhood we’ll make a ‘pit-stop’ at your house and try to find it okay?”
  1169. >”Understood Pinks.”
  1170. >”And what kind of questions did it have?” Applejack asks.
  1171. >”Hmm…let me remember, oh! There was this dare I always got: GET THE OTHER PLAYER SOME CANDY FROM THE PANTRY.”
  1172. >”…That’s it?” Rainbow Dash says, “That doesn’t sound too scary.”
  1173. >”When you play in Pinkie’s household it’s quite a nightmare…” Anon says with a laugh, “I once stole a bunch of candies right in front of the eyes of Pinkie’s dad. Her old man chased me all over the house.”
  1174. >You let out an awkward chuckle.
  1175. >”My heart beat so fast that day, but it felt good to make Pinkie happy by feeding her her favorite sweets.”
  1176. “Awww…Nonny,” you say in a flattered way after hearing Nonny’s sincere and light heartened words.
  1177. >”We got into trouble plenty of times because of that game, but it was sooo gratifying.”
  1178. >You giggle.
  1179. “Yeah…remember that time we painted Mrs. Wish’s cat? HA!”
  1180. >Fluttershy gasps.
  1181. >”Don’t worry Fluttershy, we cleaned him afterwards, our pranks were harmless...most of the time.”
  1182. >”Sounds like a darn-tootin’ good time folks.” Applejack says, “I wish I had such a beautiful childhood like yourselves…workin’ all day at the farm with my brother was no fun back then, but now I can’t imagine my life without workin’ on it a single day.”
  1183. >”A farm huh? That’s quite comfy…” Anon says.
  1184. >”If ya’ want to check it out one of these days then you can come any day you want Anon,” Applejack says with a wink, and a not-so-subtle flirting tone.
  1185. “…”
  1187. >”Gee, thanks Applejack,” Anon scratches the back of his head and lets out a chuckle, “I’ll be sure to drop by one of these days, Sweet Apple Acres am I correct?”
  1188. >”Darn right! Proud apple farmers for life! But how did you know?”
  1189. >”Just a hunch…since it’s the only farm around in miles,” Anon says with a wink, which makes Applejack let out a dumb chuckle from embarrassment.
  1190. >Hmm…it seems you got yourself a bit of competition.
  1191. >But it’s okay.
  1192. >None of your friends knows about Anon’s likes and fears as much as you do.
  1193. >You’ve got lots of advantage.
  1194. >You’re not even jealous.
  1195. >…But if Applejack tries to get her hands on your Nonny she’ll be so sorry!
  1197. >Lots of window-shopping and actual shopping later.
  1198. >”Are you sure you can hold all those bags dear?” Rarity asks, “I think I went way overboard this time.”
  1199. >”Yeah…they’re not heavy,” Anon replies, with both his hands and arms occupied carrying the shopping bags.
  1200. >”Yikes, that’s a lot of bags dude. Are you sure you don’t want me to help you?” Rainbow Dash asks.
  1201. >”Nah, I’m fine girls. Don’t worry.”
  1202. >”Quite a strong fella we got here huh?” Applejack says which flatters Anon to the point of restoring his good mood he lost once Rarity placed the thirteenth bag on his arm.
  1203. “Hmm…yeah, I guess you could say that again,” you say with an annoyed tone of voice.
  1204. >Applejack giggles and repeats herself once again, making Anon chuckle.
  1205. >”Thanks Applejack,” Anon says feeling encouraged after hearing Applejack’s sweet words.
  1206. >You’ll allow Applejack to have this round, after all; you’re sure that Nonny likes you the most.
  1208. >Once the seven of you reach Rarity’s house you wave your goodbyes at her after Anon places her bags behind the white wooden front door.
  1209. >”Thanks a lot Anon, you’re such a sweetheart,” she said; to which Anon just replied, ”no problem Rarity, see you tomorrow.”
  1210. >Your friends seem to like Anon enough to make you feel a tiny bit jealous.
  1211. >You really like Nonny, but. Does he like you back? Like you in a romantic way?
  1212. >He’s never said something. Perhaps he likes you in a platonic way…
  1213. >You don’t want to give up so easily, so you’ll just start flirting with him.
  1214. “Nonny?”
  1215. >”Yeah Panko?”
  1216. “You’re uh…”
  1217. >Come on Pinkie. Say something!
  1218. “Uhh…”
  1219. >”Pinkie?”
  1220. >Why is this so hard?
  1221. “Uhhhh…”
  1222. >Why are you afraid of telling him a simple compliment?!
  1223. >”A big guy!”
  1224. >What the heck was that…?
  1225. >Anon looks embarrassed and looks at his belly.
  1226. >”Aw nuts. I refused to believe it but mom was right, I put on weight before coming here.”
  1227. >All of your friends giggle.
  1228. >Sheesh, good job Pinkie. You hurt Nonny’s feelings.
  1229. >”Yer’ just the perfect weight Anon, lookin’ good!” Applejack says.
  1230. >”You really think so Applejack?”
  1231. >She nods.
  1232. >”If you start going to the gym I go to you’ll get rid of that tiny body fat Anon,” Rainbow Dash says, “what do you say?”
  1233. >”Count me in Rainbow Dash!” Anon cheerfully says.
  1234. >Urk…
  1235. >As minutes pass by, your friends go back to their homes one by one.
  1236. >Applejack first, then Fluttershy, then Sunset Shimmer and lastly Rainbow Dash.
  1237. >Finally! You thought they’d never leave.
  1238. >You’re glad both your house is kind of far from your friends’ homes.
  1239. >Anon is carrying only one bag.
  1240. >”Phew, I can’t feel my arms…glad we’re almost home.”
  1241. “Poor Nonny,” you say while caressing both of his forearms, “Rarity buys too much stuff she doesn’t need and makes others carry her stuff for her.”
  1242. >”I was afraid you’d say that. Remind me to never go window-shopping with her again.”
  1243. “Deal.”
  1244. >You look at the bag Anon is carrying.
  1245. “What ’cha got in there?”
  1246. >”A little gift for my sister…and another gift for you~” Anon sings in a way you find cute.
  1247. “Really?! Lemme see! Lemme see!”
  1248. >You snatch the bag from Anon’s hand and check its contents.
  1249. “It’s a-”
  1250. >You take out a blue striped scarf from the bag.
  1251. “-pretty scarf!”
  1252. >”Yup, we’re in the middle of fall, and you know how cranky your dad gets whenever you get a cold.”
  1253. “Let me try it on…”
  1254. >You quickly wrap up your new scarf on your neck.
  1255. ”Ahh, it’s so warm! Thanks a lot Nonny!” You say while giving him a hug, “I really needed a new scarf.”
  1256. >”I’m glad you liked it Pinkie. I hope my sister likes this phonecase I got her for the smartphone.”
  1257. “I saw it, it was pretty cute!”
  1258. >”…remind me to get you one.”
  1259. >You giggle.
  1260. “Thanks Nonny, but you’ve spent quite a lot of money today. I don’t want you to spend so much on me or my friends.”
  1261. >”Well, while it’s true that I spent a lot of money today I couldn’t care less if I spent it on you Penka.”
  1262. “Aww Nonny, you’re making me feel bad.”
  1263. >”Huh? Why?”
  1264. “It’s just…you always buy me cute gifts, and I’ve never bought you anything to repay your kindness.”
  1265. >”You’re already my friend Pinkie, your friendship is worth more than any gift you can give me.”
  1266. >You smile at your friend and jump straight into his arms feeling moved by his kind words, forcing him to catch you in midair.
  1267. >”Whoa! Pinkie?!”
  1268. “Aww Nonny, you’re the best thing that has happened to me…I’m so glad you’re back,” you say while giving him a hug as he carries you on his arms.
  1269. >”Y-you too Pinks.”
  1271. >Minutes later.
  1272. >”Here we are Pinks, your home;” Anon happily says, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
  1273. “Okie dokie Nonny, I had plenty of fun today.”
  1274. >”Me too Pinkie, hope we can do this again soon.”
  1275. ”Yeah, but…do you think we could uh- hang out together…just the two of us?”
  1276. >”…Like a date?” Anon asks.
  1277. “WHA-HUH?”
  1278. >Anon laughs.
  1279. >”Got you off guard eh Pinks? Sure, I’ll come pick you up Friday’s night and we’ll both be hanging out in downtown if your dad doesn’t skin me alive first.”
  1280. “My daddy’s not a bad person Anon,” you say in a slightly annoyed mode, pouting and crossing your arms at the same time.
  1281. >”Indeed…”
  1282. >Both your and Anon’s heart drop at the deep voice heard from behind.
  1283. >”So it was true then, you’re actually back Anonymous…”
  1284. >”H-hiya Mr. Rock. Yes, I’m back…h-how are things going at the quarry?”
  1285. >Your dad takes his time to reply by lighting his filthy smoking pipe and blowing smoke directly at Anon’s face.
  1286. >”That’s none of your business, when are you leaving?”
  1287. “DAD! Don’t talk to him like that!”
  1288. >”No, YOU don’t talk to me like that young lady,” he says in a menacing tone before looking at Anon, “and you, what are you doing here? Didn’t I forbid you to come close to my home?”
  1289. >”You did, but that was a long time ago Mr. Rock; I was hoping we’d start over and forget about all the-”
  1290. >Your dad laughs.
  1291. >”What? You thought it’d be that easy for me to forget all the stupid shit you did to my home and my daughter?”
  1292. >“Your daughter? Pardon me Mr. Rock, but what did I do to your daughter?”
  1293. “DAD!”
  1294. >”Pinkie! Get in the house or it’ll get ugly for you!”
  1295. “B-but…”
  1296. >Your dad gets his hands on his belt and gives you another glare that could split a stone in a half.
  1297. >”NOW!”
  1298. >NOT THE BELT!
  1299. >You give Anon a fearful and worried look, asking him to forgive you using nothing but your glance, before you run back inside your home.
  1300. >As soon as you get inside your home you quickly jump on the living room’s couch and watch your dad yell at Anon from the window.
  1301. >”Word’s out sis…” Your sister Marble Pie says, “dad found out about Anon.”
  1302. >”Sheesh, I can’t believe he still hates poor Anon,” Limestone Pie says, “what are you gonna do about it sis?”
  1303. >You want to tear up.
  1304. “I don’t know…”
  1305. >”You should tell the truth,” Maud says.
  1306. “B-but Maudie…”
  1307. >You see Anon shaking his head as he’s about to leave, but before he does, he turns around and flips his middle finger at your dad.
  1308. >[“YOU LITTLE PIECE OF-“]
  1309. >Anon runs away from your dad, still flipping him off while running.
  1310. >”Oh he’s mad now,” Limestone says while laughing, “gotta give it to that kid, he has big balls.”
  1311. >”What was Anon thinking?” Marble says.
  1312. >”He’s pretty brave…dumb. But brave.” Maud says.
  1313. >You let out a giggle.
  1314. “That’s Nonny for ya. I’ll apologize to him for what just happened later tonight.”
  1315. >”Shh! Here comes dad, if you know what’s good for you you should run Pinkie.”
  1316. “Whoops! You’re right! He’s also mad at me!”
  1317. >You quickly jump off the couch and run to your room upstairs.
  1318. >That was a close call.
  1319. >You can only hope Nonny doesn’t hate your guts because of your dumb ol’ dad.
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