Mycena notes

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  1. Mycena notes
  3. -Mycena is a Niad (water spirit), specifically one who inhabits swamps.
  4. -A long time ago adventures put something in her swamp that made it *super* poisonous
  5. and she's been wandering ever since.
  6. (for stabby emblem content maybe she  found this swamp as a new home after?)
  7. -She doesn't get a lot of social interaction, and is kind of bad at it. seems to enjoy people's company though.
  8. -Mycena can play Piano, but she only knows how to play dad rock. organs count as pianos in her opinion.
  9. -She has a bit of a negitve outlook on things, causing her to be somewhat disliked, according to her at least.
  10. -Speaks in a sort of pleasent monotone? dreamy sounding. Even when obviously excited, if you weren't used to how she sounds you probably couldn't tell.
  11. -Once Joked that her hood is made out of steel, she has really high ac in her original build for The Ruins Perilous Level 3.
  12. -she joins adventuring parties as an excuse to make people put up with her.
  13. -Her swamp was sulfurous, smells don't bother her too much.
  14. -can read brail and dwarven for some reason
  15. -likes bugs and animals in general.
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