[KS] Yamaku, School for Cripples

Apr 28th, 2013
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  1. Original post:
  2. To the tune of:
  4. In a cold, snowy clearing, cool wind in the trees,
  5. Note from an admirer; "after school, meet me please,"
  6. Up ahead in the distance, I saw a girl tressed in black,
  7. My heart grew heavy and my throat went tight,
  8. I had my first heart attack,
  9. There she stood right before me, I heard a deathly knell,
  10. And I was thinking to myself,
  11. "This could be Heaven or this could be Hell,"
  12. Then I woke in the heart ward, and they told me the truth,
  13. There was a place I had to go to, it was called Yamaku...
  15. Welcome to Yamaku school for cripples
  16. Whether deaf or blind (whether deaf or blind)
  17. You'll be sound of mind (You'll be sound of mind)
  18. Plenty of room at Yamaku school for cripples
  19. Any time of year (any time of year)
  20. You can find love here
  22. Rin is a cloud-cuckoolander, she's got the mindset to paint,
  23. Mary Sue? Well that's Lilly, but in bed she's no saint,
  24. Emi runs in the track meets; sweet summer sweat,
  25. Read books with Hanako, play chess with her set
  26. So I called up the StuCo, "please bring me Chinese,"
  27. They said, "We cannot have that take-out now, since we had it last week,
  28. And there's a cripple girl calling from here for you,
  29. Getting laid in the middle of the night, here in Yamaku...
  31. Welcome to Yamaku school for cripples
  32. If you've scars to see (if you've scars to see)
  33. Or an amputee (or an amputee)
  34. Living it up at Yamaku school for cripples
  35. Drinking tea at night (drinking tea at night)
  36. Coffee from Shanghai
  38. Smoke curls on the ceiling, and everything's alright,
  39. Emi said "Come with me I'll bring you along, to my Dad's gravesite,"
  40. And in Hanako's bedroom, we committed lewd acts,
  41. It wasn't rape she wanted it, but they just can't face the facts,
  42. Last thing I remember, I was running on my own,
  43. I had to stop her boarding the aeroplane to her new home,
  44. "Relax," said the tripfags, "we shitpost, and we believe:
  45. "You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave!"
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