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  1. PAGE 194:
  3. Thank you so much for purchasing "The Otaku in 2200 A.D."!!
  4. I'm Nagashima Chousuke.
  5. Ever since my debut, I've always wanted to draw something SF related, and after 20 some years, my chance finally arrived!!
  6. If you're familiar with the manga business world, you'd understand how much of a miracle that this work actually got seriazlied, especially considering my previous sister work to this, "An Otaku in 15 B.C."!!
  7. You don't often get chances to draw SF stuff...
  8. Both the setting and the art take 3 times as much work, but I always held onto hope for my planned idea as I struggled throughout the days...!!
  10. Anyway, that brings me to the question of "what is the appeal of SF?"
  11. Well of course, it essentially comes down to the sexy costumes the female characters would be wearing (laughs).
  12. I did my best to think up of good designs, but it's honestly quite difficult!!
  13. You have to think of unique fashion designs that's never been seen before for these SF settings, and it really tested the limits of my ability far more than I anticipated.
  14. You could say it was a rude awakening for me...
  16. Earth's leader President Momo-chan was supposed to be like a modern adult video star (since it's the future, I guess I should say virtual reality star?).
  17. It was a world where those with the most sextasy held the most power, after all.
  18. I guess you could think of her name as a homage to the ridiculous President Mountain Dew Camacho from Idiocracy?
  20. PAGE 195:
  22. The Earth Police's masks were supposed to be like the Stormtroopers from Star Wars, and I guess the eyes are supposed to be more like Space Sheriff?
  23. The belt-like bra and panties were influenced by Buichi Terasawa's "Cobra". "Cobra" is honestly the pinnacle of sexy SF costumes!
  25. The Payork Air Troops' sensor tape was influenced by a fashion called "Black Tape Project" I saw on the internet.
  26. It was honestly so cool that I had to add it in!
  27. This fashion concept is amazing!
  28. And I'm jealous over any artist that gets to slap this tape onto those beautiful sexy ladies out there!
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