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  1. The Bitcoin network is currently experiencing an irreconcilable fork
  2. between Bitcoin 0.8 and <0.8 nodes due to a block being mined by a
  3. Bitcoin 0.8 node which an elevated blocksize which older nodes are
  4. unable to handled.
  6. This issue will be resolved by mining power moving to the pre-0.8 fork
  7. and making it longer.  Until this is resolved all transactions at and
  8. beyond block 225439 should be regarded as unconfirmed.
  10. Miners must move their hashpower back to 0.7.2 (or before) nodes or
  11. their blocks will be orphaned.  Once the pre-0.8 chain is longer
  12. operation will resume as normal and a patch will be issued for 0.8 to
  13. avoid triggering this issue.
  15. Please see the Bitcoin-dev mailing list or contact me if more
  16. information is required. I will send out another email once the issue
  17. is resolved.
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