Prisoner (wip/nsfw/ Celestia x Anon)

Feb 1st, 2014
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  1. Would you kill a man to be able to live the rest of your life with Celestia?
  3. Someone willing to do anything to court her. Surrounded by ponies who worship her, yes her to death, and even fear her a little, here comes a man with blood on his hands for just the chance to stand eye to eye by her side. While your action was deplorable, your ruggedness and no-nonsense personality would win her over.
  5. Or ya know, she'd have you turned to stone before your personality infects her ponies, only to re-animate you for nights of unrestrained passion
  7. >No matter how many times you've been awoken
  8. >That first heartbeat always sends a chill down your spine
  9. >It has gotten easier, each time, flexing your fingers slowly, steeling your legs as the sensations of life returned to them
  10. >Breathe slowly, close your eyes, don't panic
  11. >And above all, keep your balance
  12. >Its hard to appear imposing if you stumble
  13. >"Good morning, Anon"
  14. >Her voice was your cue to open your eyes
  15. >The surroundings are slightly looks like fall now
  16. >But one sight remains the same
  17. >The pony you condemned yourself to this special hell for
  18. >The pony you took a life for
  19. "Princess long has it been?"
  20. >"Seven months since last time. Do you regret your actions?"
  21. >She has asked you this question every single time
  22. >Every time your mortal form is subjected to being turned from stone to flesh
  23. >And every time, you answer the same
  24. "No."
  25. >You mean it too
  26. >For every time you admit you have no remorse for the man you murdered
  27. >Her face shows disgust
  28. >But her eyes flash with lust
  29. >She could crush you with a thought
  30. >Or command her soldiers to rip you to shreds
  31. >Yet you did the unthinkable for her
  32. >And refuse to even atone for you sin
  33. >You are a living blight on her utopia
  34. >A terrible creature from a forsaken world
  35. >But somehow, the perfect Princess of the sun cannot resist you
  36. >Her lips are upon yours, roughly pushing your back to a stone wall in the courtyard
  37. >As she removes your clothes with her magic
  38. >And presses her body into you, trembling, begging for the forbidden love you provide
  39. >You can't help but realize, her visits are becoming more and more frequent....
  40. >You've had a girlfriend or two growing up
  41. >You've had sex a few times too
  42. >Awkward encounters, even a cliched night with candles and massage oils and that junk
  43. >Nothing prepared you for this
  44. >Even the night you performed the heinous act that got you here, you imagined romantic dinners, playful flirting, nights of snuggling, and making love to her in a sensual, respectable way
  45. >Nothing like this
  46. >Especially not with Princess Celestia
  47. >Her tongue is forcing its way into your mouth, the scent of honey exciting your senses
  48. >Her breath hot, ragged, and out of control
  49. >Your shirt is tossed aside, belt and pants being undone as she assaults you with primal lust
  50. >Your back scrapes against the stone wall, the pain filling your body with vigor and you push back against her, freeing you from your pinned position
  51. >She sidesteps and her rear finds another wall
  52. >You show no restraint, roughly pinning her in the same manner she had you a moment ago
  53. >Your show of strength elicits a deep, throaty moan from her
  54. >Her lips part, a string of fluid dripping from her mouth to the grass below
  55. >"You are...a terrible monster..."
  56. >Her chest rises and falls, cheeks flushed red, eyes burning with hunger for your flesh
  57. >" should never have come to my realm!"
  58. >Your fingers dig into her neck, pulling her roughly back to you
  59. >You stare right back, heart pounding, sweat beading on your chest
  60. >You don't answer, what were you going to say?
  61. >Something edgy and grimdark? You're not a super villain. Heck you passed for a pretty normal guy back in the real world
  62. >But here, to her, you were everything wrong with your world, and everything she's worked an eternity to rid hers of
  63. >Your silence says more than words ever could
  64. >Your breaths steam in the cold night, the moon brightly lighting the courtyard as she stares into your eyes
  65. >Begging to be conquered by you
  66. >In an instant, your lips are back together
  67. >This time, you were on the assault
  68. >Biting at her lower lip, your fingers digging deeper into the tender flesh of her shoulders
  69. >Her gasps and moans accentuated by her forelegs rising and falling from the ground
  70. >You leave her mouth and begin to kiss and bite your way down her neck
  71. >Till you get to the oh so right spot right at the edge of her jawline
  72. >She nearly kicks you to the ground, but you've learned to push against her just when her body shivers and bucks
  73. >Her hind legs kick freely into the air, mane cascading against your body as she tries to pull away
  74. >Whatever sensation your tongue and teeth have on that tiny spot must ignite a fire in her you can only dream of experiencing
  75. >"Sa-stah...ahh.,.,.hhhaaahhhh..."
  76. >You lick and nip more, feeling her body tremble and try to pull away
  77. >You pull her closer and begin to lick the tiniest portion beneath her fur
  78. >Her legs stumble, her pulse throbs against your hands
  79. >Even her magic can't seem to get a good grip on you to pull you away
  80. >She kicks the air again, her tail and rear lifting high into the air
  81. >"Ahmmm....I'm gunnahahahh!!"
  82. >So soon?
  83. >Can't have that
  84. >You do as she asked a few moments earlier and stop, lifting your head only to blow tenderly on the moist patch of skin and fur
  85. >She shivers and stumbles, her concentration somewhat returning, and she pulls the both of you to the ground with her magic
  86. >Her on her back, you on top of her, between her legs
  87. >Your clothes long gone, your throbbing erection pushing into her lower body
  88. >Vapors rising from both your bodies, you return to her mouth, kissing her deeply
  89. >She fights you, trying to gain some kind of control again
  90. >Her fore hooves wrap over your shoulders and you roll on the grass, tongues locked in a battle for dominance
  91. >But every time she gets the upper hand, you run a finger or two along her jaw
  92. >Her body shivers and betrays her time and time again
  93. >This feeling of power over someone like her turns you on immensely
  94. >Her lower body is becoming moist with your pre, nearly as much as the damp grass against her back
  95. >She has a few tricks of her own, though
  96. >For every time you overpower her
  97. >Her magic slips around your engorged member and sends a wave of pleasure from the very tip all the way up your back
  98. >Had you been a stallion in her world, the mere touch of the sun-goddess's powers would likely have finished you right there
  99. >But not a human, you had a bit more stamina than that
  100. >Actually, thanks to the spell that turns you to stone, a lot more
  101. >Nice little side effect
  102. >"Anon...."
  103. >She breaks the kiss and looks up to you
  104. >Between gasps for air, she says to you what she has said every time
  105. >"I could...never love you..."
  106. >That hurt the first time, but since then, each time, its said with a little less disgust
  107. >Its hard to believe with her in such a state below you
  108. "Liar"
  109. >So of course you tell her
  110. >She glares
  111. >You return it with a terrible smirk
  112. >You feel the burning heat of her sex against your legs, her body trembling beneath you
  113. >Her magic gripping you cock again, pulling it down
  114. >Making demands even while pinned beneath you
  115. >Only a Princess could be so direct...
  116. >You lower your head, kissing and nibbling your way down her chest, along her body, her moans and cries for you to hurry are intoxicating
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